My Wife and the Rock Star

My beautiful wife Linda, has always had a thing for rock musicians. When we go to concerts, there is always at least one band member who is her favorite. He may or may not be the cutest member, but she has always been enamored by those sexy guys who express their talent on stage. She didn’t hide these crushes from me at all. She would always tell me how hot they were. When we were first married, I’d feel jealous. For the last 5 years or so, Linda and I have gotten involved in the swinger lifestyle, so I’ve learned not to be possessive or jealous and to enjoy sharing my adorable wife. When I asked her if she would go to bed with one of them if given the chance, she would always say something like, “Yeah, right, like that would happen!” She would never say what she would do if she ever actually had an opportunity to be with one of her rock star idols. Who would guess that we would soon find out exactly what she would do?

The party we were invited to, was for a friend’s birthday. We had played with Maggie, the birthday girl and her boyfriend before. Several of the other party guests were people we knew were “in the lifestyle.” It was a very informal gathering, so everyone dressed comfortably. Linda wore jeans that made her ass look awesome and a striped collared shirt that had enough buttons undone to show off her ample cleavage. Linda is a tiny lady with dark red hair and a curvy body. She is not the flirty type, but is a lot of fun when she gets going.

It was a normal birthday party. We caught up with friends and were introduced to some new ones. We talked, drank, and laughed. The party had been going on for about an hour when he came in. Michael T.

Now, I’m sure if I used his real name, many of you would recognize him, and the band he plays bass guitar for. Linda was dumfounded. Neither Linda nor I knew he was a friend of Maggie’s. When introductions were made, Linda did not let on that she had a crush on him for years. Michael T. was very down to earth. He did not seem full of himself like you would expect a rock star to be. He was friendly, though not especially flirty, much to Linda’s disappointment.

The remainder of the party was uneventful. Michael T. didn’t stay very long, and the rest of the party was enjoyable but not exciting. We didn’t even talk about meeting Michael T. on the way home. I thought we’d never meet again. I was wrong.

Several days later, Linda got a phone call from Maggie, the birthday girl.

Maggie: Boy, Linda, you sure made an impression on someone at my party!

Linda: I did? What are you talking about?

Maggie: Well, I got a call yesterday from someone asking about you. He said you really caught his eye.

Linda: Who?

Maggie: Michael.

Linda: Michael T.? Why, what did he say?

Maggie: He was wondering if you were in the lifestyle. He wanted to know if you might be interested in getting together with him. Just you and him.

Linda: Shut the fuck up! He did not.

Maggie: Seriously, he was very interested. What should I tell him?

Linda: Tell him I’m very complimented, but I don’t think I could just meet up with him. This is crazy!

Maggie: Ok, but think about it, Ok? I’ll call him tomorrow and let him know your answer.

Later that evening, Linda discussed the situation with me. She said it was a real ego boost to be desired by this rock star, but she wasn’t going to do it. I could tell she was seeking my approval. I could also tell it was something that she’d really like to do. A fantasy come true for her. I told her that I thought she should do it.

Linda: I’ve never played with anyone without you before.

Me: Sure you have. We have played in separate rooms with other couples.

Linda: This is different. It will be just him and me. I’d feel weird.

Me: Lin, how often does something like this come up? You should give it a shot. I’ll be fine. It’s really a turn-on for me, too.

Linda: Ya think? Really. I’ll think about it.

Me: You think he’s hot, right? Do it.

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