My trip to Houston 4.5/5 (19)

We were getting comfortable in our hotel room when someone knocked at our door. We are from out of town and do not know anyone so I was surprised that someone would come knocking, “It must be a mistake, someone for another room, I tell my husband.”

When I answer the door this young great looking muscular man is at the door and he tells me with a smile that he is here to make my dreams come true. I look at him and try not to salivate as I tell him he must be mistaken. No he says, This is room number 209 and you are Alicia right? Yes, you are right but who are you? He tells me he is my fantasy.

Well you see a couple of months back as my husband and I where having some wild sex with his big thick dick and my dildo doing some double penetration, I told my husband that I would give anything to have the real thing. This made him go wild and he said he would love to see someone ram his huge cock inside me.

He said this while he was ramming me hard, I told him to fuck me harder and faster, our conversations was really getting him excited, he felt larger than he ever felt before. I was wetter than ever and we were making this glorious sex noise while his dick went in and out of my pussy and his hand rammed my dildo farther up my ass.

We had such a great time that night that my husband kept bringing it up almost everytime we had sex. Of course like all men he would say that if I could have two men then it would be only fair for him to have 2 women and if I would be okay with that.

That night I confessed to him that I have had fantasies of eating another woman while he watched and then having him fuck her doggie style while she sucked and ate at my clit. This type of talk continued each time we fucked. We were getting to be pros at voicing our fantacies.

Back to the hotel room. Well I guess my husband dicided to make my fantasy come true and he found this guy on the internet that would love to fuck his wife. We had planned a road trip down to Houston and decided to stay halfway down so we would not be too tired when we got there. Little did I know that my husband had this all planned out weeks in advance.

This muscular man walks in the room and immediately starts kissing me, my vagina juices start to flow and my legs get week, my husband comes up from behind me and slips a hand up my skirt and into my pussy. The stranger continues his sensual kissing and my husband is rubbing my clit from behind my ass. I kept hearing some moaning when I realized it was me.

I have never been to vocal in that department, only when I am cumming is when I get a little noisy, but today, Oh My God! I was making noise. I guess it was the anticipation of havin two cocks in me at the same time that got me going.

My stranger friend decided to leave my mouth and traveled down to my tits, He undid my blouse and found my huge 32DD boobs. It did not take him long to get my nipples to its hard long stance. My husband had already taken off my skirt and my thong, he was on his knees and rubbing my clit and giving my ass little nibbles.

My juices where already running down his fingers and down the sides of my legs, my knees where shaking from the anticipation of my tits and ass being nibbled on. I finally came to my scenses and asked our friend to let me see what he was offering me. My God this man must be fake, he had the perfect 6pack and wonderful thick 8 inches of throbbing cock.

Dont get me wrong, my husband is very handsome and he is 7 inches but very thick. I get on my knees and start trying to get all 8 inches in my mouth while I play with my husbands cock and balls, I know just how to suck a cock to get the man very erect and I was doing just that to my friend. He was so hard, my husband was smiling because he knows excactly what I was doing to our friend.

My mystery man was making little noises while I continued to have my way with him. I then turned my attention to my husband and did the same thing to him, as I was sucking and licking my husbands cock, my friend came up from behind me and lifted me off my knees,

he asked me to bend over so I could continue my delicious feast on my husbands cock and he rammed his huge dick in my pussy in one fast hard stroke. It went in easily since I was soo wet. He enjoyed his assault on my pussy and every thrust make my husband cock go deaper in my mouth, my husband was enjoing himself so much.

My husband then tells our friend to put me on the bed and lift my legs up high and thrust his dick in my open and waiting pussy. This is my husband favorite position because it makes his balls slap against my ass whole. “Fuck her hard Man!” he yells at her.

For a split second I was afraid that the other hotel patrons would hear him but it was only for a second because I was being fucked soo good that I would not care if we were in the lobby of the hotel and everyone was watching us.

(Hey, another fantasy) My husband is the director of this fantasy so he instructed the stranger to move his dick back to my mouth so he can have some action too. He easily slides his dick into my pussy and starts to fuck me. He rubbs my clit with his thumb as he is thrusting in and out and I continue to suck my juices off my friends long hard shaft. I feel the first wave come over me.

I start to cum and I scream to my husband to fuck me harder. He rubbs my clit and rams his dick in and out to make my orgasm scream. He then removes his dick and starts to enter my ass. This is not too hard since my juices have already slathered all of my whole.

I continue to eat my wonderful frineds dick as my husband finally gets his big cock in my ass. He fucks my ass for a little bit before he asked me who I wanted in my ass. Well I am not stupid, I wanted to see as much of my new friend as I could so I told him I wanted him in my ass and our friend in my pussy.

The stranger then lays on the bed and I straddle him and start kissing his chest and run my lips up his neck to find his wonderful mouth. I feel a hand behind me and then I feel my husband entering my ass. He had a difficult time since both dicks are thick but he kept trying and he finally got his dick in all the way.

I was in Heaven! Having both big dick in me at the same time was driving me crazy. I could feel the pulsating of both of them. They were both so hard and ready for me to make them sing. I started moving slowly at first but when I am on top I can make myself cum over and over again. I started to feel the second wave overcome me so I moved with it.

My pussy muscles contracted as my orgasm hightened and the men went crazy. They kept ramming their poles in me as hard as they could, then nother orgasm started and I started to moan and moan and yell to them to fuck me harder. I am not sure how that bed stood up to so much ramming, I thought we were going to break through the wall with the headboard.

My husband would pull his dick almost all the way out and then ram it back in as hard as he could. My friend underneath me could only buck lick a bucking bronco and I rode him like a seasoned cow girl. He was not able to make me fall off. I was cumming so hard that I could hear the sloshing of my pussy juices mingling with his balls.

After a few more minutes of this heavy thrusting my husband came first, he let out a sound so wonderful when he came and I could feel his cum filling my ass in bucket fulls, At this time my friend started to wiggle more and I cold feel his dick jerk as he started to blow his cum in my already soaking pussy. We all fell onto the wet bed to rest.

I cannot even count how many orgasms I had in that one session. We rested a little and started all over again for round two. Later I told my husband this was the best trip I have ever had. He said, “Wait till we start our trip back home, I have a sexy woman lined up for us.” My pussy started getting wet just thinking about it. I cannot wait!

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