My Southern Wife Takes a Black Lover 4.9/5 (98)

“I’m trying to keep what’s left of his cum inside me.” she said “I want you to clean me up after he leaves.”

Tina nude except for the thong, headed into the living room. When Devon returned we talked for a few minutes and we slowly moved to the front door.

After Devon opened the door he turned to Tina, pulled her close to him and began kissing her in the doorway. The living room light framed and displayed them to the outside world. I suddenly realized that if someone was looking out at this time of night they would surely be able to see what was going on. Tina seemed unfazed however and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply back.

Just when I thought Devon had made his final goodbyes, he took Tina by the hand and had her walk him to his car. I quickly peeked from behind the blinds to observe.

They stood for several minutes illuminated by the street lights, talking and kissing and I noticed her nodding a few times during the conversation. I nervously wondered if a car would pass by and see them. Finally he climbed into his car, turned on the headlights and slowly backed out of the driveway.

She stood there waving as the lights cascaded over her mostly nude body and she didn’t seem to care if anyone could see her or not. Only once he rounded the curve did she turn to come inside.

Tina stepped inside and shut the door.

“That was incredible.” she said breathlessly “I’ve never cum so much in my life. Thank you honey.”

“So I was right?” I responded “You enjoyed it?”

Tina gave me a look like she couldn’t believe what I was saying but then stepped closer to me.

“Truthfully that was the best sex I have ever had.” she said seriously “I started to lose count of the orgasms. Yes honey, you were right.”

She then noticed that I was still fully clothed.

“I’m surprised you didn’t jack off while Devon and I were making love.” she said.

“Frankly, I was so excited I didn’t even think to do anything but watch. I was riveted to the chair and didn’t want to miss anything. Maybe we could remedy that in a little bit?”

Tina looked down at the bulge in my pants and back up at me.

“Honey, I’m a pretty sore right now.” she said “Maybe I could give you a hand job instead?”

“Right now I’ll take anything.” I responded.

Tina took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Looking over her shoulder she said “Okay, I’m going to give you the best hand job you ever had but first there’s something you need to do, remember?”

I quickly took off my clothes and climbed on the bed beside Tina and watched as she slid off the thong.

“Most of his cum is dried on my pussy and legs but there is still some in there.” she said “Time for you to clean me up.”

I started licking the inside of her legs cleaning Devon’s dried cum off and slowly progressed to her pussy. A faint musty smell filled my nose as I licked the dry semen. Tina moaned and spread her legs wider.

“Oh yes baby.” She cooed “Clean me up, oh that feels so good. Keep licking.”

I licked and cleaned and then thrust my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could. Tina let out a deep moan and started to pinch her inflamed nipples.

Ooooh!” she shouted “That’s right baby, lick all of his cum out of my married pussy. Don’t miss a drop. You like cleaning me out don’t you? Eat every bit out of me!”

As I continued to eat her, she grabbed my head and thrust her pussy against my tongue. She suddenly turned her head and let out a massive groan.

I’m cumming!” she shouted at the top of her voice “Oooooh God, I’m cuuuummmming!”

After she had caught her breath she had me lay on my back and she lubed my cock up. Tina started stroking my shaft slowly moving her hand up and down.

“Did you enjoy tonight honey?” she asked innocently “ Did you enjoy seeing your sweet wife getting fucked?”

“Oh God, yes.” I replied “It was amazing.”

“What was your favorite part?” she asked me.

“There were so many. You kissing him was really hot.”

Tina smiled and laughed. “I know what I said about kissing on the mouth, but I couldn’t help myself. I was so horny and he was fucking me so good I had to kiss him. I hope you didn’t mind.”

No, I didn’t mind at all.” I said “It was so incredibly hot to look at.”

“So, what else?” she asked “What else turned you on?”

“Oh baby.” I said “When you were asking him to breed you and give you his baby. I thought for a minute you were serious.”

Tina sped up her rubbing. “To tell the truth.” she said “I wanted him to impregnate me at the time. He was talking dirty to me and stroking me with that delicious cock of his and I was ready to do anything he wanted.”

I groaned with the thought that my wife would be willing to bear another man’s child and Tina could tell I was excited at the thought.

“Is that what you want honey?” she whispered “Do you want me to get pregnant with Devon’s baby? Do you want your wife to carry his black child?”

“Oh God, yes I do.” I answered back as she stroked my cock faster and faster.

“Devon and I talked outside when he was getting ready to leave. Do you want to know what we talked about? You’ll have to beg me to tell you.”

I quickly begged her to reveal what they had spoken about.

“He wants to come by on Wednesday after work to fuck me again, and I said yes. He’s going to come here and fuck me in our bed again. He also wants me to come to his place sometimes so we can play alone. I told him I was his anytime he wants and anywhere.”

I could feel the cum rising in my cock as she spoke.

“He also said he has some of his college friends coming for a visit next month and he wants me to stay the weekend and play with them.”

“What did you say?” I asked hesitantly.

“I told him if they are as hung as him, I would fuck them all.” she responded.

I started to buck up and down in her hands as she furiously jacked me off.

“Oh, does that turn you on?” Tina asked “Are you picturing me being fucked by several black studs? Are you thinking about it? Can you see me fucking them and taking all their cum, begging to be bred and being their married fuck? I’m going to do it Mark, I’m going to fuck them all.”

“Uuuughhh!!” I cried out as my cum shot out of my cock.

Tina smiled as I orgasmed and gently rubbed my cock until it went limp. She then got up and gave me a towel to wipe off with, then climbed back into bed sitting beside me.

“I think you started something you might regret.” she said quietly “I meant what I said about continuing to meet him and fucking his friends. I want more now and I’m not going to stop.”

“I know.” I replied “This is what I said I wanted, and I’m not backing down now.”

With that Tina lay beside me and hugged me laying her head on my shoulder. “Thank you honey.” she said “But I think you created something you may not be prepared for.”

Oh, I believe I got exactly what I wanted.” I said smiling “I got the hotwife I always wanted.”

Tina smiled broadly and hugged me tighter. We quietly lay together and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Tina did meet Devon at our house later that week and I watched them take up where they had left off. It wasn’t long before she started going to Devon’s on Friday nights, staying overnight and coming home late Saturday with her pussy filled with his jism for me to clean up. Additionally she was true to her word, when Devon’s friends came in she spent the weekend fucking them.

She called me so I could listen to the action. I jacked off listening to her grunt with pleasure and talk like a filthy slut. Additionally during the course of the weekend Devon would take pictures and videos of her getting fucked and text them to my phone. Tina was now completely his and he wanted me to know it.

The end result is Devon has now taken complete charge of my wife and does what he wants with her. She has pretty much become his property as he said she would be.

They frequently go out on dates, although they do so far from where we live so no one we know will happen to see them. About twice a month Devon will stop by the house during a weekday to have a booty call with Tina.

When he arrives I know it’s my cue to head to the guest bedroom to give them privacy. I lay in the bed stroking my cock as the noises of them making love echo down the hallway. The sounds of my wife groaning and moaning as he slams his enormous cock into her stirs me like nothing else. It is only after he leaves that I come back to our marriage bed and perform my ritual duties of cleaning her up.

Tina and Devon have been fucking now for about a year and the change in her is shocking. The body hiding dresses are relegated for work or if she and I go out locally. When Tina goes out on a date with Devon she wears sexy outfits that accent her lovely body. She only wears garters with stockings and never wears panties anymore. She now has a closet full of “date clothes”.

Tina announced just last week that Devon wants her to get an Ace of Spades tattoo on her right ass cheek and that he is taking her to a Tattoo Parlor soon to get it.

She has become what she said she wouldn’t be. She now acts like a total slut with him. Tina sees Devon exclusively but she has suggested that she might be willing to branch out and date other black lovers later.

I don’t get to fuck her much anymore but she ensures that I get a hand job when she comes home and describes in detail her most recent sexual encounter. Tina frankly told me not too long ago that she doesn’t even feel me when I enter her and that she is in need of large cocks now.

Our married life has changed forever and I know she won’t go back to our dull sex life. Now when we sit in church on Sundays and listen to the pastor deliver his sermon, I can’t help but picturing her fucking Devon just a few nights before.

I look around the congregation and wonder if anyone has the foggiest notion that my wife and their church secretary has a hidden secret, an uncontrollable lust for black cock. Now when we sit in our pew while she holds my hand I smile, because I cannot wait for what will come next.

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    Hot story and well thought out.A lot of small details makes me think it’s mostly true. My 35 year old wife and I got started the same way, took a lot of patience and pleading but when she got started she went all in. Been fucking bbc primarily ever since. It does happen more than you think.

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