My Southern Wife Takes A Black Lover 4.6/5 (25)

This is the story of how I convinced my wife to try a black lover. It’s taken me a couple of months to compile my thoughts, recollections of conversations and events that brought this to fruition. Our names have been changed for privacy reasons but the events and conversations are accurate. This story may be a bit long for some, but I have tried to be as truthful as possible and convey what actually happened.
My name is Mark and my wife is Tina, I am now 49 and she is 41 and we have been married for almost 22 years.

Tina’s brother and I were friends and we used to hang out in high school in our small town in Tennessee. Tina was so much younger than us that I didn’t really pay much attention to her at the time. Our small community was primarily white and our school had very few blacks in attendance so we had limited exposure to them.

Shortly after graduation I joined the Army. While serving I came home on leave a few times over the years to catchup with old friends. During these occasional visits I never had the chance to run into Tina as she would be at a friend’s house or camp when I would stop by. Finally after eight years I left the service to come back home and start a new life.

As in any small town at that time, life for young people revolved around cruising about town and meeting up with friends in one of the parking lots, potentially hooking up for the evening. One afternoon I was parked at one of the towns strip malls, when a car pulled up with a load of younger girls.

The girl riding shotgun called out my name. As I looked closer I saw it was Tina, all grown up. She quickly stepped out of the car, gave me a hug and I stared at her not quite believing what I was seeing. Gone was the skinny girl I had once known and now a beautiful woman stood before me. Tina was now 5’ 9” and about 125 pounds, lean but with wonderful curves, long auburn hair with piercing green eyes.

After some conversation I asked if she wanted to hang out with me and she readily agreed. We spent the evening riding around and catching up. After I took her home I asked her out again and she accepted. We dated exclusively after that, getting married several months afterwards.

After we were married I went to college full time and worked various jobs to support us and Tina found work as an office assistant. After many years of working at better and better jobs, I was finally offered a really great position about three years ago as a supervisor at a large company in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We moved from our small community and bought a large house in a nice subdivision in a medium sized city about twenty miles from my work. Tina found a job as a secretary at a small Baptist Church that we were members of, about ten miles further south of our home. We attend church every Sunday at her place of employment, more out of support of her job than any religious convictions. By any standards we had the perfect life.

The passing years has not changed Tina’s appearance much. She replaced the long hair with a shorter shoulder length cut that I found particularly attractive on her. Tina only gained about fifteen pounds since we got married; her hips are a little wider now and she has the slightest hint of a bulge in her belly area; but she looks very much like the day we wed.

Her skin has a porcelain quality to it as she avoids being out in the sun for long periods of time and always wears sunscreen. Because we never had children her breasts are still firm and very white with large areolas capped with ¾ inch long pink nipples.

Time hasn’t been as kind to me however. I am almost 6’ tall and used to be 190 pounds, but the years of long work hours, bad eating habits and beer had the effect of ballooning me up to 240 pounds, leaving me with a prominent beer gut. To top it off, I wasn’t blessed in the manhood department. My penis isn’t very large, only five inches on a good day.

As with most couples when first married, we had sex often. We would find many opportunities to make love wherever the mood struck. Tina had a daring streak then, and we would fuck anywhere to include public places where the chance of getting caught always remained.

Over the coming years however, our sex life diminished to the point by the time we moved to Raleigh we were doing it perhaps once a month. We tried various things to spice up our sex life but Tina had developed a conservative streak in her that caused me some consternation.

She tended to wear conservative clothing, mostly long nondescript dresses that hid her figure. This included what she wore to bed as well. Her preference was granny gowns or if I was lucky a long tee shirt that ended at her knees. She also wasn’t one to engage much in dirty talk while we made love. She might say “Do me” or Give me your cock” if she was particularly excited but that was pretty much the extent of it. She also had a thing about leaving the lights off when we had sex, only allowing the nightlight in the master bath to be on that offered a faint glow across our bed.

Another example of her conservative nature was when I suggested we purchase a vibrator or dildo to use when playing. Her response was to order a vibrator that looked like something your grandmother would have used in the 1960’s. It was a white plastic bullet looking thing about five inches long and not at all exciting looking.

The one thing that did seem to excite her when we had sex was when I would sometimes talk to her while making love. I would talk about some pretended lover (usually a white TV or Movie Star she thought was attractive) fucking her and would make up stories about him wanting her while I would stroke my small cock in and out her. She would usually moan quite a bit and would sometimes have an orgasm when I told her these stories, but it didn’t seem to increase her libido to want to have sex more often.

Because we had sex sporadically, I found myself surfing porn online to masturbate to when she would go out. I usually would look at commercial grade stuff, which fit the bill but didn’t really send me over the top. One day while I was surfing, I stumbled onto a website that had homemade videos.

As I was looking at these videos, I saw one that caught my eye. The description was one of a white wife’s first black cock. I clicked on it to see what it was all about.

The video started with the scene a white wife in a hotel room getting dressed in lingerie while talking to her husband who was filming. He was asking her what she was going to do and she answered she was going to fuck her first black cock.

It quickly cut to her and a black man kissing on the bed. I found myself incredibly excited as the movie progressed. Watching this black bull finally slide his large black cock into her and the look of sheer joy she had on her face had me stroking my cock like crazy. As she moaned and grabbed his hips to pull him further into her it became too much for me and I came like a mad man.

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