My Shy & Conservative Wife’s Sensual Massage 4.5/5 (48)

I’m not sure how to describe or label this. But here is what really turns me on.

My wife, I’m into my wife. She is my biggest turn on and fantasy. She is a very attractive lady. She is 45, 5’6’ with dark hair and steel blue eyes and a very sexy body. Seeing her naked, excited and turned on really turns me on. The idea of her being seduced by another guy until she gives in is a huge turn on. Initially for me but now for both of us. We’ve been together for over 10 years now.

She is a bit shy and conservative in general and sexually. That is until she is excited or if she’s had a couple of drinks. Until recently hot fantasy talk and role playing was about as far as we’ve explored. With the occasional sex outdoors, that’s another story. Our role play fantasies together are generally about her getting a massage. When I massage her, we role play that she’s getting a massage from a guy and it starts to become a sensual massage, while I watch.

She is always in charge of how far she wants it to go or how far she will let it go. Recently, she admitted that she would be more relaxed and turned on if she tried it alone first. She said being watched would make it harder to relax and be in the moment. The more we talked about it the more turned on we got, until we wanted to give it a try. She said that at the very least it would be a good massage For her.

If she was turned on enough, she might let him make her cum with his hands and maybe more. I said, “whatever you’re comfortable with babe.” We had a lot of great sex role playing with various scenarios until we decided to go through with it. So, I set it up with a guy I found through a massage network. We met for a beer and had been talking for a few months, so he knew what she was like and what we were open to.

We scheduled her massage for a Friday after work. Finally the day was here! As she was driving to his studio she called me and we talked until she got there. She said she was nervous but very turned on. She said her pussy was tingling and wet! When she got there, he was waiting on the porch by the door. “You’re early” he said as he held the door open to let her into his studio. He showed her where to put her things and asked her “how about a glass of wine?”

She nervously said, “Yes please, thank you!” She was so nervous she forgot we were on the phone. I startled her when I said, “ok babe, tell him I said hi, now go relax and enjoy your massage.” She said good bye, then laid her phone down where she was told but she forgot to hang up. So, I stayed on the line, listening. What an unexpected treat! I could clearly hear them talking and moving around!

My heart was racing, and I was getting hard already! After some small talk and a glass of wine, he asked if she was ready. She said she was, and he told her “ok, get completely undressed and lay face down on the table.” It was a turn on for her to be told to get undressed by someone she just met! As she was getting undressed, he told her “I’m going to be nude too so I don’t get oil on my clothes.”

She wasn’t expecting that but she said “Uhm, okay, you’re in charge.” Her excitement was building! She did as she was told and started undressing. He watched, and I listened as she got totally nude, then she crawled onto the table then laid on her belly, waiting. The excitement of being told what to do and him watching her undress really turned her on. Her body tingled as he began softly touching her.

She felt an orgasm building already, just from the excitement and his initial touch. She was losing control and she started having an intense orgasm “I’m cumming! After a few minutes of him lightly stroking her skin she said, “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t expecting to feel like this, at least not like that and so quickly!” He replied, “I’m honored, glad you’re enjoying it.”

As he said that she realized that he just made her cum without hardly touching her, “he didn’t even touch my pussy“ She thought to herself. “What will he do next?” she wondered. After a few minutes she felt herself relaxing again, she was surprised when she felt his semi hard cock touch her shoulder and face as he worked on her back! She felt shivers run through her whole body!

His cock felt warm as he continued to let it touch her body. His cocked touched her in a different place, over and over as he moved around to massage her. The massage was good but the anticipation was thrilling. She felt an intense need to feel his cock touching her. She was starting to want it more and more. She said it took every bit of self-control not to beg to be fucked.

Then she felt his weight as he climbed on the table with her, slowly spreading her legs as he kneeled between them. He scooted forward, rubbing her back and shoulders. As he leaned over, she felt his warm cock touching her thighs. He leaned back again, rubbing her lower back. She felt his cock slide down, over her ass. Then he leaned forward again rubbing his hands on her spine.

She felt him push his cock down, between her thighs, pressing on her pussy as he leaned into her! She uncontrollably lifted her hips to meet him as he leaned forward! She felt his cock pressing against her pussy lips, she thought to herself “oh my god, I can’t believe he’s doing that! I can’t believe I did that!” “He’s going to fuck me, and I… I want it!” As she laid there in her erotic euphoria, he slowly climbed off of the table.

She sighed, disappointingly as she lowered her hips back down onto the table. With the rush of feeling his cock touching her all over, rubbing and pressing it on her, nearly in her, she felt like she was going to explode! He continued the massage, clearly teasing her with his cock again. Finally, his cock found her hand. She instinctively touched it, ran her fingers along its sides, noting how thick it was.

Then she started stroking it, slowly exploring its length. While she was stroking him, he started rubbing her pussy, slowly at first then he slid one finger then another finger into her wet and throbbing pussy. She rubbed and stroked his cock, needing it. The feeling of a new hard cock, his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, all of these feelings and sensations pushed her over the top and she had another intense orgasm!

Two in less than thirty minutes. She just had another man make her cum for the first time in over 10 years! He let her stroke his cock while she came down, until his cock and her hand were covered with a mixture of her wetness and his pre-cum. Suddenly, he pulled away, she had to let go of his cock. She whimpered, “no…, please… I think, no I need more, I want it, please… can… you… can you please fuck me?”

He walked to the front of the table and he turned her head towards him, “are you sure?” She whimpered, then slowly nodded yes. He told her “show me how much you want it, open your mouth.” She complied as he slid his cock into her mouth. That was when she fully gave in and let him have his way with her. They fucked and sucked each to three more orgasms for her and two for him over the next hour.

Before she left, she scheduled another appointment! As soon as she came home, I knew from her body language and the sexy look on her face, she had just gotten fucked! Although I knew, I asked “So how was it?” “Let me show you…”

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    How I would love this for my wife. Very erotic.

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