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So I was very naughty over the weekend but in a very good way. I thought for sure it was gonna cause problems between me and my husband but I did it anyways. It was Monday afternoon I was sitting at home enjoying my day off when I got a message from this guy tom that we have been talking to over the course of the last couple weeks. We have talked about it and both me and my husband agreed to let him join us for some adult fun.

Well he doesn’t have a car and wasn’t able to find a ride to us and we only play at home. So he messages me and says that him and one of his friends have a job down this way so they would be in town for a couple days and he wanted to come hang out on Saturday but didn’t wanna ditch his friend and wanted to know if he could join also. So I talked to my husband later that night when he got home and told him how bad i wanted to have 3 cocks inside of me.

I explained to him how I was thinking about it all day and even played with myself to the thought of it. I mean it’s been a while since we had more than one person join us so it was definately time to do it again. But no matter what I said he said no maybe another time. So I left it alone until the next night when I put on porn where the girl was taking 3 cocks and kept saying things like doesn’t that look fun or omg that must feel amazing and still he said no.

So I messaged our friend back and told him that my husband said yeah but he was busy that night so I could play with them without him. I explained how I was craving three cocks and then requested that him and his friend come up and to bring a third person with them. I then messaged one of my girlfriends and told her that we should send the guys to the bar Saturday for a guys Night and we should grab a bottle of wine and have a girls night and she agreed.

As Saturday got closer the anticipation built inside of me until the anticipation started dripping out of me. Then I got anxious to see what I was getting at this point I had only seen what Tom and his cock looked like but not his friend and I still hadn’t heard if he found a third guy yet. Tom is a short slightly chubby guy with dark hair and brown eyes and his cock is a little above average length but as thick as a water bottle and I was hoping his friends were the same if not bigger.

So Friday night I messaged him and asked him if he found a third yet and if the other 2 guys could send me a couple pictures of themselves dick included. About 20 minutes later I get a couple messages from his coworker Paul and their friend Samuel. Paul was a tall guy average build with light brown hair blue eyes and tattoos on his arms chest and back his cock was a little longer then Tom’s but just as thick and completely shaved.

Now Samuel was the most exciting of them all he had dark skin and was extremely built. Just the sight of his muscles glistening from the sweat he worked up at the gym almost had my pussy pulsing. Then I saw his cock and went to full throb. It was at least 9 inches long and alot thicker then both of his friends. I have had black guys before and the rumor isn’t true not all black guys are huge but this one was by far the biggest cock I ever had. Not only was it the biggest but it was also the first pierced cock I ever had. It was just one stud right through the tip with a big silver ball on it.

I asked him to send a couple more pics and then went to my bedroom pulled out one of my biggest toys and fucked myself as i looked at all the pictures he sent. I woke up the next day and finished putting my plan in motion I found out what time my husband and his friends were going to the bar and let Tom know when to show up so my husband was gone. About two hours before my friend was getting dropped off and my husband picked up I called my friend and told her I wasn’t feeling good and that I was just gonna go to bed early and then told my husband the same.

He offered to cancel his night out and stay home and take care of me. Which was sweet but I had other plans so I insisted he go have fun. 9 o’clock showed up and he was out the door. I laid in bed for another 15 minutes to make sure he was gone and didn’t forget anything before getting up and preparing myself for the events that were about to take place. I couldn’t wait any longer with each passing minute I got more and more excited I wanted to cum so bad but I held off the urge to master bate and just let the excitement build as I took a shower and shaved my lady bits.

I got out of the shower and put on porn while i did my hair and make up nothing fancy because I knew it wasn’t gonna last long. I went through my collection of sexy lingerie trying to find the perfect thing to wear. I decided on my black lacy top with the red tie strings and bows with my fishnet stockings and my high heel boots that go up to just below my knee.

I still had sometime so I sat in the living room watching porn and lightly caressing my vagina through my lingerie. I heard a knock on the door grabbed my bathrobe and went to see who it was. My body trembling not sure of it was caused by my excitement or being nervous. I opened the door and led them inside my knees weak and shaking with every step. It took until I was in the kitchen pouring drinks before I realized that I forgot to shut the porn off in the living room but it didn’t seem like my guests minded at all or even noticed.

There eyes were glued on me as I stood there in my black silk bathrobe undone in the front with my lingerie showing. I took a couple shots before bringing them there drinks. As I handed each one there glass they reached out making sure to caress my hand. I sat in the chair across the room from them and had a couple more drinks as we made small talk. They were all being polite and shy not knowing how to get things started. I could clearly see they were already to go by the growing bulge in there pants. I wanted it so bad so I decided to make the first move.

I stood up told them i would be right back and walked to my room removing my bathrobe as I walked by. I could hear them talking about the movie and there plans for me. I grabbed the lube and inserted my glass but plug into my ass. I grabbed my dildo wrapped it in my bathrobe with the lube and returned to the living room. They must have heard me coming because they stopped talking and we’re staring at the doorway waiting for me to walk in.

While I was gone they helped themselves to another drink and Tom took my chair leaving only a spot on the couch between Paul and Samuel for me to sit which wasn’t in my plan. So i sent Tom back to the couch and sat in my chair I leaned back so I was practically laying down and put one of my legs up over the arm of the chair. I glided my hand over my breasts pulling my top down a little along the way exposing my nipple and most of my breast.

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    I hope you had plenty of oragsm, but you should had gotten fucked in every room including the shower like the bitch slut whore you are and also had more toys to use on you! if it was me I would had make sure you got a real hardcore spanking with no mercy and you would have been fisted and screaming all night!dare to send me a message?

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