My First Hotwife Experience

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Section 1

I knew that the day would come, and now the opportunity to act on it, when I would tell Mike, my husband, how much I really did want to experience another man’s cock. It makes my pussy ache when I would fantasize about holding a new cock in my hands and using my moist lips to make it grow and become rigid in my mouth, my hands slowly stoking its length while it was being pumped back and forth between my lips.

I want to feel my nipples tingle and become hard as my new lover cupped and caressed my firm breasts. I needed to know what it felt like to have my snug pussy stretched to the limit. The naughtiness of my desire was so erotic that I fingered myself to sleep on several occasions while my husband lay asleep next to me. He has shared many of his favorite cuckold fantasies with me over the years, begging me to let him stroke and suck the big thick cock he so desperately wants to see pumping in and out of my wet cunt.

But the question was how would I summon the courage to actually make it happen. I knew Mike would have to be there, to watch me perform my lustful acts. He’s expressed his cuckold fantasy to me so many times that he would be a very willing audience to this sexual adventure. It would have to be a surprise. I could greet him when he came home from work - wearing a sexy, sheer robe, with a black half cup bra and sexy black crotchless panties on underneath.

That would certainly make him agreeable to just about anything I wanted. Have him shower up and then make him put on a pair of silky satin panties from his collection, and then lead him into the living room and sit him in the wooden chair where I would bind him with velvet ropes. Yes, he would never resist being bound by his temptress. He loves playing the submissive so everything up to this point would be easy.

But my pussy really starts to tingle when I think about his reaction, and mine, to the knock on the door. Oh sure, he would initially protest me answering the door wearing that erotically charged outfit. The robe gapped open, with my pert firm breasts exposed for our surprise guest to see. Mike’s cock would be at full attention and I doubt he would want to be seen in such a condition by some random stranger. But this guest would certainly not be random.

I met this guy at work. He was going to be working at our office for a week to look over our security system. I was given the responsibility to make sure he had everything he needed and to provide whatever information he requested.

Damn if he didn’t request my phone number. I wasn’t willing to be that accommodating right away, but I did agree to go to lunch with him. How could I refuse, he was in nice shape, a wonderful smile, and had “would you like to fuck me” eyes.

Yes, yes I did want to fuck him. The wine we had with lunch was opening all my locked doors. My breasts were tight against my shirt and he was very appreciative of that. He gazed frequently upon my budded nipples and he was not very discreet about it.

I knew he was looking, and I liked it. Each time he reached across the table and touched my hands during the conversation I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. He was leaving town in a few days so this might be just the opportunity I had hoped for. Yes, this was going to be the guy.

I made it clear to him from the outset that this was going to be a one-time deal, and that what I was about to propose to him was going to shock him. I told him that I was going to invite him over to my house, and that he was going to get to fuck me, but that he was going to fuck me in front of my husband. To say he was shocked is an understatement.

When I opened the door he was somewhat stunned. He stood there for a moment to take in the beauty of my attire. I asked him to step inside and after I closed the door I slipped my arm around his waist and pointed over to where my husband was sitting, and tied, in the chair and said “meet my husband Mike.”

After a quick introduction I excused myself and went to the bedroom. I came back with a cock shaped mouth gag and then told him that while I agreed to let him watch he was not to be heard from. My lover could do nothing but look on in amazement as I stuffed that cock in my obedient husband’s mouth and tightened the strap around his head.

I brought my guest over to the center of the room and brought his hands up to my breasts. My pussy began to tingle as he caressed them. Do you like the outfit I’ve chosen for you? My husband thinks I wore it for him, but I wanted you to be the one to see me in it.

I leaned in and gave him a long, deep kiss. His hands slipped down to my sexy panties and he reached around to squeeze my ass. I then stepped back and slipped the robe off of my shoulders.

I walked over to Mike and slid the silky fabric all over his body and stiffened cock, and then placed my hands on each arm of the chair and leaned in just inches from his face and said “I hope you really wanted this, because I’m going to suck his cock right here in front of you, and then, when it’s nice and hard, he’s going to fuck me with that big stiff cock.”

I then walked back over to our guest and started to undress him. First his shirt, which revealed a well toned chest. Then, I slid to my knees and took off his shoes and socks, and then reached up to unbuckle his pants.

I was very slow and deliberate as I slid his pants down just far enough to reveal a large bulge that strained to be released from his briefs. My anticipation didn’t go unnoticed as I was breathing heavily and moistening my lips with my tongue. As I pulled down his briefs an enormous cock sprung out and lay heavily in my hand.

I looked over to my husband and said “thank you” and proceeded to lightly kiss the tip of the stiffened cock that had been presented to me. My hands left his cock long enough to finish pulling down his pants so he could step out of them.

My hands and mouth went straight back to his cock, which was now standing at full erection. I took my time slathering his cock with my wet mouth. His entire length glistened each time my mouth returned to his swollen tip. After several minutes of sexual torture he stood me up and he dropped to his knees.

It’s time for me to enjoy you the way I had anticipated. He cupped both of my heavy breasts and began kissing and sucking on my nipples. My husband could see his lips tugging on my swollen buds and he saw me arch my breasts upward and pull his head closer to my heaving tits.

He reached around to my back and unfastened my half cupped lacy bra so that he would have full access to them. His hands were squeezing and pumping my breasts, his teeth grazing my nipples.

Enough, I said, I need to feel your lips and tongue on my pussy.

He led me over to the recliner, which was just a few feet from my husband and said “I want your husband to watch me lick this sweet pussy and I want him to see you cum in my mouth.”

I sat down and propped my legs over each arm of the chair which exposed my damp pussy through the slit in my crotchless panties and gave my husband a great view of what was to come. My new lover began slowly and deliberately licking my swollen clit and pussy lips. He sucked them in and pressed his tongue hard against my clit.

As he was devouring my nectar I would look over at my helpless husband to show him how much his tongue was pleasing me. It wasn’t long before I screamed out that I was cumming. As I ground his face into my pussy my husband knew his lips and face would be covered in my sweet pussy juices.

“Your cock, I need your big thick cock stuffed into my cunt now I screamed.”

Section 2

As he stood up in front of me, I said “Wait, first I want you to take that cock gag out of my husband’s mouth and bring it to me.”

He went over to Mike and undid the strap and took the gag out of his mouth. As an obedient cuckold Mike knew better than to speak. My lover brought the cock gag to me and I proceeded to slide that cock back and forth deep into my wet cunt.

“I want you to see what you missed,” I said to my husband. “Now put it back in his mouth.”

He did as instructed and slipped that wet cock back into my husband’s mouth and strapped it back onto his face. We could see that Mike was eagerly trying to lick those sweet pussy juices off of that cock.

My lover then leaned over to Mike and said “hotwife huh, I’ve read on the internet about guys like you who want a hotwife, a woman who gets to enjoy sexual liberation while being married. Well Mike, you’re going to get your wish because I’m about to fuck your little slut wife with this big cock.”

With that he stood up and put his huge erect cock just inches from my husband’s face. Mike could see a large drop of precum on his tip and knew he was ready to give his wife a good hard fucking. But then he looked down into Mike’s lap and saw my husband’s stiff cock straining against the pink satin panties he was wearing. “Oh look, your bitch husband has a stiff cock. I think we may have aroused him,” my lover announced.

“Stroke it for him,” I said. With that he got on his knees and rubbed his hands all over Mike’s panty covered cock. I could see that his panties were getting damp from his precum. He released Mike’s cock from his satin prison and wrapped his hand around his cock and gave it a couple of slow strokes. Cum droplets spilled out onto his fingers. He then got up and turned to me and proceeded to lick his fingers clean.

“So you want to be a bitch too, I asked?” I got up and went over to the chair and told him “get on your knees and lick my cuckold husband’s cock tip you little cum whore.” He was immediately on his knees. He grabbed Mike’s cock by the base and squeezed a large dollop of cum to the tip. “Now lick it” I commanded. He was very obedient as well.

“Give my sissy husband a nice treat and suck his little cock for me.” My pussy tingled with excitement as I watched my husband’s dick disappear into my lover’s mouth. After a half dozen strokes with his lips I said “that’s enough, now it’s time for me to get that big thick cock in my pussy. Sit on the sofa you bitch,” I demanded.

He took his place in the middle of the sofa, reclined slightly so that his cock sat up nice and stiff for me. As I straddled over his thick dick I began slowly lowering myself down. “Mike, I said, this cock is so damn big it’s going to stretch me out.” Slowly I worked myself up and down on his enormous cock. I looked over at my husband the entire time I was fucking him. My lover sucked on my full, heavy tits again, squeezing them and sucking on my erect nipples.

I stared into Mike’s eyes and said “is this what you want, a slutty little hotwife? Well that’s what I’m going to be now, a fucking slut wife.” I then turn back to our guest and kissed him deeply. “Touch my ass, touch it you little bitch.” He licked his finger and slowly drew it across my tight little ass.

As his finger found my wet pussy he slid it around his wet sticky cock and then slowly glided his lubed finger into my ass. I shrieked slightly and screamed out “that’s it, fuck my ass.” “Oh fuck, I’m cumming! Mike I’m cumming all over his giant cock while he’s fingering my ass. Fuck my tight cunt, I screamed out, fuck me hard.”

As my orgasm subsided I looked over at Mike. “I bet you want to taste it don’t you. I bet you want his cum covered cock in your mouth. Nod your head if you do you fucking cock whore.” As we both looked over at my husband he indeed nodded his head.

“Not yet bitch, I want him to fuck me from behind”. As he got up to change positions I could see that his cock was glistening with my sweet juices. As I knelt on the sofa facing the wall I knew what he wanted to do, but I told him “fuck my slutty cunt you cock sucker.”

With that I watched him glide his cock through the slit in my panties and into my sweet pussy. He barely moved as I kept thrusting my hips back onto his cock. “Fuck me you bitch,” I screamed! He took me by the hips and began stroking his long thick cock back and forth deep into my pussy. I could feel his balls slapping against my sloppy wet panties. “Fuck Mike I’m cumming again!”

With that he yelled “I’m about to cum, where do you want me to shoot my load”?

“On my tits, bitch, cum on my tits so my husband can lick it off. And then I’m going to have him suck your cock clean.” As he pulled out and I turned around on the sofa he began spraying thick ropes of cum all over my tits. His legs began to shake as he emptied his cock. “Go untie my husband so he can kneel here in front of me”, I said.

With his hands now free Mike crawled over to me as commanded. I took the cock gag out of his mouth and rubbed that fake cock all over my cum-covered tits and then offered it to him. “Do you want to suck it you little cum whore,” I asked? He responded “Yes Please! Please let me taste it.” He eagerly opened his mouth as I told him to suck that fake cock.

“Suck it you panty wearing cuckold bitch!” I exclaimed. Mike couldn’t hide his excitement as his cock was now rock hard and straining against the satin fabric that encased it. He had waited so long for this day to come and now his fantasy had come true.

He sucked that little fake cock clean, but he wasn’t done yet. My lover had spilled an enormous load of cum on my heavy tits and I commanded Mike to begin licking and sucking up every drop of that pearl necklace. My heart was racing as I discovered that it really turned me on to watch my husband fill his mouth with the seed from another man’s freshly fucked cock. He eagerly obeyed and lapped up every drop of cum from my tits.

“And now his cock, cuckold, lick it, suck it clean.” I said. Mike turned around and my lover’s spent cock was there waiting for him. The sweet taste of my pussy mingled with his cum was a delicious treat for my husband, just as he had always imagined it would be.

My husband slowly and methodically slid that big spent cock back and forth between his lips, sucking the last drops of cum from the big cock that had just fucked his wife, his tongue licking up my savory pussy juice that had spilled onto his balls. As that cock slipped out of his mouth he turned to me and said “thank you, my mistress”. He then looked up at my lover and said “and thank you, too.”

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