My First Cuckold Experience

My name is Dave my Filippina wife and I live in Manila. My wife is 5’3″ and 120lbs, very beautiful little woman. She’s very shy outwardly but during sex with dirty talk she gets super wet and wild. After many months of prodding from me and plenty of nights of dirty pillow talk she reluctantly agreed to meet another couple in mandaluyong manila. The man was a black muscular American and his Filippina wife was the opposite of my wife, she had big tits and was very curvy. I found them on Craigslist and it said they were a dominant couple looking for first timers or submissive couples. I introduced us online and a date was set.

Date night. My wife Marie wore a short dress and sexy bra and panties. When we arrived they greeted us with some and good conversation for an hour. They were very direct in expressing their interest in us. His wife Jessica said I’ll fuck you but we have to wear a condom, but when Kevin her black husband fucks my wife he gets to enjoy her without the condom.

Marie and I were stunned first because she was so forward and unashamed, second because of the indecency of the proposal. Honestly I wanted his wife so badly her assistant and big tits I readily agreed, my wife gasped and I told her don’t worry this will be fine . She looked nervous but at heart she’s a pleaser and didn’t want to spoil the evening because she was uncomfortable.

I told Jessica my wife had wanted to try eating pussycat for the first time tonight. That was a lie my wife never said that. Kevin and Jessica looked at Marie and said yeah we can start there but I’m telling you now she can eat my pussy but I won’t eat hers. I don’t do that. My wife blushed deeply in shame as Jessica took her hand and led her to the bed.

Jessica hiked up her skirt and took of her panties showing her trim pussycat. Jessica out a pillow on the bed to arch her hips and back. She laid back on the bed gave Kevin a deep kiss and spread her legs. She said its time Marie, come here, I’m going to teach you how I like it. She instructed my wife to get on her hands and knees and bury her face in her.

Marie looked at me for guidance and I told her it’s OK but she’s waiting. Jessica took my wife’s hair in two fistfulls and guided her face to her open lips. She told my wife to start by ducking and licking the lips. My wife did as she was told and soon Jessica was starting to moan. I got up on the bed and watched closely. My dick was already so hard, just listening to Jessica boss my wife and use her mouth for her own pleasure was awesome.

My wife’s tounge was gliding in circles on her clothes. I slid behind my wife and moved her panties to the side and slid my finger in her easily. I was very surprised how wet she was, maybe my wife really was a submissive and this was making her hot. Soon Jessica began to moan and shake and cum, her juices filled my wife’s mouth, she tried hard to swallow and keep up with the hips bucking against her mouth.

Jessica said yes, I can train her, but now I want to see her suck my man. Kevin stood at the edge of the bed and dropped his trousers, revealing an 8 inch cock that was 5.5 inches around. Marie slid of the bed and got on her knees dutifuly. She took his big balls in her hands and started kneeding and massaging them. Kevin took off her dress and unclipped her and kissed her neck. My wife moaned.

Jessica took me and sat me in a chair and took my dick out and started stroking it while we watched her huge muscular husband begin to have his way with my small wife. He pushed my wife to her knees and she took his dick in her mouth, still kneeding his huge balls,. I told him that my wife likes it when you take Herby the hair and physically move her head back and forth on your dick.

This was another lie but my wife took to it quickly. Watching her Bob back and forth on his cock was so exciting. Jessica began to suck me while we both watched Kevin and my wife. Soon Kevin grew impatient he put a pillow on the edge of the bed made my wife stand up and he took down her panties in one stroke. My wife gasped as he picked her up by the waist and carried her to the bed. He sat her on the pillow and pushed her back until her shoulders were on the bed. I heard my wide say stop, please no very softly and could see she was shaking.

At this point Jessica grabbed my balls super hard and whispered to me “just let this happen ” first she was crushing my balls I had to sit back down in the chair or the pain was too much. Second I honestly knew I wasn’t going to be strong enough to stop what had been started now. Even though I was uncomfortable with how this was going I had no choice but to watch in silence.

Jessica continued her oral pleasuring of my 6.5 inch dick. Normally I feel like I have a big cock but in front of Kevin I felt small. Kevin sat my wife’s add on the pillow and used both hands to spread her legs open forcibly. Her secret place, her womanhood, shaved, right, small and smooth was now open for everyone to see Kevin took his dick and began rubbing it in circles around her hole.

He held her by the ankles and began to push his way inside her. My wife cried out in frustration that this was happening to her and in pain because Kevin’s dick was stretching her little pussy. I started cumming right after Kevin worked himself halfway inside her. I felt very relieved but still horny. Jessica said soon we’d fuck but she wanted me to go on the bed near my wife and try to relax her.

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  • Richard

    Reply Reply November 21, 2020

    Hi Dave,
    What can I say other than, I’m jealous right now.

    Tommi and I have not actually gone as far as having sex with others, but we’re very close. We have enjoyed fantasying about her having sex with other men, and she gets deep into acting it out with me. She has watched porn videos while masturbating. When she finished, she had me lick her pussy clean and tongue deep in her cunt as though getting out a man’s cum. Then, she has me lick and suck her dildo, telling me to suck all the way to his balls. I obey.

    I think I would enjoy giving a man a blowjob in front of her…maybe even getting instructions from her while I do him.


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