My Ex’s New Bf Had an A+ Dick  3/5 (20)

Longtime lurker, but as a gift to you all and to myself I figured I’d finally indulge and memorialize my favourite cuckold memory in story-form. This degrading memory is one of my top pieces of get-off material.

At the time of this story, I (19 M then) had dated my girlfriend (20 F, we’ll call her O) for about 5 years. I ultimately broke it off with her for several reasons, but at the heart of it I was no longer happy- it had become work. She did not handle it well. She intended to marry me, and sent me letters for about the next two months. Some time having passed, we ended up as friends with benefits (a mistake on my end). This seemed to please her for some time, until one day she used her sluttiness to score some dick pics from her friend, J. At this point I had been her full-fledged cuck for a couple years, cumming fountains over her fantasy talk of worshiping her guy friends’ cocks, though we’d remained monogamous in spite of me permitting her to fuck other men. Prodding her for info, she told me he was about as thick as me, but he was definitely longer. She skipped our next meetup so she could rub one out to the pics and sext with him- showing him her tits, talk about choking on his cock and letting him use her. I had turned her from timid girl into unabashed slut across our relationship, but now I was watching her overtake the teacher for bigger and better dick.

Naturally, she and I met up less and less and eventually she broke it off to go fulltime with him. We stopped talking for a while, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much she must be loving that cock. Flash-forward a year, and O sparks up a text with me. We caught up over little stuff and reminisced for a while, but eventually the bomb landed- she had cheated on J with some dweeb and he figured it out. He broke up with her immediately, and she was crushed (as was he, presumably). We talked about her regret, and eventually got into the qualities of the relationship. She talked about his sweetness, his dedication, and then decided to, of her own accord, bring up the greatness of his 8-inch dick.

“Well J was a virgin. He didn’t even know how to kiss. But I guess you could say he had a bit of natural talent. The first time was super awkward and not good. After that, though, he could make me cum like five times.”

I’m glad we were texting because I desperately whipped it out and came within seconds having read that. Now, I’m average myself, clocking in at a hair over 6″. But back in the days of our relationship, I was a chunky fuck. I’d hit no more than 5.5″ in those times with all the body fat, and that was when I was lucky enough to even keep it up. If I kept it up, I then also had to avoid cumming within a minute, which happened probably 70% of the time. I made my girlfriend cum through intercourse no more than twice altogether, and J had come along and given her a bounty of orgasms every single time they fucked. There was an unspoken understanding to our whole conversation- our sexual history had been rendered utterly irrelevant by a far superior cock. Her amusement and lack of respect for my sexual prowess bled through in every word she said. She spoke for some time about wanting that 8 inches back, and how stupid she felt for having given it up. She loved choking on it.

She and I also had a little group text with her sister where we’d shoot the shit once in a while. Eventually dick size came up and she happily humiliated me with a shoutout to J’s wondrous piece, having just dismissed any comment on mine. I dm’d her shortly afterward desperate for more, asking if a couple inches really makes a difference (knowing full well she’d bite). “Regardless. J has an A+ dick. And he always made me cum multiple times. He was very satisfying, and you can’t change my experiences. I don’t even remember what you felt like.” J had great stamina as well, and from what O told me, I’d be dumping my cum within a minute while he’d be making her cum within a minute. I’m honestly not sure if I’m more jealous of him for having such a great asset, or of her for getting to admire it. We never hooked up again as she’d lost any and all lust for me, but she would mention getting herself off to the memories of J, to the point of drifting from convo one time to indulge herself.

TL;DR: Broke up with my gf, she met a new guy two inches longer than me. I had hardly ever made her cum and he could have her cumming multiple times within minutes. She humiliated me and reminded me often, our sexual history basically made into a joke that she couldn’t even remember.

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