My Exhibitionist Wife


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When Liz and I got together she was 35 and I was 42. Liz was an absolutely beautiful woman, large firm breasts, a flat washboard stomach great legs and a very pretty face. She also had a perfect pussy neat, tight and always moist and juicy. She was a total perfectionist where her appearance was concerned – perfect hair and makeup and always immaculately dressed.

She was the perfect girlfriend and we hit it off sexually right away. She was always up for fun, and we experimented with all sorts of positions and fantasies. As we tried different things I noticed that what really seemed to turn her on was fantasies involving someone seeing her naked or seeing us fucking. She would have shattering orgasms and would become completely insatiable when I described these situations to her-especially as I slid my cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy but she would even come while sucking my cock if she imagined someone was watching her.

As we explored this fantasy together I began to notice that what really sent her over the top was when she imagined she was being watched by men as she stripped and exposed herself to them – her breasts, her arse and most of all her perfect pussy. She loved the thought of putting on a show for them – touching herself and eventually fingering herself until she came in front of them. She loved the idea of the men getting more and more aroused, rubbing their cocks and eventually getting their cocks out and wanking themselves off as they stared at her perfect body. What really did it for her was the thought of her putting on a live sex show for them, me fucking her hard from behind or her sucking me off until she made me come over her pretty face and perfect breasts. It was clear she was a real exhibitionist and really got off on the power of arousing men to the point where they couldn’t control themselves anymore and could do nothing but spurt spunk from their cocks as they stared at her willing sexy body.

Eventually, after a really great session, I asked the million dollar question. –‘Would you like to try it for real?’ ’ I’m really not sure’ she said, ‘I’m not sure how I would feel if they were actually there looking at me for real, I might not find it as sexy as the fantasy.’ I look down and her fingers were massaging her clit as she spoke. ‘Well you certainly look like you like the idea to me’, I said, ’ all those men stroking their big hard cocks watching you reveal your breasts and you pussy to them, watching you finger yourself till you come’. She groaned loudly and came as I spoke. ‘Only if you are there’ she said ‘I want to suck you while they watch’ she said, licking my cock between words.

The next day I asked her if she was serious, or was it just lust speaking. ‘I’m game if you are’ she said. We talked about how we could make it happen – there weren’t any sex shops or porn theatres anywhere near us, where a little exhibitionism might be ok , but we were aware of a place off the A3 that was notorious for dogging. We agreed that we would give it a try – we could stay in the car and check the situation out, and if she didn’t like it we could just drive off!

We decided to try it next Saturday. Liz got ready, putting on a tiny thong, a pair of knee length spike heeled boots, no bra and a dress that wrapped over her breasts and tied at the side. Her hair and makeup were perfect as ever and she looked absolutely stunning. We drove to the area and slowly drove into the woods to the parking area. It was dark, but we could see a number of cars parked in a clearing, some with lights on inside. Someone flashed their lights on as we pulled in, and we could see a few men moving about outside. It was a warm summer night and I opened the windows a little so we could get some air and hear what may be going on. Liz reached over and started to massage my cock through my trousers and in no time I had a raging hard on. A couple of men moved close to the car and a few seconds later a third man joined them. Liz started to squeeze her breasts and rub her hard nipples with her left hand while she unzipped my fly and pulled my rock hard cock out. I leaned over and untied the dress, pushing the material aside so her breasts were on show. Her nipples were sticking out harder than I had ever seen them. ‘Put the light on’ said a voice from outside ‘put the light on so we can see better’. Liz reached up and switched on the interior light and she was bathed in bright light. We could no longer see outside, but Liz started to put on a show. She reached down and opened her dress, teasing her nipples with her left hand and rubbing her pussy through her thong with her right. I took about 20 seconds of this before she came, groaning loudly, her eyes closed..

By now the men had moved close to her window and were looking through, rubbing bulges in their trousers. Liz opened her window a little more ’lets see some cocks’ she said – ’the nicest one might get a little treat’ I could hardly believe my ears – what did she mean by a ’little treat’? My mind was reeling but my cock was harder than ever. I was losing control of the situation and thought maybe we should go, but I was so aroused that I wanted to see what happened next even more. I didn’t wait long to find out. The men outside each unzipped their trousers and pulled their cocks out. One of them was already hard and I was gratified to see he was somewhat smaller than me, the others were semi hard but one cock was already bigger than mine. It was circumcised and I could see a little pre cum shining on he tip in the light. ‘Looks like you need a little encouragement’ said Liz as she opened the window fully and waved the men closer. She reached out and gave each of them a couple of squeezes. ‘Hey’ I said ’that wasn’t the deal’. ‘Don’t worry honey its just a little squeeze so I can see them hard, I won’t forget you’. She smiled as she wrapped her hand round my engorged cock. I was totally lost, my cock was throbbing so hard I didn’t have the will power to do anything except to try not to spunk all over her there and then. ’looks like you are enjoying the show too ’ she said, smiling wickedly.

With that she turned around , took hold of the smallest cock, and pulled it close. She then amazed me by opening her mouth and sucking it deep down. I watched mesmerised as the cock pushed in and out of her mouth. She was taking his full length easily as he pumped his cock in and out, fucking her mouth. The other two cocks were hard now and the guys were wanking themselves. One guy had a decent size cock, about the same length as mine, 7 inches, but a bit thicker. The other cock was big- about and inch longer, but really thick. Just then the guy Liz was sucking let out a loud groan. Liz pulled his cock out of her mouth just as long spurts of cum shot from his cock, spraying ribbons of spunk across her lips and down on to her breasts. He just kept on coming, he must have spurted 6 or 7 times before he was done.

He was quickly replaced by the next guy who grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her open mouth. He fucked her mouth fast, plunging in and out as Liz pushed her hand between his legs and grabbed his balls. They looked huge as she massaged them with her right hand, trying to control his thrusts with her left. Suddenly he tensed up, and as Liz squeezed his big balls he pumped his spunk into her mouth. I could see the big vein under his cock pulsate over and over again as he dumped load after load into her mouth and down her throat. Liz sucked and swallowed for all she was worth. As he finished and pulled his satisfied cock out of her mouth, a few ribbons of cum dripped down her chin to join the first guys load.

‘What about me’ I said, rather pathetically, ‘I haven’t forgotten you’ she said. As she turned towards me I could see the spunk on her face, trickling down between her breasts and coating her erect nipples. It was I could do not to come as she wriggled out of her dress completely. She was now only wearing a soaking wet thong and her boots. She leant over and kissed me and I tasted the warm cum on her lips. As she turned and knelt on the seat sideways, she lowered her head on to my cock, her left hand reaching back to play with her soaking wet pussy. I was in heaven as she sucked my cock. I could feel the other guys cum dripping on to my thighs. I was completely overwhelmed as I rapidly approached orgasm, when I heard Liz grunt loudly. She stopped sucking me and started to gasp as she came again. It was at that moment that I realised the last guy had opened the car door and had plunged his cock into her pussy. I could see his hips thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy and his balls slapping against her. She came loudly again and arched her back. As she did I could just see his huge cock in her pussy. Her lips were being pulled out and pushed back as if her pussy was trying to grip his cock. As she came again I saw him tense up and start to come deep inside her. It was too much for me and I spurted into the air in front of her face, covering myself in come.

The guys backed off and she reached round and closed the car door. I took that as a cue to go, and started the car, pulling away slowly. ‘Well it looks like you enjoyed that nearly as much as me’ she said, looking down at the mess of cum that was all over me. ‘Yes, but I am not sure we will be doing it again’ I said. Liz ran her finger through the cum on her breasts and smiled. ‘Oh I think we probably will’ she said.

As my cock stiffened again she looked down at it and smiled - ‘in fact I am certain of it!’.

I knew then that I would do whatever she demanded.

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