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I’m Matt, age 48, and I’m married to a young beautiful wife named Sarah, who is 25. Sarah has long brunette hair,and blue eyes, with a hot body to match. She stands about 5′ 3, and I’m 5’10”. Everything was going great until my ex-wife Diane ,and her husband Josh moved back in the area in our neighborhood.

During the week Sarah ,and I went to the mall, and ran in to Josh, and Diane, and I was shocked to see her since it’s been a couple of years. Diane introduced me,and Sarah to her husband Josh, she obviously married younger also, and I couldn’t help to notice how Sarah’s reaction was to him. I actually got a little jealous, but couldn’t blame her. Josh was really good looking, six foot tall, blonde hair ,blue eyes, and had a very muscular toned body. We found out that they moved to a house about a block away from us recently. I invited them over for dinner, and Diane declined due to her busy work schedule , but said Josh can come over if he wants, in which Josh agreed. On the way out of the mall, my wife Sarah seemed a little distracted, almost bumping into a sales paper stand.

At around six in the evening, Josh arrived at our house for dinner, Sarah seemed excited to see him. Josh was such a nice guy ,very polite, we had such a great time at dinner. I would catch Sarah staring at Josh ,and checking him out. I never seen Sarah react to any other guy except me this way. I did get a little jealous. Josh had to realize that my wife was checking him out,and at one point she stared at the bulge in his pants, which made him smirk a little.

That evening, I brought up to Sarah that I caught her checking Josh out, and she denied totally. Sarah told me to stop acting so jealous.

We got along so well with Josh that he started coming over more often. We would all start drinking, then me and Josh would get competitive ,usually me trying to look good in front of my young wife, would start challenging him at things. The end result would be me looking bad in front of Sarah.

One night when Josh came over after some beers. I challenged Josh to arm wrestle, and he beat me with no problem. My wife was impressed with Josh , smiling away at him. Sarah told me Josh was so much stronger than me, which made him chuckle. I was furious, and then challenged him to wrestle, which didn’t turn out good for me.

Josh ,and I moved the coffee table out of the way in the living room. We agreed to have Sarah act as the ref. We circled each other ,and before I knew it Josh put me in to one painful move after another. Josh twisted my arm back in to a painful arm lock, which had me screaming, and then a Boston crab where he was on my back, pulling my head back, I could hear the bones crack in my back, and I shrieked in pain.

My wife was amazed by Josh’s strength, and ability to put me in my place. She was staring at him, and smiling away at him. Josh then got up ,and grabbed onto my head pulling it tight up in between his legs in to a standing headscissors, my head was up against his crotch, I could feel his big dick through his sweat pants, and then squeezed his legs together hard around my neck ,and head.

I let out a big scream, and saw the look on my wife’s face, her mouth hung open in disbelief. Josh was cracking up laughing, I guess my head was tickling his crotch, especially when I moved it to try and get free. My wife was now laughing as well, she would later tell me that Josh squeezed my head so hard that my eyes bulged out ,and crossed at the pressure.

I finally gave up, but Josh decided to teach me a lesson, he kept the pressure going to the point that I was begging him for mercy. It soon became tearful pleas. Josh broke me, he made me yell out that he was much stronger than me, and that Sarah deserved to have a real man like him. She smiled away at Josh, biting her bottom lip. Josh finally let me go, and I fell to the floor, he then placed his foot on my head ,and raised his arms in victory, and stepped on my head which caused me to scream in pain and sob. Things were never the same between us , Sarah was so impressed with Josh.

Josh then told me things were going to change around my house , and that I would be his slave, I agreed , which made my wife moan. Whenever Josh came over ,he would bully me, which seemed to make my wife laugh. He would slap me around, use me as his foot stool, while he and my wife would make out on the couch. Sarah would look down at me and laugh while in a deep kiss with Josh.

Sarah asked me why aren’t you stopping this, and I flat out told her that I’m scared of Josh, then they both started laughing, and Josh slapped me on the back of my head. My wife’s hand was rubbing Josh’s crotch,and then she reached in to his sweat pants, and pulled out his big ,thick dick, which shocked my wife ,and I. My wife told him that his dick is so much bigger than mine. Sarah told me to pull my dick out, and when I did Josh laughed, she compared us ,making fun of me being smaller.

They both were laughing calling me little boy. Josh’s dick must of been at least 8 1/2 inches when hard, and the best I can get is 5 1/2 . Sarah looked me straight in the eyes while she lowered her head down,and took Josh’s big dick in her mouth. She was slurping hard on it, her head bobbing fast. All I could hear was mmmmm, between popping it out of her mouth. Eventually Josh moaned, and his dick began twitching in her mouth cumming a huge load that my wife swallowed eagerly down her throat. My wife continued to suck on Josh’s dick, and he got hard again.

Sarah ,and Josh got up from the couch, he took off his pants, and then he shoved his underwear into my mouth, and ordered me to keep it there. Sarah busted out laughing. They both headed up the stairs to my bedroom, he told me to sleep on the couch. I couldn’t sleep much that night, with all the noise they were making, especially when my wife screamed his name, JOSH JOSH,JOOOOSSSSHHH.

Things were never the same!

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