My Ex Wife's First Time

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I let my friend move Into our house after his GF kicked him out for cheating on her.

After a couple of week of my friend living with me and my wife in our home I started to think he was chatting her up but in a joking way, and always after we all had a drink together.

This went on for some time and gradually became more obvious, probably due to the fact that I didn’t stop it or Intervene ..

I will confess that I actually enjoyed the way my friend (Oliver) was chatting up my wife (Amy) right in front of me.

This went on for some time without Amy questioning anything to me about what oliver was saying which made me wonder if she felt the same way as I did, but i never mentioned it to her at this point. Then one evening I caught Oli going through amys draws, It was her underwear draw and when I freaked out he just laughed it off as a joke, I told her what I saw him doing and she just laughed it off like he did.. then I started to wonder If something was going on between them both.

One night Oli came home (our house) drunk after a works night out, me and Amy had a few drinks but wasn’t drunk and was just in bed and settled but watching the Tv when oli decided to send a totally nude pic of him self in my bathroom with a stonking hard on to my phone..

I thought this is his way to confess what Id been thinking..

It went through my mind briefly weather to show amy or not but i though fuck it i need to know, so I said Amy have you seen what oli just sent me and shower her he just laughed and an looked away.

I said this isn’t bad to me, she said what do you mean? I said I like the thought that your have both been cheating together.

Obviously she didn’t believe me, I said I’m telling the truth!! she said well I know he likes me but I was scared to tell you!

I said I know but do you like him then?

She said not as a person but really want to fuck him, but I love you col and dont ever want to break up.

I said the same and I love you too.. and I never want to break up either, so after a short chat about rules and that i would never fuck another woman .. I said ok prove it then if you mean it Amy! she said how can I prove it ?

I said get out of bed and do your make up and put that silk night dress on and take off all your underwear and go into Olis room, she could believe I was being serious, but after a little gentle persuasion she agreed but only if I went in with her to tell oli what we agreed together..

Long story short It was the best thing that happened to us both, our relationship was perfect knowing the truth, and knowing she could trust me and tell me anything.

It took a while for her to admit that they had been fucking for a month or so before she admitted it to me but I enjoyed the fact she cheated …

This isn’t even the best story this was just the first time it happened..

Open to questions if your require them.

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