Much Better Than She Thought

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Section 1

I had met Steven through a local chat room about six months ago. Steven was a forty-two year old divorced gentleman who worked in the financial industry. He was an active cyclist who had very little time to date and meet other women. He wanted relationship without any confinements, and when I mentioned how It had been a desire of mine to share my lovely wife Ann he seemed genially interested in discussing it.

He wanted to know more about her, and I told him how we had been married for a long time, and that we were both virgins when we first met. This was a big part of the main I had this obsession of seeing her with another man.

My wife Ann had just turned fifty-four and works a fulltime job in management. She isn’t a prude by any means, but I wouldn’t call her wild either. She loves to be adventurous at times, and our sex life over the years had been generally gratifying. We had talked about sharing her a few times in the past, but she seemed very reluctant to do it. I had all but given up until Steven stepped into the picture.

Steven loved the idea of being with Ann, and even though he was twelve years younger it only added to his overall desire for her. It was the perfect solution for him and myself, and he knew he wouldn’t have to commit to anything long-term.

I on the other hand looked at it in a way that would fulfill my desire of seeing Ann with another man. It seemed like the prefect scenario except for one thing, and that was getting Ann to go along with it. When I mentioned Steven to her she seemed impressed by him, but she still wasn’t ready to commit to anything. It was my last chance and I gave it everything I had to convince her.

Then three months ago Steven received two tickets to a Broadway production from someone in his office. Ann had always wanted to see a Broadway play, and over the years it hadn’t been something I had high on my list. When I asked her if she would be interested in going with him she hesitated for a second. She knew this might be her only chance, and after careful thought she agreed to go with him.

The play was only three days away, and Steven planned on taking her to dinner first. We never talked about the idea of him having sex with her or anything like that, and I really had no clue how this would end up. In away just the idea of her going with him had been enough to turn me on beyond belief. My cock throbbed for the next three days, and when the night had come I felt a wave of emotions rush over me.

Steven arrived around six, and it was the first time that Ann or I had met him. I got to say he was extremely charming and good looking, and he stood over six foot with dark blue eyes. He had Ann’s attention almost from the get go, and the two of them walked out to his car like they had known each other for years.

I was in the dark on where they were going, and this only added to my arousal as I sat in the living room all alone collecting my thoughts. It was extremely exciting wondering what they were doing together, and I never expected it would be this intense. I thought of several different scenarios, and I did my best to keep my emotions under control.

The hours past slowly, and it had been just after the stroke of midnight when Steven dropped her off. She walked in looking extremely exhausted and with a smile on her face. My heart began to race and I asked her how it went.

Ann first told me how wonderful dinner was, and how the play was more enjoyable than she could had imagined. I was happy she loved the dinner and the play, but it was afterwards that had my attention most.

She said Steven had asked if she like to come back to his place for a nightcap. She told him she should be getting home, but after a bit of convincing she agreed on one glass of wine. It was then that Steven brought up my desire on seeing her with another man. Ann told him that it had been a desire of mine for quite some time, but that she was hesitant on doing it.

Steven told her how great she looked and how she didn’t look anywhere near her age. My wife loved the attention he was giving her, and with the glass of wine she already consumed she felt a strange sensation come over her. Steven seeing how vulnerable she was moved in behind her. He began to whisper into her ear while nibbling on the back of my wife’s neck. My cock was throbbing hard as my wife went on, and I now wanted to know every detail on what happened between them.

She went on to say that he had given her a tour of his home, and when they entered his bedroom he began to make his first move on her. She said she stood there somewhat mesmerized, and felt his strong hands roam about her luscious body. She couldn’t believe how aroused she felt, and he gently lifted her shirt up over top of her head. She felt the back of her bra being undone, and seconds later her big tits spilled out into the open. Ann’s 38dd tits are spectacular, and Steven immediately slid his hands onto each of them and gave them a firm touch. He continued to make out with Ann over the course of the next few minutes, and that was when he led her over onto his bed.

He laid her down and moved right next to her. He began to make out with her once again while slowly lowering her skirt down. He then undressed himself as Ann laid there with nothing more on then her panties. Ann said she felt helpless but also extremely aroused, and when Steven reached for her panties several emotions began to consume her mind. He slid them gently down and began to kiss his way down her lovely body until he reached her exposed pussy.

She felt his tongue dart across her clit, and after a few minutes she felt not just one but two fingers slide into her swollen pussy. He continued to lick her clit while gently moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. This was too much for Ann, and after just a few minutes she began to cum hard all over each of his fingers. He then moved on top of her as she felt his hard cock up against her moist pussy. She wanted to feel his cock deep inside her and she pulled him tightly against her.

Section 2

She knew what she was about to do was wrong, but there was no turning back at that point. She felt the head of his cock suddenly ease in between the lips of her swollen pussy. She instantly felt a huge sensation come over her, and at that point she no longer could control her inner motions. She said Steven was extremely gentle with her and understanding, and he began to fuck her slowly with long firm strokes. Steven’s cock was nearly perfect in size and texture, not to big, yet still bigger than my cock.

He fucked her slowly for several minutes while telling her just how beautiful she was. She couldn’t believe how great his cock felt deep inside her, and after several minutes she cried out into a very powerful orgasm. Ann normally only orgasms when we have foreplay, so this was something she hadn’t experience in many of years.

It had been a brief time later when she rolled over on top of his rigid cock. She began to rock herself back n forth on it while taking on as much of his cock as she could. She fucked him for a several minutes before cumming yet again all over his beautiful cock.

I couldn’t believe what she had told me, and my own cock was throbbing harder than any other time in my life. He then took her from behind and fucked her hard for a good twenty minutes or so. Ann once again cried out into another earth-shattering orgasm before Steven suddenly moaned out that he was about to cum. Seconds later he came deep inside my wife as the two of them lay there on the bed exhausted next to one another.

She said they laid there for a solid twenty minutes or so when Steven began to kiss her again. He slid back on top of her, and before my wife knew it he reinserted his cock deeply into her. He fucked her for several minutes as Ann felt another orgasm building. She was on the verge of cumming when Steven suddenly turned her over onto her stomach.

He shoved a few pillows underneath her, and her ass sat a few inches up off the bed. He fucked her good and hard from behind as Ann had what she called the most mind-blowing orgasm. He then rolled her back over onto her back and held her tightly down onto the bed.

Ann couldn’t take much more, but Steven was far from done with her. He fucked her hard for another twenty minutes or so before Ann orgasm once again on his cock. He then finished her off by cumming yet again inside her as it took Ann several minutes to collect her thoughts.

My heart was pounding at an excessive rate, and Ann admitted that sex with him was way better than she had imagined. I then had her jerked me off before we both retired to bed. I got to admit it was extremely exciting to hear about her night with Steven, and I can’t tell you how many times I had vision him fucking her while she screamed loudly out.

A few days later Steven emailed me how wonderful Ann was in bed. He pretty much described the night along the lines of my wife’s version of events. He told me that she had the most perfect body for sex and is very much a cougar. I wanted to hear more about what Steven thought of her, and after chatting with him he began to share with me some of the things he would love to do with her. Some were very basic, but while others were extremely intriguing like driving her around in his car with nothing on. The more fantasies he shared with me the more aroused I had gotten. I can’t tell you how many times I got off on his fantasies of Ann. It was almost addicting, and I couldn’t wait to hear what his next fantasy was.

Ann did meet up with him again just a few months later. If you want to hear about that night or want to see more of her just let me know.