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Section 1

I will call this Mr. NFL or how I lost my wife but found her happiness. We had been married close to 30 years. She was five foot six, around one hundred and twenty pounds. Blond with very faint pubis almost looked shaved and very nice 36 D breasts. One of the things I always looked at were the legs, were they slim and was there a space between them. Just one of my things, I guess.

I got ED a year after we married, long before the blue pill came out. The saving grace was that it was hard for her to climax without oral sex. She later admitted that at first she thought I had taken a lover but finally realized it was real and later we found out it was heart pills, plus smoking and other things.

My ex-wife was a total slut and we did what is now called the “Hot Wife” thing. We started out open, but I liked her fucking more than I did me doing it. So, I talked Pat, my current wife into trying to have sex with another man.

Took three years but finally she did. He was the wrong choice as he thought sex was acting like a pile driver and he kept pounding too fast and no matter what she said to him he would not slow down. He had also agreed to fuck her in front of me but chickened out at the last minute.

Fast forward to 2014 and she got the hots for a co-worker, but he turned out to just be playing her. We tried Ashley Madison and AFF and there were a couple men, but none were able to give her what she needed, climaxes.

Finally, in 2018 she agreed to let me look for men for her, I think she was looking for that rising cock as she undressed. I joined a Adult site and found a couple. I send her their pictures and profiles.

It was funny that Mr. NFL she turned down for a stupid reason and I talked her into changing her mind. We started an e-mail/text conversation, her and Mr. NFL and me and him. He had been on a taxi squad for an NFL team for several years. He was huge. Six foot five, well over two hundred pounds but well maintained. In our conversations I learned he was just over six inches but thick, so I bought her a thick dildo to practice with.

They had a coffee date that turned into a heavy petting date with her blowing him and his finger in her cunt. The text messages were flying back and forth, and I was also texting with him. He was into anal sex and BDSM but my wife was not but I was sure he could turn her around.

Finally, the second weekend they planned to spend at least a night together. He had to work half a day on Saturday, but she met him at his condo Saturday afternoon.

Monday morning she came home, worn but smiling. She went right to bed and slept the entire day, waking as the sun set. In her past there was a man who used to fuck her every third day and always got her off every way with his cock. Mr. NFL was his reincarnation. She lost count of her climaxes over that weekend.

This was the same wife who only came once a day then did not want sex for another week or so. That first weekend he came in her mouth, her cunt and her ass. She had always hated anal sex but Mr. NFL overcame that.

I was beyond belief about the anal sex. She explained it simply, she was totally into him, he had given her more pleasure than any man in her life and he was gentle but firm and she discovered that she loved the feel of his thick cock in her ass.

The next day I started receiving emails from him with lots of pictures of them. They both seemed to be very happy with the relationship. I know I was, he had turned on her horny switch and she was either using her dildo or giving me a soft dick blowjob every day. He had a difficult, demanding job so did not have time to see her during the week.

I suggested that as excited as she was he might suggest a boody call for a BJ. The next evening I saw her texting then off for a short visit to him. It was funny for as straight laced as she is she went out with a wife beater tee and no bra. When she came back she woke me for a tongue kiss, I detected an interesting kind of earthy taste to her.

He had suggested several times that he liked the thought of being her lover since she and I no longer had sex.

I did not correct him and she then told me he was a bit possessive and the reason he never had an affair with a married woman is that he did not want to share her with the husband. At that point I told her I understood and thought we should stop having sex since nothing I could do was anything like the feeling she had with him. She did not object.

The next step was the BDSM challenge, his last girl friend was a BDSM freak, he had bought a bunch of toys but then she had moved back to Chicago leaving him high and dry.

In our text exchanges I told him that she and I had played a bit with it in the early days and maybe the best way to approach it would be to tell her the story of the old girl friend, show her what he had bought and ask her if she would consider trying some of the restraints out on him.

Another long weekend. Now you may ask how I can deal with this. My wife got cheated out of a great sex life with me, first by heart pills and then by my smoking and eating the wrong things. Letting her have a great sex life now only seemed fair.

In the middle of the weekend John sent me a picture of her, blindfolded, tied up with clips on her nipples and one on her clit. The picture included his cock in her cunt. Another Monday arrival and day in bed sleeping.

This pattern continued week after week, when she was home she was sleeping, reading porn or texting with John. Then one Wednesday evening she told me that John was stopping over on the way home from work. He arrived, he and I talked a bit then in came Pat, topless with a string bikini bottom on.

She walked over to him, reached down and opened his legs, knelt down, pulled out his dick and proceeded to give him a blow job. He announced he was going to come, pulled his thick dick out and sprayed his sex juice all over her face and tits. Something she never let me do. John then told her to go to me and when she got to me he instructed me to lick all the cum off of her face and tits. I did it.

So now we had a new pattern, John would stop over on the way home from work for a BJ or a fuck almost every night. Sometimes they went into Pat’s bedroom but just as often they just did it in the living room with me watching.

One night when he came over he told her to give me a blowjob. She was always wearing the string bikini bottoms when he came over and as she was bending over me he walked over, pulled his dick out and got down behind her and started fucking her doggy style.

John was fucking her so hard and she was moaning so loud that she stopped sucking my soft cock and just held on to my legs. After he filled her with his cum he had her lay down in the middle of the floor and told me to clean her out. Again I did as he told me.

The next weekend I started getting pictures and videos of Pat and John fucking in all different positions, I knew someone was taking the pictures. Then there was a still of Pat and a nice-looking woman doing 69.

The next picture was Pat being fucked by a black man with a bigger cock then John’s then finally a video of John and the black guy double fucking my wife. Pat did not come home that Monday or at all that week. She did keep in touch by text but they were sometimes vague.

The following Monday she did come home, she looked very used. She slept until the next day and then told me we had to talk.

“Dear,” she started with. “I told you that John was the reincarnation of my best lover ever. Well he is moving to California next week and has asked me to go with him.”

Shocked I asked her, “what did you tell him?” “Well Yes of course.” With that my 30-year marriage ended. The rest of the time was a blur and the following weekend Pat and John left. I heard from one or the other from time to time. Finally, I got a Florida divorce and moved to a retirement community in North Florida where everything was accessible via golf cart.

I know Pat and John seem to be very happy now. I met a nice widow who clicked with me, loves getting oral sex and is as kinky as I am. We won’t marry because of financial reasons which works for both of us. So you ask, would I do it the same way if I could do it over? My answer is a strong Yes. I have always believed you had to allow your partner as much freedom as they would take and I don’t regret a thing.

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