Mr. Matthews Teaches Mina


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Section 1

I began dating Mina Jiao in the fall of nineteen eighty-eight, not long after we began our senior year of high school. We had known each other since middle school, but it had taken me three years to figure out that she actually liked me, and then the better part of another year to work up the courage to ask her out. It’s amazing that it took us so long to get together, considering how compatible we were; from day one, we were not just lovers but best friends. Mina was exactly the right girl for me—smart and nerdy with a wry, witty sense of humor. She was better described as cute or pretty than beautiful, with long black hair, dark eyes, and a petite frame at made me, even at a modest 5’ 8”, feel tall. We adored each other.

In many ways, we were cut from the same cloth—awkward, shy, neither of us very popular, and both of us exceptional students. She was my first real girlfriend, and I was her first boyfriend. Needless to say, we were very inexperienced when it came to sex. But we were eager to learn, and boy did we have fun exploring the subject together. Mina was especially determined to make up for lost time; I was amazed to discover she had a sex drive such as few would have predicted in such a quiet, respectable girl. She seemed to want sex all the time, and we dedicated much of our time to finding safe places where two teenagers could be alone together.

Senior year we had one class together, which was sixth period biology with Mr. Richard Matthews. Mr. Matthews was something of a legend at our school. He was in his early to mid-forties, but despite having reached the cusp of middle age, he was generally acknowledged to be our school’s “cool” teacher, the one with the youthful attitude and easy-going demeanor who could connect with his students. Mr. Matthews was especially popular with the girls, and it was no secret that he was the object of many a schoolgirl crush. He was widely considered to be a good-looking guy in a rugged sort of way, and there was no denying that he was far more fit and athletic of build than your typical middle-aged teacher.

Although it was known he was a married man, there were always rumors that Mr. Matthews was having sex with one or another of the younger and prettier female faculty members—which particular one seemed to change from year to year. But over the course of the four years I attended high school, there were four or five different teachers—mostly blonde and ten years or more his junior—who were said to have submitted to his charms. The year I took his class, it was Mrs. Clarke the English Literature teacher whose name figured in most of the rumors. There were even more scandalous tales that he also had occasional trysts with some of his older and prettier female students. The gossip was usually vague when it came to exactly who, but any girl with both a questionable reputation and a poor academic record who managed to score a decent grade in one of his classes tended to be a prime suspect. Of course, there was no knowing if there was truth to any of this talk. As far as I know, there was at no time any investigation into Mr. Matthews’ relationships with either faculty or students.

The curriculum for our class with Mr. Matthews was general biology, but anyone familiar with the man knew that his particular love was for marine biology. He was forever talking about marine life and the importance of preserving ocean habitats and would never pass on a chance to tell an anecdote about the surfing competitions of his youth or the summers he had spent living as a veritable beach bum. So, it was no surprise when he announced that he was organizing a beach clean-up for our senior biology class on the following Saturday morning. Attendance wasn’t required, but he was doling out much desired extra credit to all who participated.

Mina and I were among the first to volunteer. The truth is, we had zero need for extra credit–we were both exemplary students and were already assured of an A grade in the class–but rather pathetically, we had nothing better to do on a Saturday morning, and hanging out with a cool teacher while doing some good for the environment at the same time sounded like a pretty fun time. I recall about five other students—mostly girls, no surprise—also agreed to participate. I suppose it was a measure of just what a hard sell it was to convince teenagers to give up part of their Saturday to pick up trash that even the popular Mr. Matthews was only able to draw seven of us into his scheme. But he seemed to think that was plenty for a beach cleanup.

When Saturday morning arrived, I found Mina in something of a quandary over what to wear to the beach cleanup. It was early March, technically still winter, but when you live in Southern California, you find that winter tends to begin transitioning to spring early. Our Marches have their share of cold, gloomy days, but there are usually also plenty of warm days that feel like spring has already arrived, and even some days that make you think the year has skipped directly to summer. That Saturday was turning out to be one of the pleasantly warm ones. Mina wanted to wear a swimsuit—we were going to be at the beach, and we were having perfect beach weather, after all—but wasn’t sure it would be appropriate. We were going there to work, not frolic, and it was a school event, with an actual teacher on hand to supervise. Showing up in a bathing suit might not be the right move under the circumstances, however appropriate it might otherwise have been given the venue.

I was not suffering any similar crisis, as I planned to wear jeans and a T-shirt, with no intention of going in the water regardless of what was on the agenda. Taking off my shoes and rolling up my pant legs would be good enough for me. But I understood her point, as we hadn’t had a beach day since last summer, and she was eager for some traditional fun in the sun. So I advised Mina to bring her swimsuit, and if nothing else, after the cleanup ended we could stay a while longer and she could take a dip in the water. In the end she donned a t-shirt and pair of shorts, but instead of underwear she wore a bikini underneath. She was ready to hit the waves with only the shedding of a couple of articles of clothing should the opportunity arise.

I drove my old beat-up Honda to the beach, and we arrived a few minutes before the appointed time of ten a.m. Two other students were already there—Angelina and Teri, best friends and two of Mr. Matthews more obvious admirers. They explained that they had come about half an hour early and already started picking up trash because they had to leave before eleven a.m., but still needed to earn every extra credit point they could wheedle out of Mr. Matthews. It turned out that they were the only other students who showed that morning, the rest having either overslept after a Friday’s night partying, or just plain forgot, or else decided picking up trash was not a good use of day off school. I think Mina was grateful she had decided to wear shorts and a T-shirt, as Angelina as Teri were essentially wearing the same. I suppose being the only girl in a bikini would have been a little awkward. However, I noted a few minutes later when Mr. Matthews showed up that he for one looked ready for some fun beach time in his swim trunks, tank top, and flip flops. Nevertheless, fun would have to wait as our esteemed biology teacher lost no time in distributing garbage bags and trash picker sticks before formulating a plan of attack for our five-person army of beach cleaners.

Mr. Matthews and the other two girls proceeded south while Mina and I took the north end of the beach. It was pleasant walking along the beach hunting for rubbish with my girlfriend. Because of the fine weather, there were a fair number of sunbathers on the sand, but it was not nearly as crowded as it would have been in the summer. With the sound of waves crashing rhythmically in the background, we talked and laughed as we plucked food wrappers, aluminum cans, pieces of plastic and Styrofoam, and something like a million cigarette butts out of the sand. After about an hour, we returned as previously instructed to our starting point to deposit the contents of our small trash bags into a larger container that Mr. Matthews had brought.

By this time Angelina and Teri had already bailed, having been assured by Mr. Matthews that they had worked long enough to earn their much-needed credits. He asked if we were willing to continue, and we agreed—after all the cleanup was supposed to last two hours, and we were committed to seeing it though. Mr. Matthews joined Mina and me for the second hour as we ranged even further down the beach looking for litter. By this point he had apparently decided to take advantage of the sun to work on his tan and had doffed his tank top. His muscular chest attested that he was indeed in pretty fit shape for a forty-some year old. Looking the two of us over, he commented that we should have come prepared for a swim as it was perfect weather for cooling off in the ocean after our hard work. Mina responded that she was in fact wearing swimwear under her clothes in hopes of getting just such a chance but had been worried it wasn’t appropriate to come to a beach cleanup in just her bikini. Mr. Matthews laughed and said something along the lines of, “Hey, this is the beach! Beach culture has different rules, and far fewer of them. You can wear whatever feels right to you. No one will judge you here, trust me.”

Mina was delighted to hear this and immediately stripped off her shirt and shorts in order to partake in the remainder of the beach cleanup in just her bikini. I stuffed her clothes in a duffle bag I had brought along to hold our shoes, a towel, some snacks, and a spare T-shirt for me, and on went the search for empty Cheetos bags and Marlboro butts. Personally, I always though Mina looked great in a bikini. Perhaps, at first glance, most guys did not take much notice of Mina—her chest was admittedly flatter than most, and she never had much use for makeup or stylish haircuts and clothes—but to me she was stunning. Her figure was slender but not too skinny, with just the right amount of curves. And I found her legs absolutely shapely, no doubt having developed just a hint of muscle tone from all those years in marching band.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the view of my girlfriend in a bikini, because I soon noticed Mr. Matthews noticing Mina also. He was too cool and classy to stare or ogle in an obvious way, but he was clearly glancing in her direction an awful lot and finding plenty of excuses to talk to her and direct his attention her way. Mina typically wore modest clothes in class, rarely showing much in the way of skin—even her school skirts usually reached her knees (with the exception of her band uniform, which was a bit shorter). So suddenly seeing her in a bikini was no doubt a bit of a surprise for our biology teacher, and I take it a pleasant one. Mina’s swimwear wasn’t of the ultra-skimpy, barely-there variety, but it wasn’t a conservative style designed for maximum coverage either. It was just your average bikini—calculated to reveal plenty but not too much.

It wasn’t long before Mr. Matthew’s remarks to Mina began to become more playful. After she took off her glasses and stowed them in the duffle bag, he teased her about being too blind to see the trash she was supposed to be picking up. And when she speared a discarded sock with her stick, he joked that she had stabbed his foot by mistake. Soon he was positively flirting with her. Once we passed a couple of very well-endowed young women strolling along the sand, and Mina remarked that maybe wearing a bikini was a mistake after all, as she felt she couldn’t measure up to some of the other ladies out there; Mr. Matthews was quick to assure her that she had nothing to be jealous of, and that her boyfriend was a lucky guy—a remark which brought a blush to her cheeks. Later he even teased that if she wanted to wear her bikini to his class, no one would object (“like the beach, my classroom doesn’t adhere to the standard rules of mundane society.”)

The flirting and attention which Mr. Matthews directed toward Mina produced a strange effect in me. I knew I should have felt jealous, perhaps even offended. Instead, I found the whole thing oddly arousing. Put plainly, it was turning me on. I was especially excited by Mina’s reaction—her blushes and shy smiles revealed that she was flattered to no small degree by the complements and teasing she received from Mr. Matthews. And why not? Without even trying, my awkward and socially unpopular Mina was drawing the interest of a handsome older man—the much admired and desired Mr. Matthews, no less– in a way that would have made all the prom queens and cheerleaders at our school green with envy.

The hour passed quickly, and we returned to our starting point to deposit the trash we’d gathered. As Mina dumped the contents of her bag, a used condom tumbled free from the rest of the litter and fell to sand, prompting Mr. Matthews to ask, “that’s not yours, is it?”. Mina stuttered an embarrassed “no,” and then hid an involuntary smile with her hand. Our work done, Mr. Matthew asked if we were ready for that dip in the ocean. I replied that I had not brought swim trunks, but I didn’t mind relaxing on the beach while they cooled off. As I settled down on the sand, Mina gave me a kiss and then pranced off towards the waves with Mr. Matthews following close behind.

As I sat on the beach and helped myself to some of the snacks we’d stashed in the duffle bag, I watched Mina and Mr. Matthews play in the surf. At first, they merely frolicked near each other without much interaction; Mina edged deeper into the ocean and braced herself against each incoming wave, while Mr. Matthews tried to do a little body surfing in the shallows. But after a few minutes, I saw them standing waist deep in the water talking to each other, then laughing together. And then, to my surprise, Mr. Matthews picked up Mina in his arms and tossed her in the water. Mina later explained that she had been trying hard to keep from getting her hair wet, and he had teased her about it, threatening to dunk her in completely and soak her from head to foot; in response she had dared him to do it. But at the time, I was too far to hear any conversation, and was startled by his bold and unexpected action. But Mina apparently did not mind and was even laughing as she picked herself up, hair now dripped wet.

After this incident, I noticed that their interaction became increasing playful, with significantly more touching involved. Nothing too inappropriate, but it did seem that Mr. Matthews was finding many excuses to place his hands on Mina’s bare skin, if only briefly. At one point, he grabbed her by the waist for a second or two in a mock attempt to repeat the earlier dunking. And once he took her by the shoulders and turned her around to point out something in the distant waves that I could not make out (she later explained he had spotted a dolphin breaking the surface a hundred yards out). And when a sudden wave nearly knocked Mina over, she even put her hand on this hair-matted chest to steady herself; of course, he put his arms around her for additional support, his hands lingering for several seconds after the danger was clearly past. When at last they were done having fun in the surf, he even briefly laid his hand on her hip as if to guide her toward the shore. I observed all this innocent (yet possibly not so innocent) playing and touching from distance, land-bound without my suit and unable to do anything but silently watch it unfold. This sense of being a helpless observer as a man took a few liberties with my girlfriend–maybe even trying to subtly seduce her? –right in front of me excited me in ways that were confusing but undeniably erotic.

When Mina padded through to sand back to where I was waiting, she seemed even more awkward than normal and had trouble looking me in the eye. As I handed her the towel to dry off, she asked if it was okay that she had fun in the water while I waited on the beach. “You weren’t too bored, were you? Sorry we stayed out so long. Are you mad?” Contrary to what her words implied, I suspected that she was not so much concerned about my possibly feeling abandoned on the beach, as she was that things had gone a little too far out there; that I might have noticed how friendly and touchy-feely things had gotten between her and Mr. Mathews, and only now had it occurred to her that I just might be a bit upset about it all. I gave no sign that I had noticed anything amiss, and simply replied that I was happy to relax on the beach and enjoy watching her have fun for a while. Her worried frown melted into a relieved smile, and I received a warm kiss as a reward for not being a jealous boyfriend.

By this time, it was nearly one p.m., and we were all hungry (even my snacks had barely taken the edge off my hunger—Mr. Matthews and Mina must have been positively starving after working up an appetite from their romp in the ocean). Since only the two of us remained, Mr. Matthews said he did not mind buying us all lunch as a thank you for our hard work. That sounded good to both Mina and me. Within a brief walk of the beach was a commercial street lined with surf shops, gift bazaars, and numerous small eateries. Within minutes we had found our way to a little burger joint with a cozy patio where we could continue enjoying the sun while we ate. As the restaurants and shops here cantered primarily to beach-goers, it was the norm for patrons to be seen in their swimwear, so it didn’t seem unusual that Mr. Matthews was still shirtless and Mina still in her bikini, having only donned their shoes as protection against the hot pavement.

During lunch he continued to flirt with Mina. Perhaps encouraged by the lack of any objection on my part, he seemed to become even more obvious about it, paying her compliments about her smile (“I don’t see enough of that cute grin in class. Do I have to buy you lunch just for the privilege?”), her complexion (“Your skin is already tanning up nicely in this sun, you need to come to the beach more often.”) and even her figure (“I admire a girl who can put away a burger like you do and still stay trim and shapely. Do you work out? I can show you my routine some time.”) The casual touching continued when possible as well; once he reached across the table to wipe a splotch of ketchup from the corner of her mouth, almost caressing her lip as he did so. And when he got up to pay the bill and use the bathroom, he briefly rested his hand on her shoulder before he left the table.

It was during his trip to the bathroom that Mina finally pointed out the obvious.

“You see it now, don’t you?”

“Hmm? See what?”

“Mr. Matthews. He’s flirting with me.”

“You think so?”

“Oh, come one. You can’t tell me you didn’t notice. He was doing it at the beach, and he’s doing it here.”

“Well, ok, maybe a little. You know Mr. Matthews, he’s always friendly with all the girls, that’s just his style.”

“With the hot girls like Angelina and Teri, yeah. Not with a dork like me. I wasn’t expecting it.”

“A little flirting is not a big deal. You know I don’t get jealous over little things like that. Does it bother you? Should I say something?”

“Oh, no, no. I’m sort of flattered, I guess. I just didn’t, you know, want you to think I was encouraging him, or that I didn’t care how it might look to you.”

“Nah, it’s all good. To be honest, it’s actually a little bit of a turn on to see a guy acting like he’s into my girl.”

“Wait, what? Really?”

“Sure. Reminds me how hot you really are, and that despite what you believe, I’m not the only guy who thinks so.”

“Wow. Well, I still think that if Angelina and Teri were here now, he’d hardly notice me. But if it makes you appreciate me even more, I should let more guys flirt with me. If I can find any who want to, that is.”

I was about to take exception to Mina’s opinion that guys wanting to flirt with her would be hard to find, but Mr. Matthews returned, so we gathered our things to leave. Mina asked me if there was any kind of shower at the beach—she wanted to wash off all the sand and salt water. I said I hadn’t noticed one, and Mr. Matthew confirmed that this particular beach did not have any such amenities. But, he added, he was house-sitting for the weekend for a friend whose home was near the beach, and Mina was welcome to use his shower if she wanted. Mina agreed, and I suggested we follow his car back to his friend’s house. There was one problem with this plan, though; he didn’t have his car, as he had walked to the beach in order to get some extra exercise. Mr. Matthews gave me the address to the house along with directions on how to drive there (this was before cell phones with GPS, or any cell phones for that matter), but I was hopelessly confused by what sounded like a maze of small neighborhood streets.

In the end we decided we would just walk to the house with Mr. Matthews and then return later for our car. However, it turned out to be a significantly longer walk than we had imagined, as Mr. Matthew’s friend lived about three miles from the beach. Mina was never a particularly fast walker, so it took us just over an hour to reach the house where Mr. Matthews was staying. Nevertheless, the weather remained pleasant, and I suppose Mina and I weren’t hurt by the exercise either. Although Mina had been comfortable wearing just her bikini at the shore and to a beach-side burger stop, she was not so sure about wearing it while walking along neighborhood streets, so she wrapped her towel around herself before we set off. I don’t know if the sudden lack of copiously visible skin cooled Mr. Matthews ardor, but he seemed less frisky toward Mina on the walk and even reverted to teacher mode, lecturing us most of the way about the need to preserve sea life and our beaches.

The house Mr. Matthews was sitting for the weekend was small and old but well kept up and probably expensive as hell—as was the norm for homes in the local beach communities. Mr. Matthew’s jeep, a surfboard hanging out the back, was in the driveway. As he let us into the house, he asked if we wanted something to drink after our hour walk in the sun. We were both quite thirsty and quickly agreed, so he went into the kitchen to find a couple of sodas for us. We sat on the couch and waited until he returned a few minutes later with a pair of cola cans for us and a bottle of beer for himself. Thanking us again for our efforts that day, he took a seat next to Mina and asked us about our college plans. I said we had both been accepted to the local university, and I was planning to study journalism. Mina said she was leaning towards physics.

“If you are going into the sciences, you should consider biology. Marine biology. You have a brilliant mind, Mina, I would love to see you dedicated to issues of pressing importance to our world.”

She blushed as he continued to flatter her with flirtatious words once more. I noticed that every time he directed a remark toward her or wanted to get her attention, he would briefly place his hand on her bare knee. Once, as he removed his hand, his fingers brushed back the edge of her towel, “accidentally” exposing a few more inches of her thigh. She made no move to put it back. After finishing his beer, Mr. Matthews stood and said he wanted to take a quick shower himself, and Mina was welcome to use it when he was done. With that he left the room.

Part 2

We sat silently until we heard the muffled sound of the shower water running. It was then that an idea entered my head. Partially it was born from practical considerations, but even then I knew I knew I had other motives for what I suggested next.

“While you take your shower, why don’t I go back and get the car?”

“Are you sure? That was some walk.”

“I know. And I know you’re not big on three-mile hikes. But a few miles is no big deal for me. Won’t take long, I can get the car and be back in forty-five tops. I’m pretty sure I can remember how to get back here now.”

“Wait until after I shower, I’m sure Mr. Matthew can drive us both back.”

“I hate to bother him. He’d have to move the board from the back of his jeep. Won’t take me long, and then we won’t have to wait. You can shower and we can just go.”

“I won’t be in the shower for forty-five minutes. What am I supposed to do until you get back?”

“Give Mr. Matthews another crack at talking you into becoming a marine biologist.”

“Uh-huh. Mr. Matthews. Sure you trust him alone with me?”

“What, you don’t think he’d really try anything, do you?”

“I don’t know, he was getting pretty chummy again. Did you see how many times he touched my leg?”

“Well, yeah.”

“And he does have that reputation. They say he’s done it before. With a student, I mean. I heard it was Teri one time. Not sure if I believe that, though.”

“Now I’m curious. I almost want to see what he would do if I left you here alone.”

“I bet he wouldn’t do anything, actually. I mean, it’s me. Like you said, he likes to flirt. It means nothing.”

“What if he did? What would you do?”

“Well, I’d tell him no way, of course. With you here it’s just harmless flirting, no big whoop, like you said. But if he actually wanted more, I’d have to remind him I have a boyfriend.”

“Does that mean if you didn’t have a boyfriend, you’d let it go beyond flirting?”

“What? I don’t know!” She laughed and covered her face with her hand. “Why do you ask me that? Maybe, I guess. But I do have a boyfriend, dummy, so that’s that.”

“I wonder how he’d go about it. You know, trying to get into your pants. Or your bikini bottom, whatever. Does he have some killer seduction moves or lines?”

“Are you, like, getting turned on by this, or something?

“Yeah, I think I am.”

“Seriously?” For confirmation she reached over and pressed her hand against the crotch of my jeans, and what she felt left no room for doubt. Her eyes and mouth went wide with exaggerated shock. “Oh my god, it’s true. You really are aroused. Thinking about me and Mr. Matthews.”

“It’s crazy, but yeah, it’s sort of wild to think about.”

“I never knew you had a kink like this. Is this new?”

“I guess. Look, why don’t we try it? I leave and you stay, we see what happens. Just for fun. I’m dying to know now. You can turn him down, do whatever you want. I just want to see. Or hear about it, anyway.”

“He won’t do anything.”

“No, he probably won’t.”

“Just some more flirting, maybe cop a feel or something if he’s feeling the beer.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

“But what if he does?”

“Well, what if he does?”

“You want me to reject him.” No laughing now, no blushing. She looked very serious.

“What do you want?”

“Doesn’t matter. You want me to say no.”

“I want to know what you want.”

“I don’t want to do anything that will hurt our relationship. It’s fun to have fun, but I don’t want to take a risk.”

“What if I said, on the off chance he actually makes a move, I’m okay with you letting it go beyond just flirting. Just to see how far he will really take it.”

“Really? I mean, really? How far?”

“I don’t know. How far would you want it to go?”

“Honestly? I don’t know. Be careful what you agree to, okay? I mean, to be honest, he’s a good looking guy. All the girls have a crush on him. I’m not immune, you know. If I was alone with him and you gave me a free pass, I don’t even know what I would allow him to do. I think, yeah, I think I might fall for his charm, or whatever. Stuff could happen. So be careful.”

“It’s the possibility that something might happen, even though we both think it probably won’t, that’s kind of exciting. You feel it too, right?”

“Yeah, I guess. But if you left me here, and came back and found something did happen, how would you feel? For real? Still turned on? Or would you be mad?”

“I wouldn’t be mad. Not at you, since I gave you permission and all. I think I’d still be turned on. I don’t know—but part of me wants to find out. I mean, if the just the idea is getting me this hot…”

“Well, what do you want to do? Your call. I’m up for it, but you have to promise you won’t blame me if you have any regrets later.”

We didn’t notice that the sound of water had long since stopped, but fortunately we had lowered our voices as our talk grew increasingly serious, so I don’t think Mr. Matthew heard any of our conversation as he entered the room wearing fresh clothes and drying his hair with a towel. “Shower’s open,” he announced. “Gimme a sec and I’ll show you how the fixtures work. They’re a little funky in this old house.”

“Hey, Mr. Matthews? I’m going to hustle back to get the car while Mina’s showering. That way you won’t have to drive us, and Mina won’t have to walk.”

“Sure, or I can take you now while Mina’s showering.”

“Nah, I don’t like the idea of Mina being alone in a strange house.”

“Suit yourself. Think you know how to get back here now?”

“No problem. See you in a bit.”

Mina walked me to the door while Mr. Matthews went to get himself another beer. She kissed me and asked again, “you sure about this?”

“Yeah. Go with whatever feels comfortable to you. No blame, no regrets, I promise. Just tell me everything later.”

“Nothing’s going to happen.”

“Yeah, nothing. But if it does, I want the details.”

“Ok. I love you, you know that, right?”

“If I didn’t, I would never agree to this. I love you too.”

“Ok. He’s not going to do anything anyway. See you soon.”

As I retraced my way back out of the residential labyrinth, I couldn’t stop thinking about what might be happening in that house. First, of course, Mina would take a shower. Which meant she would be naked in the house at the same time Mr. Matthews was there alone with her. But obviously, he wouldn’t be in the shower room with her. Would he try to sneak a peek? No, our biology teacher was too classy for that. Given the opportunity, he just might try to seduce one of his seniors, but I did not see him as a Peeping Tom. I was also certain he wasn’t the kind of guy to force himself on Mina, or any other woman for that matter—if I had thought that for a moment, I would never have left her there. Mr. Matthews might play a bit free and loose with some of his female colleagues and perhaps even female students, but there was always a touch of the gentleman about him.

But like Mina said, a shower wouldn’t take forty-five minutes. More like five to ten minutes, maybe fifteen if she took her time. Then what? For at least thirty minutes, she would be there just hanging out with Mr. Matthews. Would they just talk? About Marine Biology? About life? About how nice she looked in a bikini? Would they get bored and turn on the T.V.? Or would he make his move? Mr. Matthews was getting pretty friendly even when I was present. Would he up his game when I wasn’t around?

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that what Mina and I had said was almost certainly true. Mr. Matthews was not likely to truly try anything. Sure, he was a flirt, but chances are that was as far as it went, at least with students. The rumors were probably just talk. Actually having sex with a student was a big risk for a teacher. Even though Mina was eighteen and therefore he didn’t have to worry about breaking the law , it was still a serious breach of school policy and a potential scandal that could blow up in his face. Mr. Matthews was too smart to take that chance.

Also, even if Mr. Matthews really did have no qualms about seducing one of his students, I didn’t think Mina was his type. I mean, of course she was an awesome and sexy girl, and seeing his reaction to her at the beach, I had no doubt that Mr. Matthews saw that about her now too. And, like me, he seemed drawn to her smarts and playful personality. But the girls that Mr. Matthews was rumored to have bedded all had a certain reputation for “easy virtue,” and Mina did not. Just the opposite, in fact. Although as her boyfriend I knew personally she did not lack for sexual appetites, to most she was the ultimate “good girl.” Would Mr. Matthews really expect a girl like that to give into his advances, rather than report him to the school? It seemed too risky. No, he would stick to the “easy” girls, or better yet, the “easy” teachers.

And even then, if he did try something—would Mina really go along? I could tell the idea excited her as much as it did me—well, almost as much, anyway. But she didn’t have much experience with this sort of thing and had never been with anyone but me. This was a much older man and a teacher no less. She might be intrigued and might even let him kiss her or let him put his hands on her a little more, but she was sure to chicken out if he tried to take it further. If nothing else, she would be afraid that I wouldn’t be alright with it after all.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I was afraid something would happen and was trying to reassure myself it wouldn’t, or if I was afraid nothing would happen, and wanted to prepare myself for the disappointment. But either way, I very quickly had convinced myself that Mina would not have much of a story for me when I returned. And yet, just thinking about the possibility—and of how I had no way of preventing or even knowing what was happening between them while I was away–was driving me absolutely crazy. It was like watching them from the shore all over again. Except now they were much further away, and I had lost sight of them altogether. The raging erection which Mina had felt through my pants had not subsided in the least.

About halfway back to the beach I became aware that I was walking much slower than I had intended. I’m normally a fast walker and can cover a mile in less than fifteen minutes without exerting myself, but according to my watch it had been about half an hour since I left the house, and I was at best halfway through my three-mile trek. Mina was already out of the shower, dressed (or was she naked again?), and sitting in the living room (or the bedroom?) with Mr. Matthews. Although I still didn’t believe any of it, I couldn’t help teasing myself with thoughts of what could be.

Obviously, I had been unconsciously moderating my pace, giving them more time together and more opportunity for something to develop. But knowing that in truth Mina was very likely just waiting impatiently for my return while Mr. Matthews rambled on about the advantages of a career in Marine Biology, I quickened my step—just a little. After a full hour, I reached the car. I got in and prepared to leave, but realized that I was still hard, and it was actually starting to hurt. I felt like I was about to explode unless I got some relief. I’m not proud to admit it, but after looking around to make sure no one was around (a van parked on one side of my car and a pickup on the other provided a nice screen), I loosened my fly and slid my hand into my pants.

I didn’t want to take my cock out for fear someone would walk by unexpectedly and report me for indecent exposure, but I was able to get enough play down there to stroke the shaft. It didn’t take much–picturing Mr. Matthews bending my little Mina over his friend’s couch, or helping her out of her bikini as she got into the shower, or Mina on her knees pleasuring his cock by the front door just seconds after I had left, as well as a dozen other lurid scenarios that flashed through my mind in a matter of seconds, were almost enough to make me climax even without the help of my hand. When I did orgasm, it was pure ecstasy. The inside of my underwear was soaked with cum, and I spent several minutes searching my car for stray tissues and fast-food napkins in order to conduct a hasty cleanup.

When I finished, I still felt damp and sticky, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances. I started the car and headed back to the house. This turned out to be a bit trickier than I expected as I took a few wrong turns and wasted time driving down wrong streets before doubling back. When I finally spotted Mr. Matthew’s Jeep in the driveway and pulled up to the house, close to an hour and a half had passed since I had left. Between taking my time on the walk back, my spur-of-the-moment masturbation session, and getting slightly lost trying to return, I was gone for nearly twice as long as I had planned.

I rang the doorbell, and after a few minutes I heard the sound of the door being unlocked. It was Mina who opened the door, once again clad in her t-shirt and shorts. She said nothing as she stared at me, but her eyes were wide, her mouth slightly agape, and she was breathing a bit heavy. Was she scared? Was she excited? Both? I wasn’t sure. But I was sure of this—something had indeed happened while I was away.

Part 3

“Did he do something?” I whispered.

Mina gave the slightest nod. “Don’t be mad, please?”

I kissed her. “Are you okay? That’s all I care about.”

“I’m okay.”

“Tell me about it later. Let’s get our stuff and go.”

I squeezed past her—she seemed rooted to the spot in front of the door—and went into the living room to find Mr. Matthews sitting on the couch watching a documentary about Caribbean manatees on T.V. as he drank another beer. Unlike Mina, he showed no sign that anything unusual had happened in my absence. “Any trouble finding your way?”

“Just a bit,” I said. “I took a wrong turn or two. The route was actually easier to remember walking than driving. Sorry it took so long.”

“No problem. Mina is good company. That girl is a keeper, don’t you forget.”

“I won’t.” I picked up our duffle bag which I found lying next to the couch. I checked to make sure Mina’s towel and my spare t-shirt were all tucked inside.

“Hey, thanks again for all your hard work today. I really appreciate it. Students like you and Mina who care about our environment are the future.”

“You bet, Mr. Matthews. I’ll see you in class on Monday.”

As we drove away Mina was silent. She almost looked like she was in shock.

“Really, are you okay?”

She nodded.

“He didn’t make you do anything, you know, against your will, anything you weren’t ready or willing to do?”

“No, it wasn’t like that.”

“Well, tell me. What was it like?”

“I warned you. I told you I wasn’t immune to him. Just because I’m not a slut like Teri doesn’t mean I can’t be…you know….” She trailed off. “Hey, it’s alright. I told you it was alright. Whatever happened, we allowed it to happen together, right? Just remember our bargain. I want to know the details.”

“You sure you want to know?”

“Whatever happened, I doubt it’s as spicy as the crazy fantasies I had playing out in my head as I walked back to the car.”

“You might be surprised. But alright, here goes.” But still she hesitated to start.

“Well? I’m listening.”

“Okay. Well. Okay. Well, first I took a shower, right after you left. Rick—I mean, Mr. Matthews—showed me where the shower was and how to turn on the water and adjust the temperature and all that stuff. And gave me a fresh towel, of course. And then he left and shut the door behind him. No funny business or anything. So, I took my shower, got all the sand and salt off, you know, I was feeling much better. I dried off and got dressed. But….”


“Well, I didn’t have any underwear, and I didn’t really want to put my bikini on under my clothes because it was still kind of wet, and you know I don’t like wearing pants or shorts with nothing underneath because it feels weird, so….”


“So your shirt was in the duffle bag and it’s pretty big on me, so I just put that on.”

“Nothing underneath?”

“I told you, dummy, I didn’t have anything!” She blushed and covered a silent laugh with her hand.

“Maybe you were trying to tempt him?”

“No!” There was a little too much emphasis in her denial to be completely convincing.

“It’s okay if you were. I mean, that was the point, this was sort of an experiment, right? Anyway, what then?”

“I came out and Mr. Matthews was in the living room watching some show about fish of course. He looked me over and asked if I was wearing your shirt. I said yes and then explained the whole deal with my bikini. He suggested we rinse it in the sink to get the sand out and then we could dry it on high in his friend’s dryer until you got back. Then I could wear it under my clothes again when it was time to leave.”

“Sounds pretty sensible.”

“Yeah, well, we were being very sensible at that point. That was before things started to get crazy. So we did what he said, rinsed my bikini and threw it in the dryer, and then, you know, we were in the laundry room, and I guess we just started talking about stuff.”

“Like what stuff?”

“About school and the class project I’m working on, and he wanted to thank me again for showing up for the beach cleanup when almost everyone else bailed. He wasn’t even being very frisky at first. But then…he sort of….”


“He just touched my hair. I mean, it wasn’t anything, really, my hair was still wet, and he ran his hands thorough a few strands and asked if I wanted him to find a hair dryer. I said no, it was okay, I’m fine just letting it dry on its own. And then I notice he’s staring at my chest, and I’m like, what is he looking at, there isn’t even much to see there. Then I look down and I realize I was still a little damp when I put on your shirt and my nipples were kind of poking out.”

“Did he say anything?”

“No, but I got all self-conscious. I asked if there was still any soda, I wasn’t really thirsty, I just wanted something to say. He said there was some in the fridge, and I figured it was a good excuse to leave the room and clear my head, so I went to the kitchen.”

“You were uncomfortable?”

“No, not exactly, I was just embarrassed. I mean, I don’t know…he was looking at my nipples and I didn’t know what to say or do, and he could probably see I was blushing big time, so I just needed to get out of there for a minute.”

“What happened next?”

She let out a big breath. “Okay. Well. This is where it gets a little nuts. Things happened, and I just sort of got caught up in it all. You ready? So I get a soda, and a few minutes later he follows me into the kitchen. He gets a beer, and now I’m feeling a bit more relaxed, and we’re talking and laughing again. And then he asks me, he asks…’so you have nothing on under that shirt?’ and I’m like ‘wouldn’t you like to know,’ or something stupid like that. And he’s all ‘yes, I would like to know.’ And then…I don’t even know how we got to this, but he dared me to show him. He said he dunked me in the ocean when I dared him to do that, so I had to take him up on his dare to reveal what I was or wasn’t wearing under the shirt.”

“Did you?”

“What do you think?”

“You’re killing me. Tell me.”

Again she covered her embarrassed laugh. “I told you I was feeling more comfortable now. And you said go with whatever feels right, yeah? So I figured what the hell. I flashed him. There in the kitchen.”

“You showed him everything?” The idea of Mr. Matthews getting a look at my girlfriend’s naked body was starting to get me seriously aroused again.

“I lifted the shirt up to my belly. So he got a look at my pussy. For about two seconds. Okay, maybe three. I could tell he was really surprised, like he never really expected me to do it in a million years.”

“What did he say?”

“He kept his cool. You know him. Acted like seeing a student’s bush is a normal thing for him. Said he admires the natural look, I guess, you know, because I don’t trim down there. If I had thought of that, I probably wouldn’t have flashed him. I’m sure Teri and the other girls keep their pubes neat.”

“And then?”

“Okay. Well. Maybe it was a mistake to show him my goods? Because I guess, you know, since I did that, it must have seemed I was giving him some pretty clear signals. Like I was giving him permission or something. Maybe I was, I don’t know. Do you really want to hear this? This is where he really made a move, and I just sort of lost control of myself. I wasn’t thinking, I just accepted everything that happened after that.”

“I have to know.” How far had it gone? Was this really happening? Was I really hearing this?

“Well, he came closer to me, like almost right up against me. He didn’t say anything, we just looked each other in eyes for a long time, like probably 10 seconds, but it felt like 10 minutes. Then before I knew it, he was running his hand through my hair, and then he tilted my head back and he was kissing me. Soft at first, then more passionate like, and after a couple of minutes I felt him working his tongue between my lips, and then we were deep kissing. I don’t know how long, it just seemed like a long time.”

“You were kissing him back?”

“Well, of course. You think I just stood there like a statue? Yeah, I was getting into it. You wanted to hear this, right?”

“No, I want to hear it. What did he do with his hands?”

“They were under my shirt–your shirt, I mean. He was running them up my bare back, then he grabbed my butt and kind of squeezed the cheeks. And then, then he just suddenly stopped kissing me and we’re just looking at each other again, and then he starts to lift up the shirt. And without even thinking I raise my arms up so he can take the shirt all the way off me. He tosses it on the kitchen floor and I’m standing there completely naked, just wondering what I’m supposed to do or say. Do I start taking off his clothes? Do I try a sexy pose? I’m clueless, but then he takes my head in both his hands and starts kissing me some more. But after like a minute he stops again and looks at me real serious and says, ‘what about your boyfriend?’”

She covered her face with her hand in embarrassment once again. “And I said, I said ‘It’s okay, I don’t think he’ll be back for a while.’ God, I felt so bad after saying that!”


“I realized like two seconds later that he probably meant something like, aren’t you bothered about cheating on your boyfriend? And I answered like I was only worried about getting caught or something. He probably thought I was a heartless bitch.”

“It’s okay, we both know I gave you a pass, and I think he just wanted to make sure he had your permission. What did he do next?” He had stripped her naked and was kissing her. This was already more than I could have ever predicted. How much further had he taken it? I had to know, but I didn’t want to rush her story, either. I realized that I was wildly enjoying the suspense. I also realized I had just missed my exit and had to turn around.

“I think that was when he put his hands on my chest. He has big hands, my little boobs fit perfectly in his palms. I don’t know, he seemed to like that. Pretty soon he was pinching my nipples, and they were like rock hard, you know how they get when I’m aroused. I tried to put my hands under his shirt too, I guess it just seemed the thing to do, and he pulled it off to make it easier for me. I ran my fingers through his chest hair and pinched his nipples too. God, I was such a dork.”

Picturing Mr. Matthews kissing and fondling my Mina as she stood there stark naked and allowed him to completely have his way with her was driving me nuts. Despite the release of sexual pressure not an hour gone, my cock felt like it was trying to burst out of my pants again.

“What time was it? How long did it take things to get this far?”

“You had been gone for about half an hour, I think.”

So at that point, I was about half way back to the beach, having already convinced myself nothing was going to happen. And back at the house he already had her naked, his tongue was in her mouth, and he had claimed her ass and her breasts as his playthings. “What next?”

“He put his hands on my butt again. But instead of just squeezing, he lifted me up. I wasn’t expecting that, I think I kind of squealed. He’s pretty strong, he held me up like I was nothing. Anyway, he just sort of rotated around and then set me down on the edge of the kitchen table. He kissed me again, on the mouth and on the neck too, and then….”

“What, Mina? What did he do?” Please don’t stop now.

“His hands were on my thighs, and he slowly spread my legs apart. He ran his fingers through my pubic hair and started massaging my pussy. Real gentle. He touched my clit, sort of toyed with it a bit, and then put one finger inside me, deep as it would go. He asked, ‘do you like that?’, and I just nodded. My glasses were so fogged up, I could hardly even see him at this point. I guess he noticed, because he slid them off my face and set them on the table.”

“What then?”

“I heard him unzipping his pants. It’s stupid, but I was kind of afraid to look. I just stared into his eyes. He took me by the shoulders and leaned me back a little, and then put his hands on my hips. And then….and then I felt him starting to go inside me. He said, ‘don’t worry, I had a vasectomy years ago, we don’t need protection.’ I just nodded and could feel him sliding deeper into me. I was so wet down there by this time, I guess he didn’t have any problem getting in.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was becoming difficult to focus on the road, and it was a miracle I didn’t crash into something. Despite my fantasies, at most I thought there might be some kissing, maybe a little caressing. But he had put his cock inside her. He had taken my Mina like she was Teri or Mrs. Clarke or any one of his other conquests. While I had been walking the three miles to the beach and jerking off in the car, he was fucking my Mina. I should have been outraged. I should have been crushed. Instead, I was more excited that I had ever been in my life.

I admit I was a bit concerned about the lack of a condom. Even if there was no chance of getting her pregnant, what about STDs? He was known to have been with quite a few ladies, after all. Yet even that potentially sobering thought did not damper my emotions. His bare cock had been inside her. Even I had never had sex with Mina with no layer of latex between us.

“What did it feel like? With no rubber, I mean?”

“It…it was amazing. It’s different without the condom. I could really feel him inside me. A condom is kind of smooth and cold like plastic, but he was warm and there was sort of like a texture to it. When he started, you know, thrusting in and out of me, I could really feel it. He went slow at first, then a bit faster, and then harder and harder, and he was holding my hips like a vise to keep me in place. I could hear the feet of the table scraping on the floor. I put my arms around his neck, and I was kissing him all over his face. He just kept going, and I could feel an orgasm coming. When it hit, my whole body spasmed so hard, it almost hurt. It was crazy. He just kept going and I was wondering how long he was going to last, and then just like that I felt him cum. It was like a big wet explosion inside me, and it was so warm and felt so good, I kind of had a second little orgasm, sort of like an aftershock to an earthquake. That was the first time anyone actually came inside me. But I guess you know that.”

“Wow. I mean…jut wow. Did all that really happen? You’re not just playing with me?”

“Yeah, no, it happened just like I said. So are you going to dump me now?” She said it like it was a joke, but I could tell she was more serious than not.

“I wanted you to enjoy yourself. You did enjoy it, right?”

“Yeah, I mean, I did, I really did. But it was just sex. You get that, right? You’re the one I love. With him it was just sex.” “I’m really glad that you liked it. I wanted you to like it.”

“I did. I mean it was pretty incredible. Not as good as sex with you, of course. Because when we have sex, there’s love too. But Rick–Mr. Matthews–is older, you know, more experienced. You and I are just amateurs, but he knows what he’s doing. When he was in me, it was like he was totally pounding me, you know, not just my vagina, but my whole body, and it kind of hurt, but in a good way. It was intense, like, really intense.”

“So what then? You just got dressed, and he continued watching his fish show?’

“Oh, well, uh, there was more.”

“More?! You weren’t done?” I Didn’t know how much more I could take. He had already fucked her to pieces. What more was there?

“Well, after the sex, Rick said I should shower again, you know, to get the smell of his spunk off me so you wouldn’t know we did it. Of course I planned to tell you the whole thing anyway, but I said sure. It had already more than forty-five minutes, and we knew you might be back any time now, but I saw him lock the door, I guess to be sure you couldn’t walk in on us by surprise. So he took me back to the shower and turned on the water, and then he got in with me. We showered together, and he was washing my pussy for me, cleaning all his jizz and stuff out, and we were kissing some more. Then before I know it, he’s fingering me. He gets one finger up in me, then two, and then manages a third in there. He finds my g-spot I guess—like I said, he knows his stuff—and before I realize it, he’s making my whole body quiver, and I let out a little moan. He keeps going and I have another orgasm.”

“Three in one day?”

“Yeah, like three in about ten minutes. So at some point I realize I have his dick in my hand, I didn’t even remember grabbing it. He was only partly hard, but I’m stroking him while he’s fingering me. After I had my orgasm, I got….well, next I…”

“What? Remember, you have to tell me everything.”

“Okay, but just so you know, I wasn’t thinking at this point. It was like a slutty version of me had taken over. Anyway, I got…I got down on my knees in the shower. And I took his dick. And I put it in my mouth. I started sucking. I sucked, and he got harder, and I took it as deep into my mouth as I could, the way I figure Teri or Mrs. Clarke do it when they give him a blowjob. I don’t know for sure how long it took, but I kept doing it until I felt him cum in my mouth. And then….I….I’m sorry.”


“I swallowed it. His cum. I swallowed.”

“You did?” Mina had given me oral several times, and a few times I had even cum in her mouth, but afterward she had always spit it out in the sink. She always said that the idea of ingesting seamen weirded her out. I had assured her that it was not a big deal to me and that I didn’t want her doing anything she wasn’t comfortable with. And now she had swallowed another man’s cum. Was I angry? Was I hurt? Why did I only feel more aroused? Now there were two firsts that she had experienced with him rather than me.

“It was just, you know, I didn’t want him to think I was afraid to swallow cum. I know you understand I have issues about that sort of thing, but I bet all his girlfriends swallow no problem. I just wanted him to think I know what I’m doing. It wasn’t a lot. He had already cum once already, so there wasn’t that much.”

“How was it? Did you like it?”

‘Yeah, it was okay. Didn’t taste that bad, really. Didn’t kill me. I guess I’m not afraid of that anymore. So, you know, you can look forward to something extra next time we do that. Maybe he did you favor? Kind of got me out of my comfort zone.”

“What else? What next?”

“That was it. We dried off, I checked on my bikini, and it was done so I put it on and got dressed again. Somehow, I remembered to look for your shirt and my glasses in the kitchen, then hung out with Rick for maybe twenty minutes until you showed up. He told me not to tell anyone, of course. I guess I already broke that promise. Then he asked if I had fun, and I said yes. He also wanted to know if we could do it again sometime, and I said I wasn’t sure. Hey, you okay? You’re driving kind of fast.”

“Trying to get home as fast as we can. I have to have you. Like right now. God, I hope my parents aren’t home.”

“Hearing all that stuff I did with Mr. Matthews, it really turns you on that much? You’re not upset, you don’t feel betrayed, you’re just super horny?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Yeah? You liked hearing how he fucked me like a little whore? How he grabbed my titties and stuck his tongue down my throat, then drilled my pussy with his cock so hard we nearly broke the fucking kitchen table? You want me to tell you how much I loved it? How much I loved fucking Rick? How great it felt when he shot his load into me? Or you want me to tell you again how I got on my knees and devoured his cock in the shower? Did I tell you I swallowed his jizz? Every drop. I did that for him. Is that what you like to hear?”

“Oh god.” Mina never really liked to do dirty talk before, she said it made her feel silly and self-conscious even trying. And now here it was pouring from her mouth like it was second nature. Her mischievous grin told me she realized exactly the effect it was having on me, and what’s more that she loved doing it to me.

“He said he loves my pussy, wants to get his cock into me every chance he gets. I said ‘sure, I’ll drop my panties any time you ask, Mr. Matthews. I love being your slut.’ I just can’t wait to fuck him again. Maybe Monday after class. He can tie me to my desk and pound away at my dirty little pussy while you hold my backpack.”

I groaned. My erection was pressing against my fly like water trying to burst a damn. There was real pain again. Mina took notice.

“Oh, poor baby, let me help you with that.” Mina unzipped my pants and in an instant my cock was in her hand. Talk about getting out of her comfort zone—she had never done anything sexual to me or with me in a car in broad daylight before, much less while I was actually driving.

“Boy, you are a mess down here. Did you already cream your pants while I was talking?”

“Yeah, a little.”

“Let me show you how I made love to Rick’s cock, okay? I don’t think I described it very well. It was something like this.” To my astonishment she put her head down in my lap and took my cock in her mouth. Before that day, she would never have given me a blowjob while driving, now she didn’t hesitate. I didn’t last long, not with the way she was sucking my poor dick like she was trying to get frozen milkshake through a straw. For the second time that day, my cock was given desperately needed relief. When I was done, she smiled at me and opened her mouth to assure me that she had swallowed my seed just as she had done for Mr. Matthews earlier that day. “Feel better now?” She tucked my now deflated cock back into my pants and zipped up my fly.

“Yeah. You don’t know how much I needed that.”

“Oh, I think I could tell.”

“Is he really going to have sex with you again? Did he say that?”

“Dummy, I was making that part up to get you off. I told you, he asked about it once, but I said I’d have to think about it. At the time I didn’t know how you’d react when you found out what happened. I didn’t know how much you were into this. Do you want me to be with him again?”

“Yeah, if you do. If he does.”

“Well, we’ll see what happens. I think maybe this was a one-time thing. He’s got other women in his life. I doubt he’ll think much about me after today.”

“Yeah, you could be right.”

“It would be fun to do again, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Part 4

Monday we returned to school with an equal mixture of curiosity and nervousness. How would Mr. Matthews act around us? Would it be weird? Would he try to make a move on Mina again? When, where, and how? Biology was our final class, so we were in suspense all day. It turned to be a little anticlimactic. Mr. Matthews gave no sign that anything unusual had happened that weekend; he paid no special attention to Mina. No secret notes with erotic messages passed when no one was looking, no knowing wink or appreciative leer as he looked over his latest conquest. And no tying Mina to her desk after class. He was as normal as could be. I almost suspected that Mina had made up the whole incident just to get me revved up.

I could tell Mina was a little disappointed. I think she had hoped something more would happen. Or at least that there would be some subtle sign that she was special to Mr. Matthews now. Some acknowledgement that they had shared something extraordinary outside the closed world of the classroom. I don’t know exactly what she expected—or what I did. But day after day, it really was like nothing had happened. Maybe Mr. Matthews regretted the whole thing—could be he had just had a little too much beer, and it had all been a terrible mistake he now wanted to forget. Or maybe he was the kind of guy that once he made a successful conquest, he moved on and forgot about the girl in question. It did seem like it was just going to be a one-time thing like Mina had said.

But even one time was enough to put quite the spark in our somewhat vanilla love life. Mina and I had a lot of fun talking about Saturday’s adventure and partaking in some creative role playing as we recreated the events in our own love making sessions. One evening when her parents were out, I tried to bang her on the edge of their kitchen table like he had done. It was awkward—partly I blame the table for being the wrong height—and it didn’t work so well, and I certainly wasn’t able to make the table legs scrape the floor with the power of my thrusts (which is just as well, her parents would not have taken kindly to grooves on the linoleum) and the whole thing ended with us having a good laugh at our own silly antics.

We did better acting out the shower scene. She helped me find her elusive g-spot, and though I suspect the moan I got in response was contrived for my benefit rather than spontaneous like the one Mr. Matthews had coaxed from her, I didn’t mind, and I did bring her to what seemed a pretty satisfying climax. When she in turn performed oral on me while the warm shower water flowed over us, it drove me crazy to remember how she had been on her knees like that for him just a few days before. I might not have been the first man whose cum she swallowed, but at least I was the first to give her a full mouthful.

On Friday, Mina had marching band practice after school as usual. I always found her band uniform sexy as hell; although the skirt was not as short as those worn by the cheerleaders, it still revealed plenty of her cute legs. And something about the smart, quasi-military style of the red and black uniform was positively alluring. I always enjoyed Fridays because she had to wear the uniform in school all day. I had tried a few times to get her to have sex with me in that uniform, but so far was unsuccessful—she was afraid of getting something on it that might stain. An hour of learning about the life cycle of microbes came to an end with the sound of the final bell, and we grabbed our backpacks to leave. Every Friday after school I always walked Mina down to the football field where the band practiced and watched her drill with her bandmates until it was time to go home. Today promised to be no different than any other Friday until, just as we were about to exit the room, Mr. Matthews called Mina’s name. “Can you stay a few extra minutes? I want to go over something with you about your class project. Won’t take long.”

Mina and I exchanged looks. She was holding her breath and waiting for me to say something. We were both thinking the same thing—maybe he really did want to discuss her project, and maybe he wanted something else entirely. There was only one way to find out.

“I’ll meet you down by the practice field.” I took her backpack and clarinet case.

“Okay. I’ll be there soon.”

As I walked away from the classroom, I thought I heard the door locking but realized it was probably my imagination. The roar of hundreds of students simultaneously spilling out from dozens of classrooms all over campus to get their first taste of weekend freedom made it unlikely that my ears would have picked up the tiny sound of a bolt latching. But that didn’t mean it didn’t happen. As I walked down to the field, I thought about what Mr. Matthews and Mina were doing. She only had twenty minutes from the final bell until she had to report for band practice—was there really time to do anything sexual? Maybe he wanted to make sure she hadn’t told anybody about their encounter last Saturday, make her renew her already broken promise to keep silent. Maybe he was telling her it had all been a mistake and couldn’t happen again. Maybe they were just talking about the fate of the tiny water bears she was trying to keep alive in a petri dish for her project.

I sat down on the bleachers and watched her bandmates start to congregate on the field. I kept checking my watch as the minutes ticked by. Nine minutes before practice started. Five minutes. Three. One. She was going to be late. Where was she? Did she go somewhere with Mr. Matthews? Did she blow off band practice and me both? What was happening?

One minute past starting time for practice. Everyone but Mina was on the field, but thankfully the band instructor had not arrived yet. Then I looked up and saw Mina running toward me from the direction of campus, comically holding her tall military-style band hat with one hand to keep it from falling off. She was flustered and breathless by the time she reached me. “I’m late, I’m late!” she said, snatching her clarinet from me.

“It’s okay, they haven’t started yet. What happened with Mr. Matthews?”

“No time now, I’ll tell you after practice!” She turned and began hustling down the bleacher steps to the field.

“But something did happen, right?” I called after her.


Band practice was sixty minutes, but it seemed to last hours. I could tell Mina was a bit distracted at first, she missed a few cues and was out of step. But it didn’t take long before she got into the familiar rhythm again the rest of practice went smoothly for her. When it was done, she milled about on the field a bit while her bandmates slowly dispersed, then made her way up to the bleachers and took a seat next to me. I handed her back her backpack, and she carefully stowed away her clarinet.

“I was a little off in the beginning, made a few mistakes, hope it wasn’t too obvious.”

“No, it wasn’t. You were fine.”

“I hate being late. Good thing the instructor was late too.”

“I’m trying to be patient here. Are you going to tell me already?”

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? I can stop any time if you’re not.”

“I told you, I’m into it. I can’t explain why, but I really am. As long as you enjoyed whatever he did with you, I’m good with it. You did enjoy it, right?”

“Well, duh.”

“Okay. So I guess he didn’t really want to talk about your water bears?”

“No. He let me know he was in the mood.”

“The mood?”

“Yeah, you know, for a quickie. He wanted some of my pussy. So I said, sure, let’s go. He locked the door and then took me over to his desk. He moved aside some papers and stuff—you know what a mess he always has going on there—and then sort of turned me around and bent me way over the desk. He kissed the back of my neck and sort of nibbled on my ear a little, and then he lifted my skirt up over my butt and pulled down my panties to my ankles. He gave my ass a little spank and next thing I heard him unzipping his fly. And then I guess you can figure out the rest of what happened.”

“Details, I need details, not just a summary.”

“Well, surprise, he put his dick in me. I wasn’t as wet this time because there wasn’t so much, like, build-up before we did it, so it was a little tight going in. But he was pretty hard—I guess he really was in the mood—and I braced myself with my hands on the desktop, so he got it all the way in. It hurt a bit, but it felt really good too. He starts thrusting in and out, not starting off slow this time, just really going at it, you know, because we didn’t have that much time.”

“Were you wearing your hat the whole time?”

“What?!” She laughed and took off her oversized uniform hat, smoothing out the enormous scarlet plume as she looked it over. “Of course not, dummy. The way he was going at me, it would have flown off my head. And it’s called a shako.”

“A shako? Really? Why?”

“I have no idea. That just what they call these band hats.”

“Ok, well, what else did he do?”

“Well, there wasn’t time for much, he knew I had practice. He did reach around my front and undid all the brass buttons on my jacket, then lifted up my shirt, and sort of played with my titties while he fucked me. It felt nice, but I kind of wish he hadn’t done that, it took forever to get my uniform all buttoned back up when we were done. Just before he came, he put his hand on my chin and turned my head just enough so he could get his mouth on mine. We were kissing in an awkward sort of way when I felt him cum inside me.”

“Did you have an orgasm too?”

“Yeah. The whole thing happened so fast, I didn’t think I was going to have one this time, but just as he finished unloading all his jizz into me, while he was still thrusting in and out, but slowing down a little, well, that was when I suddenly climaxed. I think he could feel my orgasm, he put his arms around me tight and squeezed, holding me against him while his dick was still deep in me, and my whole body kind of quivered against his. Then he let me go, and for a minute or two I just rested against his desk trying to catch my breath while he did up his pants. He wanted to know if I liked it.”

“What did you say?”

“I told him I did. But then I looked at the clock and panicked. I yanked up my panties and started fixing my uniform. While I was doing that, he reminded me to keep this between us. And then he asked for my phone number.”

“Did you give it to him?”

“Yeah, I wrote it down. He said he was sorry it had to be so quick, but he would call me some time and we could go out. You know, go someplace where we didn’t have to rush or worry about being caught. When he calls, I’m supposed to pretend I’m going out with my friends or with you, but instead he’ll pick me up and we’ll go have some fun.”

“Go where? To a motel?”

“I don’t know. I guess.”

“You think he wants to take you on a date? Like dinner or something before you have sex?”

“He didn’t say, we didn’t have time to talk about it. I don’t really know what he has planned. Look, I gave him my number, but I don’t have to do it. Maybe it’s not such a good idea.”

“It could be fun. Aren’t you curious where he’d take you?”

“But if it’s like a regular date, doesn’t that make it more like I’m actually cheating on you?”

“It’s not cheating if I know about and don’t have a problem with it.”

“Do you think he’s trying to romance me? I mean, he’s already getting my pussy on demand, why would he need to do that?”

“Well, he’s a classy guy, or at least wants to be seen as one. Maybe he figures he’s had you twice now, he should at least buy you a meal.” “Well, he bought us both a meal the first time.”

“Yeah, that’s right. And I didn’t even have to fuck him.”

“Dummy.” Mina laughed and punched my shoulder. “You want me to do it? Go with him if he calls?”

“Think about what it might be like, what he might do, when he gets a chance to really take his time with you. Don’t you think you would like that?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, today in his classroom was good; it was unexpected, and I admit I was really happy to see he still wanted me that way. But it was over too fast, just, you know, a quick fuck on his desk to get us both off. He’s more experienced than us, I know if he has a chance, he can do things to me that you and I have never even thought of.”

“Okay then. When he calls, say yes. Don’t forget to tell me everything after.”

Mina smiled and took my hand in hers. “I’ll do more than tell you. I’ll show you. Everything he does with me, I’ll do with you. Whatever Mr. Matthews teaches me, I’m going to teach you.”


“Everything. Your gift to me is I get to fuck a hot older man whenever I want. My gift to you is I will share with you all the wild stuff I learn.”

“Sounds like a deal.”

We didn’t have to wait long for that call. In fact it came the next afternoon while I was hanging out with Mina at her house playing scrabble. Seconds after she answered the phone her eyes went wide with surprise, and I knew it had to be Mr. Matthews. She listened silently for a couple of minutes and then stammered, “I don’t know, can you wait on the line for a bit, I’ll find out if I can do that. Is that okay? Okay? Hold on, I’ll get back to you.” Placing her hand firmly over the receiver, she hissed, “It’s Rick! He wants to pick me up at six pm tonight!”

“Why didn’t you just agree?”

“You and I are going to the movies tonight, dummy!”

“We can see the movie tomorrow afternoon instead. It’s cheaper anyway—Sunday matinees are only two bucks.”

“I’m supposed to tell my parents I was invited to a last-minute sleep over with my girlfriends. That means wherever he’s taking me will be overnight.”

“Wow, he really wants to take his time with you.”

“Is that okay?”

“If you’re comfortable being with him all night, go ahead and say yes.”

She put the receiver back to her mouth. “Rick? Mr. Matthews? Yes, I think I can go. You have my address? I’ll meet you down at the corner of the cross street at six.”

I went home around four thirty to give Mina plenty of time to get ready. She wanted to shower again even though she had already showered that morning and do God knows what she felt she needed to do to prepare. I knew she never used makeup or did anything fancy with her hair. She did admit to me later that she took a pair of scissors and tried to trim her bush as best she could manage. I guess Mr. Matthews’ “natural look” comment was still haunting her. I couldn’t convince her that when a man is given free access to the contents of a house, he couldn’t care less about the landscaping he passes going in. She didn’t find my clumsy metaphor especially clever or convincing.

Her parents were suspicious about this out-of-nowhere slumber party since they knew Mina had previously made plans with me that night. Even though she had technically become a legal adult earlier that year, they were very strict with their only daughter and obviously felt we had concocted a flimsy scheme that would allow us to spend the night together without their knowledge or approval. To secretly check up on her story, they called my parents later that night and were surprised when my mom told them that I was home with them.

“He’s watching a movie on cable with his dad. The Predator, I think. Yes, he did have a date with Mina, but he said she canceled, wanted to go to a friend’s house instead. You know how it is at that age—they need to spend time with their friends, too. What? No, I don’t think eighteen is too old for slumber parties. I was still doing them my senior year. No, that’s ok, Mrs. Jiao. Thanks for calling.” I wonder just how horrified Mina’s parents would have been had they known that in fact their shy and innocent daughter was actually off somewhere being banged not by her boyfriend but by one of her middle aged and married teachers.

I was in suspense all night. I went to bed a little early so that I could masturbate alone in my room while I thought about them. What was he doing to her? She said he could probably do things that we never even thought of. What sort of things? And why was I trying to think of things that I knew I could never think of? I took a photo of Mina out of my wallet and looked at her smiling face as I jerked off. I pictured Mr. Mathews kissing those pink lips. I imagined him tearing off her Care Bear T-shirt to reveal her perky little breasts, nipples erect in anticipation. I heard her groaning softly as he fucked her soaking wet vagina with his steel hard cock, and I saw him ejaculate all over her face until she was completely blinded by all the cum splattered across her glasses and dripping from the wire frames.

Even after I came in my hand, I was still horny. I tried to go to sleep, but after about ten minutes I turned on the light and found a small photo album with more pictures of Mina. A snapshot of Mina on a short hike in the forest became a fantasy of Mr. Matthews tying her to a tree and fucking her squirming body relentlessly. A picture of her at the mall with two friends? Mr. Matthews had all three of them on their knees sharing his cock in the changing room of a clothing store. A candid of her from my last birthday party? He smashed her ass into my cake as he slammed her naked body on the table and fucked her in front of all the party guests. For some reason everyone was wearing festive party hats, except for Mina, who was wearing her shako.

Only after I climaxed a second time was I finally able to get some sleep. It was not a sound sleep. There were many dreams which I only barely recalled, most of which involved Mr. Matthews doing something to Mina. The only one I remembered sort of clearly was the one in which I walked into the living room of Mr. Matthews’ friend’s house and saw them naked on the couch. He was on top on her, his butt rising and falling rhythmically as he fucked her while she moaned softly under his weight. But then he raised his head and turned to look at me, and I saw that it was not Mr. Matthews at all, but Joey Marconi, the captain of the school soccer team. “Give us a minute, will you? I’m late for soccer practice.”

When I woke up, I masturbated once more, this time looking at my favorite picture of Mina, the one where she was in her band uniform. I took it slow this time, conjuring up all the fantasies of last night and mixing them with Mina’s reports of her actual encounters with Mr. Matthews and even the vague contents of last night’s dreams. When I was finally done, I got up, ate some breakfast, and waited for Mina to call. The hours ticked by, and I wondered if he was going to keep her to himself all day too. Maybe I would never get her back. Then, nearly 11 a.m., she called.

“Come over and I’ll tell you all about it. Then we’ll catch that matinee.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Over at her house, with her parents present, she told me all about the silly games and girl talk she endured with her friends at the slumber party. Then we got in my car and drove over to a nearby mall where we parked, and she told me the real story. Mr. Matthew had pulled up in his jeep around the corner from her house a few minutes after six and whisked her away like a thief in the night. He took her to the friend’s house near the beach where they had had sex the first time. Apparently, he was still house sitting. Instead of taking her out to a restaurant as we had anticipated, he had cooked her a meal at the house. Some kind of pasta, she said. She didn’t think it was very good. He was a pro when it came to surfing, lovemaking, and teaching biology, but not so much when it came to cooking. She told him it was delicious. At least she did enjoy the glass of wine he poured for her—it was the first alcoholic drink she had ever had.

After dinner, he gave her a present he had picked out for her. It was a lacy, one-piece black teddy. Mina had never owned any sexy lingerie before. He asked if she would wear it and she complied, changing in the laundry room before coming out to show him how it looked on her. She thought she looked ridiculous in the thing, but he told her she was beautiful. Then he led her to the couch, and they began making out, his hands feeling her up all over, running his palms up her smooth legs to her hips, down over the ass that was left mostly exposed, then up to her bare shoulders and finally down to her breasts that were covered by only the sheerest layer of material.

It was all just kissing and touching for about half an hour, and then he finally peeled the sexy teddy off her and once again had her naked body at his disposal. This time she was bold enough to respond by undressing him, unbuttoning his shirt and undoing his belt before finally pulling off his pants. She chickened out when it came to removing his boxers, so he obliged and took them off himself. He then sat down on the couch and lifted Mina onto his lap facing him, impaling her pussy with the shaft of his cock as she straddled him. As they kissed, he bounced her up and down on his cock, bringing her slowly and inexorably toward an orgasm. But then suddenly he stopped. “Remember, we don’t have to be in a hurry tonight. Let’s go to the bedroom, shall we?”

She nodded as he led her to the back bedroom. He told her to lay on the bed, and when she did, he separated her legs and brought his face up to her pussy. At that moment she was grateful she had thought to trim down there. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and began to move his tongue in and out of her vagina like it was his cock. He alternated between licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. With just his mouth, he soon made her orgasm, her body shuddering with ecstasy, but he did not stop there. With his face still between her legs, he shifted his body around so that his waist was near her head. She knew what was expected of her and did not disappoint him. While she stroked the shaft with one hand, she engulfed his cock with her mouth and slid it in and out until it was moist with her saliva. We both knew what a sixty-nine was, of course, but we had not yet tried it. Now she had done it with Mr. Matthews.

He stopped her before she made him cum. She had already climaxed once, but he was obviously delaying his as much as possible. As she lay flat on the bed, he moved on top of her and began sucking on her nipples, then moved up to kiss her neck, and then her lips. As their tongues played in each others’ mouths, he teased her pussy with his cock, inserting just the tip for few seconds before pulling back, only to make another tentative foray; retreat, advance, retreat, advance. Then he was done teasing and entered her in earnest, but still taking his time, going slow, penetrating her as deeply as he could, but not too quickly. She was panting now, feeling his naked cock sliding in and out of the furthest reaches of her womanhood. She wrapped her legs around his back, and he grabbed her wrists and held her arms over her head. For long minutes he thrust into her, picking up the pace slowly, almost imperceptibly, only the gradually rising sound of the old bed starting to creak attested that his strokes were indeed becoming stronger. She tried to hold back, keep her own orgasm at bay to prove she could last as long as he could, but to no avail. She let out an involuntary cry as she climaxed for the second time that evening.

“Does that feel good, Mina?”

She nodded, but he wanted words from her.

“Tell me how it makes you feel.”

“Good. It’s good!”

“How good? How does it feel?”

“So fucking good! I love it. I love fucking you. I don’t want it to ever stop.”

But all good things must end, and in the next instant he reached his own climax, filling her vagina with his warm semen. He kissed her for some minutes more before finally pulling out of her. Like a bottle after the stopper is pried out, the cum flowed out of her ravaged pussy and spilled on the sheets as she lay there. Mina felt bad that Mr. Matthew would now have to wash his friend’s bedding.

After that they cuddled for a while and then slept together naked. In the morning they had sex again, and he showed her several new positions, all of which Mina described to me in detail. Next was a leisurely breakfast, and then he took her down to the beach for a little stroll. He asked if she wanted to continue meeting like this, and she said yes. He took her back to the house and they embraced and kissed on the sofa some more; she thought it was going to lead to sex again, but instead he said he needed to get some work done and drove her home.

“There was one more thing we did I almost forgot about. Do you know what a rim job is?”

“No, what’s that?”

“He wanted me to lick him around his anus.”

“Really? Did you do it?”

“Yeah, I think I would have tried anything he asked at that point. It was kind of weird but not too bad. He seemed to like it. You want me to do that for you?”

“No, I don’t think I’d want that. That can be something just between you and him. Did he do it to you?”

“Yeah, a little.”

“What did it feel like?”

“It kind of tickled. But I guess I sort of enjoyed it.”

“Is that something you want me to do to you?”

“Yeah, I think so. If you want to.”

“Hey, do you know Joey Marconi?”

“The soccer player? Sort of. I haven’t talked to him in like years.”

“What do you think of him?”

“Why? You want me to fuck Joey Marconi too?”

“What? No. Isn’t Mr. Matthews enough for you?”

“Dummy, you were always enough for me. I’m only doing Rick because you let me, and it makes you happy.”

“So how do you know Joey?”

“I had a crush on him back in seventh grade.”

“Oh. He used to kind of bully me in sixth grade.”

“Really? I didn’t know that. Well, I don’t like him any more, then. He’s a jerk.”

After that it became a regular thing for Mr. Matthews to call Mina and arrange a meeting, usually once or twice a week and typically lasting for only two hours or so before he dropped her back home. Sometimes they went on something that resembled a date, but mostly they just had sex. Pretty soon he was fucking Mina more often than I was. Each time she told me all about it, and some of the stories were pretty wild. A week after the night alone at the beach house, he brought her to a motel and told her they would have company. To her surprise, our classmate Angelina met them there.

“Angelina? Really? I thought it would been Teri.”

“Yeah, me too. Maybe he’s doing them both, I dunno. It didn’t seem like something I was supposed to ask about.”

“So what happened? He fucked both of you?”

“Yeah. He talked me into doing some girl-girl stuff with Angelina, too.”

“You’re kidding. Have you ever wanted to be with another girl before?”

“Not that much really, but I was willing to try it. Just little stuff, mostly. We sucked each other’s tits and kissed while he watched.” “I can’t believe you did that. How was it?”

“It was okay. To be honest, she was pretty drunk, and I could taste like really strong liquor on her mouth, so that I didn’t like. But it was fun putting on a show for Rick, he enjoyed watching us.”

“You didn’t, you know, do anything with each other’s pussies?”

“I fingered her a little, she licked me a few times. It didn’t go too far, I wasn’t really into it. We just wanted to get Rick even more turned on. It worked.”

“Well, what else happened?”

“He took turns fucking us. He did her first while I kissed him and he played with my pussy. She moaned really loud, you know, kind of fake like. I don’t know if she really had an orgasm, but if not she sure wanted us to think she did. Then Angelina and I switched places. He used a condom with her–I don’t know if that was his idea or hers, it seemed like it was a rule they had already decided on, but I was glad. I think she’s been with a lot of guys. But he took it off for me. My orgasm was real. I don’t make that much noise, but I know he can always tell when I have one. He can feel it. After he came inside me, he asked her if she wanted to lick up his jizz as it trickled out of my pussy. She actually did it. Can you believe it? What a slut.”

“Would you have done the same if he had cum inside her and he asked you to?”

“I don’t think he would ever cum inside Angelina, or even put his unprotected dick in her. Who knows what’s inside that vagina? He knows I only have one boyfriend and that you’re as clean as I am.”

“Aren’t you worried now that Angelina knows you’re sleeping with Mr. Matthews too?”

“I think there’s like a code of silence for this kind of thing. She won’t tell and I won’t tell. Well, except to you. Besides, she can’t afford to get him fired, she needs the passing grade. And anyways, I graduate in two months. I wouldn’t have to live with the rumors for long. Anyway, who would believe an honor roll student like me was fucking a teacher? And who would believe someone like Angelina was telling the truth?”

This was not the last time he included Mina in a threesome. The following month, it was with Mrs. Clarke, the English Lit teacher.

“You’re kidding me. Mrs. Clarke? No way.” Mrs. Clarke was a thirty-something teacher, blonde, big bosomed, and pretty. She was, in a way, the female equivalent of Mr. Matthews—she was the teacher all the boys were hot for.

“Yeah. We were right about her, at least. Being one of Rick’s women, I mean.”

“Motel again?”

“No, her house. It’s a really nice house, I know teachers don’t make that much, so her husband must have money. He was away on a business trip or something.”

“So what stuff did he have you and Mrs Clarke do with each other?”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but she has a rule about touching a student. I guess she didn’t mind being there and watching Rick violate both a student and school policy at the same time, but she wasn’t going to get her own hands that dirty.”

“Maybe she’s not into the girl-girl stuff anyway.”

“Maybe. But she was definitely into Rick. I’m not sure she was totally good with sharing him with me. But he wanted us both, and he seems to have her wrapped around his little finger. Let me tell you what did happen, it got pretty crazy. And boy does Mrs. Clarke have a mess to clean up before her husband gets home.”

Some of the stories I was hearing from Mina were pretty outrageous. Once again, I entertained some doubts. Was she making everything up? Pretending to have these encounters with Mr. Matthews because she knew it drove me wild? If that was the plan, it was certainly working. The sex which followed the tales of her naughty exploits was always fantastic. In just a couple of months, she had learned so many things that inexperienced eighteen-year-olds like us would otherwise have been completely clueless about, and as promised she shared all that knowledge with me. Another gift from him that she in turn gifted to me was the sexy black teddy, which she wore for me on several occasions (sadly, he asked her to wear it for him a second time, and on that occasion he decided in the throes of lust to rip it off her body; and that was the end of that lovely piece of lingerie.)

The benefits of Mina’s relationship with Mr. Matthews turned out to be manyfold. It was amazing to see how much more confident she had become—in the bedroom and elsewhere as well—as a result of getting so much attention from an older man. And despite all the sex she was having with him, she always had plenty of sexual energy left to spend on me. I soon realized that her sex drive was even much higher than I had initially realized, and that I could never by myself have provided her enough sex to satisfy her. Monogamy was never going to work for a girl like Mina. It took more than one mortal man to keep up with her libido.

The improved knowledge of sexual techniques, the sudden confidence, even the short-lived black teddy—all these provided concrete evidence that Mina was indeed having sexual experiences with Mr. Matthews on a regular basis. She wasn’t just going out with friends or to sleepovers, those were just the lies she told her parents. No, she was fucking Mr. Matthews and having a blast doing it. Or was she? She could be clever when she wanted to. Maybe she could pull the wool over my eyes. Maybe there were other explanations for the changes, and everything she told me about her and our biology teacher was a complete fabrication. Never once had he given any sign in my presence that something was up between them. Never had he acted uncomfortable around me or given any indication that he felt any guilt for boinking my girlfriend without my (as far as he knew) knowledge.

I really didn’t know. What I did know was this. It wasn’t enough anymore for me to merely hear about the things they did together. I wanted—I needed—to see it for myself.

Part 5

“You don’t want me to watch?”

“It’s not that. It’s just, he might be steamed when he finds out you’ve known all along. I did promise to keep it a secret.”

“I’m letting him have all the sex he wants with my girlfriend, and I’ve even provided an alibi a couple of times. What’s he got to be mad about?”

“That’s a good point.”

“Besides, you promised to tell me everything, and that came before any promises you made to him.”

“Okay, but do you know how you’ll even feel actually seeing me with him? I mean, it’s one thing to hear me talk about it. But seeing it right in front of you? Are you sure it won’t be too much for you?”

“Remember you didn’t think I would be into this at all? You thought I’d be mad hearing about that day at the beach house? All it did was get me all hot and want you more. This will be like that, but even crazier.”

“Okay, but I wasn’t kidding when I said I liked being with him. You’re going to see that. You’re going to see him fucking me and see that I’m enjoying the fuck out of it, and you’ll know it’s not an act. That won’t make you, like, super jealous?”

“I don’t know, I think maybe the jealousy is part of what turns me on. All I know is I want to see you enjoying it. It wouldn’t be so fucking hot if you weren’t totally into it. And into him.”

“And him into me. Literally. You know, like he literally puts his dick in me.” It was cute how she always thought she had to explain her lame jokes to me.

“Yeah, I get it. So will you ask him?”

“I’ll ask. I don’t know if he’s okay with having an audience, though. If he says no, does that mean this whole thing is over?”

“No, I’ll be bummed, but you can keep seeing him as long as I keep getting the reports.”

“Okay. Well, if he says no, maybe we can find someone else who will let you watch while they fuck me. Maybe Joey Marconi. Kidding!” She laughed at my shocked expression. “I’m just kidding!”

After her next tryst with Mr. Matthews, she confessed to him that her boyfriend had known what was going on since day one; that I had given her permission and actually got off hearing about all the things they did together. And that I was now requesting to be present at least once to witness them doing the deed. She said he maintained his usual cool demeanor and did not appear angry or even much surprised. He even told her he was relieved to find out I wasn’t as naïve as it had appeared—he was beginning to wonder how one of his brightest students hadn’t yet figured out that something was up with his girlfriend disappearing suddenly for several hours each week.

He was agreeable to letting me watch. But he had a few conditions. For starters, he wanted it to happen at my house, preferably in my own bedroom. I wasn’t sure why he wanted this, but fortune smiled on us as my parents were going to be gone all next weekend on a little getaway to Las Vegas. Second, he wanted Mina to already be naked and ready for him when he arrived.

“Why? Is he going to be in a hurry?”

“I dunno. I think maybe he wants to make absolutely sure you are really ready for this. If you have me naked for him already, he’ll know you’re serious. Too late for second thoughts.”

“Why in my house and in my bedroom?”

“Again, I dunno. Maybe that’s his kink? I mean, fucking a guy’s girlfriend in the guy’s own bed right in front of the guy? Look, we can call this off, if you don’t like this, we don’t have to do any of it.”

“No, it’s fine. I want to do it. I was just curious what these conditions were about.”

“You sure? It’s only fun for me if it’s fun for you.”

“Yeah. I can’t wait.”

“Me either. To be honest, even when I’m alone with him, I sometimes fantasize that you are watching us and loving it as much as I am. Now that can happen for real.”

The plan was for Mr. Matthews to arrive at my house at 2 pm Saturday afternoon. I brought Mina over that morning, hours ahead of time. To say we were nervous was an understatement. It was as if we couldn’t remember what we did when we hung out together anymore; we tried to make small talk but couldn’t find much to say, we turned on the T.V. and surfed a few cable channels before turning it off again. At one point we tried studying for our final exams but couldn’t concentrate. At noon I heated up a couple of cans of ravioli for our lunch, and then she used my shower. She asked If I had a razor—I had been shaving since sophomore year, so of course I did—and then had me help her trim her pubic hair into a neat square the way she said Angelina and Mrs. Clarke had done theirs. Afterward she had me help her shave her armpits—there was hardly anything there worth removing, but for some reason she was fixated about body hair that morning, so I obliged. Maybe she just needed to fixate on something.

“You’ve been with him, what, a dozen times now? Why so nervous? I’m the one who should be nervous, this will be a first for me.”

“I dunno, it just feels a little more scary this time.”

“You don’t want me here?”

“No, I do. I do. This is for you, it’s always been for you. I just, I don’t know, the stakes are higher now.”

“It will be fine. Just remember whatever happens, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

At 1:40 she got undressed and laid her folded clothes neatly on top of my dresser. We both sat on my bed and wondered what we were supposed to do while we waited, until I had the bright idea of breaking out the scrabble board. We sat there on my sheets, moving tiles around the board to make words, my girlfriend stark naked and I her boyfriend waiting for a man to come and fuck her. You could say it was a little surreal. At five to two, we put the board away and waited. The minutes ticked by. We stared into each other’s eyes and said nothing for some minutes. When I checked the clock again, it was already a few minutes past two.

“Are you ready for this?” she wanted to know.


“Are you sure?”


“Where is he, anyway?”

Looked at the clock on my wall; it was now ten after two. “It’s only ten after. He’s just running a bit late.”

“He’s usually pretty punctual, though.”

At fifteen after two, I was beginning to wonder myself if he were really coming. Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe he decided this was a trap, and that I was going to bushwhack him with a baseball bat. Maybe the whole thing with Mr. Matthews had been a fantasy invented by Mina after all.

“Is he really coming or not?”

“He said he was. Two O’clock. He said he’d be here.”

“Hey, you haven’t just been making this whole thing up, have you? About you and Mr. Matthews? You know, just trying to get me turned on and all?”

“Why? Is it working?”

“Yeah. Big time.”

“Well, I’m here on your bed naked. What are you going to do about it, dummy?”

That was all the cue I needed. I leaned forward and saw a smile form on her lips just before I kissed them. Her breath was warm and minty—she must have brushed her teeth again after her shower—as she eagerly worked her mouth and tongue against mine. She put her arms around my neck and ran her fingers through the back of my hair while I caressed her smooth bare back from her shoulder blades, down the ridges of her spine, to tight little crevice of her butt. Next, I moved my hands around to her chest and could feel her heart beating before I slid my fingers over the gentle curve of her breasts. Her nipples were as hard as two little buttons, and I knew I had to taste them. I pried my head out from between her arms and brought my mouth to her breasts, licking and then sucking on her perfect little nipples. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

It had been a masterful deception. What women’s magazine, or which of her more experienced friends, had taught her all those things about sex? When had she purchased that black teddy? Did just pretending to have an older lover bestow all that new confidence, or was it something else? It didn’t matter; I forgave her for the whole insane farce. It had worked. I desired her like no one before. I moved my hand down and felt the newly trimmed pubic hair that I myself had helped sculpt, and then my fingers found the opening to her vagina. She was already moist as I started rubbing her clit the way she had showed me weeks ago. Without my noticing, she had moved her hand down to my crotch, and suddenly I felt her working my zipper. In the next instant her hand had slipped deftly into my underwear and her fingers were wrapped around the shaft of my cock.

It was then that we heard the doorbell ring.

For two seconds we just froze, staring at each other. Then she zipped up my pants and said, “you better get that.”

As I walked to the front door my heart was pounding like a piston in my chest. The clock on the hall wall said two twenty-seven. Was it him? Was it Mr. Matthews? Did I want it to be him waiting on the other side of that door? Or was I hoping it was some kid selling a subscription to the newspaper? At that moment I honestly didn’t know.

I fumbled with the doorknob, suddenly slick from my sweaty palms, before I remembered that the door was locked and unlatched it. Slowly, with a creak that would not have been out of place in a horror movie, I opened the door. The figure standing patiently on my porch was silhouetted by the bright sun of a Saturday afternoon, so it took my eyes a few seconds to adjust and see that it was indeed our biology teacher. He was dressed casually in board shorts and a t-shirt imprinted with a surfboard company logo. His jeep was parked next to my parent’s old station wagon in the driveway.

“Sorry I’m a tad late. These suburbs are confusing as hell to navigate.”

“That’s okay, Mr. Matthews. Uh, come on in. Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Do you have any beer?”

“Uh, I think my dad left a couple of Coors in the fridge, but I don’t want him to think I drank one. How about a soda?”

“Never mind. For the record, I came here to advise you and Mina on your biology projects.”

“Yeah, okay, sure.”

“How is your project coming, anyway? I believe you were constructing a cross section of a horseshoe crab’s anatomy?”

“Uh, yeah, almost finished, just have to label all the body parts.”

“Very good. You and Mina were always two of my brightest. Where is my lovely Mina, anyway? Is she ready?”

“Yeah, she’s in my room. Uh, this way, down the hall.”

I couldn’t believe how casual Mr. Matthews was about the whole thing. He went from discussing my anatomical crab model to asking for the girl waiting to give him sex like it was no big deal. How often did he do this sort of thing, anyway? I opened the door to my bedroom; Mina was still sitting naked on the bed. Her breath seemed to catch when she saw him.

“Hello, Mina. You are looking as beautiful as ever.”

“Hi, Rick.” She gave a nervous little smile. “I hope this isn’t too weird for you? I mean, my boyfriend being here? We really wanted to try this.”

His smile was confident and reassuring. “This is no problem for me. It will be interesting to have an audience. Let’s give your man quite a show, shall we?”

I felt self-conscious just standing there, so I moved some books off my desk chair and sat down. This was really going to happen. Right now. Here in my room while I watched. Before this moment, I could always pretend it wasn’t real. Even when Mina was telling me about her wild experiences with Mr. Matthews, some part of me could always still believe it was just a lie. Five minutes ago, I was even convinced it was. And now I was going to see it unfold before my own eyes and there would be no denying it was real. I felt scared. I felt excited. I was horrified. I was aroused. My heart was still hammering away in my chest as it seemed to be pumping all the blood down to my throbbing crotch. I knew I could stop it all then and there, even at this point, with one word. I could say “No.” I could say “Stop.” That would be all it took. But I didn’t. I didn’t say either word. I didn’t say anything. I just watched. And that is how I knew I wanted it to happen. I wanted it to happen, and I wanted to see it happening.

“So, do you want to get on the bed with me, or what? I mean, how should we start?” Was Mina always this nervous with him, or was it just because I was here?

“I want you to stand up and let me see your nakedness in all its pristine glory.”

She got up off the bed, a little awkwardly as it appeared one of her legs had fallen asleep, but she managed to get to her feet. She stood in front of him, perhaps two feet away, with her hands clasped behind her back. “Still like what you see?” She blushed and looked at the floor. Despite the faint redness of razor burn around the edges, her dark little bush looked positively luscious. Her breasts were as perky as I had ever seen them. The soft curves of her thighs, her belly, her butt—she was breathtaking in her stark nudity.

“You are perfect, Mina. Absolutely perfect. Now come closer.” He was still not satisfied when she moved to within a few inches of him. “Closer still.”

She stepped forward so that her body was right up against his, her pert nipples pressing against the fabric of his shirt. He put his hands on the side of her head and tilted it back a few degrees and then took her mouth with his. He kissed her more aggressively than I ever had, his tongue fairly assaulting her mouth, but it looked as if she thoroughly enjoyed it. Her eyes were squeezed tight like they always were when she was really into making out, and I noticed she had gone up on her tip toes as if straining to reach him.

When he suddenly stopped kissing her, I noticed a tiny thread of saliva still connecting their mouths. He stared into her now open eyes for a moment and then asked, “do you know why you’re my favorite, Mina?”

“No. I didn’t even know I was your favorite.”

“The other girls I’ve been with, I know they are all bucking for an A. Or should I say, fucking for an A. But you are a top student. You could fail the final and would still have enough grade points to pass my class. When you are with me, I know it’s because you truly want me.”

She laughed, the first sign that she was getting comfortable with the situation. “Well, I’ve been getting good grades since I was in primary school. But I never got any attention from the boys, not the way girls like Angelina and Teri did. Not until this past year. First my boyfriend…and now you.”

“How often must I tell you, Mina, you are a beautiful and delightful young woman. There are many, many men who would desire you. If your boyfriend enjoys watching you with other men, I have no doubt you will find many opportunities to fulfill his wish.”

We hadn’t talked about there being others, except for the teasing about Joey, of course, and that was out of the question. Did she want to be with more guys than just Mr. Matthews? Where was all this leading?

“For now, I’ll just stick to you, Rick.”

He ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her forehead, an almost fatherly gesture. “Get down on your knees, Mina.”

I think the abruptness of the command surprised her a little, but after the merest hesitation, she did as he asked. With her hands of her thighs and her knees pressed together, she looked up at him expectantly, waiting for more instructions.

“I want you to show your boyfriend the best oral sex he’s ever seen. You’re becoming an expect at this, Mina, so I know you can give quite the performance.”

She started to reach for his zipper, but he grabbed her hands to stop her.

“No, Mina. Don’t use your hands. Do it with just your mouth.”

Her eyes widened slightly with surprise, and I knew this was something new, something she had not been asked to do for him before. How was she going to open his pants with just her mouth? She must have wondered the same. But she was willing to try, because in the next instant her face was in his crotch, and she was taking hold of the corner of his shorts near the button with her teeth. For several minutes she struggled to work the buttonhole over the button, and I was starting to think she wasn’t going to get it. And then suddenly the button popped free. She had an easier time with the zipper, which she held between her front teeth and unzipped with one quick motion of her head.

She looked up at him and he merely looked down at her as if to say, “keep going.” She grabbed the waist of his short with her teeth and with a few yanks managed to get them down below his knees. Next she did the same with the waistline of his boxers, pulled them down inch by inch until they dropped of their own accord. As his underwear fell free, I saw his erect cock pop up almost like a jack-in-the-box. Only at that moment did I realize that I had been wondering what his dick looked like. The way Mina described how it felt fucking him, it almost sounded like he had some kind of superhuman tool down there. In fact it looked normal, just your average cock. At best maybe only a little bigger than what I had. I realized then that what made him the kind of stud that drove my Mina crazy was not anatomy but technique. Mina looked at the cock inches from her face and then looked sideways at me as if to ask, “how did that get here?”

Mr. Matthews reached down and stroked her hair. “Alright, Mina. Take your time. Show him how you please me.” She took his cock in her hand and pointed it straight up, her thumb toying gently with the hole at the tip. Then she leaned in and ran her tongue up and down the shaft, up and down, again and again, until it was coated with her saliva. Turning her head sideways, she wrapped her lips around the middle of the shaft as far as she could reach and sucked with a long, deep slurping sound. Then she put the tip up to her lips and teased it with her tongue before giving it a few tender kisses, but still she did not put it in her mouth.

Instead she ran her tongue back down the shaft and did not stop when she reached the base. While he continued to stroke her hair, she licked his balls and then took one testicle in her mouth entirely, sucking it like a jawbreaker. Just when I though she was going to try to swallow it, she released it and gave the other testicle a turn. Having pleasured both his balls, her tongue rode back up his shaft. This time, she put the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked for a few seconds before taking it out and licking the tip again. Again and again she did this, taking just the head for just a few seconds at a time, teasing his cock, causing him to produce a little bit of cum which oozed onto the edge of her lip and stayed there for me to see as she continued working his dick.

And then without warning she plunged his cock deep into her mouth. Bobbing her head in a slow steady rhythm, she slid her lips down his cock and back up again, over and over again. It was the sounds that really got to me—the sloppy suction noises as his cock moved in and out of her mouth against the tight seal of her lips, the slurping sounds she made as she swallowed the mixture of saliva, sweat, and pre-cum that built up in her mouth every minute or so. Her stories never had sound effects. I think it was the audible aspect of it that made it real for me.

“Very good, Mina. Keep going. From this moment forward, whenever your boyfriend sees your pretty face, I want him to see this. I want him to see your lips wrapped lovingly around my cock.” I couldn’t believe he said that. I couldn’t believe that Mina nodded slightly, silently agreeing. Is that what she really wanted? To have the image of her performing fellatio on another man branded forever in my mind? Is that what I wanted? It took real effort for me to refrain from pulling my own dick out of my pants and jerking off as I watched them.

While I endured my inner turmoil, Mina kept going down on his cock, moving her head a little faster now, her lips seeming to reach just a tiny bit further toward the bottom of the shaft each time. Her eyes were focused up at his face nearly the whole time, as if seeking his approval or perhaps just monitoring his reaction. Faster and harder she sucked his cock. She was going to make him cum in her mouth. He was going to fuck her face and she was going to drink his cum like she was downing a bottle of wine.

But that was not what he wanted.

“That’s enough, Mina. That’s enough.”

She stopped and took his cock out of her mouth. Saliva dripped from the tip as well as from Mina’s bottom lip, making tiny twin puddles on my bedroom carpet. Mr. Matthews kicked off his shorts and boxers, then removed his shirt and tossed it on the floor. Moving over to the bed, he sat down on the edge.

“Come sit on my lap, Mina.”

She got up and with a little jump, landed in his lap. From my angle it kind of looked like her butt might have crushed his hard-on, but his face betrayed only a slight wince of pain. She put her arms around his neck and his hand moved down to her thigh, slowly caressing the smooth skin as he spoke to her.

“I’m sure your man would love you watch you consume my seed. You love it too, yes?”


“Tell me what it feels like to taste my man-juice.”

“It’s sweet and sticky like honey.”

“Yes. But you’ve done the same for your man now too, no? Let’s show him something he has only heard about, not seen and done himself. I am the only one who has ever put his manhood into your womanhood with no barrier between us, isn’t that right?

She nodded. “Yes, Rick.”

“Just skin against skin. Would you like that?”


“Would your man like that? Would he like to see me fill your vagina with my sperm, such as no other man but me has ever done for you?” “Yes.”

“You know I would never accept single word answers to a question in class, Mina. Expand on your response, please.”

“I want you to fuck me without a condom, Rick. I want you to cum inside me. I want my boyfriend to see how good it makes me feel.”

“Very good, Mina. Let’s try a new position today. Your man won’t be able to fully appreciate the experience unless he has an unobstructed view of the penetration.”

He turned Mina so that she sat on his lap with her back to him and facing me. Then he put his hands on her hips and lifted her up. Released from the weight of her butt, his cock sprang to attention, pointing almost straight up like a fleshy flagpole. He whispered a command in her ear to spread her legs, and her thighs parted obediently, revealing the vibrant pink flesh of her vagina. Only then did he begin to lower her back into his lap, the tip of his cock gently parting the soft folds of her pussy. She reached down with one hand to help guide his cock into her, letting herself be impaled on his erection as he set her into place. With her vagina penetrated as deeply as could be, she let out a little gasp.

With his hands on her thighs, he began bouncing her up and down. As Mr. Matthews had said, this position provided me with a full view of his cock thrusting mercilessly into her pussy. I could see the base of his shaft becoming wet with sweat and the pink flesh of her vagina turning red from friction. He bounced her ever higher, letting gravity provide the impetus for penetrating her even harder and deeper. When took his hands off her hips and placed them over her breasts, I could see from the flexing of her thighs that it was now she who was doing the bouncing.

Her long hair was whipping around in a frenzy, nearly obscuring her face completely. From somewhere behind that curtain of dark strands I could hear soft grunts. Then suddenly her body started quivering all over and I could hear her suck in her breath; I knew she was having an orgasm, and Mr. Matthews knew it too. He stopped bouncing her—or she stopped bouncing herself—and he squeezed the flesh of her breasts even harder, her small nipples poking out from between his fingers. She stopped quivering after a minute, and I could hear her panting softly.

But had he cum? Was his jizz inside her? He lifted her up off his cock and set her down on the bed next to him. There was plenty of moisture on them both, but I saw nothing dripping in significant amounts from him or her. Was she holding it in her? Or was he still holding it in him? “I think your man gets the point. Did you enjoy that, Mina?’ He gently brushed the wild strands of hair from her face.

She nodded and her eyes darted to me for a second, the first time she had looked me in the eye since before she had begun sucking his cock. Then she cast her gaze downward, her hands folded in her lap as she let out a big breath. I think she thought they were done. They weren’t. “Rest for a minute, Mina. Let me do all the work for a change.”

He had her lay stretched out flat on the bed, head on my pillow, as he began kissing her stomach and poking her belly button with his tongue. At the same time his fingers found their way down to her crotch, and he played with her pussy. She separated her legs a little to allow him better access, and he wormed his fingers into her, one and two at a time. She squirmed just a bit in response to his touch, and when his fingers were good and wet, he put two of them in his mouth and slurped down her juices.

“You are the one who tastes like honey, Mina.”

She said nothing, but I could see she was still squirming slightly even without his touch.

“What is your favorite position, Mina? How do you best like me to make love to you?”

“I don’t know. I guess when you do me from behind?”

“Why don’t you get into position for me?”

She turned over and got up on her hands and knees facing the headboard. Between her ass cheeks, I could just spy the hairy little rump of her pussy on display for him. “Like this, Rick?”

“I may be a bit less gentle than usual, Mina. You will want to brace yourself.”

She reached up with her hands and gripped the top of the headboard. Satisfied that she was ready, he kneeled behind her and brought his cock up to her waiting vagina. But he hesitated, only just touching her with his still rigid dick.

“Do you want it, Mina?”


“You have to convince me, Mina. You must leave no doubt.”

“I want it, Rick. I want you to fuck me!”

“Not convincing, Mina.”

“Please, Rick!”

“Please, what? You must make it clear, Mina. To me. And to him.”

“Please fuck me. Cum inside me. Fuck me like a dog. Like a bitch. Fuck me in my…in my cunt!”

“Well, let’s give this poor girl what she wants, yes?” With that he grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her pussy once more. As he had warned, he was not gentle. He hammered at her vagina so hard that his lower abdomen was slapping loudly against her bare butt with each savage thrust. Her knuckles were white with strain and the headboard was shaking so hard I honestly thought it was going to break loose from the bed. Tears were shedding from the corner of her eyes, and her breath was coming out in ragged bursts. For a second, I thought she was in real distress and was about to intervene when I heard her gasp, “Don’t stop, Rick! Fuck me! I want you to fuck me so bad!”

He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled. She gripped the headboard even tighter to hang on. I could see she was thrusting her butt backwards, trying to fuck his cock even as his cock was fucking her. He pulled her hair even harder, forcing her back to arc and her head to tilt up until she was almost looking straight at the ceiling. He reached around with his other hand and felt her nipples, now impossibly rigid from strain and arousal. Then he leaned forward, his face above hers, and put his mouth on her mouth. They kissed long and deep while he continued fucking her from behind. Just when I wondered if it was ever going to end, he stopped kissing her; through his clenched teeth came a rough sort of hiss, and I knew he was cumming in her. A few seconds later, I could hear her breaths coming out in rapid puffs and her butt was squirming wildly against his stomach. She was having her second orgasm of the day.

When he pulled out of her, he was still dripping semen. As she rolled over, her head flopping onto my pillow, I could see it oozing out of her vagina as well. A sticky pool soon formed on my sheets. Mr. Matthews sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes catching his breath while Mina lay quietly staring at the ceiling. Then he leaned over and caressed her check.

“This is quite a woman you have here. You are right to share her like this. Such a treasure should not be kept for the pleasure of just one man, or even just two. You need to share her with the world.” He kissed her on the lips, and she gave him a weary smile. Then he stood and reaching for his clothes.

“I hope my performance wasn’t too over the top for you, young man. Mina said it was the jealousy that made you aroused. I wanted to play that up that for your benefit.” He stepped into his boxers and cargo shorts and pulled them up.

“No, it was okay. That was, uh, quite a show.”

“Sorry to have to run so soon, but I have places to be, and I was already late getting here.” He slipped on his rumpled shirt.

“Oh, of course. I’ll, uh, see you to the door, I guess.”

When I got back from seeing Mr. Mathew out, Mina was still lying naked on the bed, both hands covering her face.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t think you’re going to want me anymore. Not after what you just saw.”

“Are you kidding? If I wanted you any more than I want you right now, both my brain and my dick would explode!” I looked her over as she lay sprawled across my bed. Her public hair was crusty with his dried semen, her knees were red and raw, and her hair looked like it had been hit by a hurricane. But still she could not have looked more gorgeous.

She took her hands away from her face and looked at me. “Really?” “Yeah, really.”

“It’s like I told you, when I’m with him, I just sort of loose control of myself.”

“Yeah, you really did. It was incredible to see it for myself.” I sat down on the bed, and she sat up, taking my hand in hers.

“Was it like you expected?”

“I don’t know. He seemed more, well, forceful than you described. Is he always like that?”

“No, he was kind of different today. Like he was trying to be more, I don’t know, macho, maybe? I think because you were here. Like he wanted to put on an act.”

“I’m just glad you two didn’t completely destroy my bed. Now I see why he wanted to do it here, he’s probably tired of seeing motel damage charges on his credit card.”

“Did it get you revved up?”

“Definitely. Is it my turn now? Can we pick up where we left off?”

“I don’t think my pussy or my mouth can take any more right now. Is a hand job okay? Your parents will be gone all weekend, we’ll have plenty of time for lots of naughty stuff later.”

“Yeah, that will work.”

She smiled and started undoing my pants.

Part 6

The next time Mr. Matthews fucked Mina in front of me, it was at his request. The Thursday following his visit to my house, he asked both of us to stay after Biology class. As the final student filed out the door, he shut and locked it and then turned to us.

“It was a delight the last time I had Mina alone in my classroom, but the risk of getting caught loomed over us. If you both have a little time to spare this afternoon, I’d like to do it properly.”

I looked at Mina, and she nodded.

“Sure, Mr. Matthews.”

“Wonderful. If you wouldn’t mind, will you watch the door while I’m enjoying your girlfriend and let us know if anyone is coming?”

“Uh, sure, okay.”

“But first, undress Mina for me and then bring her over to my desk.” He walked to the front of the room and then turned to face us, waiting. Mina raised her arms, and I pulled her shirt up over her head. As was often the case, she wasn’t wearing a bra, so her pale little breasts were already exposed. I next hooked my thumbs into the waist of her knee-length skirt and pulled it to the floor. She stepped out of it, and I placed her skirt and shirt on a desk. Mr. Matthews continued to watch patiently as I kneeled and undid the laces on Mina’s tennis shoes, which I then slipped off her feet, followed by her ankle socks. Finally, I stretched the waistband of her panties and slid them off her hips and down her legs. I couldn’t help but notice that the thick dark carpet that was her bush was still neatly trimmed from our efforts last Saturday.

I took Mina by the hand and led her across the room to where Mr. Matthews was standing. She released my grasp and stepped up to him as he put his arms around her. The symbolism of the gesture was obvious; I was handing her over to him, surrendering her unconditionally and giving him my unspoken blessing to do with her as he pleased.

“Now would you be so good as to assume your post by the door? The custodian and a few others have the keys to this room, I don’t want to be interrupted.”

I moved to the door. There was a small window through which I could see most of the hall outside. Someone standing outside might be able to see Mr. Matthews’ desk from the window, or they might not—it was a sharp angle from where the door was facing. But standing inside the room next to the door, I had a front row view.

Mr. Matthews did not waste any time. Before I even reached the door, he was kissing Mina and reaching behind her to run his hands over the twin curves of her butt. Then he moved one hand back around to the front and slipped it between her upper thighs, stoking her furry bush. In turn, she put her hand on the crotch of his pants and was feeling his cock through his trousers. His hand probed lower, massaging her vagina, and I thought I heard a faint squishy sound that implied she was already getting wet. She stifled a sudden yelp as he abruptly grasped her pussy in his hand and squeezed. In response, her slender fingers clutched at the bulge in his pants even tighter.

“Why don’t you undress me now, Mina?” he asked, releasing her vagina from his grip.

She loosened and removed his tie, then unfastened each button on his shirt with care before taking it off him. Unbuckling his belt, she slid it out of his pants with one long yank. He removed his own shoes and socks, then allowed her to undo his pants (with her hands this time) before sliding off his trousers and then his boxers. Now both completely naked, she took his cock in her hand and stroked it while he kissed her and heightened her arousal by playing with her breasts and fingering her pussy.

Still kissing her, he backed her to the rear wall of the room until she was right up against the blackboard, which rattled a little as the back of her head gently collided with it. As he held her pinned against the board, he kissed her with a renewed ferocity, almost as if trying to devour her face. Then I saw him maneuvering with his hand and his hips and I knew he was working his cock into her, although from where I stood I could not see the actual penetration. She put her hands on his shoulders and he entered her vagina and began driving into her, slowly increasing the force until the blackboard was vibrating to the rhythm of their fucking and throwing up faint clouds of chalk dust.

As I watched, he reached behind her and lifted her up by the butt cheeks, and she put her arms about his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. Holding her suspended in the air, he pounded her even harder, and the constant bang of her back against the blackboard was so loud I began to panic that someone still in the building would hear it and come to investigate. I knew I should have been watching out the window for just such an eventuality, but I could not take my eyes off them. I had to marvel at his strength, as he was able to support her for several minutes while he fucked her against the wall.

But eventually, it seemed even the indefatigable Mr. Matthews had to tire, and when he did, he set her down, pulled out of her, and turned her around. She bent over and put her hands on the black board as he reentered her from behind and was soon thrusting with renewed vigor while he ran his hands across the smooth canvas of her bare back. The blackboard continued to shake and slam against the wall behind it, but not so loudly that I could not hear her gasping and panting as his cock excited her vagina and brought her ever closer to an orgasm.

But he did not take her, or himself, there yet. He stopped suddenly, stroking her long silky hair and leaning over her to kiss the back of her neck and nibble on her ear while he whispered words I could not discern. He pulled out of her once again and taking her by the hand led her over to his desk. She sat on the edge while he stepped in between her parted legs to kiss her some more. They never seemed to tire of kissing each other. I thought he was going to fuck her on the edge of the desk as he had done on his friend’s kitchen table, but he had other ideas. Instead, he helped her up onto the desk and had her lay flat across the length of it.

“Spread your legs for me, Mina,” I heard him say.

When she had done so, he bent over her and buried his face in her groin. I could not see too much of what he actually did, but from the energetic movement of his head and her subtle little squeaks and sighs, it was obvious that he was feasting on her pussy with gusto. He reached up and took both her hands in his, and they locked their fingers as he continued to work her over with his mouth. Wet, slurpy sounds carried across the room and told me that she was really getting moist and he was really getting into it. When the ecstasy started to overcome her, I could see her back arc several inches off the desk, her taut nipples pointed at the ceiling, while a low moan I had never heard from her before escaped her lips. I could see she was close to climaxing.

But still he would not allow it. Not yet. He raised his head, lips slick with her juices, and they exchanged smiles. Although I could feel the air conditioning in the room, her face glistened with perspiration. It was then that I heard the clicking of hard-soled shoes coming from the hallway outside. I panicked and looked out the window to see Mr. Czerkowski, the art teacher, walking down the hall in the direction of our room. Unsure what to do, I almost flipped the switch to shut off the lights—he couldn’t see what was going on if it was dark in here, right? But Mr. Czerkowski passed our door without a glance, oblivious to the sinful things transpiring inside. I was grateful Mr. Matthews wasn’t still noisily slamming Mina’s body against the blackboard.

When I turned back to watch them again, neither aware of the danger we all had only just adverted, I saw that Mr. Matthews had climbed onto the desk himself, his body hovering over Mina’s and his stiff cock poised above her pussy. She had spread her legs even further, each foot dangling well off the side of the desk. He took her legs by the back her knees and split her legs yet further apart; the gaping hole of her vagina must have fairly yawned before him. But still he did not enter her.

“Do you want my cock, Mina?”

She nodded. “Yes, Rick. I want you. I want your cock in me.”

“Do you think of me when we’re not together? Do you yearn for me?”

“I think about you all the time, Rick. Every day, I think about fucking you. Every time you fuck me, I can’t wait for you to fuck me again.”

“That’s what I want to hear, Mina.” He eased himself onto her, his cock sliding into her gaping vagina. She let out a satisfied gasp as he buried his cock to the balls in her warm, welcoming flesh. His naked ass rose and fell as he began thrusting into her, their hands clasped once again. As he fucked her on his desk, her knees bobbing in the air and feet swaying to each side, she made little sounds that were halfway between a grunt and a moan. Mina had never a lot of noise during sex, but somehow, he knew exactly how to coax a vocal response from her. After several minutes of this, I saw her bury her face in his neck and throw her arms around his back, while her knees closed tight against his hips. Her groans, though muffled, reached a higher pitched, and I saw the tell-tale quiver run through her naked body; she was having an orgasm. Mr. Matthews was still astride her, still pumping his cock into her, for at least another two minutes, and it looked as if her orgasm was ongoing the whole time. Then he threw his head back and let out a long, loud breath. She opened her mouth as if to cry out, but this time no sound issued forth. I knew she was feeling him come inside her. And I knew she was loving it.

He collapsed next to her, and they lay there on his desk embracing each other for several minutes. I could only see the back of his head from that angle, but I could hear the sound of wet sloppy kisses again. His hand ran over the smooth curve of her hip, hers over his rugged shoulder. Then I heard him speaking to her.

“Did you enjoy it, Mina?”

She nodded, still out of breath. “Can’t wait for next time.”

“I’ll have to think of something really special for our next session. Something both you and your boyfriend will particularly enjoy.”

He clambered off the desk and then helped her off as well. He began picking up his stapler, pens, books, and other items that been heedless scattered to the floor, while she came over and retrieved her clothes. Only after she started getting dressed did she hesitantly shift her eyes to me.

“Was that okay?”

“Yeah, that was great.”

“So you still enjoy watching this? It still gets you off?”

“Yeah, definitely.”

“Are you learning stuff? Rick is a teacher, after all.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think I can do some of the things he does. You know, like lift you up while I’m doing you.”

She smiled. “That’s okay. That’s the fun part—different guys do it in different ways. You’re gentle and sensitive, he’s strong and a bit rough. I don’t prefer one way, I love having both. You know, variety is the spice of life, and all that.”

By the time she finished dressing, Mr. Matthews was putting his shoes back on. “You had better leave class now, you two. There’s only so much time I can spend helping you with your projects before it beings to look suspicious.”

Mr. Matthews did not call Mina or ask her to stay after class again for a week. The school year was nearing its final days, and we wondered if there would be time for any more fun with our biology instructor before we graduated. Possibly he might still make arrangements to meet Mina over the summer, but it seemed likely that once we began college in the Fall we would not see him again. I think we both hoped there would be one last encounter.

We turned in our final projects the following week. We both received an A grade, of course. Unlike Teri and Angelina, whose B+ grades for their somewhat subpar work sparked a new round of suspicion and rumors, there was no reason for anyone to think our marks were not earned through merit alone, because of course they were. Thursday night, Mr. Matthews finally called Mina at home and asked if she and I could come to campus at 8 p.m. on Friday so he could let us in after hours. Our final exam was that day, and she said he wanted to do something special to celebrate with us after we inevitably aced the test.

“Well, I get to watch again. This will be the third time. What does he have planned?”

“I don’t know all the details, but he said there will be a guest this time to share the fun.”

“Really? Wow. Not Angelina again? I think you didn’t really like it when she joined you before.”

“He said it would be another teacher.”

“Whoa. Mrs. Clarke, you think?” Mrs. Clarke was undeniably hot. To have the opportunity to see her naked and to see her getting fucked alongside my Mina excited my imagination. We knew Mr. Matthews was fucking her on the reg, and she had already been with them once before.

“I don’t know, could be Clarke. Could be someone else. I hear he may be seeing Miss Martinez this year. He never talks to me much about the others.”

Miss Martinez, the geometry teacher, was one of the newer teachers at our school, and one of only a few under thirty years of age. She was cute, slim and had a bubbly personality; I would not have minded seeing her in action either.

“Or, you know, maybe he’ll bring Mrs. Tran. She could use a little fun.” We both had a laugh. Mrs. Tran, the social studies teacher, was seventy but looked closer to ninety. I was sure a good fuck would have done her some good, but I didn’t necessarily need to see it.

“He had more requests, too. He wants me to wear my hair in braids.”

“Okay. You look cute in braids. You haven’t worn them much since we were first dating.”

“Well, they can be a lot of work. And they make me look like a little girl.”

“I hate to say it, but I think that second thing may kinda be the whole point.”

“You may be right, he also wants me to wear something schoolgirlish. You know, like with a short plaid skirt or something.”

“Do you have that?”

“No, not really. Not anything short. I could try to buy something, but we’re doing this tomorrow, so not so much time. I think I’ll just wear my band uniform, that has a shortish skirt. Close enough. Band is over for the year, so not a big deal if we make a mess on the uniform.”

On Friday, we took all our finals, and as predicted we each breezed through them all, including the last one of the day, Biology. As I handed in my test to Mr. Matthews, I noticed there was a slight crack in the blackboard. Was that always there, or….? After school, Mina and I told our parents we were going out to blow off some steam after taking our finals. We hit up the local Taco Bueno for a couple of burritos and then I drove to the empty parking lot of the school. Mr. Matthews was waiting by the door of Building 3 with his keys.

“You look adorable, Mina. I always loved that marching outfit of yours. It showcases your lovely legs perfectly.” Mr. Matthews himself had switched from his shirt and tie to casual dress–jeans and a tropical print shirt.

The hallway was dark save for a few dim emergency lights as we made our way to Mr. Matthews’ classroom. A soft glow showed through the small window; the lights in his room were on. Was the guest already inside? I was dying to know who it would be. Would I get to see Mina performing a little girl-girl action? That would be completely new to me, not to mention mind blowing. Mr. Matthews inserted his key into the lock.

“This will be a little different than our previous sessions. Some creative role playing may be involved. I think you two will like it.”

He opened the door and ushered us in before him. The guest was indeed waiting inside, sitting on the corner of Mr. Matthews’ desk. My heart skipped a beat. It was not Mrs. Clarke nor Miss Martinez. It wasn’t even old Mrs. Tran. It was Mr. Dunn, who had been my U.S. History teacher Freshman year. I think Mina had him Sophomore year for American Government. Slightly older than Mr. Matthews, the two men were very different; short, slightly balding, and sporting a mustache, Mr. Dunn always impressed me as a bit stuffy and conservative; in contrast to Mr. Matthews, he was still wearing the gray suit he always wore in class. Why was he here? To watch, like I was? Or was he going to do things with Mina too? Why hadn’t Mr. Matthews told us about this? Was Mina okay with this? Was I?

As Mr. Matthews locked the door behind us, Mr. Dunn addressed us. Or rather, he ignored me and addressed Mina.

“Hello, Miss Jiao. I suppose you are wondering why Mr. Matthews and I asked you here tonight?”

“Well, I think I have a pretty good idea…”

“There were some irregularities with an exam you took for me when you were my student. Do you recall my mid-term U.S. Constitution test?”


“I have reason to believe you may have cheated.”

“I don’t think so, Mr. Dunn.” She glanced at me and then at Mr. Matthews, who stood there with arms crossed trying to look stern. Obviously, this the role playing he had mentioned.

“Prove it.” Mr. Dunn held up a piece of chalk. Mina walked over to him and took it from his hand. I held my breath, half expecting him to grab her or touch her when she came near him. Instead he gestured toward the much-abused blackboard. “Please list the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, also known, as you learned in my class, as the Bill of Rights.”

Mina began writing on the board. This kind of stuff was a piece of cake for her. She began listing the amendments as fast as she could write:

1.Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.

2.Right to bear arms.

3.Right to refuse to quarter soldiers (I would have missed that one myself, but not Mina.)

And so forth. When she was done, she set down the chalk and looked to Mr. Dunn. He examined her list and made a show of shaking his head and muttering “Tsk, tsk.” Of course, I knew he would find something wrong. No doubt it was in the script, and this was already turning out to be a very shallow and predictable script. “For number eight, you put, ‘freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.’”

“I think that’s correct, Mr. Dunn.”

“The eighth amendment also provides for freedom from excessive bail. Or do you believe the citizens of this country should be subject to whatever onerous bail amounts the courts which to impose upon them, hmm?”

“No, Mr. Dunn.”

“Perhaps we should make an example of you, Miss Jiao. Perhaps we should impose an unreasonable bail upon you as a condition of your leaving this room. I wonder what form of excessive payment you should be forced to yield to us, to teach you the importance of bail limitations?”

Mr. Matthews cleared his throat. “At any rate, she must be punished, Mr. Dunn.”

“Quite so, Mr. Matthews. And not the half-hearted corrective measures we are restricted to employing these days. Do you remember how punishments were meted out when we were students?”

“I do. Let me start.”

Mr. Matthews walked over to his desk and pulled his chair to the side. He sat down and then slapped his thigh, looking at Mina sternly. “Assume the position, my girl.”

It took me a second to figure out what he meant, but Mina got it right away. She went over to him and laid herself across his lap. He took the hem of her skirt and pulled it up over her butt, setting it down in a bunch on her back to reveal her white cotton panties. Now I understood the thinking behind having her wear a schoolgirl type skirt. Mr. Matthews ran his palm over the soft material of her panties before giving her a quick swat. It didn’t look that hard, but Mina jerked a little anyway. He spanked her a few more times, each a bit harder.

“That hardly seems sufficient, Mr. Matthews. The undergarments are softening the blow.”

“Patience, Mr. Dunn. I’m working up to it.” Mr. Matthews seemed a bit annoyed at being rushed, but in any case, he took her panties by the waistband and slid them off her butt and down her legs, letting them fall to her ankles. Her bare ass was now completely exposed, and I saw Mr. Dunn eyeing her fleshy rump approvingly. There was a sharp crack as Mr. Matthews’ hand now came down on the naked flesh of her cheeks. Again and again he spanked her, and she winched each time with what might have been real pain. I could see the skin on her butt turning bright pink.

Mr. Dunn picked up a wood ruler from Mr. Matthews’ desk. “I should think it’s time I took a turn, Mr. Matthews.”

Was Mr. Matthews going to let him spank Mina’s naked ass too? Was Mina? And with a ruler?

They were. Mina stood up, her panties still wrapped about her ankles, while Mr. Matthews moved and Mr. Dunn took his place on the chair. Mina laid herself over Mr. Dunn’s lap and he raised up her skirt again, revealing her little round ass once more. Taking her by the wrist, he bent one arm behind her back and then brought the ruler sharply across both ass cheeks with a loud crack. Mina let out a sudden yelp, and I knew this time the pain was definitely not feigned. Again he raised the ruler and gave her butt a powerful slap. Again and again. Her body rocked with each blow, her braids flailing wildly from the side of her head. She kicked her feet as she struggled against his grip, and I saw her panties work free from her ankles and fall to the floor. Was that deliberate on her part, or accidental?

After maybe eight or ten whacks, her butt was truly red. Setting down the ruler, Mr. Dunn ran his hand over the tortured flesh of her poor behind. “I am sorry to have to do this to you, Miss Jiao. But discipline must be maintained.” I saw him slip his fingers between her ass cheeks and she gave a surprised squeak; I knew he had touched her pussy, possibly even inserting a finger in her vagina.

“You may stand now, Mina,” Mr. Matthews said.

Mina got up off of Mr. Dunn’s lap and her skirt came down to cover her sore butt. I saw her wipe a little tear from the corner of her eye. I know she talked about how she enjoyed sex when it hurt a little. This wasn’t exactly sex, but there was certainly some pain involved. Was this too much? Were they taking this too far? Or was she enjoying it?

Mr. Dunn handed her the piece of chalk again. “Please correct your mistake, Miss Jiao.”

Mina returned to the board, rubbing her backside through the skirt as she did so. Slowly, she added the words “and against excessive bail” to the eight amendment. While she did so, Mr. Matthews came up behind her and pulled down her skirt, letting it fall into a heap around her feet. Her ass still bore the red marks of Mr. Dunn’s ruler. She finished writing and then set down the chalk, still facing the black board.

“Please turn around, Mina.” Mr. Matthews’ polite request sounded more like a command.

Mina slowly turned around. Though naked from the waist down, she held her hands crossed front of her, covering her pussy. She had never been shy around Mr. Matthews even when completely nude, but in front of Mr. Dunn it was obviously a different story. The two men were having none of it, however.

“Please put your hands on your head, Mina.”

She hesitated and then obeyed, raising her hands to her head. Not sure what to do with them, she tugged awkwardly at her braids. Mr. Matthews and Mr. Dunn appraised her with approving looks, the later focusing in particular on her furry little pussy. Noticing the target of his colleague’s gaze, Mr. Matthews reached out and stroked Mina’s pubic hair.

“You are always so soft, Mina. A delight for the fingers.”

Of course, Mr. Dunn had to see for himself. He ran his own fingers through her luscious bush until they found their way below the dark carpet of hair to the soft flesh beneath, where his hand lingered for more than a minute. Now Mr. Dunn had both seen and felt up my girlfriend’s pussy–twice, it seemed. How far would this go? What would Mr. Matthews and Mina–what would I–allow this man to do? I already knew the answer but couldn’t tell if I was sick with horror or overcome with anticipation.

“If you think you have already atoned for your errors, Miss Jiao, you are woefully incorrect. You have been suitably punished, but there is yet more you must do to fully make amends.”

While Mr. Dunn lectured her, Mr. Matthews unbuttoned her jacket and opened it wide. Underneath she wore a small white blouse, which he tore down the middle before yanking it in shreds from her. He left her in the unbuttoned jacket, completely open in front to reveal her soft, milky breasts. I could see that her nipples were erect. Yes, there was no question–she was aroused. Very aroused. Mr. Matthews smiled, obliviously coming to the same conclusion as I.

He moved behind her and nuzzled her neck and shoulders while he reached around her front and played with her breasts. I saw Mr. Dunn bend down and scoop up her panties and put them in his coat pocket. Then he moved in front of her. While Mr. Matthews held her by both elbows and continued nuzzling her, Mr. Dunn gave her a long, sloppy kiss on the mouth. I could see her lips part as her tongue extended to meet his. My ninth grade history teacher was making out with my nearly naked girlfriend.

“Are you ready to make amends, Mina?” Mr. Matthews wanted to know.

Mr. Dunn stopped kissing her so she could reply. “Yes.”

“What will you do to redeem yourself?”

“Anything you want.”

“Anything?” Mr. Dunn sounded excited, breaking character for a moment.

“Yes. Anything.”

“On your knees, Mina.”

Mina dropped to her knees, no hesitation this time. The two men stood in front of her, just far enough apart that I could still see Mina kneeling expectantly between them. She wasn’t really going to do this, was she? Not with Mr. Dunn too? The idea of Mina and Mr. Matthews had been in my mind since even before anything had actually happened between the two. But this was different; we had never discussed Mr. Dunn, never even thought about him. Yet here he was, touching her and kissing her, and God knew what else was next. Things felt out of my control. Yet deep down I knew I still had the power to object; I had the means to forbid things from going any further if I wanted to. But I didn’t. I had to see how far it was going to go. As long as Mina was willing to go along with it, so too, I knew, was I.

I also knew the whole schoolgirl thing was Mr. Dunn’s fantasy. It was for his benefit. Mr. Matthews liked to put on a show, but this play acting was not quite his style. This was Mr. Dunn’s kink. How had he gotten Mr. Matthews to agree to invite him, anyway? The two men seemed to have little in common, it was difficult to imagine that they were friends. Had he somehow found out about Mr. Matthews’ improper activities with students? Was he blackmailing Mr. Matthews? Was Mina some kind of bribe to buy the history teacher’s silence?

My thoughts were interrupted with a start as I suddenly heard the sound of Mr. Matthews unzipping his fly. In the next instant his cock was out of his pants and in his hand, already completely erect. The innocent schoolgirl routine may have been Mr Dunn’s idea, but it was having an effect on Mr. Matthews too.

Mina took the cock being offered her in her hand and began kissing and licking it, seemingly unconcerned that this intimate act had more audience than just her boyfriend this time. After a few minutes of teasing, she took Mr. Matthews’ cock in her mouth and slid it back and forth between her lips. As she sucked and slurped, her gaze focused on his face as she had done before. I was hit by the sudden and inexplicable realization that she was not looking to him for approval or to gauge his reaction. It was for my benefit. She wasn’t going to close her eyes and pretend she was giving me a blow job. She wanted me to see that she knew exactly whose cock she had in her mouth. I had no idea how I knew this—or even if there was any truth at all behind the idea—but the thought was suddenly cemented in my mind.

“Enjoying your penance, Mina?”

“Don’t encourage bad habits in the girl, Mr. Matthews,” Mr. Dunn interjected. “A young lady should not speak with her mouth full.”

“Good point, Mr. Dunn.”

“But I would like to remind you both that it was my constitution test that was the subject of Miss Jiao’s dishonesty. Amends must be made to me, not just her current teacher.”

Mina kept going at Mr. Matthews’ dick, but her eyes sifted toward Mr. Dunn. To my amazement, she reached over and fumbled with his belt buckle. When she had it undone, she popped open the button on his pants and undid the zipper. It was amazing how deft she had become at opening a man’s pants, even operating one handed and being distracted by performing oral sex with another man did now slow her down. Her fingers probed into his pants, searched his briefs, and emerged with his cock. Mina now held our history teacher’s dick in her hand.

Still sucking hard at Mr. Matthews’ cock, she began to stroke Mr. Dunn’s. Soon she had a matching rhythm going for both men; suck, stroke, suck, stroke. Was she just going to give Mr. Dunn a hand job while Mr. Matthews received the oral? Just when I thought that was going to be the case, she pulled away from Mr. Matthews’ cock and plunged Mr. Dunn’s into her mouth. His member was not quite as large as Mr. Matthews’, and she easily engulfed the entire length on her first try. I couldn’t believe my eyes. His dick was in her mouth. She really was going to do anything and everything he wanted.

Although she sucked him as willingly and as eagerly as she had done for Mr. Matthews, he seemed to think she needed some help anyway. Taking a braid in each hand, he tugged her head toward him, controlling the pace at which she slid her mouth up and down his cock with regular jerks of her hair. Although Mina made no protest, I personally did not care for that, and neither apparently did Mr. Matthews.

“Let the girl do it herself, Mr. Dunn. I assure you she knows what she is doing. Besides, you don’t plan to monopolize her all to yourself, now, do you?”

Mr. Dunn released Mina’s braids and she pulled away from his cock but continued to stroke it with her hand while she resumed sucking Mr. Matthews. This went on for five or maybe ten minutes with her alternating between the two men, eating the cock of one while jerking the cock of the other, then switching. I lost count of how many times she made the switch, but it was over a dozen. When she finally paused to catch her breath, her lower lip and chin were dripping with saliva and pre-cum, as were her hands and the two cocks she still gripped.

“Please stand, Mina.”

She rose and Mr. Matthews helped her out of her band jacket. She kicked off her shoes, and now she was fully naked. Mr. Dunn ran his hand over her ass, still beet red from her punishment. Mr. Matthews straightened her braids and kissed her lips. He then whispered something in her ear which I could not hear, and she nodded in response.

She walked over to a student desk—mine, in fact. Coincidence, or deliberate? She turned the chair sideways and then knelt on the seat, he elbows resting on the desk for support. Mr. Matthews stripped off his pants and then came up behind her, cock in his hands. He was going to fuck her while Mr. Dunn watched. Taking her hips in his hands, he pressed his cock into her, and I heard her satisfied sigh as she felt him enter her vagina from behind. With steady strokes, he worked her pussy with his cock, her head nodding in time to each thrust. He took her twin braids in his hands and held them like the reigns of a horse.

Did I say Mr. Dunn was only going to watch? He moved in front of Mina and offered his cock. She smiled, gave his balls a lick, and then slid his shaft between her lips. As Mr. Matthews fucked Mina in her sweet pussy, Mr. Dunn fucked her pretty face. This was her first time with two dicks insider her at once, and neither of them was mine. Mina and I had shared many sexual firsts together, but in the last few months she had experienced many more that I had only heard about or witnessed: her first sex without a condom, her first time swallowing cum, first time staying the night with a man, first sexy lingerie, first sixty-nine (and also that weird rim job thing), first threesome with a man and woman, first threesome with two men, first time being fucked on a desk, on a kitchen table, against a wall. She wasn’t just mine anymore. She was Mr. Matthews’. And now she was Mr. Dunn’s, too.

After several minutes I could see from Mina’s body language that she was having an orgasm. I think she wanted to moan but managed to hold it back so she could keep sucking Mr. Dunn without interruption. After another minute or two, Mr. Matthews climaxed as well; when he pulled out from her, I could see a thin trail of glistening semen suspended from the tip of his cock to her pussy. Driblets of cum fell on my desk chair. I wondered if she was going to make Mr. Dunn cum in her mouth. Was she going to swallow his jizz too? I already knew the answer.

But I was wrong. That was not how this was going to play out.

“Mr. Dunn, why don’t you have Mina to yourself for a while? Mina, please show Mr. Dunn what a wonderful and loving girl you are, won’t you?”

Mr. Dunn pried his cock out of her mouth. Was he going to move around and mount her from behind too? Instead, he instructed her to lay on the floor. As she stretched out on the cold linoleum, Mr. Dunn removed his jacket, shirt, trousers, and all the rest of his clothing while Mina watched patiently. When he was completely naked, he knelt on the floor next to her and ran a finger along her nude body, from her soft pubic hair, in and out of her navel, over the low mound of her breast, and up to her lips. She reached out and blindly found his cock, stroking it until he was fully hard again.

“Spread your legs for me, Miss Jiao.”

She raised her knees a bit and parted her thighs. I could see the dark little opening to her vagina, her swollen clit, the sticky residue of Mr. Matthews’ cum still plastered to her flesh. She was ready for him. She was ready to be fucked by Mr. Dunn.

Mr. Matthews handed him a small plastic square, which Mr. Dunn ripped open. I saw with some relief that it was a condom. After putting it on, he moved between Mina’s legs, his hands on her knees. Slowly, a bit awkwardly, he pushed his cock into her waiting pussy. Then he lay on top of her, her petite body pressed beneath the weight of his, and his butt began to rise and fall as he plowed his dick into her. Taking her hands, he pinned them to the floor and pressed his mouth over her, kissing her savagely.

He was doing it. Mr. Dunn was fucking Mina. Mr. Matthews had said she should be shared with the world. He did not wait for me to do it, he had gone ahead and shared her himself. What next? Would he let Mr. Turley, the gym teacher, have a turn with her next? Would he let Mr. Vasquez, the vice principal, bone her in his office? Maybe an orgy with half the faculty in the teacher’s lounge? How about the owner of the beach house whose bed she had already been fucked in several times?

Or perhaps my Mina would be his reward for some of his favorite students. Carlos Ortega, the class president. Or Charles Radner, a good friend who had known Mina and I since middle school. Didn’t Joey Marconi have Mr. Matthews for second period? Would he let any of them, or all of them, have a taste of Mina? Would he even have her be with a stranger? When and if Mina went to see Mr. Matthews alone again, would I be waiting at home not only to hear what happened, but who else had been allowed to fuck her that night? I felt we had turned a corner. By letting things progress this far without objection, I had quietly given my approval for anything Mr. Matthews might dream up for Mina. Nothing, and no one, was off the table. It was no longer my decision, or even hers; it was his.

I could hear Mr. Dunn talking to Mina now as he continued to sink his cock in and out of her.

“Oh Miss Jiao, oh Mina! You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this. That year you were in my class, seeing your cute face every day. How I thought about you, fantasized about you. And now I have you.”

“I wanted you too, Mr. Dunn,” Mina gasped. “I wanted to fuck you so bad. I wanted to feel you inside me. Oh, my God, Mr. Dunn! This is the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

He moved to kiss her again but then squinted his eyes and let out a rough grunt instead. I knew he was climaxing inside Mina. I saw her body shudder a little and thought she might be having a mini orgasm herself. Mr. Dunn lay on top of her for a while, his body completely spent, then whispered a “thank you, Miss Jiao,” as he clambered off her.

I think I was a little stunned by everything I had seen and heard in that room because I only vaguely recall how it ended. It seemed like everyone except for me was hurriedly putting clothes back on, and I think I remember Mr. Matthews offering to pay Mina for the blouse he had destroyed. Mr. Dunn just seemed to vanish as I did not notice him leave, and I was sort of in a fog as Mr. Matthews led us down the hall and let us out of the building. We hurried across the dark parking lot like a couple of fugitives fleeing a crime scene, and the next thing I knew I was driving us back to my house.

Later that night Mina and I lay on the patio chairs in my parents’ backyard and looked up at the stars as we discussed the craziness of that evening.

“Did you know Mr. Dunn would be there?”

Her hair was still in braids, and they whipped back and forth as she shook her head. “I had a suspicion Rick might bring another male teacher, he kind of sort of hinted at something like that a couple of times, but I wasn’t sure, and I definitely didn’t know it would be Mr. Dunn if he did. Sorry I didn’t warn you. I kind of wanted it to be a surprise if, you know, there was a second guy. And I’m sorry you didn’t get to see Mrs. Clarke naked. She’s in pretty good shape for a woman who’s had two kids.”

“Did you really have a thing for Mr. Dunn since Sophomore year?”

“Mr. Dunn? No, he’s not even that good looking.”

“You made it sound like, well…I mean, the best fuck you ever had?”

“You know Mr. Dunn’s wife left him last month, right?”

“What? No, I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah. They had been together for, like twenty years. I heard she ran off with a younger man. It was really sad.”


“Yeah. So did you like seeing me do two guys at once?”

“Yeah, it was pretty hot. You don’t know how hard it is to keep from whipping out my dick and jerking off when I watch you. I can’t believe how comfortable you’ve become with all this stuff.”

“You want to be the other guy, sometime? With me and Mr. Matthews, or even someone else?”

“Don’t say Joey Marconi.”

She laughed and punched my arm. “You keep bringing him up. I think you do want me to fuck him.”

“We could do it. I mean a threesome, not Joey. Let me work up to it, okay?”


“Did the spanking really hurt? Was it too much?”

“A little, like when Mr. Dunn used the ruler. But it’s okay, I kinda like it when it hurts. I know when you spank me—and you will–you’ll be a bit more gentle. With you, it’ll be just perfect.”

“Did you get your panties back?”

She laughed. “No, I’ll never see that pair again. Mr. Dunn will probably frame them and put them up on his wall.”

“Graduation is next Wednesday. Do you think you’ll see Mr. Matthews again?”

“I don’t know. Maybe this summer. I’m not thinking about that right now.” She moved over to share the same patio chair I was reclining in and cuddled up against me. “Right now, I’m just happy to be with you.”

We did not hear from Mr. Matthews that summer. She did not have sex with him again that year, in fact, nor the next, nor the next. About fifteen years later we connected with Mr. Matthews through MySpace. We invited him to visit us, and he did. At the time, we were in our early thirties, and he was pushing sixty, but still in pretty good shape. After we put the kids to sleep, he fucked Mina on our bed while I watched. He didn’t have the stamina he once had, but still knew had to coax the same lusty sounds out of her. That was the last time we saw him. It’s been another twenty years since.

But Mr. Matthews had been only the beginning of our adventures in sex and sharing. We spent four years at the same university and had may wild experiences there involving classmate, faculty, and even random strangers. Our lifestyle continued unabated after marriage, and we found no shortage of men eager to bed a sexy married lady. When Mina began her career as a physics professor, it was her turn to seduce and bring home students; now she was the teacher imparting sexual knowledge to inexperienced young partners. Now in our fifties, we aren’t quite as adventurous as once we were. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have some fun from time to time. All in all, it has been a life with no regrets. My crazy life with Mina.

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