Monday Night Sports 4.9/5 (17)

Steve and Ann had only been married about two years when they found their sexual desires for each other dimming. They had lived together five years before they were married and had lived together now for at least seven years… On Monday nights Steve and his two softball buddies, Jeff and Tom, met early to watch Pro Wresting in Steve’s basement.

Ann, Tom’s wife Belinda, and Jeff’s wife Brandi had gone out for a nice dinner. After a few glasses of wine Ann confessed to the other women that their love life had dwindled to maybe once per month.

“Shit. I thought it was just Jeff and I.” Brandi said with a big gulp of wine. “Maybe, it’s that seven year itch thing?”

“Yeah. Our sex life’s not so great anymore either.” Belinda confessed.

“All they think about is sports and we are not part of it. Somehow, we need to spark their interest.” Ann said.

“Right. If we go and stand in front of the TV naked they would probably throw things at us to move.” Belinda chuckled.

“Hey. Maybe Belinda has the answer?” Ann said with a smile.

“I’m not planning on standing naked in front of a TV.’ Brandi laughed.

“Maybe not naked but what if we three did some wrestling in front of them?” Ann asked while looking at their expressions to see if they would buy it.

“I’m not much of a wrestler.” Brandi laughed. She was on the skinny side.

“Go on Ann.” Belinda said. “Would we just fake it like the Pro’s do?”

”Sure. Why not? Steve gets really excited when the women go at each other on the TV. I’m sure the guy’s pants will be ripping if we start rolling around on the floor wearing the short skirts we have on right now.” Ann laughed.

“How do we start?” Brandi asked. “And, all we are showing is panties, right?”

“Sure.” Ann answered. “Let’s join the guys and get into a fake wrestling match.” Ann continued to describe the plan. The other two agreed and they all shook hands.

The guys were yelling when the women walked down the stairs. “Hey guys. Can we join you?” Ann asked as she entered the finished room in the basement. She laughed when she saw the three men on the edge of their seats watching wrestling.

“What? Sure. Just don’t get in the way.” Steve said to his wife. Ann sat on the arm of the chair next to Steve while Belinda and Brandi squeezed next to their husbands on the large sofa. All of their skirts were pulled high on their thighs. It was the first part of the plan.

Men may enjoy sports on TV but the male mind can easily be distracted if a peek at a girl’s panties opportunity pops up. Suddenly there were three opportunities. The men moved back in their seats and pretended to talk to each other while there eyes strayed to look up the short skirts of the other wife’s legs.

“That guy sucks!” Ann suddenly yelled when a large muscular guy jumped up and smacked another guy. “No way!” The guy with the black shorts sucks!” Belinda shouted.

“Both of you are wrong. I like the small guy.” Brandi cried.

“I could whip the small guy’s ass.” Ann laughed at Brandi.

“Shit. You couldn’t even whip my ass.” Brandi challenged back.

“Neither of you can take me.” Belinda said while standing up and flexing her muscles. She did work out with weights and did have some pretty big biceps.

The guys stopped looking at the TV and were now looking at their wives. “Yeah. You tell them Belinda.” Tom said supporting his wife.

“Actually, I can take on both of you.” Belinda challenged.

Brandi was the first to quickly throw her body at Belinda. She grabbed her around the waist and held on as Ann flew across the room and put her arms around her arms and chest. As Belinda fell onto the large soft rug in front of the men Brandi was pinned under her while Ann was lying on top.

Steve had the best view because of the way the women had fallen. All three women had their legs pointing toward him. Brandi’s skirt was pushed up over her hips and her white lace panties were easily seen under Belinda’s legs.

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