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My wife and I have been together for 12 + years and married for over 6. We have a great relationship and she turns me on like no other. We have an open relationship and have enjoyed inviting others to the bedroom for a little erotic fun.

I get extremely aroused with the thought of my wife being naughty and fucking another man. We have enjoyed some HOT MFM experiences and always open to more.

We recently went to Florida as my wife had a conference to attend. I tagged along for some sun and relaxation. I really did not have any plans while my wife attended her conference so one day I just drove around the city to get familiar with the surroundings. When I headed back to the hotel, I noticed an adult book store close by. I just made a mental note of it and went back to meet my wife at the hotel.

Since she had to attend her conference the next day as well, we were not planning on doing much. We decided just dinner and a few drinks close to the hotel. Well, I love my wife to dress sexy and since we were out of town, I encouraged her to push the envelope a bit. She wore a short skirt and low cut blouse that made her look incredible.

I could not keep my hands off of her all thru dinner. After dinner, we went to a Martini bar next door to have a few drinks. She was getting lots of attention and my wife was loving it. We got a nice buzz and were feeling horny so we decided to head back to the hotel.

While driving back I remembered I had spotted that adult book store and asked my wife if she would like to stop. She was game so we pulled in. We were checking out the selection of toys and sexy clothes when I kept noticing one guy checking out my wife.

He was a bit older with salt-n-pepper hair, mustache and a nice body. I whispered to my wife that he was checking her out and she smiled and sent a wink his way. We continued checking out the toys and decided on a clit stimulator.

I had seen that this store had some viewing booths in the back and suggested that after we buy her toy we try it out in the back. Normally my wife would have said NO but that alcohol and horniness got the best of her and she agreed.

We paid for the toy and headed back to where the booths were.

We selected a booth and starting scanning thru the porno?s till we found one that caught our attention. We put the batteries in the vibrator and got comfortable. I lifted her skirt and ran my fingers over her pussy, her panties were soaked and I knew she was feeling naughty. I needed to use the restroom before things got to crazy so I excused myself to go.

I told her that when I came back I wanted to hear moans coming from the booth as she masturbated to her first orgasm. When I came back I definitely heard her moaning and the clit stimulator buzzing. I decided to hang out listining to the erotic sounds as she was being very vocal.

I then noticed the gentleman from before had walked back to where the booths were. We made eye contact and smiled at eachother. He stood by the selection of movies playing trying to look interested but I caught him looking my way a few times. I motioned for him to come over and told him I was enjoying the sounds of my wife masturbating.

He became very aroused as evident by the bulge in his Dockers. We stood outside for a bit till we heard the unmistakable sounds of my wife having her first orgasm. I was soooo turned on that I decided to take a risk. I asked this guy if he would like to join us in our booth even though my wife and I had never done that before and had not agreed to it.

Of course, he was game so I knocked on the door and my wife opened it. She was totally caught off guard by seeing another man with me. She tried to cover up but I stopped her and said we would like to just watch…flashing a wicked smile her way. Realizing it was the gentleman from before she relaxed a bit and agreed he could watch.

I sat next to her and kissed her deeply. I told her how much I loved her and how much I wanted her to be my naughty girl and put on a good show for our friend. I started playing with her nipples and running my hands over her pussy. Soon she was responding and the familiar sound of her moans was escaping her.

It wasn?t long before she was feeling comfortable and really getting into putting on a show for us. She got her vibrator and starting working her clit while I licked and sucked her nipples. Our friend was also getting very turned on and I noticed him drop his pants and pull out his cock. Oh my god…he had an awesome cock. It was and inch or two longer than mine and thick! When my wife noticed I know she liked it as well becuase her eyes got huge and she licked her lips very seductively.

Soon all inhibitions were gone as my wife was nearing her second orgasm. She reached out and starting stroking our friends cock. He moved closer to her and soon she was stoking him with a nice fast rythem. I was so aroused watching my wife masturbate while stoking this guys cock that I had to pull out my own cock and start stroking it. It wan?t long before my wifes orgasm hit her and she went wild as her pussy became drenched in her juices.

The site was incredible and I know our friend was just as turned on as us because he had pre-cum dripping from his hard cock. When my wife calmed down from her orgasm she noticed the pre-cum and immediately licked it off and started sucking his cock. WOW, I love it when her freak nasty side comes out and I knew our friend was in for a real treat. While she went to work on his cock, I went to work on her pussy. It was very wet and I was happy to lick off all her juices.

I knew she was very turned on because her juices were dripping down her pussy to her asshole and I was more than willing to lick everywhere. From time to time I would look up to see that huge cock disappear into her mouth and seeing her lips around the base of that cock was such a turn on.

After a while our friend and I switched places and he devoured my wifes pussy while she sucked on my cock. Looking into her eyes, I knew he was very skilled at eating pussy becasue he was driving my wife crazy. Before long she cried out that she was cumming and our friend was treated to the sweet taste of her juices all over his face.

(she later told me that what aroused her most was thinking about drenching our friends mustache in her cum so that he could continue to smell her all night!)

After calming down from her third orgasm of the night I knew her pussy was on fire. She asked me if our friend could fuck her as she wanted to feel that big cock inside of her. Of course I agreed so long as he had some condoms. Our friend pulled out a 3 pack of condoms and quickly wrapped one around his cock.

My wife spread her legs and demanded that our friend fuck her hard and good! When he slid his big cock into her pussy, her eyes rolled back and she cried out how fucking good it felt. She quickly adjusted to his size and soon they were fucking eachother like crazy. I knew she was realy enjoying it because she was becoming very vocal and talking nasty.

After about 5 minutes of fucking our time had finally run out on the video player. I did not want the action to stop so I put in some more money and told my wife and our friend to keep fucking till they are both satisfied. She told me she wanted to suck my dick while this big dick fucks her pussy.

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  • maryann

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    my girl friend has told me of glory holes in porno shops i would love to go in one i just dont tjhink jack would be ok with it it sounds such fun she waits and watches which booth a black man goes into and she gets on other side

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