Me And Donna, With Dan And Beth Too


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Section 1

I started telling this 40 year old story, of Beth, my first wife. After Beth and I separated, she would tell me more about her sexual adventures with Art and Others. We would get together once in a while, fuck, suck and share stores, so she wanted to know about some of my partners too.

The first I shared with her was Donna, our neighbor at the time that Beth first got interested in bedding Art. After Beth’s confessed about meeting and parking with Art after work and doing everything but fuck, she had told me she really wanted to go to bed with him. We had talked and agreed to and open relationship. Fridays, I’d go out on a date and she would have Art over for sex in our home. Before the first Friday with Art, Beth arranged for me to talk with Donna. She wanted me to speak with her so Donna could let Beth know if I was truly OK with the arrangement of Beth fucking Art and me going on date as we had agreed. Beth made reservations for Donna and I to have dinner and talk. We really could not speak in the restaurant so we talked more explicitly on the way home, I drove slow, close to home I drove in circles around the neighborhood to allow more time to talk. I finally asked Donna if we could just stop and park so we could talk more. Donna agreed with a big smile.

We talked about Beth’s desire to be with Art, sexually, and eventually Donna started sharing information about her husband Dan. Telling how he liked to “lick my pussy after he cam in me," she asked “Do you think he’s gay?”. I told her no, I didn’t think that eating his own cum especially out of her was gay.

After a while, we ended our discussion and I drove the last block home and we said good night. Many months later, I started to think it was my opportunity to have sex with Donna.That was an opportunity I missed. So, after Beth and I split I was hopping to run into Donna and strike up a conversation. This is what I shared with Beth.

JUST HAPPEN TO SEE DONNA Knowing that Donna often stopped at the nearby grocery store on the way home, I started to stop on the way home too. I was lucky enough to see her only a few days after I started this approach, It was a Friday.

“Hello Donna, how are you? What a surprise to just happen to see you.” I said. Donna responded, “Hello James, great to see you, how are YOU doing?” “I’m doing well on my own, good think I’m not helpless in the homemaking department” I said, then asked “How about we go sit somewhere and have a drink or a cup of coffee?”

“Sorry, I need to get these groceries home and put in the refrigerator. But I have no plans tonight. What if we get together later?” She offered then added, “Dan is going to watch a ball game tonight, so he would not miss me, I’ll be out of his hair“.

“Great, we can meet for dinner or drinks, you have a favorite place?” I asked. Donna said, “Actually, it would be nicer, if we could be somewhere quiet and not crowed. I’ll come over to your home after dinner for drinks, 8:00?”

“Yes, that would be great, I look forward to spending some time with you. How lucky I was to run into you” knowing it was not luck at all. “Yes, we are lucky to get to spend some time together, I’ll try to get there before 8!”

ENTERTAINING DONNA AT HOME About 7:30, the door bell rang, When I opened the door for Donna, I was pleasantly surprised, she was wearing the dress she had on when we had dinner 2 years earlier. “Wow, you look great, sexy!” I said, as I gave her a hug and a kiss. “Thanks, I though you might like it, I assume you remember this outfit. I though it might help us pickup where we left off.” She offered with a big smile, the same great sexy smile I remember from when I asked to park and talk.

As we walked toward the living room, I asked what she would like to drink. I showed her to the sofa, but as I went to get the drinks, she went to the bathroom. When I returned to the living room, she was already sitting in the middle of the sofa, I gave her the white wine and sat next to her. At first we exchanged current information and pleasantries. Then she said she remembered the night we had dinner and chatted. I mentioned how she smiled when I suggested we park and talk, in stead of driving around. I told her that many months later I would wonder if I missed signals from that night and missed an opportunity to be intimate.

Donna responded, “You absolutely did.”

I told her that when it dawned on me what might have been. I told her I would think about how I should have reacted. I should have started by kissing you and start moving my hands over you sexy body. Each time based on your reaction I’d do more, eventually, my hand would be on your thigh, and move toward you pussy. Getting to your panties, I’d move the gusset aside….

Section 2

Donna interrupted, “No, you could not have done that.” “Oh, I’m sorry, I though you had indicated you were open to such intimate activities.” I was confused. Donna enthusiastically offered, “Yes I was very open, but you could not put your fingers into my panties. I had removed them before leaving the restaurant.” Another big sexy smile, “In anticipation having my pussy pleasured.”

“I certainly want to pleasure you pussy, even if it is two years later. Should we make up for the lost time?” I asked.

Donna responded by leaning toward me giving me a big kiss, taking my right hand and placing it on her left thigh. As we kissed and our tongues explored each others mouth, my hand moved toward her pussy, when it reached her wet cunt, she broke the kiss and said, “Oh, ya, I removed my panties when I first arrived and went to the bathroom, again, in anticipation, and I’ve been dripping wet since!”

I inserted a finger and felt her slippery cunt, then a second finger, getting both very wet with her thick sex juice. Donna moved her hand up from my thigh felling the bulge of my heartening cock. She squeezed and I moaned into her mouth. I then removed my fingers from her cunt and brought the dripping treat to our mouths, we each sucked on a finger until they were clean. “Mmm, I like you taste, I want more.” I breathed. She agreed, “Yes I like it too. Have some more.” she offered pushing my head toward her widening spread legs.

I offered no resistance, moving to the heady fragrance of her tasty cunt. I got on my knees and pulled her forward so her ass was on the edge of the cushion providing me with unrestricted access. My tongue licked from the bottom of her slit slowly moving upward as it dipped deeper through the folds of her labia, pausing the upward movement pushing my wiggling tongue into her depths. Donna’s moaning was accompanied with deep breathing and she pulled my head tight against her cunt. She then moved my head to position my wiggling tongue at here clit. Her moans and breathing increased, she started to shake, grasping my hair as she orgasmed. As it subsided, she inhaled then sighed and regaled my head. “Kiss me” she demanded. We kissed, Donna sucked and liked her taste from my mouth and face then said, “Wow, I needed that, I needed you, I needed a big orgasm, it’s been a long time since I had a great one like you gave me. Take me to your bed and do what you will.

We quickly moved to the bedroom. She in buckled my belt as I unzipped her dress and slipped it off her shoulders so it wold fall to the floor leaving her naked except for her shoes. She crawled onto the bed as I finished undressing.

I should note Donna has a very nice body, her boob looked nice but I knew they were fake. Great hips and nice belly a soft round, but not fate. She has light blond hair — yes absolutely a natural blond.

Donna looked at me as I got on the bed, “I want to suck your cock, but first, I need you to fuck me.” I’d have to be crazy to pass up suck a request. I moved on top of her as she spread her legs wide, she grabbed my cock and guided it to her opened cunt. As I entered, I could feel the warmth dampness of her desire. My cock pushed in and pulled out first slowly, then setting a good rhythm. We both were enjoying the pleasure we were providing each other. She then said she wanted to ride my cock. I rolled us over making sure to not slip out. She started fucking herself by ride my couch, her knees in each side of me. I had her reposition herself so her feet were flat on the bed at my sides. “Oh my, I never did this position, I can feel your cock is deeper like this. I held her by the hands so she wouldn’t fall back as she was doing squats on my cock slamming down felling it pushing hard agains her cervix. As she started to cum, I could feel my cock expanding. “I’m going to cum,” she moaned, between breaths, “I can feel your cock getting harder, cum, with me, cum in me, cum deep in my”, Donna stated, then she slammed down onto me forcing my cock deep in to her as we both cam. I, shooting copious amount of cum, coating all ridges of her womb, with my sticky seed.

Donna, sat there on top of me for a while catching her breath. Than she started to move up my body, over my stomach, over my chest, as she kept moving upward, she finally spoke. “That felt like a lot of cum, it felt great. I’m going to squat over your moth pleas suck it out, but don’t swallow, hold it in you mouth. As she was finally over my mouth, I could see her cunt starting to reales our cum-pussy mix. I open my mouth as she sat I inserted my tongue to assist the flow and get all out. As I got the last drop that I could, Donna removed her tasty cunt from my mouth and replaced it with her mouth. Our passionate kiss swirled the mixture around our tongues and back and fourth between our mouths until all cum was gone.

We lie along side each other kissing as hands roamed. We fell asleep n the comfort and afterglow of sex. Waking about 11 pm we kissed again, Donna realizing the time stated she had to get going, but wanted to fuck and me cum in her one more time before she left.

I suggested she call home and tell Dan she had too much to drink and was staying at her girlfriend. “Dan knows I’m on a ‘date’” Donna confessed. “You date other men with Dan’s knowledge? He is ok with that? What does he do about it? Does he date other women?” I ask with curiosity.

Donna shared a lot of information. She had been having others men for years. Dan, not only knows but encourages her. He does not date other women nor would Donna want him. She reminded, on our dinner date, she said, “Dan likes to lick my pussy after he cam in me," she said the “he” she was talking about was the pediatrician, she was working for. Often after office hours she would have sex with him, go home and Dan, would gladly eat her cum filled pussy. Yes, he also eat his cum out of her too.

She learned, the nights she was with another man, Dan would jerk off thinking about them. A few months after leaning about him jerking off, told him to save in a cup or jar, until she retrained home. She wanted him to drink it in front of her. He did not care for that idea, thought it was too submissive. Donna became more dominant with their sex lives. She demanded he save his cum, and when he refused again. She told him until he did he would not have any sex with her until. He then said OK. “OK”, she repeated, then added, well, you do that for a month, to show your obedience before you can have my pussy.” Since then she had added other demands of his sexual obedience. But she also tries to reward him too.

One sexual thing he would like she has not been able to give hime. “He wants to watch me getting fucked by another man, and eat the fresh load of cum out of my cunt immediately after, while my lover watch Dan. I have not found a love, comfortable and willing to participate. Are you?”

After telling me more, she offered to stay the night, If I would be that lover. I agreed, she called home told Dan she was staying the night, and of my agreement. “Yes, keep saving it in the cup, I’ll make you breakfast when I get home and add some to you scrambled eggs and use as cream for your coffee. Love you too.”

Donna spent the night, we fucked, sucked and cam many times. We fell asleep spooning with my cock in her pussy, slipping out during the night when is soften and shrunk. We woke before 6, showered, sliding and sliding against each other, fingering and stocking. We dried off and went to bed to fuck and fill her cunt one more time so she could return home to Dan. We planned for me to arrive at home about 8.

Section 3

SEX WITH DONNA AS DAN WATCHES AND SUBMITS I continued telling Beth about sex with Donna.

When I arrived, both Donna and Dan answered the door, welcoming, Donna have me a hug and a big kiss, Dan was smiling ear-to-ear. They both had on loose shorts and a t-shirt, bare feet. Donna was not wearing a bra.

We went into the living room, Dan want to get us drinks, We talked for a while through our drinks, no of us wanted more, we all wanted to be totally alert during this experience. Donna asked Dan to go to the bedroom, that we’d join him a minute or two. Donna explains what she expected to happen, and that although she did not expect me to have sex with Dan, there might be some minor occasional contact, because of close proximity. We kissed, she stood and reached for my hand and guided me to the bedroom.

Dan was naked as we entered, with a hard on in anticipation. Donna told Dan to present her for me to fuck her. Dan stepped forward, removed Donna’s t-shirt and shorts. She was naked. He helped her onto the bed. “Offer me to James,” she commanded. Dan spread her legs wide, then spread her labia, she was already wet. I got on the bed and kneeled between her legs. “Give him your wife’s pussy, guide his cock to my pussy and insert it my wet cunt.” She firmly instructed Dan.

Dan did what he was told, got off the bed, and watched me fuck Donna. He sat in a chair placed at the foot of the bed so he could watch my cock go in and out of his wife’s sex. As he watched he stroked, with a jar ready to catch his spunk.

Donna was enjoying being fucked in front of her husband, she would look over my should, smile at him and said how great she felt. She came as so did Dan. Donna asked me not to cum yet, she wanted a nice big load in her for Dan.

She had me stop to change position. She got on her hands and knees, telling Dan to position himself so he could watch from below her cunt, could lick her clit while being fucked, and would be rewarded with a very fresh load of cum from her pussy.

Dan, with a big smile, positioned himself as told. Once again, he guided my cock to his wife pussy. As I started pushing into her, Donna said, “James, as Dan licks me, I’m sure there will be some contact between you two, I hope that’s ok.” My response was to push into her hard, my balls slapping Dan on the bridge of his nose. He started to lick Donna’s clit, eventually, he licked all of her, from clit through her labia, thereby also licking my cock, occasionally my balls. I didn’t know if that was his intent, but I must be honest, I feels great to be in a succulent cunt and having your balls and cock licked too.

With the attention and stimulation Donna and I were getting she cam hard, triggering me to come. I felt my cock stiffen, my balls get tight, then pulse 4, 5, 6 hard squirts as Dan watch, balls twitch. As our orgasm’s completed, Donna as me to withdraw slowly. As I did, Dan was told to lick my cock clean as I withdrew and backed away. Dan was now told to clean the freshest cum load from her. She squatted with her spread cunt just inches from Dans mouth as my cum, mixed with Donna’s pussy juices dripped into his mouth. When the flow slowed, and swallowed, the pulled his wife down to suck more from you cunt. Minutes latter, as Donna removed herself from Dan’s face, “How did you like getting a very fresh load of cum from your wife’s cunt. A large, fresh load you help her lover to provide?” Dan, breathlessly “I am extremely happy, I loved the taste, I loved the close up view of his cock sliding in and out of you, I love the taste of you both mixed together.”

Donna and I sat back on the bed relaxing, kissing, caressing, stocking and sucking each other. Dan sat in his chair jerking off. After a bit a turned Donna on her side and took her for behind. I nibbled her neck and ears, squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples, she was building toward another orgasm. She started to shiver and shake, as she cam, Dan shoot another load into his jar. I felt that familiar feeling in my cock and balls, I started to breath more quickly. Donna stopped me, “I need you to save one more big load. I want to provide Dan with the absolute freshest load possible.” Then she whispered in my ear what she wanted. I looked puzzled but she talked me into it.

We kissed, she sat against the headboard, and had me sit, my back against her, reaching around me she slowly stoked my cock. Summoning Dan to come on the bed, she had him kneel in front of us, in front of me. “Dan, you are going to get the absolutely freshest load of cum from my lover. Suck him off” she ordered. Dan hesitated. “DAN!” She said, he then bent down opening his mouth. Slowly he licked the head, licked up and down the shaft and then sucked me into his mouth. Donna was kissing my neck, rubbing and pinching my nipples. I forgot that I was getting blown by a man, it felt good, NO, Great! His mouth was warm, wet and maybe bigger than any other mouth my cock had been in. I could feel it hitting the back of his mouth and entering his through. His suction was strong, it wasn’t long before I felt I was going to cum. I looked at Donna, “I’m going to cum.” I told her. She said “Good, enjoy”, as she kissed my I shoot a big load of hot sticky cum into Dans mouth. Donna told him to not stop, to take every drop and lick my cock and balls clean, before he was done.

“Did you enjoy that blow job, James?”, she asked. “It was surprisingly great. I really enjoyed it, I don’t know what added to it’s pleasure; you kissing and stimulation me as he sucked my cock; Your dominance over him, or his submission to you. It was Probably a combination of everything.

Section 4

“Dan, I don’t know if or when I might have the pleasure of another man in you presence, but you will alway suck them off.” She matter-of-fact informed him. Donna had Dan get us drinks. As we drank our’s, Dan, as instructed, drank his cocktail of his cum he had collected all night. He heisted at first and started to protest, not wanting to do that in front of me, but Donna looked at him, “DAN”. He then started to sip and drink all.

Beth enjoyed hearing about Me and Beth and Me, Beth and Dan. “It’s sounds hot.” Beth said. “Yes, I think Donna really enjoyed seeing Dan suck cock. “I want to see a man blow another man, would you do that for me?” Beth asked. “No, but maybe we could get together with Donna and Dan. I know you have eaten pussy, I’d love to watch you with Donna, especially want to see you eat my cum from her.” I told her.

“OK, Let’s see what you can arrange.” She said as she reached for the bulge in my pants.

I call Donna to see if she was up for Beth and I with her and of course Dan too. She was joyed, it had been a while since she had been with another women, and always thought Beth was hot.

Beth was happy when I told her, she would meet me at Donna’s at 8, Friday night. When I arrived, I noticed Beth’s car, she had already arrived. Dan opened the door, handed me a drink, Donna and Beth were on the sofa.

Donna indicated we should get started. Dan stood, stripped naked, and lead the way to the bedroom. “Take care of our quests, Dan,” she told him. He approached Beth helped her remove her close, then me with mine. Donna was already on the bed naked. Dan took a seat as I lead Beth to the bed to Donna. Donna held out her arms, gave Beth a big hug and they started to kiss. Their hands started to roam over each others body, tits, ass, thighs, rubbing, squeezing and pleasing. Although I enjoyed watching, I need to direct Beth. “Beth, before you get Donna sexually excited, I think you should Explore her pussy.” She looked at me puzzled. “I know you eat a pussy before, but from what you told me that was just thrusted agains your mouth. You didn’t get to see a pussy up close.” Understand what I was explaining, Beth moved lower as Donna spread her legs. I guided Beth to look at Donna’s vulva, her labia both outer and inner and how the inner lips protruded. “Before Donna’s clit engorges from sexual stimulation, slip the hood away from it and notice current size. As you progress though fingering and eating her notice how it grows. Beth slowly started to finger Donna, we watch her finger slide in and out getting wetter and deeper with each stock. She occasionally would slide a finger over her clit and make Donna moan. Beth inserted a second finger and fucked Donna faster. She withdrew her soaking fingers and sucked one and offered me the other. She knelt closer to lick and suck on her labia, both Dan and I were stroking ourselves enjoying Beth eating Donna. Donna was starting to push her hips up to meet Beths mouth and tongue. Beth was feasting on the wet pussy, as if she were starving. When Donna peaked and was coming, Beth did not stop, but her eyes focused on Donna’s clit seeing how swollen and engorged it was, she suckled it as if it were a nipple, Donna orgasmed and shook grabbing Beth’s head to prolong the pleasure she was receiving.

“That was great, I want to return the pleasure so I can reset before you watch James fuck me, and you can eat me again, licking my cum filled pussy” Donna said between breaths.

After Beth cam from Donna’s fingering and licking, Donna and I were ready to fuck. Donna asked Beth if she would like to guide my cock to her pussy and insert it. Beth smiled and moved toward my cock. We fucked for a while with Donna’s legs over my shoulders and Donna had an orgasm looking into Beth’s eyes. Then Donna suggested I do her doggie, so Beth could lie under us and watch my cock push in and out of Donna’s cunt, right in front of her face. Beth jumped and moved into position quickly. Beth took the initiative to guide my cock to Donna’s cunt. As she watched, occasionally she would give Donna or me a lick, often both at once, actually she placed her tongue into Donna labia, and my cock would just slide back and forth over her tongue. I don’t know who was enjoying this more, Donna, Beth or I…. No one cared, we all were enjoying. Donna indicated she was ready to com, I said I was too, Beth gently held my balls, sending my over the edge as Donna cam. Beth could see and feel my balls tighten, then pulse, sending a big load of cum into Donna. As I slowly removed my cock, Beth licked my cock tasting me and Donna. Donna instructed Beth to not move. Donna sat up, her gaping cunt hovering over Beth’s mouth. Beth opened her mouth as she saw my load starting to drip out of Donna. When the flow slowed, she pulled Donna down to be about to lick and suck the remains. Then Beth and Donna kissed. Then they turned and both kissed me, we all could taste cum and pussy. Beth looked at Dan and saw he was shooting another load into his cup, she smiled at him, he blushed but smiled back.

Beth and Donna decided to help me recover. They pulled me down on the bed between them and started to kiss and fondle me. They slowly kissed down my body, both started to lick and stoke my cock and balls, I was getting hard very quickly. Both were licking my shaft when Donna had Dan lick my balls. Wow it was great having both sexy ladies licking my cock, but having my balls licked too, my cock got rock hard. Donna moved away, as she pulled Dan close to take her place. Beth took my cock, stocking it she held it for Dan to take into his mouth. Dan took over sucking as Beth looked in his eyes with joy and smiled. Beth kept stocking my balls as she watched Dan. “When James comes, don’t spill a drop, and don’t swallow, I want to see his cum in your mouth" stated Beth. Donna agreed. I didn’t last much longer and let everyone know I was going to cum. Dan continued to suck and bob more quickly. I started to unload into his mouth. Dan made sure to get it all and then sat up. Beth told him to hold it, then she licked shy cock clean.

Beth sat up, she, Donna and I sat looked at Dan. He opened his mouth showing my load. Beth instructed, “Don’t swallow all try to swallow just half”. Dan did as requested. Beth then wanted him to kiss her, feed her the other half. Dan and Beth kissed, she lowered her head to all would slide out of his mouth. Beth then moved between Donna and me, and had us three share a cum kiss. Tasting my cum to Dan sucked out of my cock. After we broke the kiss, we all laughed.

Beth said, “That was interesting, different, great.” Beth then told Dan she now wanted to see him eat all the cum he collected in his cup. I want to watch you as I feed it to you." Beth was looking at Donna for agreement. Donna told Dan to go get a spoon. When he returned Beth took the cum cup and spoon, had dan sit next to her. As she started to feen him one spoon at a time, she also told him to jerk off. The cup was almost empty when Dan indicated he was going to cum. “You can either cum in the cup so I can feed it to you, or you can catch it in your hand and lick your hand clean. What would you like?” Beth asked. Dan indicated the cup. Beth lowered it to his cock just in time, as he cam. His load shot into the cup, but a dribble landed on Beth’s thumb. She raised her hand to Dans mouth he licked it clean. She then feed him the rest of the cum. The cup was empty. She handed Dan the cup and spoon. He licked the spoon clean and then the inside of the cup. Beth smiled as Dan said, “Thank you for feeding me. That was new and exciting.” Beth gave him a kiss on the cheek.

We all got dressed and were saying good bye when Beth and Donna agreed to do it again and Donna stated with more men, Beth added and more women too.

Then Beth surprised me by saying, “Should I give you a good night kisses here, or would you like continue in my bed? I’m still very horny?”

I didn’t get home until late afternoon the next day.

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