A Massage Turns A Candaulist Into A Cuckold


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Section 1

I’m a simple guy who never really considered myself a cuckold.

In my mind, the term had a derogatory meaning that I had no interest in being associated with.

It was only when I accidentally shared a nude of my wife Michelle with a friend that I realized that, showing my wife’s naked body to strangers was a HUGE turn-on.

Michelle is my 29-year-old wife. She has very pale skin and the sweetest pair of boobs. She also likes dying her hair red, which in my opinion looks great.

She’s by no means fat, but she has a thicker body type that gives her a wide hip and a nice ass too.

I am not sure why, but the thought of exposing my wife completely naked to strangers made me hard unlike anything else I’ve experienced before! I started posting her naked pictures online on the daily basis, and I loved every second of it.

However there’s one small problem, she was never aware that literally thousands of men have seen her naked.

Unfortunately for me, Michelle wasn’t at all interested in showing her naked body to strangers. In fact, she is one of the shyest girls I’ve ever met.

To make things worse, Michelle who has always been reserved, gained a few pounds during Covid and is now extremely self-conscious about her body.

“If only she knew how many people have seen her naked online and loved it”, I thought to myself countless times. “perhaps she would change her mind.”

A couple of months later, I’ve been trying to get my candaulism interest off of the internet and into the real world. I started trying to expose her naked in the real world, but Michelle is too smart for me.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried opening the windows so the neighbors can see her changing, but she always tells me to close them. I’ve tried inviting friends over while she was in the shower so I could cause a little “accident” but she was just too good.

Michelle was always aware of her surroundings, and no one ever got even close to catching a glimpse of my wife’s naked body.

That got me frustrated. There I was being super interested in candaulism, while at the same time being married to the shyest wife in the world.

That’s when I thought “hey! Wait a second!”.

Out of nowhere, I had the brilliant idea of “gifting” my wife a massage session with a professional massage therapist.

Even though I expected her to not get completely naked, at least she would have to take something during the massage, right?

I then contacted Robert, a local masseuse that specialized in Tantric massages. I explained the situation to him and asked him if he would allow me to sit back and watch the session from inside the room. Robert thought it was a bit unusual but ultimately he agreed.

Then I had to deliver the second half of the plan. I had to convince my wife that a professional massage would be great for her. What I had going for me was the fact that Michelle is a sucker for a good massage.

Section 2

“But how does it work? Is it just a massage?” Michelle asked me.

“Yes sweetheart,” I told her in response. “You’re the one always complaining about back pains anyway.”

“Also don’t worry, I’ll be by your side at all times, it will be fun!”

Ultimately, she agreed and I became ecstatic! Even though I wasn’t expecting her to get fully naked, I was still gonna be able to experience at least some level of exposure.

Then the day came, I don’t know which one of us was more nervous.

One thing caught my attention as I drove her to the massage clinic. Over the last couple of years, Michelle has resorted to wearing only loose shirts and jeans. She dressed like a construction worker every day, and I hated it.

However, on this specific day, Michelle dusted off a cute black dress that looked even hotter due to her being bigger. The dress was tighter than usual and I loved seeing her in it.

We got to the clinic and Robert greeted us. The moment I saw that man I couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Robert was a very tall man with wide shoulders and enormous hands. He was extremely good looking and that got to my male insecurity.

“Welcome!” Robert said while smiling at Michelle. “Please take a seat, I’ll get everything ready and call you guys in a moment.”

I couldn’t help but notice Michelle blushing and smiling right back at that man. At that moment I felt odd. I was starting to doubt myself, and if I could continue with this little experiment.

But I was already there, there was nothing I could do but continue.

I was frantic. I knew it was just a massage, but I never had that anxiety feeling of having a good-looking man about to touch my wife’s body while I watched. A couple of minutes went by and Robert finally came back. He guided us to the massage room while explaining how the session was gonna take place.

The room was small with a few mats on the ground where Robert did his massages. He got me a chair by the entrance of the room and told me to sit there and remain quiet while the session was in place.

He then drove his attention to Michelle and asked her to remove her clothes. and lay down on the mat.

“Do I have to remove all of it?” Michelle asked.

“At least the dress, you can be in your underwear if you feel more comfortable,” Robert told her.

Michelle looked at me like she wanted my approval before proceeding. I instinctively nodded my head to her signing that I was ok with it.

The very moment Michelle started undressing, I dropped the jealousy thing right away.

As she began exposing herself I felt an exciting feeling, unlike anything I had ever felt before. The notion that my loving wife was there, exposing herself to another man made me rock-hard right then and there, it was amazing.

Michelle started undressing, she was completely embarrassed but fortunately, that did not stop her this time.

Underneath that black dress, she wore a purple bra and white panties. The panties were not exactly sexy, but being white-colored meant we could see the contour of her pussy, which I’m sure Robert also noticed.

Robert then put on some kind of meditation music and began applying massage oil to Michelle’s back. He started gently forcing his strong fingers around her shoulders, then her back.

With each minute gone by, I noticed that Michelle was getting more and more into it.

Even though she was very tense and shy in the beginning, Michelle began really enjoying that massage.

As Robert moved to her mid-back, he untied her bra without even asking for permission. I was in awe at seeing that Michelle didn’t really protest, she was really enjoying herself.

After working on her lower back, Robert then started massaging her feet.

It was amazing seeing such a big man working his otherwise brutish fingers so delicately on a woman.

Robert then started going upwards. He gently went through her calves and then started working on her thighs.

That’s when I noticed that that massage therapist wasn’t at all shy about being “handsy” with her. Robert made no ceremonies before rubbing his hands around her inner thigh, getting closer and closer to her private parts.

He had his hands on each of her thighs and then began making back and forth motions that went from the back of her knees all the way to her butt.

I also noticed that as he got to her butt, Robert would “slip” his two thumbs inside her panties which made Michelle uncomfortable for the first few seconds, but she quickly got over it and went back to her total relaxation zone.

Section 3

I can honestly say that I never felt such arousal in my life. Seeing that man rubbing his hands on my wife’s half-naked body is a moment that will be stuck in my mind forever.

Robert then asked Michelle to turn around. As she turned she attempted to cover her breasts which were at the risk of being exposed due to her bra being open.

“That’s all right, you won’t be needing that,” Robert said as he removed her bra, leaving her breasts completely exposed.

Michele’s shy nature kicked in once again, she covered up and looked at me as if she was just caught doing something really bad.

“That’s alright honey,” I told her. “Just do as the man says.”

Robert nodded to me, as he laid her down on the mats with her breasts completely exposed.

It took her a while to loosen up, but after a few minutes, my wife was able to get back to enjoying her massage.

He started working on her shoulders again. Right after that, Robert went straight for her boobs.

I couldn’t even believe myself, my goal was simply to get some wife exposure time.

Meanwhile there I was, rock hard watching some guy I never even met rubbing his hands around her tits, and the best part was, she was loving it!

I noticed her nipples getting hard from stimulation. It seemed like Michelle was finally past the shyness, the once shy girl was loving every second of it.

Moments later, Robert went through her stomach and began working on her hips.

As he worked around her hips, his hands were getting closer and closer to her pubis.

At that moment it seemed like the three of us already knew where exactly where this was going. Without uttering a single word, Robert began removing her panties leaving my wife completely naked.

As she got nude, Michelle didn’t protest. Instead, she smiled at Robert like she was letting him know how much she was enjoying her massage. To this day, that smile is one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

Robert was quick to spread her legs wide open, exposing her vulva to him. He then began carefully massing her outer labia.

Michelle wasn’t in “massage mode” anymore. Her face and demeanor completely changed while her pale and lubed skin was turning red from excitement, my wife wasn’t relaxing anymore, she was horny.

The masseuse then started rubbing her clitoris as Michelle began moaning from pleasure.

In my place, I couldn’t help but began to rub my cock against my pants as I watched my lovely wife getting off with another man.

After no longer than 5 minutes, Robert was able to make Michelle climax in a way I had never seen before.

As she came, her hips and belly began shaking uncontrollably. Between the shaking and the loud moans, it became clear to me that my wife was loving that moment, just as I was.

Robert then turned her around, laying her on her stomach. He then put his right index finger in my wife’s anus, and shortly after he inserted his middle and index finger in her pussy.

The hottest thing is that, as she turned around, her face was looking directly at me while she was being finger fucked by a complete stranger.

As we were staring at each other, I really feel like we were connecting in a way I didn’t even think was possible. Even though I had no part in it, it truly felt like me and my wife were in it together.

The masseuse then paused for a moment and asked us if we wanted to go “all the way”.

For once, I remained silent and let Michelle choose.

“Sure,” she said while looking at me. “Let’s do it.”

Robert then pulled down his pants, to my surprise he had an average dick size. Girthy but not overly long.

He then grabbed my wife by the hair and put her on her knees.

Being the good girl that she is, Michelle started sucking on his cock like a pro. A couple of minutes later he bent her over once again, but this time not so delicately. Robert began shoving his cock on my wife, right in front of me.

The masseuse was enjoying himself just like the rest of us. It was clear to me that he was just as excited as everyone else in the room.

As the two had sex, Michelle cummed once again.

Not looking like he could hold on for much longer, Robert turned to me and asked if he could cum on Michelle’s face.

A couple of years ago that question would have resulted in a fight. However, at that very moment, I could not resist the idea of having a man cum on my wife’s face.

I looked at Michelle and the look on her face made it clear that she really…really wanted me to say yes.

So I complied.

I watched as a complete stranger filled my loving wife’s face with cum, and I loved every second of it.

As it was over, Michelle spent a few seconds on her knees, with her face filled with cum, almost as if she was trying to process what just happened.

Robert gave her some paper towels. As he got dressed he told me to never tell anyone what just happened, because he would be in danger of losing his license.

During the drive back with Michelle, there was a little bit of awkward silence between us. I believe both of us were a bit embarrassed for having everything “out there”.

However, as soon as we got home, I simply could not control myself. I took her to bed and proceeded to fuck her, just like she had been fucked moments before.

The thought of having a wife being used just moments before was a huge arousal for me.

After that, both I and she started adopting the cuckold lifestyle more and more. I can honestly say that it did wonders for her self-esteem, as she is not nearly as shy and self-conscious as she once was.

Every once in a while we schedule another massage session with Robert, and the three of us love it.

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