Mary On Video


Section 1

One October, we were watching TV. Mary, my wife, was texting someone. Suddenly she asks, “Can we go to a bar and see a band?”

This was unexpected. Mary was 45 and I was 48. We used to go to bars regularly but that was a long time ago. Then she explained that some friends from her old job would be there, and I figured why not? So, the following Saturday we walked into a dive bar at the end of a strip mall.

I was wearing jeans and a zip up sweater, but Mary was wearing a long skirt that covered her ample ass and a long, sleeved shirt that hugged her breasts. She had a middle-aged body, a bit of a stomach, but that shirt really showed off her curves. I noticed the shirt, but thought she wanted to dress up because we don’t go out very often.

We found her friends in the middle of the bar. There were greetings and hugs, and I was introduced to them. I told Mary I was going to get a drink and what did she want? She said a rum and coke and I went to the bar, smiling.

When it came to drinking, she loved rum and coke, and depending on how many she had the closer we got to sex. One drink, maybe. Two drinks, fifty-fifty. Three drinks, for sure. Four drinks, multi-orgasm fuck fest.

When I got back, she was talking to a man. I was introduced and was told his name was Brad. He was a normal looking man, not anything outstanding, but then I don’t notice much about men.

It turns out Brad was in the band, also, besides me, he was the only man in the group. Mary and I found chairs, took off our jackets and I hung them on the wall hook. When I turned back Mary was sitting next to Brad, so I sat on her other side.

Now I found nothing wrong with the night. Mary was having a good time. I was miserable because I didn’t know anyone, and no one was talking to me. I didn’t know who people were talking about, or what they were talking about, so I sat and listened.

One conversation I couldn’t listen to was the one between Mary and Brad. They seemed to be whispering to each other, but maybe I was just having trouble hearing.

Eventually Brad had to go on stage, and that left the chair next to Mary open, but I stayed where I was. The waitress came by, and Mary ordered another rum and coke. Promising.

The band was ok. Just ok. I noticed Brad kept looking at our table. I wasn’t sure, but I thought he was looking at Mary.

The first intermission came, and Brad got a drink and came to our table, sitting next to Mary. I noticed he had an extra glass, which he placed next to Mary. A third rum and coke. I didn’t know what that was about, but it made me suspicious. I started watching them, and realized that when Brad was there they only seemed to talk to each other, and quietly. They smiled a lot and laughed a bit. It looked like Mary was enjoying the attention.

“Ok,” I thought, “Mary is going to fantasize about him while I fuck her. At least I’m getting laid.”

Brad went back to the stage, and I felt the call of nature. The Washroom was down a hall, and I did my business. When I came out one of the other women were there.

“Listen,” she said, “I thought you should know that, at work, Brad was Mary’s work husband.”

“Ok,” I wasn’t sure what that meant.

“Yeah, they spent a lot of their free time together. When they worked in different departments, they would eat lunch together a lot.”

“Ah,” Mary always told me she didn’t eat lunch.

“We always assumed they were doing it somewhere.”

“Oh,” That was all I could say.

“We just thought we should warn you, because it looks like they are coming on to each other.”

“Ok, thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it.”

I went back to the table. I didn’t know what to do, so I just leaned in.

“Having a good time,” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “So good.”

Oh God, that was a phrase Mary only used when she was turned on. Usually while I’m fingering her. My wife was turned on by another man, and I mean a lot.

“Maybe we should leave,” I said.

“No, I’m ok,” she didn’t look at me, she kept her eyes on the stage, on Brad.

Later, someone at the table ordered shots for everyone. Mary had hers but I was driving so she had mine as well, then another rum and coke. That was it, I was getting good and laid tonight. Who cared who she was thinking about?

The show finished, and Brad came back.

“Hey, my apartment is nearby, why don’t you come back, and we can do some shots?”

I wanted to say no, but Mary was the first to say “ok.”

A couple of other girls said ok so we waited until he was ready, and he gave us his address and we went to the car and drove to his apartment.

His apartment was a one bedroom with a large living/dining room. There was a long couch with a couple of armchairs. Brad put out a couple of dining chairs, so we all were sitting around a small coffee table. Mary sat on the couch and Brad immediately sat next to her, so I took a armchair and kept my eyes on them.

The booze was already on the table, like he was expecting us.

The woman who told me to watch out about Brad and Mary came with her friend, who was the designated driver, so only three of them were drinking Brad poured three shots, and they toasted and drank. Then they chatted, again about people they knew but I didn’t. I noticed that Brad was sitting so he was half facing Mary, and at one point he reached out and grabbed her hand.

Another round of shots. Mary could hold her booze, she could drink me under the table, but I was worried she was having too much. I was about to suggest we go home when the other woman announced she had to go. I said, “I guess we should too,” but Mary looked at me and said, “we can stay for one more.”

For the first time that night I wondered if something was going to happen between the two of them.

Brad saw the other women out, then came back and sat next to my wife, and faced her, and gave her a shot.

“To old friends,” he held his shot glass out and she clinked it and downed the booze.

They chatted some more, and I saw that he moved closer, then took her hand and held it. Did something ever happen between them?

A slow song came on the stereo. “You know what?” Brad said and stood, “We should dance.” He pushed the coffee table back, pushing one of the chairs, until it was almost touching his TV, making a large area in front of the couch. He held out his hand.

“Dance with me,” he said to her.

Mary put her glass down, took his hand, and stood. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and she wrapped her hands around his neck.

What was going on?

The music was slow, something I didn’t know, and they rocked back and forth. They were just chatting, and laughing, but Mary kept looking at him, like she was staring into his eyes, and I was right here. He leaned in, his face next to hers, and he whispered something. Mary nodded and said “Uh-huh.”

He faced her again, his face closer than before. Kissing distance.

“You know, Mary, I always wondered what it would be like to kiss you.”

Mary nodded, “uh-huh.”

“I figured you were a great kisser. Can I find out?”

Mary just nodded, so her went in and gently pressed his lips against hers. Mary did nothing, but he kissed her again, his mouth open a little, and at the third kiss Mary opened her mouth. They had a full-on kiss for the fourth one, and they kept kissing.

Brad pulled her closer, so their bodies were touching, and they kept kissing. No, they were making out in front of me. Brad brought his hands down to her ass, and caressed her cheeks, then placed his palms on them and started squeezing.

Section 2

I didn’t know what to do. Do I interrupt them?

The thing is, deep inside, I wanted to see where this was going, so I let them go on.

And they did. They kept kissing and kissing, and finally they broke apart, but only to smile at each other. Then Brads face went next to Mary’s, and he whispered something again. Mary nodded, and he brought his face back and they made out again.

Then Brad’s hands came up, to the hem of her skirt, and he put his fingers past the elastic, so they were under, then down to her ass and squeezed again.

He broke the kiss.

“This is a little hard, can I take it off?”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded.

Brad’s hands came to the hem, pulled so it stretched, and brought it down to Mary’s ass. Mary wiggled her a little to help it, and the skirt dropped to the floor exposing her sexy underwear. Why was she wearing her sexy underwear? I didn’t know she had sexy underwear.

“Ok?” He asked.

“Yes,” Mary said, and she kissed him, and they made out again while his hands went to her ass.

I was officially curious, and a little turned on, so I did the only thing a husband could do when it looked like his wife might do it with another man. I took out my phone and started making a video.

Being a cuckold was a secret fantasy of mine, and here, with my wife pants less and a man caressing her ass, I wanted nothing more than to watch them fuck, and I was going to get it all on video.

They shuffled backwards until Mary’s legs touched the couch, then Brad said, “sit” and Mary sat.

Brad sat next to her, and they smiled at each other. Brad took off her glasses and turned and put them on a side table. They stared at each other.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” Brad said.

“Me too,” Mary replied.

Ok, so they probably never had sex before. I kept videoing.

Brad went in slowly, and they kissed gently a couple of times, then a little deeper. She put her arms around his neck and his around her waist, but almost immediately his left hand came up to her breast.

He squeezed gently a few times, then used his thumb to circle her nipple and they both came to life. He pinched it and she giggled, and they kissed again.

Then his hand went down to the outside of her leg, and stayed there for a moment, then caressed over her leg to get to the inside.

I held my breath as Mary opened her leg a little, and his hand went to the inside of her left thigh. It stayed there for a few minutes, his fingers caressing, and then he went for it. Moving his hand up to her pussy, Mary spread her legs a little more, and suddenly his hand was caressing her pussy over her panties.

Mary moaned through the kiss and turned a bit so he could get to her easier. He rubbed her pussy more, but then used his fingers to find the edge of her panties, then he pulled them aside and rubbed her again.

Mary was enjoying this, and Brad went to kissing her neck while his finger found her clit. He rubbed it and Mary yelped.

And then Mary said those magic words. Three words that said there was no going back.

“So good.”

His finger entered her pussy.

“Oh God, yes.”

He fingered her slowly, and Mary spread her legs more, turning her body.

Brad stopped kissing her neck and looked right at her.


“Oh God so good.”

“Let’s get these off,” he pulled at her panties, and Mary lifted her ass, and they came off, then she lifted her legs a bit and finally my wife was half nude.

Brad turned her face to him, and they smiled at each other, then he gently took a hand and placed it on his groin. She rubbed it a bit, then her hands went to his pants and unzipped it and reached in and took his cock out. Then she leaned in a bit and jerked him.

Brad smiled and leaned back, and Mary jerked, but then adjusted herself and leaned over and her mouth went to his cock. Her hair was covering her face from me, but it wasn’t bobbing so she was probably licking it. Whatever she was doing, Brad was enjoying it.

She sat up and went for his belt buckle. Brad helped her open his jeans, then pushed them down his legs and took them off. Then he took off his socks.

I saw Mary smile, and she leaned down again, but she sat up suddenly, and for a moment I was afraid the show was over, but she slipped off the couch, got on the floor between his legs, grabbed his cock and lowered her head.

Still filming, I saw her head move a bit, which showed me she was circling the tip of his head, but a moment later her head slowly went down, so his cock was in her mouth. She came back up, then down, and started giving him a blowjob.

Brad was enjoying it, moaning as her head bounced slowly. She wasn’t in a rush. A couple of minutes in Brad reached out and moved her hair rom her face, probably so he could see her lips on his cock.

“God, you blow good,” he moaned.

I watched and filmed her suck his cock for at least five minutes, before Brad leaned forward and pulled at Mary’s shirt. She stopped blowing him, and her hands crossed and went to the bottom of her shirt, then she pulled it off, then unhooked her bra and it dropped, and my wife was naked, kneeling in front of another man.

Brad pulled his shirt off, and Mary stood, and he pulled his legs together a bit. She got onto the couch and straddled him. They kissed again, then Mary sat up and her head went back a bit and she started grinding, her pussy humping his cock.

“Oh yeah,” From my angle I could get a bit of Brad sucking my wife’s tits.

Mary pushed her legs up and reached down. I got up and moved so she was right in front of me. I wanted to get this. I kneeled a bit.

She had his cock in her hand, and she held it straight up, and brought her pussy down a bit. She rubbed his penis over her hole, but finally placed it right at her opening. She came down a little bit, and his head disappeared inside of her. Then she released her hand, and the moment came. I used my fingers to zoom in a bit. I needed to get penetration.

She sat down, sliding his cock all the way into her pussy.

“Oooooooh,” Mary moaned as she wiggled a bit, then came up. I saw his dick almost come out of her, but just as it looked like it was going to pop out, she sat down again, and wiggled.

Then she started sliding up and down Brad’s dick, and his hands went to her waist. She leaned forward and her hands grabbed the top of the couch as she started fucking him. At first, she was riding him steady but slowly. Sometimes she would come down and wiggle on him, and she would moan a bit louder.

Watching her ample ass bounce up and down was a beautiful thing.

Mary was making noises I hadn’t heard her make in years. She moans were loud, she would go, “Oh God,” or “oh yeah.” She even went, “oh fuck, oh fuck.”

I needed to change position, so I moved over to the far end of the couch to get them in profile. Getting a great shot of her thick legs pushing her chubby body up and down. Mary was looking down at him and he had his head back. She brought her head down and her hair got in the way of their faces, but it sounded like they were kissing. He brought his hands up to her tits and started playing with them.

Mary’s head came back, and she rode Brad harder. She eyes were partly closed but opened slowly as she built up. She made the sounds she used to make when she was building to orgasm. It took several minutes of hard riding, but here eyes shot open.

“Oh God oh God, uh uh,” Mary came and her body shook, and the look on her face was pure pleasure. Her eyes closed again, and her head went forward and they kissed.

I heard him say something, and Mary sat up. She pushed with her legs and her body went all the way up and his cock came out of her. She slipped off the couch and moved over a little and got back on, this time on her hand and knees.

Section 3

Brad got behind her and took his cock in his hand. His hand caressed her butt and went between her legs and found her pussy. He knelt behind her, and Mary wiggled her ass. With his other hand he took his cock, and got closer, and aimed it then pushed in.

Brad grabbed her hips, and pounded her, and kept pounding her. Her body rocked, her tits flopped but rocked back and forth. Their bodies made a slap sound as they met. Brad slapped her ass and Mary went “ooh,” so he did it again.

He kept up his pace, never slowing down, and Mary moaned and groaned the whole time. She turned her head, and I thought she saw me, but she didn’t stop.

I moved so I could film then straight on. Watching this man’s body slam against my wife’s beautiful ass, seeing her tits swing below her, made me think about putting the camera down and taking my own dick out, but I kept filming.

After a few minutes I moved over so I could see her face. Her head was back so her hair wasn’t in the way. She had her eyes closed, but she was smiling. Not a regular smile, a smile of lust.

After a bit I moved to get a closer look of where his body was flopping against hers. At the right angle you could see his cock enter and exit her. Finally, I moved back to they were fully in frame.

They fucked like this for almost ten minutes, then Mary stopped moving and pulled forward so he came out of her. Then she turned onto her back and spread her legs.

I moved so they were in profile just in time for him to enter her slowly. He brought himself down and they started kissing. Mary lifted her legs up and back as he slid his cock in and out of her slowly.

Then Brad pushed up on his hands and quickly shoved his cock into her, then back and in quick. Her body moved as he fucked, and her tits bounced. He started pounding her body, and Mary became louder.

Watching them fuck was amazing. Seeing Mary get sexual pleasure from a man she obviously had wanted turned me on. I was rock hard and thought of bringing my cock over to her mouth.

Then something amazing happened. Mary turned her head, and opened her eyes, and looked right at me. She gave a shocked look, and I was worried this may be over, but she smiled and licked her lips sexy.

“God, this is so good,” she moaned. “Harder.”

Brad pounded her harder and Mary’s body rocked more. She put her hands on his hips and pulled her legs up higher. He kept at it, fucking her hard and fast, and I heard Mary as she was obviously building up.

“Oh God, oh God ah ah ah ah oh CHRIST BRAD FUCK ME!” She screamed, and he went harder, and Mary shook her head, and her back arched. “OH yeah aaaaah aaaah aaah.” Her hips came up to me him as she came, and hard. Together they made the couch creek. Finally, Mary’s upper body came off the couch and her head arched back as the orgasm reached its peak.

Brad seemed to know, as slowed down. Mary relaxed, then grabbed his head and pulled it down. They kissed, very passionately, and didn’t stop. Actually, it felt weird to be videoing this, as their fucking quickly turned into love making.

Mary broke the kiss. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to do this,” she said and smiled.

“Me too,” he kissed her again.

A moment later his groans became louder. Mary seemed to realize what was happening. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his ass and wrapped her arms around his back. Brad sped up and moaned louder and louder.

“Cum in me,” she moaned, and he thrust harder again, and finally I heard his give several grunts as he thrust hard several times. Another man was cumming in my wife, and the look on her face was pure joy.

He came down over her and they kissed again like lovers, which, I guess, was what they were. He whispered something to her, and she nodded, and they kissed again.

He got to his knees and pulled his half limp cock from her, and he took her hands and pulled them up. They kissed again and Mary stood and took a couple of steps. She picked up her underwear, and her top and bra, and disappeared down the hall to the bathroom. My camera followed her, and then I turned it off and went to pictures and saw the video was there. I turned it on.

Brad stood and picked up his underwear. For the first time he saw me, like he expected that I had disappeared from existence.

“Oh, Christ.”

I looked up from my screen, where Brand and Mary were dancing with her skirt off. “What?”

“Oh God, I’m sorry man.”

I smiled. “Don’t tell Mary, but I’m ok with it,” I moved the curser and saw them go from dancing, to fingering, to blowjob, to fucking in fast motion. I stopped it and turned off my phone. “This is kinda a fantasy of mine, so we’re good.”

“Oh, ok,” he picked up his shirt and put it on, then his pants. “You sure?”

“Yes. In fact, if you want to do this again, we can, if she wants to.”

He smiled. “Yeah, that’d be great.”


Mary came out, mostly dressed, and found and picked up her skirt and slipped it on. She found her glasses and stood there, looking down like she was ashamed.

“I guess we’re going now,” I said. “Thanks for a great night.”

“Anytime,” he said.

We left, and Mary kept looking down until we got to the car.

Half the drive home was quiet, until I heard a small, “I’m sorry” from Mary.


“I’m sorry.”

I cleared my throat. “Mary, what happened tonight was amazing. I enjoyed it a lot. Watching a man fuck you was a big fantasy of mine, so I am completely fine with what happened tonight.”

Mary looked at me confused.

“I mean, this was great. Watching him pound you made me so horny. I almost jerked off watching it, I know I’m going to jerk off when we get home. Listen, if you ever want to do that again I am in. Watching you do a guy was just amazing.”

She still looked confused.

“Honey, I’m fine. Actually, we’re better than fine. Don’t feel bad. There is nothing to worry about.”

“Oh, ok.”

“And if you want to do that again, I am good with it, as long as I get to watch.”

“Um, ok.”

When we got home Mary went right to bed. I fed the cats, when went to the washroom and watched the video while I jerked off. I made it to where she first sat on his cock and blew my load. I cleaned up and went to bed. Ten minutes later I was horny again, so I went to the bathroom and watched the video again. I started at him entering her and made it to her orgasm.

The next morning, we had a long conversation about what happened. She started it with, “we should talk about what happened last night.” She was upset, so I had to assure her that everything was alright, we both enjoyed ourselves and there is nothing to be upset about. By the end of the conversation, I had her agreeing that, if we got the chance to do that again, we would take it. I wasn’t sure if we would, but it was nice to hope.

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