Married Bi – Solved a Big Problem 4.5/5 (46)

Let me start by saying My wife and I are very much best friends and soul mates. Because of this we tell each other everything and share every feeling, good or bad. We are in our 60th year of living now and have been together since 20 years old. We have grown children that have their own lives now and we are empty nesters. Our sex life had all but ground to a halt as my wife said she felt over weight and not sexy, so she felt embarrassed to have sex, ashamed of her body she says.

When we met she was extremely well built and worked out often to keep her body very tight. I was a semi professional body builder, so we trained together most times. As a couple in good shape and young we fucked all the time and did all sorts of kink together.

As time wore on, we began to have less and less sex and eventually it became a kind of annual reward for a good year. One day about 20 years or so in, we were having a usual Saturday night, this meant we were getting ready to settle in and watch a movie, when I asked my wife what happened to the hot and heavy sex? I asked if it was me because I had packed on a few pounds over the years?

She began to get quiet, look the other way, this is what she does when she wants to talk but doesn’t no what to say. I probed until she finally gave in and said “It’s me, I don’t like my body, I have gain so much weight and when we have sex, it is just uncomfortable so I am not into it.”. She followed by saying, “I also do feel sexy enough and I am afraid you will not get turned on anymore”.

I told her that she is sexy and maybe we can find some positions that may not be so uncomfortable. I told her I needed the feeling of being with someone else and I was tired of jerking off nearly every day to satisfy my needs. I told her I watch porn a lot and get so horny I have to jerk off every day. She said she too was watching porn and playing with her clit so she could cum a couple of times a week.

I asked her what kind of porn and she said mostly couples where the guy has a big dick. I knew my dick was only 6″ at best and about average girth, but I used to get the job done with it. I asked her if it was the big dick that turned her on and made her cum and she admitted it was.She said she fantasized about one of those big dicks, some times BBC, fucking her and feeling the hugh loads they have gush into her pussy.

At that time I was feeling a hard on coming like I had not felt in a while. The more she described the fantasy, the more I felt like cumming in my pants. She asked me what I fantasized over and I said amazingly nearly the same thing, watching her fuck a big dick and seeing it cum inside her. Now the next part took her by surprise when I added I would then lick the cum from her. This sent her over he top and she said she was very wet, so I began to rub her pussy and finger her until she came. S

he immediately took my dick out and began to stroke then suck my cock like she had not done in years. I knew we were going to enter a new era in our sex life that would spark things back to the heat we once had. Not so, the next time I tried to talk dirty to her again, she said she felt like she was not attractive and became cold to sex again.

I had to come up with a way to make her feel sexy, a way that she would believe was not just her horny husband saying anything to get some as she said. I went on line and read about hotwife and cuckolding for the first time. I watch a few “How to” videos to better understand how to get her to buy in. I figured, what the hell, it will either work or not.

I set her down the next Saturday night and told her I had another fantasy, one that may seem a little strange but at least it would help me to get off with another person and not just jerk off. She asked me what it was, so I told her to keep an open mind and don’t judge me for what I was about to say. She begged me at that point to tell her, so I just blurted it out “I want to suck a cock and have the guy cum in my mouth so I can taste it while you watch.”. She was blown away! she asked if I would really do that?

I answered I not only would really do that, I already had someone coming over I met on line. I white guy with a big dick, he was about 50 years old and married, but loved his dick being sucked by a guy and was turned on when I told him my wife wants to watch. She asked how I knew she would consent?

I said it didn’t matter I was going to suck the guys cock either way. She became speechless, looked around a minute, fidgeted a little on the coach next to me and then finally said, “That’s the most erotic thing I have ever heard of!”. She said that was her fantasy, but she was afraid I wouldn’t go for it. She said she has always wanted to see 2 guys suck each other and maybe even fuck. To watch me suck a guy off and him cum in my mouth would be crazy hot! The guy arrived about 5 minutes after this revaluation.

HE came in, a nice looking guy about 6′, say 200 lbs., he sat down on the couch next to me as she sat on the other side of me. HE didn’t say a word, he just stood up and took his pants down and then off and sat back down. I looked at my wife whos eyes were the size of a half dollar and I got on my knees in front of him. His cock was semi soft and had to be 7 inches and thick at that point.

As soon as I began to touch his cock, he immediately began to grow to about 9 plus inches and fairly thick, but not so much I could not comfortably take him in my mouth. I licked his shaved balls and long shaft, tickling the tip with my tongue. I began to suck on it slow at first then faster as I felt his balls with my hands. I would look at my wife every once and a while to see her immersed in her fantasy coming true in front of her.

After about 15 minutes of sucking, licking and feeling, he said ” I am going to cum, do you want to pull it out?”. I just kept on sucking deeper and faster, I had never sucked a cock befoe but had thought about what I wanted to do for a long time. I felt his balls tighten and his dick get really hard and then it happened, the moment everything change for me, his very hot load pulsed what felt like 10 times a stream of thick semi salty tasting cum into my mouth.

I began to immediately swallow so I didn’t chicken out swallowing. It was actually better tasting than I expected, so I kept sucking even after the cum stop, then licked his cock clean. My wife saw me swallow his cum and she was playing with her pussy outside her pants. She actually came when she saw my throat swallow his cum and it was so intense she could not stop cumming. He stood up, put his sweat pants on and without saying a word left.


  • Mark

    Reply Reply October 29, 2018

    Great story!! I feel it’s what most of us husbands would love to do and see. Keep up the stories

  • mervyn47

    Reply Reply November 7, 2018

    He has the best of both world

  • mervyn47

    Reply Reply November 10, 2018

    Read this story again get me hard every time.

  • mervyn147

    Reply Reply December 1, 2018

    Wish it was my wife watching me get fuck in the ass

  • mervyn147

    Reply Reply December 1, 2018

    Wish it was my wife watching me get fuck in the ass as I am bi to

  • Mervyn 147

    Reply Reply February 20, 2019

    Tis the fifth time I have read this story still get me hard and I play with myself x

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