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I love my wife Jennifer. I love being with her, our kids and their lives. We’ve been married eight years, and I wake every morning with a smile on my face. Despite the bad economy, my job is relatively safe, and while we aren’t making as much money as we’d like we are fairly secure.

It has been said money and sex are the two biggest reasons couples fight, and that might be true. Hey, for us, we’re still not behaving in the bedroom as if we were still on our honeymoon but we still get in on once a week or so.

Okay, maybe every two weeks or so. But when we get it on it’s good.

Still, it’s not as exciting as the old days. Especially the exciting times before our marriage when it was all so new and different. Back then we’d “do it” nearly daily, in all kinds of places and without regard for consequences.

Once we were caught in her bedroom by her mother. That was awful, and we were banished apart for weeks. Another time a guy walking a dog caught her giving me a blow job in a local park, which was quite embarrassing…and later,

quite hot! Once several guys walked past our car where, inside, we were in the backseat doing the nasty. We heard them and put on a show. Got some catcalls and applause, no worse for wear.

It was a turn on. Guess we were exhibitionists of sorts.

But that all went away with time, and soon we were like a lot of couples. Sex on Saturday night, maybe a quickie once in a while but never enough for me. Must be that Mars and Venus thing, or something Dr. Phil or somebody comments about regularly.

Don’t get me wrong, we still enjoyed sex. Just not as often as in our younger days. The pressures of life put a pinch in our escapades.

A month ago things changed.

We were at a party at our friends, and nothing seemed any different. The guys got together and talked sports, the girls got together and talked, who knows? The only thing I remember about that party was that several times I caught one or another of the girls with a red face, as if embarrassed, while speaking in the other part of the room.

At the time it didn’t strike me. Heck, nothing struck me for a week or so. But the night of the party there was a surprise on the way home. When I started to turn toward the Interstate Jennifer asked if we could take the back road home.

“Honey, it’s a nice night, let’s drive down The Pike,” said Jennifer.

The Pike used to be the main road, but when an interstate opened up it became a simple two lane road without a lot of traffic. It was about a five mile drive to our house, and it was actually a fun road to drive in the S2000. The rack and pinion steering and five speed under the hood was perfect for the drive.

Jennifer leaned over, as much as she could in the tight confines, and put her head on my shoulder and enjoyed the ride. A couple minutes into it her hand moved over and caressed my leg and upward, bringing my manhood to attention.

“You keep doing that, young lady, and you will miss curfew,” I joked.

She didn’t stop, but a little further down the road she said, “Why don’t you pull into the park for a couple minutes.”

I did, pulling into the back of the parking lot and slipping into a secluded spot. “My oh my, you are frisky tonight, Jen.”

She told me to shut up and kiss her.

Soon we were making out like teenagers. She felt so good in my arms, her lips were as inspiring as ever. And her tits, well, I worked my hand up her top until reaching her bra, and worked my fingers all over her 34B breasts.

I didn’t merely play with those beauties, I worked them like a teenager making out behind a fast food place on break. Knowing all the while the exciting exploits would soon end but wanting to leave a lasting impression in her head that I wanted more…tonight.

If there was a back seat, I would have moved her into it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a back seat in an S2000, so that wasn’t an option. That didn’t stop Jennifer, though, from unzipping my fly and starting to caress my throbbing cock.

“Will you respect me tomorrow,” cooed my wife. “You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

The girl was a nut. Acting like a teenager, touching my cock for the “first” time. It felt great, and I began rocking in the bucket seat while she worked my dick. I reached over to the base of her skirt in an effort to do the same to her, but she whispered “no. I’m not that kind of girl.”

Then she deliberately lowered her head to my cock.

It was so erotic, so exciting being in the park and having her sucking on my cock. She stroked the base up and down while working her lips on the tip. I sat back and enjoyed her ministrations. Normally Jennifer’s blow jobs were only a couple minutes,

as she would soon lay back and I’d lick her or jump right into the saddle. But tonight she kept working my dick like a cheerleader with the star quarterback on a Friday night after the game.

Thinking back to the early days of our relationship, I remember she once joked that I didn’t know the color of her eyes….because all I knew was the back of her head.

Moving my hand to her legs, she offered no resistance as I crept up her thighs to my goal. I played a little with her pussy through her panties before reaching up and attempting to slide them off. It didn’t work, so she pulled off me and lowered the silky nothings off her legs before moving her head back to my knob.

While she blew me I lifted the back of her skirt and played with her bare ass, caressing it and playing all over it. Reaching way around I was able to finger her pussy, bringing small gasps from her cock filled mouth.

She had a nice ass. I loved to caress it, play with it, spank it, kiss it. And feeling it that night was very special, because I was feeling it while she was ferverously sucking my cock.

I watched her head working up and down in the moonlight, and soon was past the point of no return. “I’m gonna cum,” I warned, but her mouth didn’t budge from my cock, sucking away like no tomorrow. I blew my load in her mouth while caressing her ass with my hand.

Usually Jennifer would head to the bathroom after a blow job, spitting out my cum and brushing her teeth before heading back to bed. In the car, this night, she kept my cock in her mouth, savoring and swallowing every drop of my hot sticky load.

I was not going to complain.

The feelings were great, but soon our lovemaking turned into a Keystone Cop routine when another car pulled into the park and moved slowly toward us. I quickly zipped up and Jennifer moved back to her seat, trying to make herself presentable. Soon a burly police office was coming to my window while another with a big flashlight went to Jennifer’s side of the car.

“What’s going on here,” asked the cop on my side.

Opening my window, I took a deep breath and spoke with the man. “Hi officer, we just stopped here for a while,” was my quiet reply. “Just enjoying the evening.”

There was quiet for a while, and I swear the guy had a smirk on his face.

The other guy’s flashlight somehow hit the floor of the car, centering on Jennifer’s panties. “Uh, mam, is everything okay here? Is he molesting you?”

Jennifer was quiet for a second, and then said that since I was her husband, there was nothing untoward going on.

We had to show ID, but the cops went away happy, knowing something had been going on in that parking lot.

Jennifer laughed on the way home, saying that it was an exciting night. When we got home we couldn’t wait to get upstairs to the master bedroom, clothing dropping along the way. I properly made love to my wife, enjoying a second orgasm and bringing her off at least once as well.

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