Making The Swim Team

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Section 1

My husband and I decided to each write an account of our first venture into group sex. We wanted to make an honest accounting of our different points of view of what happened, how it happened, why it happened and how we felt about it while it was happening and afterwards. We both wrote our accounts before seeing the others so that we would not influence each other’s perception of what was a major turning point in our marriage.

Beth’s Story

My husband is a wholesaler for a large Boston based mutual fund. We live in Boston, although his sales area is the west coast, because I am finishing a graduate degree there in biochemistry. We have been married two years and have not started a family so when ever he flies out to the coast (Los Angeles mostly) in the winter we use some of his frequent flyer miles to allow me to accompany him. The trips are a nice break as his company expense account is generous and we enjoy staying at nice hotels and the California sunshine.

Bradley was a swimmer in college and swims laps almost everyday at the local YMCA. When he stays in Los Angeles he always stays at a nice hotel in Century City that has an Olympic size swimming pool so he can get his morning laps in outdoors in the sunshine. I also keep fit and in fact teach a water exercise course at our local YMCA. I did gymnastics in college even though I had a full scholarship from a beauty contest. I had lots of dates before meeting Brad and perhaps broke a few hearts when I did not want to get serious with any one individual. I modeled in college and still do and have had enough offers to easily make a career out of it, but I would rather win the Nobel Prize for curing a disease then be a burnt out supermodel at age thirty.

When I meant Bradley I knew that he was a solid serious man that I could spend the rest of my life with and someday raise a family. He is proud of my looks and the fact that I am what he calls “a stunner” and turn a lot of heads, but he is more proud of my intellect and has encouraged me in everything I undertake. After two years of marriage our sex life was good, but not great. Brad was disappointed that I was not big on giving head (I don’t like pubes between my teeth) but I have a very strong sex drive and quite often my engine is still going long after Brad has fallen asleep.

It is not unusual for Brad to ‘finish’ before me, and since his recovery time is usually too long, for me to stimulate myself to completion with my hand or a vibrator. Prior to our trip to Los Angeles we had never discussed fantasies or watched porn films (at least not together). Brad did buy the vibrator to help me ‘get there’ when he was too quick, but other then that we were a plain vanilla couple.

Our flight to California was too early for Brad to do his laps before we left so when we arrived in Los Angeles we went down to the pool after checking into the hotel. Our room was the typical upscale hotel room. Two queen size beds, TV, table and bath and shower. The room also had the typical door you often see to the adjoining room for couples with children. Brad quickly changed into his swimsuit and hung his pants over the top of the adjoining door after opening our side of it. I thought nothing of that as he often does that at home as well and there were no hooks in the closet.

At the pool we encountered two young men who were watching each other do laps and starts and critiquing each other. Brad said to them, “You must be swimmers.”

When they told us they had their final Olympic Trials tomorrow we were impressed. Don and Eric introduced themselves to us. Don and Eric were both from Kansas City and had known each other for their entire lives. Don was now attending university in Minneapolis and Eric was in college in Kansas City. They both felt they had a good chance of making the Olympic swim team. Both Don and Eric were about three years younger then us (in their early twenties) and they were easy and fun to talk to while Brad did his laps.

When Brad finished his laps we all walked back into the hotel together and we all laughed as we realized that we were in the adjoining room. My husband jokingly said to them, “No wild parties tonight, I have an important presentation tomorrow and you two need a good nights rest to make your times tomorrow.”

Don and Eric both laughed and replied, “Don’t worry, see you two tomorrow morning when we all have our morning swim” and went into their room.

We went into our room and decided to stay in the room read, rest, watch a little television and order room service, as we were tired from the early flight. About an hour or so later we heard them go out for dinner downstairs. We knew that because, although the rooms were fairly well sound proofed, we could hear them talking about what they should have for dinner through the adjoining door that Brad had partially opened to hang his pants on. They decided on the sushi bar downstairs after a long discussion of what would be best before the meet tomorrow.

I have always been pretty loud while having sex. My husband says I am a real screamer and that he loves it. I have to admit that since we don’t have children I allow myself to get pretty uninhibited in regard to how loud I get during lovemaking. When we heard Don and Eric come back into their room we were really going at it. Brad had my legs up around my neck and the headboard of our bed was really banging against the adjoining wall. I was loudly moaning, “Oh god that feels so good, oh god I love it, don’t stop please don’t stop!”

I had forgotten that the adjoining door on our side was still open, and although I heard them come in, did not realize it until I heard Don say, “Wow! Do you hear that?”

Eric answered, “God she is not only one of the most beautiful women I have ever meant she is also hot as hell!”

They were talking at normal levels in the belief that we could not hear them because they did not know that our half of the adjoining door was open. When we heard them we both stifled a laugh and my husband whispered to me, “How do we quietly finish?”

I answered, “Even if we can then they would know that we know they heard us and that would be more embarrassing.”

“Well then,” said Brad, “lets give them a show to remember,” and he began to thrust into me again and the headboard started banging against the wall even harder. I think Brad was turned on by the situation. I know I was. I remember Brad saying to me, “You just can’t get enough cock can you baby?” and I answered, “There is not enough cock in the entire world for my hot wet pussy.”

After that Brad began to ejaculate into me, but I was still not there and suddenly felt panic when I remembered that, because of airport security, I had left my vibrator at home. I cried out, “Don’t stop, oh god, I need the vibrator” at the top of my lungs. I had to use my hand to bring myself off and as I was stimulating myself I could hear Don saying to Eric in the next room that he needed a cold shower.

The next morning I wanted to avoid Don and Eric so did not go with my husband to the pool. After his laps Brad went off to his appointments. When I came down for breakfast I ran into Don and Eric having a light breakfast of fruit and cereal. Don asked me to join them and I sat down. At first I was uncomfortable and embarrassed, but after a few minutes they put me at ease and we were enjoying each other’s company. The trials were at noon and when they asked if I wanted to come watch I accepted their invitation. They told me they would knock on my door when they were ready to go and we could all share a cab, but right now they had to get up to their room for their final preparations. When I asked what that was they said they had to shave.

Section 2

When I answered, “You both shaved this morning, I can tell, so what are you going to shave again for?”

Both Eric and Don turned a little red and then answered, “Every one hundredth of a second is crucially important and if we shave off all our body hair it could make the difference.”

“Are you going to shave your heads too,” I asked.

“No,” answered Eric “we have bathing caps for that, but we are going to shave everything else.”

“Well” I said with some degree of embarrassment, “knock on my door when you’re ready” and they excused themselves and went upstairs.

That afternoon both Eric and Don made the team and I invited them to join Brad and I for lunch in celebration. We had a great time together and after lunch we all took a cab to Universal Studios for a few hours of fun. Afterwards they thanked us and we dropped them back at the university where they were going to meet with their coach and go over the tapes of the meet.

Brad and I were going out to an expensive restaurant that night in celebration of a large pension plan he had wrapped up that afternoon so he took me to Victoria’s Secret (whom I had actually done some modeling for) and bought me a complete outfit including some very sexy lingerie. When he saw me in the red thong and white thigh highs he whistled and said, “Don and Eric have no idea…I think we ought to meet them for a drink before dinner so they can see how hot your really are.”

I answered, “Honey I think they already know how hot I am” and we both laughed.

Actually we did run into them in the lobby and they both commented on how nice I looked with barely concealed lust and envy. Brad saw it too because he commented to me that it made him proud that I was his wife and so desired by others.

We had two bottles of wine with dinner and when we got back to the room we ordered a bottle of champagne and strawberries for dessert. When I came out of the bathroom Brad had tuned into one of the adult channels and had a pay per view porno starting. I laughed because we were both already a little drunk and I was feeling very naughty to be watching my first porn movie in a hotel. We could hear Don and Eric talking through the still half open adjoining door. Brad and I looked at each other with a knowing look and then Brad said to me, “Leave it.”

I was so hot at the thought of them next door hearing us and desiring me that I also wanted them to hear us. I got into the bed and we had our first glass of champagne. Then I noticed the movie. I watched in fascination as a beautiful red head took turns sucking three different cocks. When she moved her attentions to a new cock she would look up into the eyes of the man whose cock had just come out of her mouth with her big blue innocent eyes. It was so incredible to watch her. She had a cock in each hand and one in her mouth at all times. Brad gave me another glass of champagne and I realized that I was stroking him with one hand and rubbing my mons with the palm of my other hand.

Now the girl was lying on a bed. One man was kissing and licking each nipple and the third was between her legs licking her. The man between her legs came up to his knees and slid his penis past her swollen cunt lips. One of the men kissing one of her nipples kissed her and said, “Happy birthday darling” and then offered his cock to her waiting mouth. The camera focused back to the cock stroking into her then the man between her legs pulled out of her wet gapping pussy and we could see the semen oozing out of it for a few seconds before the second man entered her. When the second man ejaculated into her he was replaced by the third.

I wondered what kind of a girl would do something like that. Then, with a sudden shock of self-realization, I knew that I wanted to be that girl!

I said to Brad, “God I am so hot!”

Brad answered, “I know honey” as his finger slid into my silky wetness.

I was stroking Brad with one hand and rubbing myself with the other. Brad poured a little more champagne into my mouth with his other hand; we were now drinking from the bottle. He gave me a long kiss and said, “Would you do that?”

I answered in a shaky voice, “Would I do what?”

Brad kissed me again and said, “That” and nodded at the screen.

I answered, “Only if you wanted me to.”

Brad moved between my legs and waited until he was fully inside me before he said, “Would you really?”

I closed my eyes and answered his question with a question, “Would you want me to?”

A long time went by before I heard him hiss, “Yes.”

When he said yes my heart leaped into my throat and I had a very strong orgasm. While I was writhing around his cock gasping for breathe Brad began to describe to me how much it would turn him on to provide me with all the hot hard cock I could possibly want until I was totally sated.

I could not believe my ears.

Then he said, “You would love getting gang banged wouldn’t you?”

I didn’t answer at first and then as I felt a second orgasm sweeping over me I practically screamed, “Oh god yes I would love being gang banged!”

When my husband got out of bed and knocked on the adjoining door I thought I would faint. The door came open in seconds and Brad said to Don and Eric, “I have a surprise for you.”

Don said, “We heard” and stepped into our room.

Even though I had my eyes closed I could feel his eyes on me. I lay on top of the bed totally nude except for my thigh highs. I felt cool from the slight sheen of perspiration from our lovemaking and felt Brad’s sperm slowly slide out of me over my swollen cunt lips. I have never been so embarrassed or so turned on in my life.

Finally I heard Don say, “Are you sure its OK?” to Brad.

Brad said, “Ask her… its OK with me.”

Don said, “Beth……?”

Section 3

And I confessed to him, to Eric, to my husband and to myself, “I…I want to…I do.”

I felt the weight of someone on the bed and then Don was kissing me and rubbing my breasts and murmuring to me, “You’re so beautiful, so beautiful.”

While he was kissing and fondling me I felt someone else on the bed and then I felt the head of a penis trying to slowly work its way past my swollen and inflamed pussy lips. I reached down with my hand to help guide it in and when my hand wrapped around it my eyes came open for the first time. I was being kissed and fondled by Don and it was his eyes I first looked into, but then I looked beyond his head and saw Eric patiently working his huge cock into me. I know that if it were not for the lubrication of Brad’s ejaculate Eric would have never been able to enter me.

My eyes were wide open now in a combination of stark fear and lust. I looked up at Brad for reassurance and he took my hand with tears in his eyes and said, “God I love you baby.”

When Eric began to withdraw from me I could feel the walls of my pussy clinging to him. Then he slowly reentered me, but deeper than before. I looked up into Brad’s eyes. He bent over and kissed me as I strained up to meet Eric. Eric began his slow withdrawal again. Eric was trying to be careful to not hurt me, but it was no longer necessary. My legs came up and locked around his thighs as I pulled him into me as deep as I could. I looked up at Brad as tears of shame ran down my cheeks. Brad wiped them away with the back of his hand and said, “Its OK honey, it’s OK, I understand.”

Don said to my husband, “God she is so hot, so god damn hot.”

Brad kissed me one more time and then backed away from me as Don edged closer to my mouth with his erect penis. My hand came up and I found myself, almost involuntarily, guiding him to my mouth. In the two years we had been married I had never gone down on Brad. He knew that I found fellatio distasteful and had given up trying to change my mind. Now I was guiding another man’s penis to my more than willing mouth as my husband watched. I looked into Brad’s eyes and then my mouth came down on Don’s cock and I felt my cheeks cave in from the suction of my mouth around his cock.

When I realized that he was clean-shaven I began to lick and suck him voraciously. I loved the feel of that hard silkiness in my mouth and the knowledge that I would not get a hair down my throat.

God I’ve got a virtual strangers cock in my mouth and a virtual strangers cock in my cunt and my husband is watching me I thought. I have become a complete slut and I am so hot that I don’t care I thought.

I could feel Don’s approaching orgasm and knew that I wanted him to cum in my mouth in front of my husband. His first ejaculation was into my mouth, I pulled him almost out of my mouth and held him between my thumb and my index and forefinger while his second ejaculation shot through the few inches of space between his penis and my open mouth coating my tongue. When his third ejaculation shot across my lips I looked up into my husband’s eyes and licked my lips clean and had my third orgasm of the night.

Then Eric began to groan and I could feel him began to tense and shudder. His hands went under the small of my back and pulled me up to him as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into me. I could feel Eric filling me with his sperm over and over again until it began to ooze out the sides of my pussy past his penis. When he withdrew from me I could feel the cool air entering my gaping pussy and thought, “Oh my god, he has stretched me out so much, I will never be the same, my marriage will never be the same either,” but then Brad took me in his arms and told me how much he loved me.

Brad pulled me on top of him and in less than a second I felt him slide into my totally wet and stretched out pussy. I could feel cum pouring out of me and down my legs and could hear the slurping sounds my pussy was making as Brad began to thrust up into me. Then my husband pulled me down to him and pulled the cheeks of my ass apart. I saw Brad nod to Don and Don got on the bed behind me and began to lubricate himself by running his cock up and down my wet inner thighs above my now soaked white thigh highs. Then I felt the tip of his penis at my anus and a steady pressure as he slowly entered me.

I had never been anally penetrated before and was scared that he would hurt me, but as he slowly filled me the feeling of two cocks separated by a small wall of flesh inside me was overwhelming. I could feel the walls of my vagina contracting around Brad as Don began to slide in and out of my anal passage. Slowly they established a rhythm as I held still like a frightened animal between them. I began to move with them trying to keep as much cock in both passages as I could.

At first Brad would plunge into me when Don withdrew and Don would reenter my anal passage when Brad would withdraw from my pussy, but slowly a rhythm was established until they were both filling me simultaneously and withdrawing from me simultaneously. I began to murmur, “Yes, yes, yes…I love it…I love it…oh god two cocks at once,” but as the intensity picked up the murmuring ceased and I began to gasp for air as I was mercilessly pummeled between them into sexual oblivion. They both came at almost the exact same time and I blacked out from the pure ecstasy of it and from my own earth shattering orgasm.

When I woke up Don and Eric were back in their room and Brad was using a warm washrag to clean me up. I looked into his eyes and my wonderful husband smiled and said, “You know I think it would be a good idea if we slept in the other bed tonight, it’s a little wet in this one.”

Brad’s Story

Beth asked me to do this I think because she fears we may have weakened our marriage because of our escapade. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything I love her more for it. I only hope that when she reads this she feels the same about me.

When I meant Beth I was in awe of her and I still am. She was by far not only the most beautiful girl on campus, she was also an incredible gymnast (which takes a high degree of courage) and intellect. She had a full ride scholarship from a beauty contest, but she could have as easily won an academic scholarship if her parents had not been affluent well-educated professionals. If Beth wanted to she could easily make a career out of modeling and she makes a good living from it in her ‘spare’ time from her graduate studies. My friends that know that I am married to a lingerie model often ask me how I got so lucky. I don’t know myself.

I have always felt that Beth could have done a lot better than me for a life partner and I try in every way possible to bring her all the love and happiness I can and to meet her needs in every way.

Section 4

We have been married two years and it’s been the best two years of my life. Beth has a much stronger sex drive than I do and I know that (although she would never admit it) I have frustrated her a few times. I finally went on line and after a great deal of research bought an expensive top of the line vibrator with whirling beads, a clitoral stimulator and a separate battery pack to give the device plenty of power. That seemed to solve the problem of when I was too fast for her.

Once Beth’s engine gets going it is hard for it to stop running. Unfortunately for me, Beth does not like giving head. In fact, until our ‘escapade’, she had never tasted sperm. Early in our marriage I did convince her one time to give me head (she has the most beautiful mouth I have ever seen or kissed) and after a few minutes she got a hair in her throat and after a lot of coughing and glasses of water could still feel it. I love to kiss her sweet pussy, but had learned not to expect to receive oral sex and that seemed a small compromise.

All that has changed now, since I learned a little lesson from my swim team friends and started shaving down there. If anything I felt that I have always let Beth down more in that department because as I said before…once her engine gets running…

Our first night at the hotel when Don and Eric heard us making love I could tell that Beth was as turned on by the situation as much as I was and the fact that she was turned me on even more.

The next morning when Don, Eric and I were swimming laps I asked them what they did last night. Eric answered, “We went to a movie.”

When I asked, “What movie did you see?”

They both got very quiet and finally I said, “I hope we didn’t disturb you.”

Eric answered, “No, not at all.” And at the same time Don said in youthful enthusiasm, “It was awesome! I mean your wife is awesome,” and then turned red.

I answered, “Yes, she is awesome” and started my laps.

Nothing more was said that morning, but I have to admit that that night was not entirely spontaneous as the thoughts began to form in my mind of what it would be like to open that door both metaphorically and in reality. I knew if I did I took a chance of losing you, but I also knew if I didn’t I took a chance of losing you. A part of me felt sick with jealousy at the thought of seeing you make love to other men, but at the same time the thought of seeing you perform sexually with other men turned me on tremendously.

At dinner you told me what a couple of nice guys they were and how much you enjoyed the swim meet and their elation afterwards. When I ordered that second bottle of wine I could tell you were getting a little tipsy and on the way home in the cab I could tell that, even though we did not finish the second bottle, the alcohol had removed a lot of your inhibitions when you reached over and massaged my cock through my suit pants and then started toying with my fly. I still remember your throaty giggle when I brushed away your hand and whispered to you, “We will be at the hotel in a few minutes and I have to walk through the lobby.”

We did not need the champagne and strawberries, but I wanted to keep you tipsy, I wanted you inhibitions lowered… just in case. Each small decision took me closer to opening that door. First the champagne, then the movie selection, then, when you looked at our side of the adjoining door still open and then at me with that look on your face and I said, “Leave it,” I knew that we were that much closer. I think you may not have consciously known where it would go when you got into bed leaving the door partially open, but I do think that subconsciously you wanted it to happen as bad as I did.

When you practically screamed, “Oh god yes, I would love being gang banged” I knew they heard you and you knew they heard you and I think at that moment we both knew I would open the door to it.

And then when you said, “I want to…” I thought my heart would leap out of my throat. I immediately thought, “My god she is such a slut” and then I thought, “Yes, but you made her a slut…your slut.” A part of me wanted to tell them to leave and a part of me wanted to see you satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.

When Eric began to work that huge cock of his into you I was mesmerized at the expression on you face and the degenerate beauty of the entire situation. I felt like crying with a sense of loss, but at the same time felt that I was giving you the most unselfish of gifts. Yet I have to admit it was selfish too, because I loved watching your debauchment.

The only time I felt a sense of betrayal by you was when you took Don so willingly into your mouth. I felt so jealous when I could see that you meant to take him to completion. That you would taste sperm for the first time and that it would be another man’s was gut wrenching for me. But then when he did cum in your mouth and you pulled back a few inches to allow me to watch him ejaculate into your mouth, I knew that you did it for me when our eyes met. Even as another man’s sperm shot into your mouth I knew that secret smile in you eyes was for me and me alone.

I know that it is crazy, but if it was possible to love you more than I did before, I do. I know it sounds crazy, but I want to go on sharing you with others. I want to see your sexual needs totally satisfied and know that, in some way, I am the instrument of that satisfaction; even if the cock is not mine.

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