Making My Husband Into a Cuckold


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My name is Jess. I was 21 at the time and my new husband Dan was 28. I love him dearly, but I sometimes miss the adventures I had when I was single. I’m a very sexual person and I love men. He’s not terrible in bed, the foreplay is great and he always gets me off, but the actual intercourse isn’t as great. He doesn’t last very long and he has a small penis… maybe four and a half inches at best.

Anyway, a few months into our marriage Dan invited his friend Jake over. Jake was a nice guy, funny, decent looking and a little taller than my husband. I had fantasized about him before but never acted on it, although I would often flirt with him.

We were just hanging out in the living room chatting. Dan and I sitting on our couch and Jake on the love seat. It was getting dark out and I excused myself so I could get into something more comfortable. I went to our room and changed into a tiny pair of booty shorts without panties, a white tank top, and my bra under the tank top.

I returned to the living room downstairs and they were talking about football. Feeling a little bold I decided to sit down next to Jake on the love seat. As they kept talking I couldn’t help but think of my fantasies about Jake.

I just wanted him… Bad! I scooted closer to Jake and rested my hand on his knee. Nobody reacted as the boys continued talking sports. After a couple minutes I moved my hand slowly up his thigh. Pretty soon I was slowly moving my hand up and down, but not in a sexual way yet.

Dan still didn’t seem to have a problem although he’s seen me be flirtatious and even cuddly with other guys before. Feeling secure I started edging my hand closer to Jake’s crotch gradually with each stroke of his thigh.

When I finally grazed the edge of his buldge he jumped a little, but barely enough to notice. With the next stroke of my hand I moved it over his buldge. I could feel that he was only semi hard, but it already seemed as big as Dan when he was fully hard.

I continued this motion of running my hand on Jake’s thigh and ending on his crotch each time before moving it back. By this time Dan could definitely tell I was up to something. The boys kept talking trying to pretend nothing was happening and Dan kept glancing down at my hand. I think he was just so shocked by it that he didn’t know how to react. This made me feel only more bold.

It wasn’t long before I was just rubbing Jake’s crotch over his jeans. They were still trying to act like nothing was going on but were both noticably distracted. It was so hot being blatantly naughty that I could feel myself getting soaking wet. I couldn’t take it anymore and just started to undo his jeans. I had them open in seconds and then pulled out his dick. It was so big, I think his jeans were to tight for him to get completely hard.

He was already up to 7 inches and I could tell it was still somewhat soft. I leaned over and started sucking his cock. Dan and Jake were no longer talking at this point. Dan was completely silent as Jake started to moan in pleasure. Jake quickly became fully erect and was nearly 9 inches long, about twice my husband’s size. He was much thicker too.

After a few minutes I got up off the love seat facing Jake. I glanced back at Dan who was clearly in shock, although I noticed he did have his hand on his crotch. I pulled off my tank top and removed my bra as Jake stripped naked himself.

I then stood in front of him as he sat on the love seat and he pulled my shorts down. I began making out with him as I climbed on top of his lap. I was straddling his cock grinding it against my pussy. It felt so good! My pussy was so wet that his dick was easily sliding between my lips. Then I positioned myself over it and slowly lowered down onto his cock.

It was so big I could feel as he stretched me as his cock got deeper. He then put his hands on my hips and slowly started to fuck me. I was completely oblivious to Dan at this point. Only a couple minutes in I came quickly probably the fastest I ever came from just intercourse and the first time I had cum from just penetration since before I was with Dan.

Jake just kept fucking me after a few more minutes he began to pick up the pace. I could feel as he pounded the full length of his cock deep inside me. He moved faster and faster as another orgasm started to build. My whole body shuddered as I had another orgasm. At the same time I could feel as he shot hot cum deep inside of me.

Afterwards Jake said it was getting late and had to leave. Once he was gone I spoke to Dan and explained that while I love him he was just too small and too quick in bed to completely satisfy me. I would still need a good fucking once in awhile from another guy. Dan admitted to enjoying the show and I gave him a blow job. After that visits from his friends were never quite the same.

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