Making Laurie Mine 4/5 (6)

I met Laurie working at my previous job. What a sight to behold. She didn’t have that typical buxom bimbo body I usually lusted after, no she had a perfectly tight runner’s frame. Tight B cups, perfect legs, a small curved waistline, and an ass you could sink your teeth into. Regressing to a horny school boy, I joined the after work happy hour crew just for the chance to spend time with her. Our relationship, whilst firmly in the friendzone, was a flirtatious one. And always left me wanting more.

The breeze was crisp, dry, and warm against my face as I left work and made my way to the pub. The autumn weather felt charged, invigorating, making me feel optimistic. My colleagues also seemed in high spirits. The drinks flowed, conversation and laughter bubbled and brooked around me. One by one they made their exits, leaving their work lives to resume their home lives.

True to tradition Laurie and I were the last two standing. Filled with hot cider and bourbons, we were both lit. It was starting to get late, being the perfect gentleman, I am, I walked her to the subway, the opposite direction to my bus. Leaning in to give her a goodbye hug and an opportunistic kiss on the cheek, she did the same.

We misfired, our paths crossed, our lips met. Her soft full lips brushed against mine, our sweet sticky breath mingled. She pulled back sharply in hesitation, her breath catching in her throat. Her eyes latched onto mine. I raised my eyebrows in a “how about it?” kind of way.

Her eyes widened, then softened, a small smile tugged at the corner of her pretty mouth. It was all the encouragement I needed, I leaned in. It was a good kiss; soft, fun, exploring, lingering. Breaking apart, we laughed tipsily, and said our goodbyes. I watched her lithe figure descend the subway steps until she was swallowed into the crowd.

Nothing came of that kiss. We said hi to each other here and there in the hallway. At the next happy hour gathering, she hit me with the boyfriend bomb. She had apparently been dating some guy named ‘Ben’ for a couple of weeks. Off the market, such a shame.

We kept going to happy hour together. Our flirtatious relationship still going strong. After I got laid off as part of the company’s merger my attendance at happy hour ended. It’s not much fun going out with people who all have employment at the place which shafted you.

Two months on, I received an email from a fellow happy hour member who had also been let go and was organizing a “Fuck You” party to the new bosses in honor of her departure. It was scheduled to take place at the same bar from the night I like to remember as ‘the night I kissed Laurie’. Sighting Laurie’s name in the address bar I readily replied confirming my attendance.

When the night finally came, it was balmy and the bar was busy. I waited perched at the bar nursing a bourbon and coke, glancing surreptitiously at the entrance. I made cursory conversation with old work colleagues. All the while trying to convince myself, I wasn’t here just to see Laurie, and I most certainly wasn’t nervous. Twenty minutes later Laurie arrived with her usual radiant smile.

To my delight she made a B line for me. She gushed about being so happy to see me, and gave me tight hug. Pulling me down into her embrace, I breathed in her scent, she smelt warm, and fresh like recently shampooed hair. The hug seemed to go on longer than what would be consider polite between platonic friends. Not that I was complaining.

Once again, the night seemed to have an energy about it. The drinks flowed freely, and later, to the despair of my liver, many shots were consumed. People were angry, and speaking openly, emphatically. The happy hour crew dwindled out as the night progressed, and as usual, it was just Laurie and I left. We were both pretty hammered. With lowered inhibitions we found ourselves hunkered at a table together in a dimly lit corner.

Naturally the topic came down to sex. First thing was kinky places we’ve done it. Weirdest place for her was a drive in. For me it was a handjob in a movie theater or in my law school library. We talked about kinky stuff we would like to do. I mentioned I preferred a more dominant role in the bedroom, but had been known to switch and allowed partners to tie me up, and even admitted to been on the receiving end of digital sodomy.

She giddily confided she had always wanted to do that to a guy, but never had the chance. She was incredibly sexy and things were going better than I could have ever hoped. We were so open and honest. We were connecting like we had never quite managed before. Fueled on by a belly full of booze I brought up her boyfriend.

“So… Ben… How are you two doing?” I heard the words tumble out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

Laurie’s smile slipped.

“Oh… Well things have been better.” She replied deflated

“Oh no, what’s wrong?” I asked, hoping my voice didn’t give away the shot of elation I felt at her words.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.” Laurie rushed, trying to take back her complaint “Never mind, forget I said anything!”

“Come on, we’re buddies open up.” I cajoled.

“He’s a bit weird.” she breathed almost inaudibly.

“Weird how?” I asked, riddled with curiosity.

“Like… weird with sex.” She said, looking down. She started nervously tearing the cardboard coaster on the table into little pieces.


  • Jerry

    Reply Reply December 13, 2017

    Sorry, but #9 wouldn’t post.

  • Treb LLahsram

    Reply Reply March 2, 2018

    I like pussy too much to have lasted as long as the main character did before he tapped her, but good story.

  • Genie400

    Reply Reply March 30, 2020

    I do hope there is a follow up to this story. The action was getting hot

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