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We have a profile on an interracial site. It’s subject material is black bulls cuckolding white wives. My wife told me that one day she was checking the site when she was contacted by a much younger man wanting to meet. She is almost 70 but she can out fuck most 30 year olds. She said he was 38, 6-4 with a 9 1/2 cock that was over three fingers thick. She said he wanted to meet in spite of her age and size. She is a 42G BBW. I told her he was probably a fake because there were more fakes than real people. I told her I would ask him some questions to see if he was real.

I answered his next email. I told him that I thought he was a fake. He said he was real and answered some questions to prove he was real. I told him that so far every time we proposed to meet some one from this site, they disappeared.I told him so far this was a fantasy only. Even though we had been swingers earlier it was a couples thing.I told him she would not meet him alone.. He assured me he was real and he could seduce her just as he seduced many other wives.He said he would bet $50 that he could.

Over the next couple of days of the fantasy kept being played out in my mind. I found myself with an erection each time. When I checked out the site, i found an email from him suggesting I contact him on his phone. I texted him and he replied. He said he would like to know if I was willing to accept his bet. I asked him to explain in detail what he was proposing. He said I was to tell him when she was going grocery shopping, where and when she would be there, and what she was wearing. He would seduce when he accidentally bumped into her at the store. He said he was convinced he could get her to come to his apartment for coffee. Once that was achieved he would be fucking her 30 minutes after they got there. I thought I knew my wife. She would never be that impulsive. It would be a quick $50 so I accepted. i was to text him a photo of her as she was leaving to shopping.

The next day, she left early that morning to get the week’s groceries. I took a photo without her knowing it. I texted it along with the stores and sequence she would visit them. I knew when she got home I would hear that she had run into an annoying young black man and I could collect my $50.

After a couple of hours, I got a text from him saying she would be joining him for coffee at his apartment. He said I was to accept his request for facetime and put my phone on mute. After about 20 minutes, I received the request and accepted. He had placed his phone on the kitchen cabinet facing the kitchen table. He was wearing a muscle shirt and gym shorts. I could see the outline of his cock. It was huge.

I heard the doorbell and saw him return with her. He put his hand on her shoulder as she sat down. He asked whether she wanted tea or coffee. She choose tea. He brewed two cups and sat down. They casually talked about shopping with her giving some tips on using specials and coupons.He slowly changed the subject to more personal subjects. He told her he had taken a course in massage and he was actually a licensed therapist. He asked her if she wanted another cup of tea. She accepted.

As he fixed her next cup, he said most women with breasts her size have shoulder problems. She replied that her shoulders always ache from their weight. He set her cup of tea if front of her and said he could help her feel better. He started rubbing her neck. She said that felt good and seemed to relax. He took that as an opportunity to start to massage her shoulders. His phone was directly facing her.

I watched as she leaned back relaxing as she enjoyed his massage. I watched as he slid her bra straps off her shoulders. She didn’t resist. His hands went further down her back and then one went a little way down the front rubbing the top of her breast. When she just sighed and leaned back his hand went down cupping her breast. The next hand went down the front cupping her other breast. I could tell he was playing with her nipples and she was obviously enjoying it. He told her he could do a much better job if she was laying down. He suggested they go to his bedroom. She accepted but she said she wanted to go to the bathroom first. My heart sank to my feet. She always does that before she has sex. As she got up I noticed she had to be feeling his huge erection that was tenting in his shorts and pressing against her back.

He placed his phone on the dresser facing the bed. When she returned, she laid on the bed face down. He straddled her and began massaging her shoulders. Soon he had his hands under her blouse massaging her back. When she didn’t resist he unfastened her bra. He continued his massage. His hands started going down the sides of her breasts. When she sighed as he rubbed her breast, he removed her blouse and bra. He went back to massaging her shoulder and back.

Occasionally, he would massage her breasts. She was responding by rubbing her butt against his cock. He took that as an invitation to fully strip her and remove his clothes. She didn’t offer any objection. He straddled her again and resumed the massage. This time it was more like foreplay than a massage. He moved back placing his cock between her legs. Then he slid forward.

He started kissing her neck as he reached under her her and caressed her breasts. I could tell she was rubbing her pussy on his cock but he couldn’t enter her at that angle. After a few minutes, she rolled over. I got a look at his erection. His cock was definitely the 9 1/2 inches long as he had said. It was, also, the thickest cock I had ever seen. It was thicker than any I had seen on any porn site.

Unlike most thick cocks, the head was even bigger than the shaft. There was a look of shock on my wife’s face when she saw his erection. He simply smiled and leaned forward. He started kissing her and sucking her nipples as he started rubbing her pussy with his cock. She started moaning. I saw her legs go up and her gasp. I knew he had entered her. He very slowly kept stroking more and more of his massive cock into her. Suddenly, she had a massive orgasm. From the squishing sounds, she must have really squirted. Once her orgasm subsided, he shoved his cock balls deep. Then he started stroking her faster and faster. He fucked her through at least 10 more orgasms over the next hour before he finally shot his load deep into her. After a few minutes, he took the phone and got a close up of her gaping pussy with his cum draining from her.

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