Losing Bet


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Section 1

As I stared at the five cards laying on the green felt in front of my opponent it felt as if I’d been punched in the stomach. The walls of the private poker room in the Belagio seemed to be crowding in on me. I fought for air as I sat stunned into silence looking at them laying there. Almost sorry I dropped my hand to the table, my Aces full of Jacks staring up at me helplessly.

Candace’s hand was on my shoulder as she stood behind me at my chair. She could feel the tension in my body as I stared dumbly at the cards on the table. “Wait…so w-what does that mean?” she said a touch of fear filling her words.

I couldn’t find my voice to answer her, but my opponent from across the table was more than happy to. LaMichael offered a confident predatory smile as he looked up at her, “I believe that means that I have a fifth queen for the weekend to go with these four.”

I finally turned and looked up at Candace with apologetic and terrified eyes. Even that fear couldn’t keep me from again being stunned by her. She’d worn the red halter dress I’d bought her, its neckline plunging deep between her cleavage, and its fine cut hugging her body with a classy seductiveness few ladies of two could manage. Her sandy blonde hair flowed straight down to frame her face and cover her neckline. The hem of the dress was much higher than anything she normally would have worn at home, barely covering the curves of her buttocks, but for our trip to Vegas together she’d worn it just for me. Her legs dropped with their sleek curvaceousness into the black strapped stiletto heels I’d bought her as well, her calves bulging from the extreme angle the heels powered on her french manicured feet. The idea was for her to be a distraction to the other players and it had worked, but when the stakes of the game had gotten too high LeMichael had accepted her as collateral for a bet I thought there was no way I could lose. After I had explained the odds to her and the hundreds of thousands of dollars we stood to gain if I won, Candace had agreed to being placed as a wager.

“Troy, what does he mean?” she looked at me with her innocent eyes now taking on a look of horror, “You said it was impossible…”

LeMichael looked at us with amusement as he raked all of the chips on the table to his pile, “I believe there’s something else that needs to be coming to my side of the table…”

The bouncer near the door of the room glared over at us to see if there would be trouble. Vegas casinos didn’t like people reneging on their bets and I was terrified of what such a thing would mean. I looked at Candace helplessly, “I-I’m sorry honey I didn’t think there was…”

“I believe your wager was clear,” LeMichael interrupted. “If you like we can have the gentleman over there help to…sort…this all out,” he glanced at the bear of a man who looked like he would be all too happy to make me disappear.

Realizing we were stuck Candace released my shoulder and began to walk over, her steps slow and deliberate on the tall heels she was unaccustomed to which made echoing clicks in the room with each step. “Damn girl you are fine…” LeMichael said under his breath as Candace walked towards him, her eyes resolute but filled with fear. “Go ahead and have a seat,” he said to her as he patted his leg, “I don’t want to keep you two from talking, but I like to keep my winnings close by.”

Candace was too stunned to fight him and turned and lowered her gorgeous ass into his lap to sit in it. His hand slid up her thigh as she did and he wrapped one arm around my wife’s waist. He held her close to him and I saw my wife’s skirt ride up her thigh as she sat in his lap revealing almost all of her long slender legs. He looked up into her eyes and Candace looked back with terrified innocent eyes, “Now you and your husband agreed to this right? You and me are going to spend the next two days together and you’re going to be the perfect little princess and do just like you’re told aren’t you?”

He looked at her with intensity and Candace glanced from him to the frightening power standing by the door. The thought of what would happen to her and Troy if she didn’t comply was too horrible to bear. “Yes…” was all the reply she could softly muster.

He stared back at her for a moment seeming unconvinced. His hands began to run over her body and her thighs freely, “I’ll tell you what girl, go ahead and stand up.”

Candace looked at him and slowly did as she was told, standing by the table. LeMichael continued, “Go ahead and turn around and let me look at that fine ass.” I could see my wife trembling as she turned, facing me now with the table between us and those damn queens staring up from the felt mocking me. LeMichael stood and pushed her forward on the table so that she was leaning over, her cleavage in full view and her eyes staring at me with fright. His hand ran over her ass and I saw her wince as he pushed up the hem of her dress slightly to reveal her thong and grabbed her white tan lined ass check firmly, “Damn that’s nice, yeah we gonna have us a hell of a good weekend girl”. She looked at me pleadingly for help but I didn’t know what I could do so I sat in stunned silence trying to find a way to rescue my wife.

“Now turn around here and pull them titties out for me girl. I want your husband to see you’re going to do a good job paying his bets off and there aren’t gonna be any problems.”

Candace stood back up and turned looking at him in disbelief, “I-I can’t do that!”

LeMichael looked at her unwaveringly, “Girl, you best stop thinking about it and just do what you’re told or its gonna be a long weekend for you. Now take out them titties!”

Candace jumped slightly at his command and slowly reached up behind her neck and untied the halter. The fabric slowly slid from underneath her hair and the top of her dress folded over revealing her pert breasts, her nipples erect in the cold casino air. She fought the urge to cover herself as LeMichael sighed, “Damn girl, those are fucking perfect ain’t they?” His hand slid from her ass to those reached up shamelessly and felt and squeezed them in his large black hands and Candace winced at his touch, “Mmmmm, damn those are gonna be fun to play with and the boys at the club are gonna love ’em!”

“C-Club??” Candace said her fear raising yet again.

LeMichael reached between his legs and began sliding down the zipper of his pants, “Don’t you go worrying about that just yet girl. The way you look we may never leave the bedroom. Now how bout you get down on your knees and show hubby here how well we gonna get along.” With that he reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. It was an enormous flaccid black cock that dangled there. I couldn’t believe its size and from the look on my wife’s face neither could she.

Section 2

Candace just stuttered, “I-I, no, I just, can’t do that…”

“Girl, you best recognize, those four queens there say you’re mine for the next two days. And that means all of you is mine. Stop fucking thinking about it and accept it,” he replied resolutely, " Now get down there and kiss my dick to show me and your loser ass hubby over there you understand."

Feeling trapped she glanced at me and then began to crouch down on her heels. The short dress rode up her ass and revealed her thong as she lowered herself. Soon she was face to face with the monstrous cock and stared up at LeMichael.

“Go on,” he said flatly. Candace lowered her eyes from his down to his cock again. She leaned forward and closed her eyes an kissed high on his shaft. “Bitch that ain’t no fucking cock kiss. Don’t make me show you what I want. With them pretty red lips of yours I know you know how to do it right.”

Candace looked up at him defeated and accepted her fate. She reached up and lifted his cockled so that it was at the level of her mouth and glanced over at me as if to say she were sorry. The dick looked enormous in her hands and seemed to grow as she leaned forward and pressed her lips to the cockled, opening them slightly to let her tongue touch the slit. My heart sank at what my wife had been powered into due to my bad decision.

“Mmmmmm, that’s better now girl,’ LeMichael groaned, “Don’t stop now, he likes you and you two are gonna get along so well.”

Candace looked up at him and then leaned forward again opening her mouth a bit more to accept more of his cock. She sucked it gently into her lips slowly and then began to slide her mouth down his thickening shaft. “Damn, ain’t nothing better than getting your dick sucked by a girl while her man watches,” LeMichael sighed as he looked down at my wife squeezing one of her tits, “The way you suckin’ that dick, you like it don’t you girl?”

Candace didn’t respond, she just kept doing what she was told as I watched in horror. “That’s it just smear that pretty lipstick all over that black cock,” LeMichael said, “Yeah you gonna be all prissy about it but you know you like it.”

After a few minutes of watching my wife go down on this man he asked her to stand up. “That’s it girl now just bend on back over that table again,” LeMichael ordered.

“Wait no, please can we just keep it at sucking okay???” Candace pleaded.

“Girl, bend the fuck over!” LeMichael demanded, “I told you to quit thinking and pretending you didn’t want this cock. I’ll prove it.” Candace did as she was told and she felt his hand run over her ass and pull her thong aside. Then her eyes bulged and she let out a sharp coo as she felt her pussy being filled, “Yeah that’s it girl, damn I was right.”

With that LeMichael pulled two thick black fingers from around the backside of my wife. Even from across the table I could see the glistening juices of my wife’s pussy not only coating them but dripping down his knuckles. I looked from his fingers to my wife stunned at what I was seeing. She liked it.

Candace looked back over her shoulder at the damning evidence then back at me still hung over the table, “Honey, I’m sorry I don’t mean it. I don’t want it but I can’t help what my body is doing…I don’t know why its making me feel this way I promise!”

LeMichael stood Candace back up beside him, “Its called evolution girl. Survival of the fittest. That fine ass body of yours was made to procreate, and it wants the strongest, healthiest, seed it can get to do that. I think we both know where the strongest and healthiest seed in this room can be found. We gonna be doing a lot of procreating this weekend so its gonna get what it wants… and so am I.”

With that he had Candace get dressed again and took her by the hand to lead her out the door. “You can pick her up Monday at noon at my club. The Spearmint Rhino is the name of it and we’ll be there. You might even find us out there this weekend, but if you come you best stay the fuck away. She’s mine.” he said powerfully.

With that he took my wife by the hand and they left. I had no clue what to do to stop what I had caused…

The limo had taken them straight from the Bellagio to LeMichael’s home only a few miles from the strip. LeMichael had been incredibly pleasant to Candace the entire trip, trying to make her feel comfortable, but keeping her physically close to him in the backseat of the luxurious car. Even as they chatted she got used to having his hand on her thigh, but tried not too let herself get too comfortable. When the gates to his home opened she gasped at the lavish mansion behind it and could feel LeMichael’s smile as he noticed her awe. “See, you won right along with me when those cards came out girl. You’re gonna have yourself a damn good weekend. Its your hubby who lost,” he said as she looked on in amazement at the display of wealth.

It seemed as if that moment had been an eternity ago as Candace now found herself on her knees on top of a thick bearskin rug in the middle of the most fantastic and ornate bedroom she’d ever seen. Once again her breasts where hanging out of her red dress and his strong black hands were fondling them firmly. Between her lips was his powerful veiny cock, sliding in and out. She tried to focus on it to keep from obligation while still doing what he wanted to avoid his wrath. God she couldn’t believe this is what she’d become, not a wife and a lady, but a slutty girl sucking a strange man’s cock over a bet.

Still she had hope. LeMichael had given her a chance. All she had to do was suck him one last time for a few minutes and then she was free to go, even if he didn’t cum! Of course, she had to give him one last kiss goodbye and state a stupid little phrase he wanted to hear but then she could put this all behind her and get back to Troy. She didn’t know how she’d deal with the shame of seeing him after what she was doing right this moment, after having spent so much time getting fondled by and sucking off another man but they could manage, of that she was certain.

“Squeeze them titties for me and look up at me while you lick my cock,” LeMichael half moaned half commanded as Candace pulled her mouth up its long shaft for another suckle. She did as she was told looking up into his eyes from her position of presentation and cupped her breasts in her french manicured fingers pressing them together. She hoped this meant things were soon coming to an end and she wanted to make sure she didn’t do anything wrong to jeopardize that.

As she looked up his muscular body into his hungry eyes she couldn’t help but notice the warmth between her legs. His muscles flexed in his upper torso as she sucked him in and out of her mouth and she felt a tingle of electricity jolt from her nipple as she accidentally brushed it with her index finger squeezing it slightly. As she let his enormous cock pop out of her mouth and began to lick and kiss his shaft she became embarrassingly aware that her thong felt damp…no, drenched…with her juices. The silk felt so wet she wondered if she hadn’t accidentally peed herself but she knew that was impossible.

Section 3

She continued at her task dutifully, continuing to stare into his powerful eyes as she worshiped his dick with her mouth feverishly, hoping to gain his favor by doing it just right. She tried to ignore the growing heat between her thighs telling herself, “It doesn’t mean anything! My body just doesn’t fully understand how disgusting what I’m doing is or why I’m being power into it! Its only natural that it react like that…I’m in control no matter what it may think!” Even still her mind argued with itself as she serviced him on her knees.

LeMichael startled her inner conversation as he said, “Alright girl, I think you’ve done a damn good job at cocksuckin’. Bet you don’t suck that little white hubby’s dick like that do ya?” She shook her head as she looked up at him knowing she’d never given a blowjob to her husband so thoroughly as she’s just given this man she’d only just met. Her mouth was dripping with her own saliva and his enormous pole was coated and glistening with her spit. She couldn’t help but feel disgusted with herself for being in such a subservient and slutty position.

LeMichael walked to her purse on a nearby table as she continued to kneel on the rug staring at him curiously. He pulled out Candace’s cellphone, dialed Troy’s number as he walked over to her and handed it to her as it rang. “Go ahead and tell your hubby about our deal so he can start driving this way…”

As she knelt beneath him, still exposed, Candace held the phone to her ear nervously staring up at LeMichael. His cock stood still erect in all of its majesty in front of her. As she heard Troy’s voice frantically answer she tried to calm him, “Honey, no I’m fine its okay…No, I mean yes I have but we’ll talk about that later…Troy I know I’m sorry but…no we haven’t done that just other stuff…Please baby you have to listen…No he’s been fine but….Look, he’s made another deal with me…Yes!…God, honey will you just let me finish!…I just have to give him one last goodbye kiss…Well I know but considering everything else I did to him….All I have to do is do that and tell him I’m not interested in his, you know…Yes and then you can pick me up!”

As Troy began to ask a nearly incoherent stream of questions into the phone she felt LeMichael’s cock tap her cheek, “Give it a few more pulls while yo white hubby bitches.” Candace looked up at him nervously with the phone still at her ear, but opened her mouth and took the head into her lips again. She started to drop the phone to her side but LeMichael scolded her, “Keep that fucking phone right where it is.” She obeyed and tried to let his cock slide as quietly in and out of her mouth as she could while her husband chattered in her ear. The cock felt so powerful in her mouth when compared to her husband’s whines.

Suddenly Troy went silent, and his voice returned with an incredulous questioning tone. Candace pulled LeMichael’s cock from her mouth quickly, leaving a string of saliva danging from her lips, “God Troy, what do you want me to say?! Yes! Yes, that sound is me sucking his cock! Are you happy? I’m on my knees right now half naked sucking a strange man’s cock because that’s the only thing that can end this! I’m sorry but that’s the situation I’m in right now, so if you want to keep me from having to suck this big cock much more then you need to listen to me and quit worrying about that stuff right now!”

From above LeMichael let out a chuckle, “C’mon girl you’re ready to give me that kiss now. Tell your boy there to chill a sec and give me that nice kiss ‘goodbye’.”

Candace muttered into the phone, “Just hold on okay?” and slowly stood before him wobbling a bit on her stiletto heels as she reached her full height before him. He nipples sprang from the tip of her full breasts and brushed his dark chiseled chest lightly. She trembled as she felt his strong black hand move to her face and cradle her cheek as he leaned down and pulled her face to his. She let her lips part slightly as his pressed against them. The feeling of strange lips pressing against hers for the first time in years was intoxicating, his thick black lips so soft and tender against her own. She felt his hand glide down the small of her back and pull her body against his as it slid down to cup and caress her petite white ass. Her mouth opened almost sorry accepting his tongue into it as she felt his hand firmly grab her firm cheeks.

The kiss was going on much longer than Candace expected it would. It was hardly a kiss anymore and was now almost a make-out session, and to her horror she realized she was okay with that. Suddenly realizing her hand was still around his cock, she released it and subconsciously slid her arm around his waist. Her bare breasts were pressed against his strong chest as they kissed and now she felt his cock squeezed up against her stomach. Her thighs ached with hunger and burned with desire as they kissed and she could feel a swelling between her legs she’d never experienced before that kept them from coming completely together. She widened her stance slightly to alleviate herself. She tried to ignore it but the lust in her belly was undeniable. She let her hand that was holding the phone by her ear fall to her side as they kissed as she almost forgot she was still on it with her husband.

The sounds of their lips working together rang in her ears like cannon shots and she could feel her heart racing. She felt his hand groping her breast slide down her stomach and slide between her thighs. She let out a moan muffled by their kiss at the touch, but instead of recoiling like everything in her brain told her to, Candace slid her feet apart on her heels and opened access to him. The hunger inside of her felt as if it could not be denied.

LeMichael pulled his lips from hers gently and looked into her eyes softly saying, “Say them words girl and you’re free to go.”

Candace looked at him, her mind racing. She had to say it. She had to get back to Troy, but why was she feeling like this. She had to catch her mind’s wandering. She bit her lip and looked at him, stepping back. “Say it Candace! Say ‘I don’t care what your black cock would feel like inside me’!” She tried to will herself. But she knew that wasn’t true. She knew she very much wanted to know what it would feel like inside of her and the desire to know was insatiable.

Now she thought about the second option he’d given her; the one she’d almost forgotten because she’d been so sure at the time she’d never choose it over being free of this horrible situation. She kept her eyes on LeMichael and lifted the phone to her ear suddenly remembering it was clutched in her manicured hands, “Honey, I’m really sorry…” she said with genuine remorse.

With that she turned and walked towards a large table in the sitting area of the lavish bedroom. She could feel her labia sliding moistly against each other as her heels clicked on the marble floor. Trembling and feeling so unsure of herself she set the phone down on the table just in front of her. She didn’t hang it up and she didn’t know why, but part of her didn’t want to be alone right now and wanted her husband to comfort her. How he could do that she had no idea, but she also had no idea how she could stop the ball that was now rolling. She placed her hands on the table, spread wide as she leaned forward, and felt her already short, tight dress inch up her thighs and expose her thong.

Candace had been so sure when he’d told her this is what she would have to do that she wouldn’t be doing this…now it seemed impossible to not do. LeMichael’s body was too sexy for her to deny, and his cock was more than she had imagined could possibly exist. It almost felt now like her guilt at having been sucking it was washing away and a part of her took pride in how hard she’d been able to make it. Her body had taken over with what felt to her like a primal fundamental need and it simply would not be denied. Momentarily she wondered if this is what female dogs feel like when in heat, but she quickly pushed the thought from her mind. She couldn’t bear the further guilt of her actions.

She slid her legs apart and bent fully forward presenting herself to a man in a way she never had before. As she leaned against the table she could feel her exposed breasts heavily dangling from her chest and her labia blossom and open as the string of her thong slid between them. She looked back over her shoulder feeling as if her heart were beating a million miles and hour and that her breathing was labored. LeMichael was watching intently, but hadn’t moved from his position. His cock hung majestically in front of his chiseled frame still glistening from Candace’s spit. She could tell he wasn’t going to move until she said it. Until she said the words she was so certain she didn’t need to know.

Candace looked back over her shoulder and into his eyes as she submitted herself completely to him. “I really want do know what your cock feels like inside me,” she said, her voice wavering slightly even though she meant every word, “Can I please be your girlfriend?”

LeMichael smiled at her and began to stroll towards her waiting body. She watched his monstrous poll swing from side to side as he moved. “Ain’t you a married white girl?” he asked playfully.

Candace looked at him confused, “Y-yes I am…”

He continued, “And you want to be a black man’s girlfriend? You want to experience this big cock?”

She looked at him as if pleading not to have to answer, but the look in his eyes made it apparent he expected one, “Yes, please, let me try it…”

She felt the heat of his body behind her and his enormous cock slide between her legs, not into her pussy, but past it and against her stomach as he wrapped an arm around he belly and bent over her. His lips were right against her ear as she looked down between her legs to see his enormous cock there looking up at her. He laughed gently, “Girl you gotsta know, ain’t no white girl ever ‘TRIED’ black cock. Once I get this meat up between your legs its going to be who you are. Big black cock is going to be all that’ll ever satisfy you. You understand that right?”

Candace breathed heavily. His words scared her, but they didn’t overcome to insatiable need to get him inside of her. He was so close now and her body screamed for his. She let out a pleading, “I-I understand…please…I really want it…” The fact was she wasn’t sure if she did really understand. What if he was right and this changed everything for her? None of that mattered right now though. All that mattered was the burning need inside her to feel him.

Section 4

She felt his weight lift off of her as he stood back up, his two strong hands sliding down her sides and over her hips, hooking her thong with his thumbs as he pulled it down over her tight little ass. She trembled as it came to a stop just above her knees. She was too afraid to close them and let the thong drop to her ankles so he left it stretched there spanning the void between her long slender legs. Her calves were taught and rigid from the angle her heels held her feet in as she leaned forward. The feeling of the air on her now fully exposed pussy almost drove Candace insane.

She felt his hands slide back up her ass and grasp her hips firmly. “My god this is it…” she thought to herself as she felt his strong arms guide her hips back. She looked down to see the phone looking up at her, still on, and a horrifying replay of the last few moments and what her husband was hearing flooded into her mind, “Honey I’m sorry…” she started to blurt out but was interrupted by a feeling of pressure rubbing between her labia. She looked back over her shoulder, her mouth agape, and her eyes in awe as she felt the head of LeMichael’s cock enter her. “Oh GOD,” she cooed with a soft high pitch.

Involuntarily Candace arched her back deeply and began to slowly press back wanting more of the pleasure she was only just starting to experience. She let out a slight moan and winced slightly feeling herself stretch around his veiny black cock. “That’s it girl, show me how much you wanna be mine,” LeMichael encouraged, “Damn I never seen a pussy this wet that was still so damn tight.”

Candace’s breathing grew more intense and she whispered out in a half moan, half whine, “GOD its big…” as she felt herself sliding down his cock. She felt his hand pull her hips down and his own body thrust towards hers and then he let her slide back up his cock only to bring her back down slowly and methodically.

“Don’t you worry girl, you’re gonna get real used to it,” he moaned into her ear, “You like that, don’t you?”

“Uh huh…” Candace offered honestly through a high pitch moaned breathlessly as she pressed herself back again onto him trying to take a little more inside her this time.

“‘Uh huh’, what?” LeMichael asked her.

“I like feeling your cock inside me,” Candace cooed absently.

LeMichael let out a small chuckle, “You turned into a nasty little white girl fast didn’t you? Now I’m gonna stand real still and I want you to show me how bad you want to be my girlfriend, okay?”.

Candace could barely speak she was breathing so hard. His cock felt as if it was filling her and mixture of pleasure and pain was too much to bear as she bent forward and let him enter her. Finally she let out an, “Okay…”. She felt his cock still inside of her, but not very deep and no longer thrusting in and out. The sudden ceasing of pleasurable thrusts was maddening and her body yearned for more.

The feeling of vulnerability bending over a table half nude with her thong around her knees and her legs spread flooded her mind, but not as much as the desire to fulfill her body’s burning need. Candace felt her nipples brush the cold stone of the table as she slowly she began to push back, letting out a low soft moan as she did and the pleasurable sensation once again rocketed out to every nerve ending in her body. She bit her lower lip as she felt the shaft widen in her and pressed her hips further back. The moist sounds of her labia sliding down his shaft could be heard between her breaths but she paid it no mind. Her cunt felt pain from the stretching like she’d never experienced before, but there was no sense of friction. Her body’s desire for him had made sure that friction would not keep her from accepting him into her body.

She began to slowly and rhythmically move herself back and forth on his cock. As she did so she let out a long involuntary high pitched coos, letting the pleasure and pain out orally through her mouth. He had stopped touching her to let her do all the work, and she was ashamed to find she missed his hands on her body. The sensation inside of her vaginal walls was like nothing she’d ever experienced before and with every fiber of her being she didn’t want it to end. She was moving her pussy up and down his cock, not because he was powering her to, not because she had to…she now couldn’t deny even to herself it was because she wanted to.

Candace looked back over her shoulder at the large black man she barely knew who had his cock buried deep inside of her with nervous, almost innocent eyes, and asked with panting desirous breath, “Does it feel good like this?” Her hips continued to rhythmically take the cock they now burned so strongly for.

LeMichael looked at her with his eyes half closed, “God, yeah girl. Keep working that little white ass on my dick. Damn that’s some tight pussy…”

Candace watched him over her shoulder as she moved, trying to gauge how well she was pleasuring his cock with her hip thrusts, now concentrating on his pleasure while trying to ignore her own immense pleasure. Suddenly she let out a sharp, “Oo!” of surprise and pleasure as electricity rushed through her body. With her next slide up and down his pole it panged her again and she let out another start. She realized suddenly the feeling was his enormous balls hitting her clitoris and the realization put her on the edge. The same balls she’d been sucking only minutes earlier. She could never remember even noticing Troy’s balls against her when they had sex. But now her husband was a distant memory and the entire enormous cock she had been so amazed by, that had seemed so insurmountably huge, was now fully inside of her. It was filling her up and its head was aimed right at her unprotected womb.

She arched her back and let out a whining moan of pleasure as she felt his hands again take hold her hips and begin to guide them in the proper movements, “Damn girl you’re gonna make a damn good girlfriend.” He leaned forward over her and wrapped one arm around her chest, squeezing her hanging breasts as he began to thrust into her.

Candace looked back at him “Oh FUCK… that’s so GOOD…. GOD, YES, feel me….” She turned her head and kiss him as she fucked him back with more intensity. “I’m glad…” she cooed as his pace increased “… we lost” As their writhing bodies continued she let out an entranced young like, “I’m gonna cum….you’re gonna make me cum…”

He smiled and straightened back up with his cock still buried in her, “You want me to stop and let you go home to your hubby to finish this?”

She pressed back into him

She pressed back into him in alarm, “No please please don’t stop LeMichael Dont’!, PLEASE don’t…..!”

He let out a chuckle, “What’s that white girl? You don’t want to go back to being a prissy little white wife and mommy?”

Candace’s mind wrestled with her body and her hormones and it was losing. Somewhere inside of her she was horrified to hear the words leave her mouth, “No baby, please, I want . . . I need you to make me cum…please…”

LeMichael moaned, “Yeah I’m gonna make you my girlfriend. I’m gonna turn you into the black cock obsessed girlfriend you were built to be…”

Just then Candace felt her eyes roll back into her head and her body convulse in spasms. Her shoulders went back and her back arched as she came on his huge cock. His balls slapped against her swollen clit as it convulsed with pleasure around his cock squeezing it with her pelvic muscles. The pleasure was so intense she couldn’t even scream at first and let out only a high pitched hiss of air.

As her body’s natural reaction began to clamp and massage at LeMichael’s huge cock he moaned as well grabbing her hips and thrusting as deep as he could go while she came. “Damn girl that tight pink pussy’s milking me quick…damn…keep working that fine little ass like that…mmmm…that’s it…you want this black seed don’t you girl?”

Candace could finally let out a reply as her orgasm continued to rage and an involuntary, “Yes!” escaped her lips.

Section 5

LeMichael’s body clenched and he let out a roar of pleasure, his balls tightening and his cock swelling up to a sudden release. Candace could feel a sudden rush of warmth within her. In the back of her mind she thought, “Oh god I forgot to make him put on a condom!” but the primal urges of her body welcomed the initial feeling that seed was rushing into her womb, and reacted with a second wave of intense orgasmic shaking.

Candace could feel LeMichael’s cum starting to drip down her inner thighs even before he pulled his cock from her body. She could hear the obscene slurp of her pussy as he pulled his huge pole from it, and she could feel her labia pulling at it as if begging it not to leave. She felt a stream of warm liquid beginning to drain out of her pussy as LeMichael grabbed her and stood her back up from behind, turning her around and kissing her deeply, holding her bare breasts to his. She melted in his arms in her exhausted and satisfied state, even as her mind stressed over what she’d just done. There was no denying though, she was now his.

“Mmmmm, yeah you gonna be a damn good girlfriend,” LeMichael let out in his deep baritone, “You like that don’t you? You like being my girlfriend and taking my black pole?”

Candace bit her lower lip and looked up at him sheepishly, finally nodding an affirmative. She did. She couldn’t deny it. And she wanted more.

He kissed her again, “C’mon girl, lets go get a shower together. We got to get you ready for the night on the town tonight and I need my new girlfriend looking fly as fuck!”

Candace took his hand and followed him to the master bath, tired, satisfied, and terrified at what she was becoming…

Candace shielded her eyes from the setting Las Vegas sun as she stepped onto the sidewalk outside the Sin City Ink Tattoo parlor. She tugged at the hem of her skirt, as she’d done all afternoon since LeMichael had talked her into wearing it, taking some solace that it wasn’t nearly as short as most of the ones he’d prodded her to wear out tonight. She hadn’t asked why he had such an extensive wardrobe of different women’s clothing, but given the means he obviously had she assumed it was simply because he could afford it.

What she’d finally settled on for him as acceptable to both him and her was a short light gray hounds tooth skirt with a large black belt. It covered her butt and the hot pink thong threaded through its cheeks adequately, but it was still showed a lot more thigh than she was used to in public. She took some solace in the fact that the high heeled black boots at least covered her legs up to her knee. The white low cut silk top she had put on with it helped to give some classiness to the look and keep her from looking like a low class slut, but while its low cut top displayed her cleavage for anyone who cared to look, its short bottom served to show her bellybutton if she stretched her torso at all. Given the task she’d just completed at LeMichael’s bidding she understood why.

She ran her hands up the outside of her skirt to straighten it and felt the stone and silver chains brush her fingers. A brief bolt of pain exploded from her belly as the chain swayed and moved, but it wasn’t unbearable. She winced momentarily, then looked down and gingerly lifted the chain to inspect it yet again, still barely believing she’d gone through with it. At the end of one of the short fine silver chains that dangled was a flat onyx rock, carved perfectly into the shape of the universal male symbol. Its phallic arrow stood hard and proudly away from the black empty circle where the chain connected. Interlaced with the black circle was a smaller female silver carved with ivory.

The symbolism was impossible to ignore and Candace swallowed hard at how visible it was dangling from the stomach she’d worked so hard to keep as fit as possible after two kids. Asking the heavily tattooed man behind the counter of the shop to give her a belly piercing had been hard enough for Candace to muster, but she’d almost finished on her words when she heard herself ask him, “Do you have any belly rings that say I prefer black men?” as LeMichael had requested. Actually, LeMichael’s request had been more crude, but she edited it as he’d dropped her off to get the work done while he ran a peripteral errand. She’d picked this one out of the box the man pulled out almost immediately as the only one that didn’t look like complete trash jewelry, but she still couldn’t believe it hung from her tummy now.

She certainly didn’t feel like a white suburbanite lady and wife standing on the sidewalk looking like this and the fresh piercing aching. A voice in her head that seemed to have showed up the moment she’d bent over in LeMichael’s bedroom just a few hours ago whispered that she wasn’t – that she was changing. Suddenly another voice interrupted her thoughts as she waited.

“Candace!” Troy called out jogging towards her with a look of guarded relief on his face.

She turned, her eyes wide open with surprised happiness to see him mixed with shame that he was seeing her like this, “Troy!? What are you doing here?”

“The tracking software we put on our phones,” he answered breathlessly embracing her firmly. His arms felt safe and comfortable around her body.

He pulled away and looked at her and she suddenly realized ’the phone’. She remembered it had been on, and Troy could hear everything. He looked at her with distraught eyes, “Honey, when you and I were talking on the phone…” he paused to find his words, “You didn’t…those sound I heard, they weren’t…”

Candace stepped back and looked at him, not sure how give him the answer he already knew. She looked down then back at him biting her lip.

Troy knew he had his answer and his heart seemed to sink for a moment, but then he took a deep breath. “Its okay. Its my fault, okay. We can get past that. Let’s go and forget it ever happened okay, we’ve got to hurry…” He reached for Candace’s hand but she didn’t reach back to him.

“Troy I don’t want to run. If he found us we could be in a lot of trouble,” she said to him with unsteady voice, “You lost the bet and I think we should just get this over with and…and move on.”

Troy looked at Candace incredulously, “Honey, we have to get you away from him! Do you honestly think he’s not going to want to do…..THAT….again?”

Candace looked down inadvertently at her stomach at this comment and as she did so did Troy.

“Oh, my god,” Troy said his voice quivering, “W-what is that?”

“It’ll come out, I promise,” Candace pleaded, “LeMichael made me do it…”

“He’s not here!” Troy responded, “God Candace, its one thing to know you had sex with another man but don’t tell me you actually enjoyed it!”

Again Candace was silent and shifted on her heels, not making eye contact. Part of her was ashamed and another part was hurt and angry at her husband’s attitude about the situation he’d gotten her into. She had no idea how to respond to a question like that and it burned in her mind.

Section 6

Troy continued to stare at her hoping for an answer and as he waited his face fell with despair. She felt sorry for him, but she didn’t know what else she could do. Finally he broke the uncomfortable silence by defeatedly repeating the question as if answered, “My god, you did. You enjoyed it. You enjoyed being with another man…”

Candace interrupted him with an exasperated but gentle voice, “Yes, Troy, I did. Okay? I had sex with LeMichael and I enjoyed it. Are you happy? Does me admitting that really make this situation any better for you?” Now it was Troy’s turn to look away not knowing what to say. Candace continued, “You think I’m proud of this Troy? You think I planned to spend our vacation together sucking some strange guy’s cock, letting him have his way with me, and wearing…god…,” she looked down at herself throwing her arms out, “…wearing things like THIS out in public???”

Troy glanced at her body, his eyes locking on the dangling symbol hanging from his wife’s partially exposed belly. “You look amazing…,” he said sheepishly, “But wearing that he’s just going to want to have sex with you again…if you don’t leave with me now how are you going to stop that?”

Candace sighed with exhaustion. “Troy…I’m not. I’m not going to stop him,” she answered calmly, but matter of factly surprising herself even with her frankness. “Honey, you bet ME, remember? He won the bet, and now the only thing I can do is pay it by being his girlfriend for another two days, okay? If we were talking about this before I’d let him you-know-what me then it would be different, but at this point I think we just have to finish this out and try to move on afterwards.” Candace was distraught at what she was having to say, distraught at the look of pain in her husband’s eyes, and distraught that she wasn’t just doing this because she had to, but because deep down some part of her now wanted to – maybe even needed to.

Troy began rambling in hysterical concern, “But, Candace…I…we can still stop this…I mean I can’t stand the thought of you…god you just look so hot right now and the fact that its for another man, and that its going to make him…God…want you.” He paused to catch his breath, “And that you’re going to want him too…I just…its just too hard…”

Candace stepped to her husband with a look of understanding on his face and hugged him, “Honey, I know, and I’m sorry. I can’t get out of this thing we are stuck in. Do you really want me to hate it even though I have to go through it? Can’t I just let some small part of me pretend this is all just something from before we were married just to get myself through it?” She kissed his cheek, “I love you, and I only want to be with you, but right now I have to be with him.”

The moment was interrupted when LeMichael’s black limo pulled up beside them and he got out of the back loudly, “What the fuck is going on here? I thought I told you to stay away from my girl until your bet was paid!” His eyes darted from Troy to Candace, “Get over here girl…” he commanded. Candace didn’t hesitate, acting almost embarrassed as she pulled away from her husband’s embrace and walked towards LeMichael. As she walked he bit his lower lip and looked her body up and down, “Damn girl, I still can’t get over how good you look.” As she got close enough he reached out and ran his hand gently over her stomach and around her bare waist, brushing over the new ornament that adorned her belly. He looked at Troy as he pulled Candace’s body against his.

Candace looked at her husband with an innocent look of slight shame, but acceptance at her situation as LeMichael fingered the charm and said to him, “I knew I did a damn nice job tappin’ yo’ wife’s ass this afternoon, but I must have done better than I thought for her to be announcing it to the world like this, huh whiteboy?” Candace just looked at the ground and blushed and Troy could only stare in stunned silence. LeMichael smiled at his discomfort, then turned his attention back to Candace, “Yeah, all my boys at the club are gonna get a hell of a kick out of this baby girl. You did good.”

Candace could only brush her hair behind her ear nervously with her right hand and mutter a ,“Thank you,” as he pulled her into the crook of his arm, her breasts pressed against him and his hand sliding down the small of her back and over her skirt to cup her tiny little ass.

LeMichael continued, “Did seeing your husband like this upset you girl after all the fun we’ve been having?” He continued not letting her answer, “Don’t you worry baby girl, when we get in the car I bet we can find something nice and big for you to pacify yourself on. Would you like that?”

Candace knew there was only one answer and glanced at Troy, then back at LeMichael, “Yes, I’d like that” she said softly.

LeMichael smiled, “We’ll fix you right up girl. Now give daddy a nice big kiss and get on in. I’ll be right there to give you something to suckle on and see if it doesn’t help to calm your fine ass down.”

Candace leaned in and kissed him without hesitation, glancing at Troy for only a moment. She didn’t kiss him on the cheek like she had her husband but with her dark pink lips on his, and allowing his tongue briefly to intermingle with her own. Something about this was harder than seeing his wife suck LeMichael’s cock at the poker table, harder than hearing his wife’s moans of pleasure over the phone when he couldn’t stop her fornication, and Troy’s heart sank deep in his chest as he watched his wife kissing this man. LeMichael slid his hand down her dress and grabbed Candace’s petite little ass and pulled it against him as they kissed and then she broke it off looking at her husband with a look of apology and pity as she bent over and into the limo.

Troy could only stand stunned, but inexplicably fighting an erection in his pants as LeMichael walked over to him. “You and I had a fuckin’ deal whiteboy, and you comin’ round ain’t part of it. Your wife had her chance to go back to you and she chose two more days of my black cock,” LeMichael said softly but with intense seriousness, his eyes locked on Troy. “Boy, you better believe your wife is this close,” LeMichael held up his thumb and index finger millimeters from one another, “from forgettin’ white boys even got dicks. You’ll get her back Monday, but if I see your face comin’ round my girlfriend again before we call yo’ dumbass, I’m gonna spend some serious time making sure that even though she may leave that day with you, the girl you gettin’ back ain’t gonna be your prissy little dutiful wife no mo’. You understand me?”

Troy swallowed hard and nodded, knowing he had no choice. His wife wasn’t even helping him resolve the matter and he felt alone. Part of him wondered if it even mattered at this point…if he really WOULD ever get his “prissy little dutiful wife” back no matter what he did or didn’t do, or if this experience would change her forever.

With that acknowledgment of understanding LeMichael gave Troy one last threatening look then turned to get into his limousine. Troy’s mind raced, wondering what was happening behind the black glass. Wondering if he was already touching his wife, wondering if she was kissing him, sitting beside him, or even sitting on top of him already. He felt red flowing to his cock and tried to fight it but he couldn’t. She’d looked so amazing in that outfit, the thought dominated his mind.

Section 7

After a few moments the limo began to roll forward. As it reached Troy’s side as he stared dumbfounded the rear window rolled down. He saw LeMichael’s face smiling at him right next to the window as it rolled, and then to Troy’s horror he saw his wife’s sandy blonde hair slowly lowering and rising in LeMichael’s lap in what could only be his wife felating his big black cock. She was on her elbows and knees in the backseat of the limo with her ass higher than her shoulders making her cute little skirt fall towards the small of her back and reveal her tiny thong. If there was any doubt to what his wife was now doing, it was eliminated by the obscene wet slurps and heavy breathing that began to emit from the limos window. It appeared she hadn’t realized the window had dropped and when she felt the breeze, Troy could see her right eye open in surprise and she raised herself onto her hands and leaned back on her knees looking like a scolded dog with her new adornment hanging from her belly as if her husband had caught her with a lover he didn’t know about. The truth of whether or not she should feel that way was muddled by the grayness of their situation.

LeMichael broke the uncomfortable silence over the hum of the cars engine as Candace slowly raised her fingers to her lips, attempting to gingerly mask that she was cleaning the shimery layer of spittle which had formed on her chin from her labor. “Your wife got me thinkin’ when she so quickly got to business in here and I wanted to make a deal with you white boy,” he said confidently, “Girl pull them panties off that fine ass and give ’em to me.” Candace looked at him and hesitated, but LeMichael insisted, “Go on girl, give ’em to me. You know you ain’t gonna be needin’ em.”

Candace glanced back at Troy embarrassed and then obediently sat back lifting her heels into the air and pulling the thong down over her thighs and down her boots. They caught briefly on the skinny black heel of the boot but LeMichael gently plucked them from their perch as my wife quickly tried to hide her now exposed pussy. In the brief second Troy’s eyes locked onto it he could see that it was now shaved clean unlike it had been when she’d dressed in their hotel room this morning, free of any hair and looking invitingly delicious.

He handed the thong out the window to me and I could feel the moisture on them. Then he directed Candace to open a console in the wall of the limo and give me what she found there. Candace looked confused as she found a small plastic enclosure with two openings and a lock and key. She had no idea what it was but as I saw the device I had no doubt what it was. “Give it to him,” LeMichael ordered Candace, “and tell him if he wants to come out and see you he’d better be wearing it.”

Candace looked again at the device she didn’t understand and reached across LeMichael, out the window giving me a full flash of her cleavage and handing me the cock cage, “Honey, LeMichael says its okay for you to meet up with us later this weekend so long as you’re wearing this…”

I took the device instinctively, feeling the hard plastic in his hand and his wife’s wet panties in the other. LeMichael added to Candace’s comments, “Yeah and that thong better be on over it. I don’t give a cuckolds brownie what you wear on top for pants, but if we decide to call you and let you come out you better show up in that” Candace bit her lip embarrassed for her husband but uncertain what to do as LeMichael gently grabbed her waist and pulled her back into the car. She mouthed an, “I’m sorry baby…I love you” to her husband as she slid back through the window.

LeMichael casually said to her as the window started to roll up, “Alright girl, why don’t you get back to relaxin’” and the last sight inside the limo that Troy saw was of his wife brushing her hair back behind her ears and lower her lips to LeMichael’s large black cock. The limo sped off down the road leaving Troy alone with his wife’s thong and this contraption.

Uncertain of what else to do but wait by the phone hoping for a call from his wife, Troy went back to his hotel. Despite the stress of his situation he couldn’t get the thought of his wife in that gorgeous outfit out of his mind and his penis throbbed in his pants as he recalled every curve of her body under the fabric. Before long he found himself sitting on his hotel bed with his pants around his ankles and his dick in his hand, trying to release some tension. He thought of his wife as he rubbed his shaft, thought of how sexy she was, thought of how tempting her pussy had looked as she rolled back to pull off her panties. He envisioned his wife’s breasts breaking free of the tight white top she’d been wearing as they bounced up and down, but as he felt his penis begin to spasm in his hand and the warm liquid drizzle over his knuckles he realized that even in his fantasy the legs his wife had been straddling as she bounced were not his own, but the muscular black thighs and dark meaty cock of another man…

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