Lori And The Bikers

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Section 1

I was early getting home, a couple of hours early actually. From halfway down the street I could see that the garage was open and our bike was in the driveway, plus two others I didn’t recognize. I cut the lights and coasted to a stop just before I reached the house. I got out and shut the drivers side door as quietly as I could and crept up the drive.

I felt the tanks on all the bikes with my trembling hands and they were all still hot. It was getting dark by now and the light from the living room illuminated the front lawn. I hugged the wall as I snuck around to the front of the house, creeping with the top of my head lowered just beneath the bushes. I crouched and dropped to one knee when I reached the front window and peered inside.

My wife, wearing just a t-shirt and leather motorcycle boots was sandwiched in between two big, muscular bikers, one had a shaved head and leathers and the other had long dark hair and wore only jeans. He was shirtless and covered in tattoos.

They were groping her roughly, almost fighting over her, like playing tug of war. Her playful laughter turned to a lustful sneer as the bald guy’s hand went up her shirt, the other guy grabbed her other breast but stayed on top of her t-shirt. Her jet black hair almost obscured their hands, frantically pawing at her.

My heart was pounding, but I couldn’t stop watching. My mind raced, it tried to force my body to stand up, bust through the door and kill them all, but I just remained frozen, locked in place staring through that window.

She had her arms around both of their big, burly shoulders, her head thrown back, biting her lower lip. The guy with the tattoos was fingering her clean shaven pussy while the other guy reached around behind her to slip a finger in her tight little asshole. He leaned down to suck on her swollen nipple.

My cock was rock hard, and so were theirs. I could see fat bulges in both of their pants and she slipped her hands down the front of there bodies and began to stroke their dicks, one leather clad boner with her right hand and one straining against denim with her left. She was looking them over with a hunger in her eyes like I’d never seen before as they took turns rubbing her glistening pussy, spanking her ass and licking and sucking her nipples. I could hear her moaning, “Fuck yeah,” as well as their deep groans.

She was staring at the guy in leather as she tugged at his belt buckle, she reached for the other guy’s jeans and unbuttoned his fly, she free both of their enormous cock at the same time and dropped to her knees. She couldn’t fucking wait. She tousled her hair and tucked her curls behind one ear as she eagerly took a shaft in each hand and stuffed the tattooed guy’s thick cock in her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned as she jacked the other guy off enthusiastically.

She could barley fit that fat cock in her mouth! The bald guy’s dick was a little bit smaller but was still a hell of a lot bigger than mine. Part of me wanted to see them fuck the shit out of her, I was rubbing my throbbing cock through my jeans.

Her t-shirt was still pulled up and her tits were half exposed, one of her nipples peaked out from beneath it. I could hear her loud sucking noises and I was starting to sweat. We were all starting to sweat.

The bald guy removed his leather jacket and tugged at Lori’s hair, she switched to his cock and sucked desperately. I whispered, “You little fucking whore,” under my breath and unbuttoned my jeans. I pulled my cock out and held it tight, feeling it throb in my hand.

He grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her to deep throat him, he held her tight for several seconds and then let go. She gagged and coughed but didn’t let that fucking cock slip out of her mouth for even a second. “Dirty fucking slut.” I groaned as I stroked my cock.

She switched cocks again, back to that big, fat fucking monster, jacking them both off in each hand while she struggled to get her shiny red lips around the head of that thing.

The bald guy pushed his leather pants down his legs, trying to get them off while the tattooed guy pulled her hair and slapped her tits.

She was loving it, sucking harder and faster. She switched again and this time the guy grabbed her and started fucking her throat hard, she was drooling and moaning as she bounced up and down excitedly on her knees. Her breasts jiggled beneath her shirt and she rose to the tips of her toes, knees bent and ass bouncing just inches from the floor.

She changed to an overhanded grip on one cock as her head bobbed back and forth between them, as if she couldn’t decide which one she loved the most.

I thought my heart would explode out of my chest.

She snapped her head back and gasped for breath before she went at it again, with even more aggression this time. She balanced on the balls of her leather boots, body undulating as she spat on those cocks, jacking them off and lapping at the pre-cum dripping from the heads.

While one guy held her and fucked her pretty little mouth, she stroked the other with both hands, she was drooling all over herself and her mascara was running. She stopped for a second to catch her breath and before I knew it, the bald guy had her bent over the couch, shoving his cock in her ass. She screamed and the tattooed guy stuffed his fat dick in her mouth to shut her up.

I was abusing my cock, full of rage but so fucking turned on.

She was bent over at the waist, one hand on the couch with her tits jiggling under that little t-shirt.

She took the cock out of her mouth and screamed “Ohhhh fuck yes!” but never stopped jacking it. Both guys still had their pants around their ankles, One held onto her head for leverage, the other gripped her ass as he fucked her.

The tattooed guy pulled his dick out of her mouth long enough to slip he shirt off over her head and then shoved it back in. Her sweaty, stringy hair was covering her spit-soaked face and as she sucked she planted both hands firmly on the couch and arched her back, accepting that cock deep in her ass.

She groaned, loud enough for the neighbors to hear, “Mmmmmmmmm,” when she had that massive cock in her mouth and screamed “Fuck yes!”, when she didn’t.

The tattooed guy plopped down on the couch and kicked his jeans off. Lori immediately hopped on top of him, facing him, sliding down his cock and started to ride him. She bent over to suck the bald guy’s cock while she bucked her ass wildly. They were all grunting and screaming now and I couldn’t tell them apart.

After what seemed like a lifetime the bald guy got up and positioned climbed on top of her while the tattooed guy gripped her around the waist. He slid his cock slowly into her ass, filling her completely and they both fucked her, harder and harder as she screamed, “I love it!”

They flipped her over and switched places, with that tattooed guy’s huge fucking cock stretching my wife’s ass wider than it had ever been.

She was grinding her teeth.

“Oh my god!” she screamed, between gasps of breath.

She kept screaming it over and over, “Oh my god,” as they pounded her pussy and ass.

She pushed them away playfully and dropped to the floor on her hands and knees, panting.

The tattooed guy stuffed his cock in her mouth and she sucked her own juices off of it and licked it clean.

The bald guy slid his cock in her ass and after a few strokes, pulled out and came all over her butt cheeks.

She squeezed the tattooed guy’s balls and stroked his cock as she sucked him, and soon he was filling her mouth with hot cum. It overflowed from between her lips and ran down her neck, dripping from her tits. She sat up on her knees and grabbed both cocks in her hands, lapping at the cum dripping from both of them. We locked eyes and she laughed, softly at first and then louder.

I came harder than I’d ever cum before

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