Lisa’s 4-Way Weekend At The Beach.  4.8/5 (19)

I had my hand on his hard long cock. It felt about 8’. It was about average in girth, like Tim’s only just a little longer. It also felt it curve upward which I really like. I looked up and saw Tim return. He saw us and put 2 and 2 together. His dick got instantly hard. I looked away but got red then stuttered something about Drake being so cute.

After awhile Harold suggested we leave the bar and go to his suite were the drinks are a lot cheaper and were we can get more relaxed. I yelled GREAT! I guess I was just drunk enough to think it was a great idea but not too drunk to look at Tim to see if he was okay with everything. Tim smiled at me and said yes let’s go.

In the elevator Drake and Harold stood next to me, then they were kissing me and running their hands over my ass and tits. I was breathing hard and was kissing back. I then surprised Tim by moving my hand down to Drake’s cock. I rubbed it, as it grew hard. I then moved my hand to Harold’s cock and let out a squeal. I said, “Wow how big is it?” Harold said 12’ and 2 1/2’ thick.

I looked at Ken and said Honey can I. Of course you can he said. I then started to kiss Harold with great passion. Drake was running his hands up my skirt and feeling my ass as he kissed the back of my neck. I continued to stroke Harold’s cock. I couldn’t wait to suck it and then feel it stretch my pussy to the max.

We finally got to Harold room. It was like ours, made for a party. Tim made drinks and we made some small talk as we drank. Before I knew what was happening Drake had my top off, then my bra. He was sucking my nipple and rubbing my other tit with his strong hands. I said, “Why do you want an older woman when you could have anyone you want?” He smiled and said I was the one he wanted, that I was hotter, prettier and sexier then anyone he knows.

I stood back, looked at Tim for approval then dropped my skirt to the floor. I reached down and pulled my thong down and kicked it aside. I stood there with just a garter, hose and my fuck me pumps on. I told the guys if we are going to do this they needed to get naked. It took them about 2 seconds and they were completely naked. I took in the site.

There stood my husband of 16 years with the biggest hard on of his life. He was so turned on his shaved 7’ cock was leaking pre-cum. Drake was next to him with the smoothest body I ever saw. No hair anywhere except a thin landing strip above the nicest cock I ever saw. His 8’ cock was hard as a rock. It stood out and up at a 45 degree angle.

It was curved as I thought and had a perfect head on it. His body was long and lean and I was already dreaming how he would feel on top of me. I just knew his curved dick would hit my G spot and send me over the edge. Harold was next to him and he looked great too. Good looking, big shoulders, big arms and yes the biggest cock I ever saw.

It truly looked beautiful. It was 12’ and thick. Not veiny, just nice and smooth with a perfect sized and shaped head. Tim was right about his cock. It stood out but due to the weight of it, it was pointing downward. He was completely shaved. He said all body-builders shave themselves.

I went to my knees in front of Tim. I figured for my own good I better start with him. I took his cock in my hand and squeezed and stroked it real hard. I put it to my lips and drew it half way in my mouth. As I sucked him I played with his shaved balls and ran my hand over his ass.

I then went to Drake. I did the same thing sucking him for maybe 5 minutes. It was so wild having a cock other then my husband’s in my mouth. It was so hard, like a rock yet soft as velvet and it tasted very good. I didn’t want him to cum so I stopped just short.

Then it was Harold’s turn. His massive cock was a site to behold. My hand would not fit all the way around his impressive cock. I stroked it with both hands then moved it to my mouth and kissed the giant head. I ran my tongue over the entire head and length of his shaft. He taste so sweet.

I then opened my mouth as wide as I could and took him in my mouth. I sucked him as deep as I could, maybe 5’. I grabbed his rock hard ass with my left hand as I pumped his wonderful cock with my right. God did he ever turn me on. I was wetter then I have ever been.

Harold picked me up like I was a toy doll and placed me on the bed. He spread my legs, looked at my shaved pussy and dived in to lick and suck my wet love tunnel. I couldn’t believe it but I came almost instantly I was so turned on. He kept on eating me as I screamed for him to never stop. Drake moved to the head of the bed and put both knees next to my head and lowered his cock to my face.

I went right for his beautiful cock taking him deep into my throat. I came again then felt Drake’s cock swell then jerk as he shot stream after stream of cum into my mouth then on my face and on my tits. He shot at least 8 long strings of hot cum. I swallowed all that hit my mouth and then put his cock back in my mouth and cleaned every drop off his long hot cock. He never got soft so I continued to suck him.

I then felt Harold shift. I looked up as he moved into position to enter me. I spit Drake’s cock out and said NO. I told Tim to come over. He had been taking pictures of all the action. I told everyone Tim has a secret desire. I said he is Bi-curious. That he wants to touch another man’s cock and maybe even suck a man.

So I said honey if you really want me to be fucked by another man you will have to grab Harold’s cock and line it up then push it in my pussy. I thought Tim would cum right there. He had a look on his face like he gets at Christmas when he opens a present. I asked Harold if it was okay and then got another shock. He said he and Drake were also bi and it would be great if Tim helped out.

He further said he thought most good-looking men were bi. His feeling was that they love their bodies so they also liked others bodies as well. Tim moved quickly onto the bed and with his left hand stroked Harold’s very thick long cock. With his other Tim opened my wet pussy. He then pulled at Harold’s cock and I felt the cock-head at the opening of my cunt. Harold pushed and the head just popped in.

It hurt ever soooooo nicely. He waited for a minute for me to adjust to him then pushed again. I loved every minute. His big cock felt so great in my pussy. Then he began to stroke in and out. Tim held on to his cock as he slowly fucked my willing pussy. Tim finally let go of Harold’s cock so Harold could fully enter me. He hit places never before reached.

At times I thought I would split in half, other times I was in heaven. Harold gave my little Kitty a fucking I will remember for the rest of my life. I was talking in foreign tongues, screaming so loud I thought the hotel security folks would show up.

I said over and over, “Harold I love your big cock never stop fucking me.” I must have cum 5 times as he pounded into my tight little love tunnel. Tim was taking pictures from close-ups to distance shots. I was getting fucked by Harold and was sucking on and off on Drake’s perfect cock. I was in heaven.

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