Lisa’s 4-Way Weekend At The Beach. 4.8/5 (18)

Hi, my name is Tam. I am 51, but my husband says I look 40. He is sweet. He also says I am very good looking. I guess I am because I get my fair share of looks from both men and women. You might say I am a flirt because I do look at men and they always smile and of course I give them my best smile back. I am 5’8’, 130lbs, 34 B-25-36, in shape, blond hair and blue eyes. Basically I am tall and slim.

Hubby, Tim, is 60, 5’10’, 180lbs, short graying hair, green eyes, in shape, a great sexual appetite, funny, witty, very good looking and has a nice 7’ avg. in girth very tasty cock.

Tim and I have a great sex life. We enjoy porn while we make love. He uses my favorite toys on me to bring me to multiple mind-blowing orgasms. We then fuck or I give him a blowjob. We also talk about the actors in the movies we watch. I ask if he likes her ass or what do you think of her tits etc.

He asks if I like the guy’s cock or his arms and shoulders or is he hot to me? I am turned on by this talk and Tim is also. When I say I like the guys cock Tim’s cock jumps up and gets rock hard. We also make up fantasy lovers. We then pretend we are that person and then we role-play as we make love.

Tim has said he would love to have some guy or girl or multiple people join us in our sex life. He says he would love to see some hot young guy fuck me, eat me and shoot his hot thick cum all over me. He also says the guy should have a very big cock so I can have that full feeling we girls enjoy so much. AND I do enjoy being stuffed.

I had a boyfriend once who had a cock as big as a fat babies arm. It was at least 10’ long and very thick. While I did enjoy giving him BJ’s having him inside me was heaven. Tim says he would love for me to have that feeling again.

So would I but I love Tim and don’t want to hurt our marriage. He says it will not hurt it only improve our already great sex life. I must admit as we talk about this over the past years I have been giving the idea some serious thought.

Last summer we met a couple in OC. Their names are Harold and Leslie. We have fantasized often about fucking those two. I know if I had the chance to fuck Harold I would in a New York minute. For that manner I would also like to have my first girl / girl with Leslie.

I know Tim would love to fuck Leslie and I believe he would like to suck Harold’s cock. You see Tim has said many times he would like to know what it is like to suck a cock. After one blowjob I gave Tim, I shared Tim’s cum with him.

I moved up and kissed him and transferred my mouth full of cum into his mouth. He didn’t swallow but got up and spit it out in the sink. He said it wasn’t bad, actually okay. He also said he would like to share a blowjob with me as we both suck Harold.

Harold is a body builder. He is 38, 6’, 200lbs, blond, blue eyes, great looking, a nice ass and we hope a BIG cock. Leslie is 35, 120, 36C, great shape, blond, blue eyes and also great looking.

Two weeks ago we were at an art show. We play a game of hunting for fantasy lovers as we walk around. Tim struck out. He said no one caught his eye. I found Drake. Tall, 6’ 2’, suffer boy look, maybe 180, blond, blue eyes, no ass (can’t have everything) and about 26 years young. We used him in our love making the next night.

This takes us to last weekend. We went to OC by ourselves and stayed in a large hotel. We arrived on a Monday to take advantage of the mid-week special.

Our suite was great. It had a king bed, couch, table and 4 chairs, bar, big screen TV, huge bath with a Jacuzzi.

We mixed some drinks, talked then dressed for the evening. Tim wanted me to dress sexy. I am always so self-conscious but after my second Apple Martini I said what the hell. Also being away from home with the notion of not knowing anyone gave me the push Tim was hoping for.

I put on black push-up bra, black thong, black garters and shear black hose. I then slipped on my black leather mini skirt and a sliver and black low cut tight top.

I slipped on my black fuck me pumps to finish the outfit. I must say I looked hot and a little sluttish. Oh did I mention my pubic hair is completely shaved off. Tim loves that little girl look and I must say I do to.

Tim took pictures of me saying how hot I was and how he can’t wait to show me off. He had a boner just taking my picture. He wanted to fuck me before we left the room but I just laughed and said I was saving myself for some young man we might meet. His dick got even harder. He loves it when I talk dirty.

We went dancing and drinking and had a ball. Tim couldn’t keep his hands off me. When we slow danced he ran his hand down my back and over my ass. I know people were watching but I didn’t care. We didn’t see anyone who fit the bill for a fantasy fuck but that was okay. I flirted with some old guys but that was it.

We took a cab back to our hotel at about 11:00 PM. Tim suggested we hit the bar for a nightcap. We went in and saw that the place was packed with businessmen. They were having a big corporate meeting at the hotel.

As we found a seat in a booth the waitress came over and said two gentlemen at the bar would like to buy us a drink. We looked and there was Harold and Drake! We almost fell over. I had electric shocks running from my pussy to my brain and was instantly wet.

Tim called them over. I was so excited. I had a big smile and was talking real fast. Harold introduced us to Drake. They are there for the conference till Friday. Harold works in northern VA and Drake in Baltimore. Harold owns a dealership while Drake works for one.

We had drinks and we all got very friendly. Talk turned to sex as it often does when you drink. I was flirting and the guys were eating it up. I said I love two kinds of men, ones who work out and have nice big muscles, I squeezed Harold’s arms for effect, and the suffer type, I ran my hard through Drakes long curly blond hair. They all laughed.

Tim then excused himself and went to the men’s room. Later I found out Harold came in and stood next to him. Harold was talking and was sort of half facing Tim as he pulled out the largest cock Tim has ever seen in person or on film. He said he couldn’t help it and just stared as Harold talked. Harold said most women run when they see him naked.

Tim said Tam wouldn’t run away as she always talks about her old boyfriend who has a big dick and how he hit places I could never reach. Tim then told him about our fantasy of seeing me with a man who has a really big cock.

He also said that he would like to see me with multiple men. Harold said cool I’m sure Drake and I can make yours and hers dreams come true. They quickly put a plan in place then rejoined Drake and me.

Drake and I where sitting very close when they got back. Drake’s right hand was under the table as was my left. Drake had his hand up my skirt and was feeling me up. My pussy was on fire from his touch. The thrill of having a young hot stud touch me was really having an affect on me.

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