Lisa Shows Off Her Lover


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I stepped out of the shower, and found Lisa trying on some earrings, figuring at how they looked as she watched herself in the mirror.

She was wearing her black dress, the one with a gold and grey border around the neck. She was wearing this after a long time, the last time she wore it, we were vacationing at Hawaii, and attended a Luao. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her, and was very turned on by the time we had got home, it was a special night.

But today, she was dressing up for someone else. She had been meeting Mike, who had been chatting with her, first on tagged, and then on text, and they were going out to lunch. Lisa had told me all about him, how he flirted with her, how tall and well built he was, and how attractive she had found him.

I had sneaked a look too, at the photos he had sent her - He was tall, lean, but muscular, and looked good without a shirt. I suspected Lisa had deliberately left her phone on my nightstand as she went in for a shower one day, I think she wanted me to look, feel jealous, and get turned on.

There were some photos Lisa had sent him too, that I had not seen before. I got hard instantly as I saw my wife in white thong panties and a white bikini top - probably a gift from Mike. And then I saw one of Mike’s photo - full frontal nude - he was well hung - he wasn’t even fully hard, but he was chocolate brown, thick and he was long, and straight as a cock can be. He was going to make her BBC dream come true today.

I wondered what Lisa was wearing underneath as she left in a hurry, not missing the fact that I was getting hard imagining what her new lover would do with her.

I lay back to watch TV, it was a Saturday, and I didn’t have much to do. I knew Lisa would text me updates, and sure enough, once she was able to sneak into a bathroom, she texted me a selfie and told me things might get heated up.

Then out of the blue, she texted me to stay inside the downstairs guest room, and be really quiet.

I understood what was going to happen, and stay put in the guest room, and in a few moments I heard the garage open, and then Lisa inviting someone inside.

They were in the living room right next door, but I could not see them, not yet anyway, as I heard Mike and Lisa talk, and it sounded like he was complimenting her.

I heard footsteps, and then quiet, before I strained to hear what was happening, and I could hear the sound of kissing, followed by a loud smack, and then Lisa’s squeal, followed by laughter and moaning.

The moans and groans grew louder, before Lisa told Mike she wanted to show him the backyard.

I could finally see them, as they walked out to the backyard patio and garden, and I could watch then out the window, hiding myself behind the curtains that made the room dark.

The garden had total privacy, and Lisa could do anything with Mike here, knowing that I was the only one watching.

And immediately they went back to it, holding each other and kissing hard. An i watched Mike towering over my beautiful wife, enclosing her in his arms, bending down to kiss her lips, as she felt his arms, and his wide shoulders, and his hands started to explore her body, going down to her bare thighs, and lifting her white dress as they came up to grab her ass and squeeze it.

I could hear Lisa’s moans as Mike was having a free run of her ass, and then her back, as her dress was riding high, but she didn’t have a care in the world, enjoying showing off to her husband how her new lover was enjoying his wife.

Lisa still had her back to me, as Mike unzipped her dress, and took it off her, flinging it on to a garden chair, as my beautiful wife stood in her thong panties and a bra, with her lover.

They looked beautiful together - this tall young black man, and my beautiful marble-smooth white wife, a lovely contrast.

She turned her back to him and leaned back, shaking her hips, rubbing her bare ass over his cock, which was still inside his jeans, while his hands roamed on the front of Lisa’s body, coming down to meet on her inner thighs, and then inside her panties, rubbing her clit and pussy.

He had large hands, and I’m sure Lisa was enjoying how strong they felt, but how gentle he was with her.

Now he reached behind her back and undid her bra, and then grabbed her free, beautiful breasts in his hands and squeezed them, and then turned her around to continue kissing her.

I know now that Lisa was dying to show me something else here in the garden. And that the opportunity she got next, as Mike pushed her down on her knees, and she undid his pants and pulled them down with his boxers, and his thick cock came loose, hanging inches from Lisa’s face.

Lisa took her time to enjoy holding and stroking his cock, fondling his balls, licking his thighs, before she took him in her mouth.

She always did a great job each time she blew me, teasing me and then taking me to an amazing climax before I exploded inside her mouth, but right now she seemed to be enjoying Mike’s thick cock way more than she ever enjoyed me, and I didn’t blame her, feeling him in her mouth, feeling his fill her up way more than i did perhaps told her he would fill her pussy up so much better too, and this certainly excited her.

There was nothing in the world that excited Lisa more than a thick black cock on a tall young strong man, and sucking it and pleasing him and hearing him grunt his appreciation. And there she was, my beautiful wife Lisa, in our home in the garden out into the open, on her knees sucking this big black cock, with her husband watching, enjoying it, but being denied at the same time.

My view of them suddenly stopped, as Mike pulled her up, then picked her up, and took her inside.

For the next hour, all I could experience was hearing Lisa scream in the living room - “Fuck me hard”, “Oh my god, your cock is so thick”, “Oh gosh you fuck me so much better than my husband”, to finally “Yes, baby, cum inside my pussy, fill me up with your hot thick cum”, followed by loud grunting from Mike.

And then finally, I heard the front door chime, a car starting and driving off, and then Lisa came into the guest room, a sheet wrapped around her.

I was already naked, and walked up to her. She ordered me to get on my knees and crawl up to her, keeping my eyes down, and that’s exactly what I did. She dropped the sheet down, and loudly told me how hard Mike had fucked her - “Mike’s big black cock fucked your wife so hard, baby,

like you can never do”, and then told me he had cum inside her, and she was full of his cum. How it was oozing out of her pussy on to her thighs - and she wanted me to quickly clean her thighs and then clean out her pussy with my tongue, with my hands behind my back, not touching her.

Lisa spread her legs as I quickly licked her inner thighs, working my way up to her pussy, which was still throbbing, and was still wide open, but slowly closing in, and I licked as deep as I could, till I had swallowed her lover’s seed, and all my pride. And then Lisa came up behind me, bending down to stroke my cock as she thrust her hand from behind me, her left hand fingers teasing my asshole. It took only a few stroked till I was shooting my cum all over the rug, and then she just walked away, leaving me to cleanup.

I tried to build in my mind what might have happened in the living room, based on the sounds I had heard, but I would have to wait to hear from Lisa to know for sure. Right now she was off to take a shower, and a short nap, before she woke up to my cock poking her ass in bed, as I spooned her.

For the next hour she told me everything, how he went down on her on our living room couch, how he spooned her from behind and easily reached inside her, how her pussy stretched to accommodate him.

Lisa was getting wetter and wetter as she told me this, and then pushed me on my back, so she could sit on my face and ride me, as I pleasured her from below, and then rode my cock, as I came hard inside her, and then we talked some more, and fucked again, both of us so excited recalling what happened earlier that day in the garden and the living room.

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