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Linda and I were setting at our table having coffee with our dessert making small talk. We were attending the going away party for Linda’s boss Mike. Mike had just received a promotion and the company threw him a party to celebrate. This dinner party was also serving as his going away party by the company being his promotion was going to place him in charge of a plant back East.

All the speeches had been made and the evening was winding down. Mike was still at the head table making small talk with the company powers and thanking everybody for their well wishes. Mike’s wife Norma set down with us at our table asking how we enjoyed the dinner. We exchanged pleasantries and engaged in small talk while she waited for Mike to join her.

I knew that Linda and Mike were very found of one another. She told me all about the office flirting that went on between them over the three years that they had worked together. She however drew the line with playing with people from work.

As much as I knew she wanted to she never let anything happen between them. For this reason I didn’t have a chance to get to know Mike or Norma all that well. I only knew them in passing but they were both very friendly every time we came in contact.

Mikes was in his mid thirties. He was just under six foot and carried an athletic build. His wife Norma was closer to our ages being in her late twenties. She was a blond about 5’7” with one of the sexiest shapes you have ever seen. Both Linda and Norma were wearing evening gowns, low cut and both were showing lots of cleavage.

Mike finally made his way to our table. He gave Norma a light kiss before taking a seat beside her. Well he announced to her I think we can finally get out of here if your ready. Sure she told him it’s your party and if your ready to go I’m ready.

He stood up and offered Norma his hand and said why don’t we go somewhere and get a drink. Mike then looked at Linda and I and ask if we would like to join them for a drink. Sure Linda announced before I had a chance to say anything, we would love to join you for a drink where are you two going.

It was decided that we would met up at a small club located just outside of town off the interstate which offered both music and a dance floor. Linda and I followed Mike and Norma to the club. We all four of us walked into the club together. In no time we found a booth just off the dance floor and ordered a round of drinks from a very sexy looking cocktail waitress.

Linda was enjoying herself talking to Mike as he appeared to enjoy chatting with her. I excused myself and made my way to the restroom. As I was washing my hands Mike entered the restroom. He smiled and commented about the drinks running straight through him tonight.

Then in a more serious tone he said I sure hope you don’t mind me talking to Linda I’ve become so fond of her over the years at work. Not at all I told him, I know that she also enjoys you which is fine with me.

He then stammered for a second trying to find the right words. Ah I was just wondering would you mind if I ask Linda to dance, I chuckled and shook my head no. Not at all Mike I think she would enjoy that.

When I got back to our booth Linda and Norma were both gone. I slid into the booth took a sip from my drink and surveyed the dance floor. I was interrupted a few seconds later when Linda and Norma slid into the booth one on each side of me.

Look at that Norma Linda quipped, I can’t leave him alone for a minute before he’s checking out all the women on the dance floor. They were both laughing when Mike rejoined us. He slid in next to Linda as she slid over to make room for him.

A slow song began to play. Mike looked over at Linda smiled and ask her if she would like to dance. Sure she answered and started pushing him out of the booth. Norma looked at me and smiled as we watched them make their way to the dance floor. I felt her hand on my thigh as she said I think those two have wanted to dance since we got here.

Well that’s alright I told her as I let my arm slid around her shoulders, I’ve wanted to get you alone since I first saw you in the sexy dress. Oh you dog she said with a smile, I’m a married woman. Then with a wink she added now take me out on the dance floor before we start something we shouldn’t. We were both laughing as we made our way to the dance floor.

Norma put her arms around my neck as I encircled my arms around her waist pulling her sexy body close to mine. As we danced we both ground our bodies into one another. I let my hands slide down the small of her back until I was cupping an ass check in each hand.

Norma didn’t pull back at all, instead she spread her legs slightly and straddled my left thigh. She looked me in the eye and smiled before she buried her face into my neck and ground her pussy into my thigh.

I hated to hear the music stop knowing that Norma would soon be pulling her succulent body away from mine. As she stepped back she slid her arms from around my neck and slid one arm around my waist as we made our way off the floor. We got to our booth at the same time Mike and Linda arrived. Linda was smiling and flushed as she slid into the booth ahead of Mike. I slid in behind Norma and reached for my drink.

We had another round of drinks as well as a few more dances at the club. We were all enjoying each others company. We must have been at the club for an hour or so when Mike ask Norma to dance. It was a slow dance and I could see them smiling and talking while they were on the floor.

I slid over to Linda and kissed her on the cheek. Having fun I asked her, yes how about you she ask. If your having fun I’m having fun I answered with a smile.

As Linda and I were talking I slowly slid my hand under her dress and between her thighs. I felt her legs spread slightly as my fingers neared her pussy. I could feel her moist heat through her thin panties. Yes it does look like your enjoying yourself I smiled at her. I started to say something else when I felt somebody sliding into the booth beside us. I looked up to see that Mike and Norma had rejoined us.

Mike seemed to be at a loss for words but I could tell he wanted to ask us something. I slowly slid my hand from between Linda’s legs. Norma caught me removing my hand and smiled. She took over for Mike and said that Mike and her were wondering if we would like to join them at their house for a soak in their hot tub.

I looked over to Linda who was already shaking her head yes we would love to she said before I had a chance to say anything. But that’s alright because she said the same thing I was thinking and just said it before I had a chance to.

We took the last sips from our drinks and headed for the door. As we walked out into the cool night air I said I’m not sure where you guys live. Norma looked at Mike then to Linda. You know she said looking at Linda maybe you should ride with Mike and I’ll ride with you hubby incase we get separated in traffic.

That would be a lot easier than trying to explain the directions. Sure Linda said no problem, then she looked over at me adding you don‘t mind do you honey. Not at all I had a chance to say before Mike and her were arm and arm heading for Mikes car.

I pulled out of the parking lot behind Mike and Linda with Norma sitting beside me. As we were following them I saw through the glare of the lights of an oncoming car Linda’s head move toward Mike then slid out of sight. I knew that she was going down on him as he drove. That was about the same moment that I felt Norma’s fingers wrap around my cock through my slacks.

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  • Tom

    Reply Reply January 11, 2019

    My wife, Beth and I found this letter highly stimulating as we read it out loud together.
    While we have never (yet) shared love with another couple, we both agree that maybe one day soon, we will.
    I’ve watched Beth tease other men on the dance floor and I’ve watched intently has the guys freely feel her up even though I’m present. They don’t seem to care that we have been married nearly 4 years now.
    So, until the time is right, we’ll continue to read these hot stories.
    Thank you so much for adding to our great sex life!!

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