The Holiday


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Section 1

I used be a straight forward and very normal man. I used to have a straight forward sex life and straight forward relations with women and I’m not sure what happened to me or when exactly things changed but change they did. By the time that my relationship with Linda began I was already obsessed with, what I suppose you would call a cuckold fantasy.

In my most secret thoughts I would dream of a wife that wanted sex with, and had sex with other men. And I wanted to be a witness to it. I wanted to be right there, in the room, watching, and masturbating over it. And yet I wanted my fantasy wife to be shy and reserved and really not the type to do such things. I wanted her to be prim and very proper, to be innocent, pure and lovely.

In my dreams she would be the most respectable suburban housewife, very comfortable and safe, and yet she would also be willing and capable of providing me with the most erotic homemade pornography imaginable by having sexual intercourse with other men openly in front of me. By the time that I met Linda my little fantasy had become quite deep rooted but it remained undercover. It was my shameful secret.

I wonder now if Linda knew back then what I was really like. Perhaps she has always been able to sense how I am, at least at a subconscious level because she turned out to be exactly the kind of wife that I had been dreaming about. It seems strange to think about it now but she, quite literally is the girl of my dreams.

Certainly the age difference between us is something that Linda is happy with. I do feel as though I am some kind of father figure to her and she’s often saying how she likes my being so much older than her. In any case we feel very comfortable together and we’ve been married now for just over a year.

It wasn’t very long after the wedding before the question of the fidelity of our marriage became a talking point between the two of us. It started a few months after we got married with a conversation that we had over dinner about the problems that we might face because of the age difference between us. Linda is twenty six and I am fifty three so there’s a good twenty seven years to consider.

We talked about how we might turn any difficulties into opportunities and about how we should focus on the positive aspects in our relationship so that the age difference became something that we could enjoy and feel good about. There was a slightly suggestive tone to the conversation but yet we both held back from mentioning the possibility of other men.

I remember as we sat at the dining table talking it through that I really wanted to bring up the subject of other men and yet, at the same time I felt incredibly anxious about it and still wasn’t quite sure how she might react if I exposed my fantasy to her.

It churned away in my mind for a few hours and then we went to bed. And it was while we lay in bed that the suggestion first emerged. We were both staring at the ceiling in silence and then, after a few minutes had passed the question. “Other men?” suddenly came to my lips. It was as though the question was hanging in the air just waiting to be plucked. So I’d plucked it.

“Yes.” Linda replied in her soft, hushed voice. “Oh yes.” She added. And I wondered to myself about the sanity of what was happening. I felt a little confused and a little anxious and at the same time I had an erection that was harder than I’d ever known. I couldn’t help but touch myself and soon we were both masturbating. At first nothing more was said but then, and whilst we continued masturbating we began to have a conversation about how it might be.

We pondered on how it would feel to have a young man with us in the bedroom and about how we all might enjoy the intimacy that would unfold. We discussed how I would be positioned at the side of the bed watching and we talked about how erotic it would feel and how we would all be naked and then Linda said. “You should present me to him.” I groaned at her stimulating suggestion. “I want you to give me to him.” She added.

I knew then that Linda had a fantasy that complimented my own in a way that was just incredible. She was tremendously aroused by the thought of my offering her body to another man. She explained more fully how my being older was the key thing for her and that the thought of my watching it all would make her feel kinky and wanton.

It excited her to think of me watching and masturbating while another man enjoyed her lovely young body and it aroused her to think of me offering her. So over the next few months we explored the idea further. Almost every night we would masturbate about it and talk it through. We discussed how we might meet the right kind of young man and we talked about how he would need to be a stranger and how it would need to feel very comfortable and also how it would need to be very secret.

One day we went into town to do some shopping and popped into our favourite coffee shop and it was there that we met Simon. He happened to sit at the table next to us and after a short while he made to phone call to friend. He wasn’t talking especially loud but we did manage to hear enough of his conversation to work out that he had just started three months of some kind of consultation work at a nearby gym and was looking for lodgings that would cover that amount of time.

I remember him saying to his friend how he wanted to avoid renting an expensive place on his own as it really was only going to be three months of work before he was off to the next contract. I looked at Linda knowing that she could also hear what the young man was saying and she looked back at me with her eyes shining and then she bit her lip in a way that often does when she’s slightly nervous.

I leant across to whisper to her and asked if we should take in a lodger and she didn’t hesitate. She nodded in agreement just as the young man ended his call. My heart was pounding and I had to take a moment to compose myself before I did what I knew I must.

“Hi.” I said leaning towards the young man’s table. “I couldn’t help overhearing your phone call just now.” I added and then we began talking. At first we made our introductions and then I went on to say. “Well Simon, perhaps we might be able to help you. We have a spare room you see.” And within a few minutes the young man who we now knew as Simon was sitting at our table and we were all getting along very nicely.

He told us that we were very generous and kind, and that he thought it would be wonderful to stay with us, and he said how lucky he was to have sat next to us, and that he was very clean and tidy and wouldn’t be any trouble at all. I sat there feeling as though we had found special. Simon told us that he was twenty seven years old which I considered to be a sign.

His age was exactly the age difference between Linda and I. Yes we had some twenty seven years to consider and there was Simon being twenty seven years old. In my head it all started to make sense.

We didn’t need to take in a lodger and it must be obvious that our interest in Simon was not due to the very small amount of money that he would pay us in rent but rather that he represented an opportunity for us to explore the fantasy that we were now completely connected through and collectively obsessed with. At the time I told myself that Simon’s staying with us might simply be an opportunity for Linda and I to delve deeper into the mind journey.

Section 2

We could explore in more detail the thoughts that we shared about the fidelity of our marriage while Simon slept in his room along the hall. But then there was also the very most that might come from this new situation.

Clearly there was potential for a significantly deeper exploration of our fantasy and with Linda and I being at the place that we were in our relationship it seemed very likely that in the months that were to follow we might get to know Simon very well. Perhaps so well that he might even become a part of the marriage for the time that he was with us.

The first evening that Simon stayed with us was very pleasant but also quite unremarkable. He settled into his room and we had supper together. There were pleasantries and polite conversation and a feeling that we would all get along very well. I do remember thinking that if things were to become more serious it would take some time.

I told myself that becoming familiar required us all to be more familiar. We needed to be more familiar with each other. We needed to get to know each other and especially for Linda and Simon. I could sense that there was an attraction between them but I also knew that given time the attraction was likely to grow much stronger and then it would be far more rewarding to release it.

The most arousing moment of that first evening happened when Linda and I went to bed and Simon retired to his room along the hall. Linda and I were both itching to talk about things and very quickly we were engaged in our usual bout of mutual masturbation. Linda talked favourably about Simon, saying how she was attracted to him and how nice she thought he was.

She talked about his body as he clearly worked out a lot and was very athletic. And I remember her being playful by saying how she wanted to make believe that Simon was in fact some kind of erotic gift from an ancient god of kinky sex. The idea took root in my mind and helped to make our situation seem fated.

After three weeks the atmosphere in our home was noticeably different. Linda and Simon were becoming very much closer and I know that Simon was sensing my approval. It would have been very hard for him to miss it as I was projecting my approval in an increasingly overt way. I felt certain that all the time we were spending together was fuelling Simon’s wonder about the sexual nature of our marriage.

On several occasions I caught him admiring Linda’s lovely curves and every single time that I caught him I would smile and raise my eyebrows. The first few times he seemed a little embarrassed but then he began smiling back at me and I felt as though an understanding was developing between us, an understanding between men.

The day that became the big day was a hot summer evening. The three of us had dinner together and there was the usual mood of low level sexual wonder. But then as Simon excused himself to use the bathroom Linda looked right into my eyes and said. “Offer me now.” I gasped not quite believing what she had just said.

“When he returns you must undress me and offer me to him.” She added and my cock stiffened almost immediately. Simon returned quite quickly and sat at his place. I remember we were still drinking coffee when Linda stood up and walked around the table to stand next to me. I looked up at her and smiled. “I want to be naked.” She said and I looked across at Simon and smiled at him.

“That’s a wonderful idea my love.” I said and then I began to slowly pull down the zipper at the back of Linda’s dress. “Did you enjoy your meal Simon?” I asked as though everything was very normal and matter of fact. He responded favourable and commented on the range of flavours. “Yes Linda is quite something in the kitchen.” I said and at that moment Linda’s dress feel forward and onto the floor revealing her body in lacy underwear.

Simon commented on how Linda’s cooking was always a very tasty treat and then he mentioned how he had enjoyed all of the meals that Linda had prepared. At the same time I unclipped the strap across Linda’s back and gently removed her bra exposing her lovely small breasts.

“Yes isn’t it amazing how she creates such incredible dishes?” I asked at the same time as I pulled Linda’s panties down over her long legs until she stepped out of them. I took the panties and placed them on the table in front of Simon.

Linda moved around the table and stood next to him, her trimmed pudenda just inches from his face and then I said. “Now Simon, I want to offer Linda to you. It is true that she is quite something in the kitchen but she is also quite something in the bedroom.” He looked at me quizzically and then looked back at Linda’s pussy.

“I want to offer her to you. I want you to enjoy each other while you’re staying with us. You see I have a feeling that you might enjoy making love to Linda.” Simon was now beaming a broad smile at me so I continued.

“And if that is the case then I would be very grateful if you would allow me the honour of welcoming you to our marital bed, upon which you should give Linda a thoroughly good fucking.” I stared right at Simon, right into his eyes and he looked right back at me.

“Yes I understand,” said Simon “would you also like to undress me for Linda?” he asked and I felt startled. I wasn’t sure what to do. I really wasn’t expecting Simon to ask me to undress him but I must confess that I felt tremendously excited by the idea of it. My heart was pounding and I felt a little dizzy but I managed to stand and walk around the table towards them.

Simon stood up and faced towards Linda with just enough space between them for me to begin the unbuttoning of his shirt. My fingers felt clumsy as one by one I undid the buttons until they were all loose. Then I pulled his shirt tails up from his trousers and, standing behind him I eased the shirt over his large muscular shoulders and allowed it to fall over his arms and off.

Then I placed the shirt neatly over the back of his, now vacant chair. Simon and Linda were staring into each other’s eyes and smiling. They stood about three feet apart both with their hands at their sides. It was as though they were waiting for me to unify their naked bodies.

I got on my knees and began to untie Simon’s shoe laces. I started with his left shoe, and then the left sock, and then the right shoe, and then the right sock. They both stood still as I valeted Simon. Then I stood up, noticing how neatly trimmed Linda’s vulva was and how beautiful she looked. Then I reached forward and pulled the leather of Simons' trouser belt so that I could unclip it.

Once I had achieved that I undid the button at the top of his trousers and became very aware of the pressure exerted upon it by his erect penis. I took the fly zipper between my figure and thumb and pulled it down.

Simon’s trousers were quite tight around his muscular legs so I need to encourage them and ease them down. I managed to get his trousers down to his feet where he kindly stepped up so that I could take them and, folding them neatly I placed them on the chair.

Simon was wearing tight boxers that struggled to contain his erection. I could tell that his penis was very large and I nervously reached for the elasticated waist band to pull his briefs off. At first I couldn’t pull them far enough away from his waist to overcome his stiffened penis but eventually I managed it with the result that his penis sprung free and twitched in the air. Slowly I removed Simon’s boxers and placed them on the table next to Linda’s panties.

And then I began to strip off my own clothes rather more hurriedly that I had stripped Simon’s off and all the while Linda and Simon stood just few feet from each other, completely naked and staring into each other’s eyes. Simon told me to take my time but that when I was ready to lead them to the marital bed.

Section 3

Once I was stripped naked I stood next to Linda and Simon and placed both my hands out. “Please let me take you to the marital bed.” I said and they each took my hand. Suddenly I was walking between them with each one of them holding one of my hands. We were all nude and both Simon and I had erections. And I must report that Simon’s penis is significantly larger than mine.

I led them up the stairs in what seemed like a ritual ascent to the marital bed and my thoughts returned to what Linda had said about an ancient god the kinky sex and for a moment I wondered if it might actually be true. Perhaps we had stirred the loins of that kinky sex god and he was controlling us, using us as his erotic toys and steering our marriage towards a ritual consummation.

We arrived at the bedroom and we stood by the side of the bed. I was still holding both Linda and Simon’s hands when they turned to face each other. I let go and they both rested their hands at their sides. “Now you must guide us.” Said Linda and so I moved my arms up so that I could touch both of them at the small of their backs.

I pushed them gently closer until their young bodies melted together and Simon’s penis was pushed firmly up against Linda’s stomach. Then I took Simon’s right hand and moved it upwards to replace mine at the small of Linda’s back. I repeated the action for Linda’s left hand and then moved around to take Simon’s left hand and I placed it gently on Linda’s right buttock. Then I moved around them again in order to position Linda’s right hand on Simon’s left shoulder blade.

Once they were set in the embrace I moved my arms up to cradle the backs their heads in my hands and pushed gently until their mouths met. They began kissing and their tongues were probing each other’s mouths. I stroked both their heads and watched as they kissed passionately. They both started to move their hands, they were stroking, caressing, exploring each other.

A feeling of anxiety flooded over me as I realised that I was getting high on the eroticism and as it dawned on me that there was absolutely no going back. The path was well and truly set and I destined to offer my precious and lovely wife to another man so that he could ravish her. I felt uneasy and yet my emotions were on fire with a desire to see it happen. I moved my hands away, took a step back and began masturbating.

Linda moved onto the bed and lay with her body straight while Simon moved around to the far side of the bed. Then Linda turned to me and said. “Open me for him.” I sat on the edge of the bed beside her and moved my hands over her hips until I reached her knees. Simon was also now sitting on the bed and his eyes were fixed on mine.

“You should taste Linda.” I said as I moved her knees apart. Linda gave no resistance so that her legs were suddenly spread wide and her moist labia opened like a flower. Simon looked down at Linda’s vagina and at my hands as I held her legs open. I was inviting him to plunder the most precious of my possessions. He moved closer until his mouth touched Linda’s labia.

I spread her legs a little wider and Simon’s tongue slipped between her vaginal lips. Linda moaned and I watched as our young lodger devoured her fleshy opening. I could feel Linda’s body writhing beneath my arms as I held her legs wide open.

Then Simon began sucking her clitoris and Linda started bucking underneath me and crying out with the pleasure. I felt as though I was pinning her down so that her lover could completely feast on her tender pussy. She moaned gutturally and it cut right to my heart.

I suddenly realised the enormity of what was happening as Simon pulled away and raised himself up. His masculine torso seemed to shimmer in the dim light and his penis was rigid and twitching. His large glans looked like a magnificent plum and his testicles seemed huge even though the skin around them was hugging them tightly into the base of his long, thick shaft. Linda was still bucking beneath my grasp and I was still holding her legs open.

She moaned and seemed to be fighting my grip but as I released my control it felt as though she was even more open for him. I let go of her legs and moved my hands closer to her vagina. I teased back the labia and pulled the lips apart. Then I looked up at Simon. And then I looked at his erection. And then, using my head to gesture I said. “You should put that in there.”

Simon moved closer and placed the tip of his erect penis so that it nested between Linda’s vaginal lips. I felt the pressure of his glans pushing Linda’s lips apart and, at the same time I could hear her moaning and I felt her moving her body upwards so that she could see what was about to fill her.

“Oh god!” she said and in the next moment Simon had pushed his length inside. I moved my hands further up Linda’s inner thigh as I watched the full length of Simon’s shaft vanish up Linda’s pussy. Simon leaned back and held Linda’s legs by the back of her knees and began fucking her. I moved back a little and moved my hands away.

Everything now had a force of its own and there was a very natural rhythm to it all. I looked at the penis sliding in. I studied the way that it slipped between the lips and I was fascinated by the way that it was so quickly coated with vaginal juices. I stared directly at it and I could feel my eyes widening.

I don’t know why it happened but at that point I said out loud. “This is the marital bed”. My words seemed to have a positive effect.

“Oh yes.” Said Simon and the pace of him fucking Linda seemed to quicken. Without thinking about it I moved off the bed and stood at the side. I began masturbating furiously as I watched Simon’s body move more fully onto Linda’s. They began to kiss passionately and I watched as Simon’s buttocks bobbed up and down and as Linda’s legs wrapped around his hips.

A few minutes later and Linda had turned herself over so that she was on all fours and she pushed her buttocks up high and then she looked at me and said. “Push me onto him.” Simon was positioned behind her with his large cock, once more nested between her vaginal lips.

I got on the bed next to Linda’s arched body and gripped hold of her hips. My hands spread a little over her buttocks and as I pulled them apart I could see the large purple glans just resting between her labia. I pushed her body towards his and Simon held his position. He didn’t move an inch with the result that inches of rigid cock went deep inside Linda.

Then I pulled her body back and looked at the juices shimmering along the veined shaft. I could see her lips stretched around the thick tubular shaft and again I pushed her body towards his and the full penis slipped inside once more. Then out once more, then in once more, then out once more and so it went on.

Simon stayed completely still and Linda let me have control over her body. I already felt guilty and responsible for what we were doing but especially now. The actions were all mine as the rigid penis slid in and out of Linda’s vagina.

I was in control of the motion and creating the fuck. It was the most erotic moment and my own penis was twitching and aching for my hand but I couldn’t let go of Linda’s hips. I had to keep the rhythm steady as Linda let me steer her pussy over the penis.

I took pleasure from the sight of her vaginal lips as they puckered and hugged the thick cock. Simon stood utterly still and completely rigid and Linda allowed me control of her young body and she moaned deeply as I pushed her onto the inches. It seemed to go for ages and then I pulled back a little too far and the penis popped out. I looked at it as it dripped juices onto the bedspread. Linda rolled across the bed panting and moaning.

Section 4

Then Simon stood up on the bed and Linda knelt in front of him. Simon looked at me, then looked at his penis and then at Linda’s breasts, then at me again, then again at his penis and once more at Linda’s breasts. “Would you like to give me a helping hand?” he said.

I have never touched another man’s penis before but I found myself compelled by curiosity. I moved next to him. I looked down at his enormous member and took a deep breath. Slowly I moved my hand towards his cock as it twitched and curved upwards in, what I considered to be the most elegantly erect state. He was a picture of phallic splendour, glorious and rigid. I touched him and could feel the moistness of the shaft. It was moist and yet very stiff.

I wrapped my hand around Simon’s length and I could feel it pulsing as I began to masturbate him. He groaned and I felt his penis swelling up and becoming even harder. Linda stayed poised with her pert breasts presented just a few inches away from Simon’s glans as I massaged his firmness. I kept his aim on Linda’s lovely boobs and occasionally worked over his corona making the glans swell into a large purple plum.

I was suddenly aware that my nostrils were filled the aroma of the sex. I could smell genital juice and the sweet smell of sweat and at that moment Simon cried out and I could feel his penis swelling incredibly. With my other hand I reached up and caressed his right buttock and suddenly his shaft thickened even more and a large spurt of his semen shot through the thick tube and splattered right across Linda’s left breast.

I continued massaging his cock and squeezing his buttock and he groaned as another, even larger squirt of sperm fired through his member and over Linda’s lovely body. And then another and then a few more until Linda’s body was a Jackson Pollack of dribbling sperm.

I watched as the issue formed little streams which trickled down over Linda’s stomach and down towards the swollen lips of her freshly fucked vagina. Her body glistened and shimmered in the dim light and then she placed her mouth over Simon’s cock and licked the juices from his glans and his corona. The Gods were pleased.

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