Life’s Changes 4.4/5 (30)

How our lives can change.

Thinking back on the last few years with all the changes, I wonder how I handled them.

My name is Don Baker, mom calls me Donnie.

I have always been on the small side, 5 foot 6 inches tall, 140 pounds as a teenager of 16 and only thing about me that grew was my long brown hair. It hangs just past my shoulders.

At that time around my 16th birthday, my dad ran off with another woman, leaving mom and myself to a small house with a large mortgage and all the bills. I worked 4 days a week after school and mom had 2 jobs, we both did housework together.

Then one day mom brings this rather large man home to meet me. After a few months of dating, Mom tells me Ralph is moving in. At first it was ok but after 6 months or so he became abusive to mom and me, mainly towards me, asking when I was moving out of his house, another one of life’s changes.

I still worked after school, but now I worked 6 days a week just to stay away from Ralph and his abuse, I didn’t see him abuse mom too much, but I wasn’t there much.

At age 17, I met this beautiful blonde, Lisa.

She was kind of shy, like me. Wore glasses and had a stunning figure with nice large breast, but her clothing didn’t display it very well.

We dated for a good year when and if I could get away from work, I’d been working 6 days a week for so long, I guess it became a habit. Lisa complained a lot about only going places on Sunday. I begged and told her how tired I was and needed this job for our future.

At that time I pulled the small box from my pocket, opening it as I went down on 1 knee and asked her to marry me, Lisa’s eyes get big and sparkled with the sight of it, shiny gold, but not a very large diamond, I couldn’t afford anything larger.

At the grown up age of 18 we were married and living in a small apartment, Lisa worked in the local mall, and I still worked in the local milling plant here in the panhandle of Florida, another change.

We struggled for a few years, but our love and marriage was strong. I had received a promotion at work, still had to work 6 days a week but pay was a little better and Lisa had a new job, working for Kurt Harkin Real Estate.

Lisa’s job was rewarding, she made better money and didn’t have to work crazy hours like she did at the mall and she dressed up more, showing off her beauty. It wasn’t very long after she started, Lisa came home with her new hair style, wow I loved it.

We made love that night and it was like making love to a completely different woman, same results though, fast 5 minutes and I tried pulling my 4 and half inches out before I came in her, can’t afford children right now, but I was excited I guess and I blasted off inside her.

A year and a half later, I’m still at the milling Plant, Lisa is finally going back to work with Kurt and our 9 month old daughter Jessica goes to Lisa’s mom to baby sit, yes another one of those life changes.

Our daughter is two years old when that nasty Hurricane came in.

We all evacuated like the Governor ordered, Lisa and baby and I went into Mississippi with her mom and family. we came back a week later to total devastation.

Our Apartment was blown away, Milling Plant was destroyed and shut down permanently, Lisa had a job with Kurt, seems with insurance claims and damages new sales were needed badly, I had no idea what to do, another life change.

We stayed in a cheap motel for a few days until Kurt found out, Lisa came home and told us of Kurt’s offer to stay at his home, It was big and had plenty of room, 7 bedrooms and 8 Baths , somehow it avoided any damage from the storm.

I refused, telling Lisa we would make it on our own, but she wasn’t happy staying in a flea bag motel, I guess I don’t blame her.

It took a couple of weeks for me to realize there was no work for me, lots of construction going on but when the foreman would look at my small body, he would just say can’t use you.

So it’s Sunday and we are moving what few things we have to Kurt’s mansion. we have a nice room over the garage, beautiful view of the road and nicely landscaped houses surrounding us, thank God for the widow shades, that light over garage lights up the driveway so well but streams into our room, another life’s change.

A few weeks later we are all comfy with our living arrangements, Kurt and Lisa leave for work by 8 A.M. every morning except Sunday and come back about 6:30 every evening,

I’m not a bad cook so I take care of the baby and do a little cleaning around the house, don’t have to do much, once a week Kurt’s maid comes in and does a complete cleaning,

I always have a nice hot dinner waiting on them.

At dinner one night I’m feeding the baby and we are all at the dining room table, when Lisa first brought it up.

“Donnie, We have this awards banquet next Friday night and Kurt has to attend, he maybe getting a sales award and he needs a date.”

I dropped the spoon I was feeding Jessica with. “And what are you saying Lisa, you want to start dating Kurt?”

“No Donnie, not a date as a couple, just escort Kurt to the banquet, nothing else, I don’t get to do anything but work.”

As I was trying to tell her I didn’t think it looked right Kurt spoke up.

“Donnie, I understand your fears about how this looks, but people see us together every day, they will just think its business as usual.”

My face was red, I asked Kurt point blank. “Well exactly what is business as usual between you two.”

Kurt looked me in the eyes, with anger all over his face, “After me helping your family through this tough times, you don’t want to help me when I need it, Damn Donnie, I promise I’m not taking your wife on a date Friday night to run her to a motel and fuck her beautiful ass, I can’t believe you Donnie.”

“I’m just saying it doesn’t look right, Kurt dating my wife.”

I was so upset I just got up from the dinning room table and went to my bedroom and cried.

About 30 minutes later Lisa came in with the baby and laid down beside me.

“Donnie, Kurt wasn’t trying anything with me, it’s just a special event and I’m part of the agency now. But I’m sorry I upset you.”

We made love that night, it took awhile for me to get an erection with all the stress and thoughts running in my mind. The one thought that kept popping inside my mind was my beautiful wife on her back being savagely fucked by Kurt. I’m not sure, but was that thought the one that made me rock hard and cum so fast?

It was at dinner Thursday night when I told them both. “Listen Kurt, I’m ok with Lisa going with you Friday to your event, I know she’s just excited about the award as you are, I hope you understand my fears of my wife being alone with a good looking man but I’m ok with her going as long as there is no funny business there and no stops afterwards, I just want you to know I appreciate what you have done for my family.”

I look over and Kurt and Lisa are looking at each other with a big smile, then Kurt spoke up.

“Donnie, I understand your fears and I promise you I just want Lisa to be a part of the awards, she deserves her share of it, and I promise you, I will bring her back to you without fucking her.” then we all laughed.

Friday was a hard day, for some reason I was horny all day, I whacked off three times before dinner, I was downstairs when Kurt came down, He was in a nice suit, I must admit, he filled it out nicely, you could see every bit of his muscle toned body.

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