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My name is Monica and my husband, Jeff, and I have been married for 6 years. We meet at a time when I was dating ‘one going nowhere guy’ after another. I was just not clicking with anyone and actually could not really pinpoint why I was always left unsatisfied but just knew that something was missing.

Anyway we meet one year at a New Year’s Eve party being hosted by a mutual friend. We both had dates so not much happened that evening other than a brief introduction. The following week I received a call from Nancy the host of the party and she said that Jeff wanted to meet me and she was asking for my permission to give out my contact information. I told to go ahead give the information to Jeff.

Well the following week I received a bouquet of roses with a note attached that told me that he enjoyed meeting me and would like to get to know me better. He went on to say that if I was interested that he would have his driver pick me up on Saturday at 8pm.

Then the note stated that if I accepted we would go to Maggie’s, one of the finest restaurants in town, and then we would go dancing at jazz/blues (my favorite) club afterwards. He also stated that if I accepted that I was to wear a sheer dressy blouse, a shelf bra that would allow my nipples to be exposed, a micro skirt that was to be no longer than covering the tops of the stockings

that he requested with garters and at minimum 4” heels. Jeff finished his requirements stating that he does not allow any of his ‘dates’ to ever wear panties of any kind. He finished by stating that any of this was offensive in any way that he apologized in advance and that I could simply call his secretary and leave him a message that I would be unable to make our meeting.

Wow, I thought this guy is really being presumptuous. But instead of calling I was intrigued and decided to think about it for a day or two. Not only was his note and method of delivery so different but from meeting him at the party I knew that he was very successful and much older than I was.

At the time I was 23 and I later found out that Jeff was 18 years my senior. Even though Jeff was older and obviously very successful he was also, I found out, a tri-athlete and in great shape. Everyone has always told me that I’m pretty and I have always known that I turn heads and get stares wherever I go.

I’m 5’8”, 139#, have waist black hair, hazel eyes, measure 35dd/23/32, and keep myself shaved and have a clit ring. I realize that my clit ring would probably scare my parents if they knew as I had a very conservative upbringing but there is just a little wild streak that I have.

Anyway, I digress. I was intrigued and decided to see where this was going. I made an appointment at the spa for Saturday for a pedicure, manicure, massage and facial. I then went shopping and purchased a very sheer white chiffon blouse that buttoned up with the required white lacy shelf bra as instructed.

I then bought a micro skirt that was black, with a white pinstripe and matching jacket. I decided that I would show this guy. I have to admit that for the entire rest of the week I could not get this guy, or more likely what my outlet would be saying to the world out of my head. Seemed like the entire week I was constantly wet and horny as could be.

As Saturday approached I did not sleep at all Friday night and when I did wake up on Saturday I put on my sweats and went to the spa to unwind and begin getting ready for my date. On the one hand the spa was so relaxing but I was so horny about the date. After all after that kind of invitation I had no idea what lay ahead.

When I go home I finished getting ready with a shower and put on my ‘outfit’. At the appointed time the doorbell rang and a well dressed gentleman was at the door and took me to the car and held the door as I got in. I’m not sure but I think that I noticed that the driver got a good look at my pussy as I got into the car.

The driver informed me that Jeff was arriving shortly from a business trip and that we would be picking him up at the airport. As we made our way to the airport I helped myself to some champagne that was open. When we arrived at the airport Jeff had just arrived and we went directly to Maggie’s from there.

I, of course, had on the requested outfit as described in the invitation with the jacket to the suit added. I left it unbuttoned so that it would be open and that a hint of my breasts could be seen as the jacket was open with the sheer blouse. I felt that this would be classy enough and I could always take the jacket off if appropriate later.

When we got to the restaurant the Matre ‘d showed us to our booth. As we walked everyone seemed to stop their conversations and watch us. We were seated in an elevated booth. Jeff sat next to me and I was seated so that I was facing the rest of the room.

Even though the table had a table cloth that hung down I was still certain that the booth was elevated enough that any unsuspecting voyeur could see that I had on garters and stockings and probably could tell that I was without panties if I allowed it. We had a marvelous dinner and conversation. The charisma and magnetism possessed by Jeff was very relaxing and at the same time captivating.

Our conversation easily flowed to all topics and of course to sex. Jeff was so comfortable with himself and who he is that it seemed so natural when Jeff placed his hand on my thigh under the table as we were ordering our cocktails and complemented me again on my outfit and thanking me for accepting the invitation for the evening.

As the waiter was taking our order Jeff’s hand very casually stroked my inner thigh by the knee. As he began moving his hand up my thigh to my stocking tops I noticed that across the room was a gentleman having dinner with his wife and from the way he was seated his wife had her back to us but the guy was looking directly across the room under the table and I’m sure he could see Jeff’s hand on my thigh.

I first I flinched and was a little nervous but when the waiter asked me a question it brought me back to the moment. Jeff continued to stroke my leg and I began to become more interested in playing with the voyeur across the room. As I watched him trying to have a conversation with his wife I noticed the control that I was having over him and began to get very wet with this new found power.

I opened my legs some, not to allow or encourage Jeff’s advances, but to see the effect on the voyeur. I swear that when he saw my pussy that I saw a bead of perspiration on his brow.

We continued our relaxed conversation and it was clear to me that this man that I was with was used to being in control and in having things his way. By the time the waiter came back for our dinner orders Jeff had discovered that I had a clit ring. His fingers played with my pussy as we casually talked and I have to admit that he had complete control over me.

However, I discovered that as I was losing control to Jeff my voyeur was watching everything and I had a lot of control over him. I was having so much trouble attempting to order my dinner that I finally gave up and asked Jeff to order for me. I’m sure from my reaction that the waiter suspected something if for no other reason Jeff’s hand was in my lap and the table cloth only covered so much.

Throughout dinner Jeff, without ever missing a beat on the conversation, played with my pussy off and on seemingly nonchalantly as he wished. Between the main course and desert, when I felt that I was about to cum and needed a break I excused myself to go powder my nose.

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