Lewis...Brenda's Cuckold

Section 1

Lewis and Brett have been life long friends. Lewis’s dad worked at a GM plant outside of St. Louis. Brett’s dad owned the local bank and insurance company. Brenda’s dad also work at GM with Lewis’s dad. Brenda was the prettiest girl in HS. She was a cheerleader and played filed hockey.. Brenda has a round ass, big tits and her legs could make you go insane. All the boys in HS and their dads loved watching her come and go! Brett was the HS football star and went on to play for a BIG 10 school. Lewis was known as Brett’s little buddy, Captain of the debate team in HS but not much good a sports.

From the 5th grade, Lewis has been in love with Brenda. Brenda liked Lewis but dated many guys in HS including Brett. As a matter of fact, Brett and his 8.5 inch cock was the 1st cock that Brenda ever saw, touched, sucked and allowed into her hot little honeypot. Benda Loved Brett’s big cock and loved to eat his cum. Brett would brag to Lewis about fucking Brenda and how she loved sucking his cock..Lewis would get a hard on listening and think of how much he loved and wanted Brenda, but Lewis knew his little less then 5 inch cock could never compete with Bret so he was left to jack off all alone.

For senior prom Brett was taking Brenda and Brett got Lewis a date with his freshman cousin Mary. They double dated with Brett driving his new Mustang. They all danced and had a great time but Lewis watched Brett and Brenda in each other arms the whole night and felt sad even though he was having a good time with Mary. Lewis even got to make out a little with Mary and she let him touch her tits. When the party was over the all drove Mary home, Lewis walked her to the door and got a hot little kiss from her – His hard on poker her and she giggled.

When Lewis got back to the car Brett and Benda were in the back seat. Brett told Lewis He wanted him to drive around for a while. As Lewis drove around Brett and Brenda were getting hot and heavy in the back seat. Lewis heard Brett say..that’s it baby suck my big cock, suck it you little whore, Brenda was moaning, slurping, sucking Brett’s BIG cock with all she had. 10 Minutes later he heard Brett say eat it baby eat my baby batter you whore!!! Lewis saw his buddy cum in her sweet mouth in the rear view mirror. The sounds and moans got too Lewis and He creamed his pants while driving.

A few weeks later all three (Brenda, Brett and Lewis) graduated HS had graduation parties and were getting ready for college. Brett was going to a BIG 10 school, Lewis and Brenda were staying home and going to the local business school. They all met for lunch and Brett told Lewis that him and Brenda were breaking up! Brenda said since we were all going to college they thought it was best and they could see what the BIG world had to offer – No one was mad they just knew it was the best thing to do. A few days later Brett headed away to school and Brenda and I got ready to start at our business college.

1st few weeks of college were hectic and hard on them both Lewis and Brenda got into the swing of things and would see each other every few days and wave and say Hi. Lewis noticed Brenda hanging out with a few guys (of course they would she was so sexy and hot). About half way through the 1st semester Lewis saw Brenda walking to class and ran up to her and said hey sexy.. they goth giggled and hugged – Lewis got a woody which Brenda could not even feel. Lewis himhawed around then finally asked Brenda if she would consider going on a date with him Sunday afternoon. Brenda said a date oh wow hum well I guess so we could do that. Lewis said great I will pick you up at 2:00pm, Brenda said ok sweetie sounds good. Lewis went home and jacked off 3 times that night thinking of Brenda.

Sunday afternoon Lewis took Brenda out to a nice dinner and a walk through the park. They held hands and Lewis had a hard on most of the time. When Lewis dropped Brenda home he gave her a kiss and she smiled and said she had a wonderful time, then gave him a little kiss and said goodbye. Lewis got in his car and as he drove home jacked himself off he was so excited. Before Lewis went to sleep that night he had jacked off 3 more times. Brenda continued to date several guys and once in a while Lewis would ask her out and she always said sure if she was available. Things went on like this for the next 3 years.

Then one night after taking Brenda out to diner he took her in his arms gave her a long French kiss, looked in her eyes and told her he loved her. She kissed him, they back went to her house. Her parents were gone so they went into her room continued to kiss and then she took her top off. Lewis sucked her nipple in his mouth as she rubbed his head. Then she told him to get naked. It took Lewis about 5 seconds and there he stood naked with his less then 5 inch cock sticking straight out. Brenda giggled reached out and stoked his cock on the 5th stroke Lewis shot his load all over her hand!! He was mortified, she giggled and brought her hand up to his lips and said lick my hand clean baby if you really love me you will, please baby show me you love me. Lewis stuck out his tongue and slurped up his cum off of her fingers. When he was done, she said good little boy and giggled.

Brenda said Lewis now its my turn to cum Ok?? Lewis said Brenda I love you and want to please you. Brenda said that’s a good little boy..Lewis’s cock was already rock hard and He was ready to fuck her…She said oh NO baby I want you to lick my honeypot, your little cock could never bring me to an orgasm. Brenda got on her bed spread her legs and told Lewis to get licking. Brenda had to instruct Lewis how to properly eat her honeypot and he did whatever she told him to do. After 15 minutes Lewis got his reward, Brenda came all over his face. When Brenda recovered she saw Lewis’s woody and then told him to jack off and cum all over her toes. He stroked for about a minute then shot his little load on her toes. Brenda Giggled and told him to lick her toes clean, Lewis did as he was told.

Lewis and Breads started dating on a regular basis but Brenda was honest with Him and said she still needed a big cock once in a while so she would also date a few other guys. Brenda told Lewis if this was not ok they could just go there separate ways. Lewis wanted to say NO to her but said I love you and don’t want to lose you. One night Brenda called Lewis and said hay baby want to come over and eat my honeypot?? Lewis said yes please thank you Brenda, I’ll be right there. 10 minutes later Lewis was between her legs ready to give her pleasure. Then he stopped, looked at her eyes and said ummm Brenda I think there is ummm cum in there ..Brenda giggled and said of course sweetheart I just got back from a date..Now are you going to eat me or not?? Lewis hesitated and then Brenda said please baby show me you love me eat my cum filled honeypot please baby make me cum

Brenda said Lewis, I love you and I need you to obey me, please me, and eat my cum filled honeypot..She then loudly said please me NOW or get out, EAT my cum filled cunt and get me off or just leave and stay gone. Lewis slowing started licking and Brenda coached him and started calling him her little cocked cum eating cuckold. After 20 minutes Brenda came and Lewis sucked her juices and the remainder of the guys cum out of her. When she caught her breath, she told him to jack off unto her toes, HE did about 10 strokes then she did not even have to tell him to, Lewis just got down and licked his cum off her toes. She then grabbed him and started making out with him and then said, Lewis I love you and I love that you are now my cum eating cuckold.

Brenda told Lewis to go home, go on line and study up on being a cuckold husband. Things continued as they were for the next year, They would date, Brenda would date others guys with BIG cocks, Lewis would eat her cum filled pussy and eat his own cum off her toes. Then right before College graduation Brenda asked Lewis if he wanted to be her cuckold husband. Lewis said he had studies up about cuckolds, read all the stories on cuckold consultant, but said if they were to be married He felt they would need to be faithful to each other. Brenda said I understand.

Lewis had not heard from Brenda for serval days..They had been seeing each other ever day until the question came up about Him being a cuckold husband and him saying NO. He called and left messages, texted her and no response…He wondered what was going on HE loved her, she told him she loved him. Finally after 4 days Brenda texted him and said we need to talk. They met at the park, He hugged her and kissed her, she didn’t respond. She was Lewis I don’t want to hurt you but I will be 100% honest with you and I always have. Lewis your little cock (less then 5 inches) can not please a women. I can not live the rest of my life without a fulfilling sex life. Since you said NO to a cuckold marriage, We need to break up. She said I love you, I cant blame you for having a little cock but you must realize a real women needs a real cock. They both had tears in their eyes hugged, kissed and finally Lewis said, I love you please don’t leave me, I will marry you and promise to be your cuckold husband. But you must promise to love me and No others.

They announced their engagement to their families and friends. Lewis called Brett and told him the good news (Not about being a cuckold) but about getting married to Brenda. Lewis asked Brett to be his best man and Brett said YES. The next few months were busy getting ready for the wedding and finishing up college. Brenda told Lewis that she was going to stop fucking other guys until AFTER the wedding. He said Oh baby thank You I love you.

Brenda then said she had something she wanted him to do for her..He said anything dear..The next night she asked him to jack off for her and he did only took 2 minutes till he shot his load on her toes..without being told to he dropped down ad licked his cum off her toes. When he was done, Brenda gave him a gift, He opened it and found it was a cock cage. Brenda said since im not going to be fucking any big cocks until AFTER we are married, I want you to wear the cock cage to make it fair..Lewis said well OK I will do it for you my love. She put the cock cage on him Locked it in please and gave him a sexy French Kiss – It was 4 weeks till the wedding…

Each night Brenda would have Lewis eat her honeypot with NO relief for him. The day of the rehearsal their old friend and Brenda’s former (8.5 inch cock) lover Brett got into town. Lewis, Brenda and Brett met for breakfast and then Lewis and Brett went on their way to get ready for the rehearsal and Brenda and her brides maids got together to get ready. The rehearsal at the church went well then Lewis’s dad hosted a great dinner. The wedding was at 5pm the next day and reception to be held at the Marriott hotel. Brett got a room at the hotel for his stay. Brenda and Lewis were going to spend their 1st night as husband and wife there also before going to Las Vegas for their honeymoon the next afternoon.

Section 2

The wedding day came and Brett met Lewis for breakfast, they had a good talk, remembering all the fun they had and thankfully for Lewis, Brett never brought up about all the times Him and Brenda had Fucked and Sucked each other off. The time for the wedding was here, Brenda looked beautiful as always, Lewis looked good but next too his best man Brett he looked small and weak. The wedding went off with out a hitch, the reception was fun, the only issue Lewis had was seeing Brett dance with his new bride. Finally, the festivities were winding down and Lewis and Brenda left now husband and wife. They got to their room and she told him to get naked and she went into the bathroom to get sexy for him. Lewis still had his cock cage on and wanted it off..He wanted to finally fuck his love his wife Brenda.

Brenda came out in heels, garter, stocking and a see through babydoll nightie. They kissed like HOT lovers, then Brenda told him to sit down at the table. She sat across from Him and pulled out some papers. The title was MY cuckold vow. The papers defined their roles..SHE was now his Mistress to be obeyed….He would be her cum eating cuckold (They had talked about this before so he knew this is what was expected) Brenda said now my little cocked cuckold sign the vow and agree to being my submissive cuckold from this day forward. Lewis read the paper, realized he had really agreed to do this but was hoping once married she would back off … BUT NOPE Brenda was enforcing her dominance and his submissiveness as her cuckold…Lewis signed the papers. He was now officially her cuckold husband.

She got up held him close and gave him a sexy long French kiss. Lewis asked Brenda if she would take off his cock cage so they could fuck and consummate their marriage. SHE laughed and said NO you little bitch I will NOT be taking off your cock cage just yet. But we will consummate of cuckold marriage I promise. They got on the bed and started making out hot a heavy, Brenda looked into Lewis eyes and said I love you my dear cuckold, I love you. Lewis said I love you too my sexy Mistress wife.

About 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door. Brenda said oh sissy I forgot I ordered a surprise for you to celebrate our special wonderful wedding night. Brenda told Lewis to close his eyes as she went to the door. The door opened and in Walked Brett, Lewis’s best man and Brenda’s former big cocked lover. Brett got naked and Brenda then told Lewis to look at his special wedding surprise…There before him was his best friend, His best man Brett Naked with his 8.5 inch cock now rock hard. Lewis didn’t know what to say (in his mind he was saying No No No No No) Brenda walked up to Lewis led him to the chair where he had just singed his cuckold vows, after he sat down Brenda gave him a hot French kiss and said I LOVE YOU, then put a ball gag in his moth tighten it around his head then used rope to tie his hands and legs to the chair.

Brett was laying on Lewis’s wedding bed naked, His 8.5 inch cock sticking up in the air. Brenda slowly walked over to the bed got on and started making out with Brett. Brett was playing with her nipples and both were moaning and rubbing. Then Brenda looked at Lewis and worked down to Bret’s BIG cock and started sucking him then she crawled on top and Brenda and Bret got into a hot 69 position. Lewis watched with tears in his eyes. After a little while Brenda got up and sat on Bret’s big cock while facing Lewis. She moaned and said ohhhhh Bret fucck me, fuck me with your big cock, then looked at Lewis and said Now you see why your little sissy cuckold cock could never please me. They fucked/made love for over an hour before Bret said he was ready to cum….He took his cock out and shot all over her toes. She went over to Lewis, undid the ball gag sat on the table and ordered Lewis to lick Bret’s cum off her toes..He licked and licked and licked until finally her toes were clean and she said and Now my sissy cuckold my loving wonderful husband you have consummated our cuckold marriage..She said Lewis ..I LOVE you.

Brenda got her and Bret a cold drink and they softly talked and kept looking over at cuckold Lewis and giggled together. Then Brenda said ready for round two?? and Bret said FUCK yes baby. They were kissing and giggling, and Brett went down to her tits and started sucking on her nipples then Brenda wanted his cock in her mouth and started to suck on his BIG cock and then his balls all while Lewis was watching tied to his chair. Brenda got on all fours facing Lewis and then told Bret to fuck her asshole like the slut she was. Bret put some lube on his cock and on her rosebud and then slowly pushed his BIG COCK into her asshole and then slowly built up steam and started to fuck her hard, deep and fast…10 Minutes later after Brenda had cum twice Bret said He was cumming and shot his wad in her asshole. He finally pulled his limp cock out, Brenda walked over to Lewis bent over in front of Him and told Lewis to lick her asshole clean of Bret’s hot manly cum. Lewis didn’t want too but she loudly said EAT my asshole your sissy bitch cuckold…He did for 10 minutes then she said that’s enough you cum eating faggot.

Brenda went back to the bed and laid next to Bret, whispered into his ear, the both giggled and she handed something to Bret, He slowing got off the bed and walked over to Lewis and Brenda said Lewis sweetheart…I want you to suck Bret’s cum and ass coved cock clean…Do it NOW she demanded…Lewis opened his mouth and sucked Bret’s cock clean..Then Bret showed Lewis the key to his cock cage and said Buddy I’m going to take your cock cage off.. Make sure you don’t cum on me.. a few seconds later Lewis’s cock cage was off and Brett said ok Mr Husband wait till I get dressed and leave then go and make love to your Mistress wife…I will see you two tomorrow, Brett dressed and left. Brenda said sweetheart/cuckold sissy husband.. come to the bed and make love to me..Lewis got on the bed, Him and Brenda started kissing and she told Him she loved him and HE could NOW put his little cock in her honeypot,,,Once in she could not feel him and asked are you in??? Lewis said yes my love.. Brenda said start fucking me ..take your time.. try not to cum to fast as she giggled….15 pumps in and Lewis cried im cummming and he did..He took his cock out and Brenda said give that too me and sucked him clean..She then said OK cuckold get down there and clean my pussy.. they both went to sleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning they were up and had to head to the airport to fly to las Vegas for their honeymoon. Brenda said ohhhh Lewis I forgot to tell you…. Brett is joining us for our honeymoon (I will tell that story later)


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