Letter to My Husband  4.2/5 (19)

Dear William,

I am posting this publicly because, you know, sweetie, I like to humiliate you.

I have a dinner date with Brian this coming Saturday. I’ve been seeing a lot of him, haven’t I? I guess you can tell; I really like him. I’ve been extremely horny since my first date with him, and you’ve been such a good husband licking my desperate folds and sucking on my hot, little button when I need relief.

While you’re down there between my thighs doing your cuck boy duty, I just close my eyes and pretend it’s Brian licking me. Haven’t you noticed how wet I’ve been?

I only wish you gave oral as well as he does. (Quite honestly, hon, just like on those rare occasions when I let you fuck me, even when you’re licking me you still feel like a fumbling boy.)

Anyway, back to the man I want to talk about: the strong and handsome Brian.

I feel like I owe him some show of appreciation. He’s been so good to me with the trips and dinners and shopping. So after my dinner with him on Saturday night, I’m going to take him out to the car and orally worship his magnificent cock. I want to make him cum in my small mouth.

I want to look him in his handsome eyes while I take every single warm drop. He really likes that, but he likes it even more now that he knows that I don’t let you cum in my mouth. I told him about it when he and I stayed in Charleston earlier this month.

We were cuddling on the couch in the sitting area of the suite. (He always gets us a suite. Isn’t that sweet! LOL) He was in the white bathrobe supplied by the hotel, and I was wearing my tight, leopard print micro dress. He loved that he could see my swollen areolas and erect nipples through the sheer fabric. He kept stroking them with his large thumb. He also liked the way it barely covered my ass.

You did good packing that one for me, sweetie. Oh, and he loved the thigh-highs. You did good packing those for me too!

So where was I? Oh yeah…

He and I were kissing and talking on the couch and all the while, I was tenderly stroking his standing cock. Since he is a muscular six feet six and you’re a scrawny five feet nine, he could pick you up like a toddler. But I wasn’t thinking about that then.

I was thinking about the fact that he has a cock the size of your forearm. I was lovingly kissing him and happily caressing his cock, and I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind. That’s what it felt like with my slender fingers around it – well, almost around it. Actually, I told him about it.

He noticed that while I was stroking it, I kept looking down at it, studying it, running my finger tips along it and admiring it.

“You like that?” He asked.

I gave his powerful hunk of hard flesh a firm squeeze. “What girl wouldn’t like a mighty cock like this?” I said. “I love it.”

“You don’t have something like this at home?”

I chuckled. “Heavens no! William’s cock is about the size of a lipstick tube.”

“It can’t be that small,” he said.

“It is. I’m serious. And if I touch his wittle wee wee he’ll cum in about 30 seconds.”

“Is he a small man?” Brian asked.

“He’s probably about average size,” I shrugged, and I looked at Brian’s strong cock in my hand. “But this gorgeous cock is as big as William’s forearm. I wish he could see it.”

Brian chuckled. “You want your husband to see my cock?”

I snuggled up to Brian’s muscular body. “No,” I said softly. “I want him to see this.” And I leaned over, opened my mouth wide, and gently took his huge cockhead into my watering mouth.

“Ohh..” Brian sighed at the initial pleasure. Then I could feel him look down at me. “You want him to see his wife sucking my cock?”

“Mmm, hmm,” I moaned, while I lovingly slurped.

I felt his hand brush my hair. “Baby, I would love that,” he said.

I pulled my mouth off and pointed to the coffee table just in front of us. “He would sit right there. So he could watch up close,” I said, and then I went back to sucking.

“Yeah,” Brian said, “that would be perfect.”

I pulled my mouth off. “I want him to watch your giant cock cum in my mouth. I want to look William in the eye while I suck you dry.” And I went back to sucking.

“That is wrong,” he chuckled. “And then what?” Brian asked. “His turn?”

I pulled off and leaned up. “I’ve never let William cum in my mouth.”

Brian’s eyes got wide. “Are you serious?”

“I’m not letting his teeny, little wee wee cum in my mouth. No way!”

“You would make him watch another man cum in your mouth, but he can’t have the same thing?” Brian asked.

“Absolutely,” I said.

Brian was really turned on by that. “That is too fucking hot!”

I snuggled up to him and smiled. “You like that, do you?”

“Hell, yeah! What else you got up your dirty sleeve?”

“Well,” I said, my fingers toying with his iron cockhead, “I would like to make him hold your cock up for me. You know, so I can suck you off hands free. That way, his wimpy, little fingers can feel your powerful cock pulsing while you’re shooting your load into his wife’s mouth.”

Brian’s eyes flew wide open. “What?”

I lay down on the couch and turned over. I took Brian’s substantial cock back into my happily servicing mouth and defiantly looked him in the eye.

He smiled at me. “We need to fucking give you what you want.”

So, William, be aware that he is not turned off by it. I got really lucky with this bull. He LIKES it. You know I will eventually arrange it. Aren’t you happy?

But there on the couch, what I was really dying for was to feel his prodigious cock inside me, so I climbed on top of him, and lowered myself onto his rock hard shaft. My folds were swollen with excitement and dripping wet, but I had to go slow to take in such a massive, hard meat.

I could feel my eyes grow wide as it filled me, more and more, and once I had the whole gigantic thing inside me, I swear, William, I began to shudder. My pussy began to involuntarily squeeze and clench around all that size, and I let out a whimper. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t even realize that all the while, I was gazing into his handsome eyes like a captured bird.

It was so wonderful, William. It was sooo wonderful!

When you are fucking me I can’t even tell you’re inside me. Really, I can’t. You poor thing, you have such a small penis. I guess you can understand how I love fucking other men. I guess you can understand how I have become a slave to Brian’s wishes.

But it’s not just the size of his cock. He fucks me, William. He really fucks me. You give me a calm and gentle 60 seconds that’s like an easy breeze. I can’t really feel anything. And honestly, sweetie, you never last more than a minute before you dribble your little spot of cum.

But Brian, powerful and so beautiful, he fucks me like he’s out for revenge. He is savage and dominating and merciless. And those big, glorious balls of his, they ejaculate stream after stream after stream of hot cum.

How can I not love that?

Eventually, Brian had me on all fours on the couch with my face against the cushions and my ass in the air. He stood behind me with one foot on the floor and one on the couch. His large hands held my tiny waist, and he pounded me with an angry fury.

“I’m going to send you home to William seriously fucked,” he panted. I could feel his hulking cock reaching deep into me, all the way to the warm pit of my stomach. It filled me so full and thick that it seemed he could lift me with it. I think my little body could have hung from his obscene cock.

It was scary, William, frightful even. I didn’t know if I would survive his savage assault.

People passing by in the hallway had to hear the slapping flesh and me calling out for mercy, “Brian, please! Brian! Oh my God, please!” He was thrusting so hard that I could feel the flesh of my ass ripple, and each slap pushed my face into the cushion.

You’ve never fucked me like that, sweetie. I mean, with your scrawny body and little penis, you can’t. I’m so glad I found Brian.

Oh, and Brian liked the idea of cumming in my mouth. After he had given me a merciless pounding from behind, he pulled out and quickly turned me around.

“Suck it,” he demanded.

I took his huge, glistening cock into my mouth, trying my best to take in as much as I possibly could, moving my head back and forth to cram more and more into my willing mouth. I could feel the bulging veins along its solid length. I didn’t want to gag, but I wanted to show him how devotedly I wanted to please him and serve him.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth,” he said, “something William will never get.”

He began to tense up. He had one hand on my forehead, so that I would look up, and the other held the back of my head. “I’m going to cum in your mouth, Lisa.” His legs tensed more. His hands held my head firmly onto his giant cock. “Not William. I’M…I’M going to cum in your mouth…”

And then he spasmed and fired a gushing stream into the back of my throat. I could not swallow with my mouth completely stuffed, and he immediately fired another huge gush and another and another. I kept sucking and servicing, and I closed my eyes tightly to try not to gag.

He kept cumming and gushing and flooding my mouth, William, until I could feel his cum running down my chin and neck on both sides. He must have cum for a full 20 seconds, ejecting more cum with each pulsing spasm.

You don’t produce that much cum in a year, William. For Brian, that was just one night. He fucked me the next morning and filled my insides with another flood of warm, masculine cum. You could never provide that much sex, William. You really are a one-minute, tiny-cock, cuck boy, aren’t you?

And I know your little wee wee is hard reading all this.

Are you jerking off, hon? You’d better not be. I haven’t given you permission to cum.

So, on Saturday night I’m going to suck off Brian in the car. God! I can’t wait! But really, he deserves it. He is such a gorgeous and wonderful man, big and strong and masculine. He treats me so well. I will have a text ready to send to you that says,

“Brian is cumming in your wife’s mouth now,” and I will press the send button as soon as he fires the first delicious shot. Make sure you have your cell phone handy. And no need to respond, sweetie. I just want you to know. 🙂

And William, make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink when I get home. You know I don’t like that.

Love you, sweetie!


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