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The first thing I felt when I woke up was being soft. The sheets were extremely expensive, an Egyptian cotton blend. We had gotten them from a friend for an anniversary a few years earlier. I kept them on the bed as much as possible. The fine linen pressed against my mostly-naked body and gave my skin goosebumps.

The second thing I felt was the warmth. A thick down blanket was wrapped around my body. Another item that rarely, if ever, left our bed. I almost kept it wrapped as tightly around me as I could, almost trying to cocoon myself.

I also felt the warmth of Brian’s body next to me. His hot breath on the nape of my neck sent shivers down my spine. The natural heat of our two bodies pressed against each other comforted me and made me feel safe.

The third thing I felt was something very hard pressing against the back of my thigh. I knew what it was immediately.

Brian gripped his erection and ran it up and down the length of my thigh. It tickled my skin, and made my bare pussy wet from anticipation. My spine shivered just a little.

“Hey, Nicky,” Brian whispered in my ear, using his pet name for me. He never used Nicole, my full name. “Good morning.”

Brian scooted down the bed, leveling his belly button with my butt.

“Good morning, sweetie,” I replied through a yawn.

Brian guided his cock upwards, moving it closer and closer to my pussy. I was ready and waiting for him. I pushed my hips closer to him, giving him better access to my pussy.

The tip of his cock lightly brushed against my fatty lips. My legs were pushed together, making my folds protrude slightly. I gasped as I felt the small stimulation.

“I bet you love that,” Brian whispered. He knew the answer. We had been together long enough for him to know most of the things that I loved to feel.

Brian slowly pushed his hips forward. His cock parted my lips as it slipped in between them. His tip found my opening and he pushed into my pussy. I let out a low moan.

Brian chuckled a little. He moved his hand to my hip and gripped on. He bucked his hips into me, thrusting his cock into my pussy. I moaned again as his cock shook away the sleepiness from me.

Brian gently pulled out much of the way. He kissed the back of my neck, and slowly started working his way along the rest of my back. A small spark of electricity shot out from wherever his lips touched my sensitive skin.

Brian pumped his cock into me once again. At age 39, Brian was the only man I had ever been with, so his average cock felt like more than enough for me.

“Oh, fuck,” I whispered out.

Brian gripped my hip tighter and withdrew his cock again. He quickly plunged it i to my wet twat once again, establishing a rhythm. Brian pumped his cock into my pussy before withdrawing, slowly fucking me.

I could feel the fire in my pussy start to build. I hadn’t had an orgasm in a long time, so a good fucking was just what I needed. My tight pussy gripped onto Brian’s cock. I felt every ridge and vein of his cock pressing and rubbing against my pussy, filling me up and stimulating my nerve endings.

I moaned out with each thrust of Brian’s cock. He went a little bit deeper each time, gradually increasing my pleasure and building me up to a climax.

The one thing I didn’t like about Brian in bed was that he didn’t have much stamina at all. This morning was no exception. I could already feel his cock start to throb against my pussy.

Brian must have also recognized how close he was. Without warning, he drastically increased the speed of his thrusts. His cock rapidly pumped into me, going much deeper than before. My moans switched to cries as his cock stretched out my pussy, which was now leaking my own juices heavily.

Brian moved his hand from my hip up to my chest. He snuck it under the flimsy t-shirt I had worn to bed and grabbed one of my breasts. My boobs were very small, only an A cup, which was something that I felt a little self-conscious about. I had considered getting implants, but Brian had never seemed to mind my tiny breasts, so I didn’t go through with it.

He groped my chest, running my skin through his fingers. My nipples hardened against his hand as he rubbed his palm across them. The erect pink nubs stood straight out from my small round areolas.

Brian was groaning. and wheezing from behind me. I could feel his cock twitching, and pre-cum was leaking out of his tip.

“Shit, I’m about to cum,” he quietly said to me.

Brian gripped onto my chest tighter, pulling my body right up to his. He thrust his cock into my pussy a few more times before he stopped and let out a loud grunt.

“Oh, fuck!” he said, louder than before.

His cock pulsed within my pussy and his load exploded deep into it. Brian and I had decided long ago that we didn’t want kids, so he had gotten a vasectomy. That meant no more condoms for us.

Brian’s cum squirting into my twat made me extremely hot. I was right on the cusp of my orgasm, but Brian couldn’t give it to me now. My breathing slowed as the fire in my pussy died down. I would have to masturbate later to relieve the pressure, maybe even twice. I always made sure that Brian never saw me masturbating right after sex. I didn’t want him to know that he didn’t make me cum, just to make him feel better.

“You can go back to bed now, honey,” Brian whispered into my ear. We did this sort of thing on occasion. He would fuck me after he woke up. He would get ready for work, and I could go back to sleep. It was a great plan for all involved.

Brian climbed off his side of the bed. I took a peak at his cock. It was rapidly deflating, returning to its normal size. Brian crossed our bedroom and walked into our en-suite. He shut the door behind him quietly in an attempt to not disturb me. I heard the water for the shower being turned on.

I let my body rest like a sack on the bed. My eyelids felt heavy, and I was going to fall asleep again. I was thinking about having to wash the sheets if any of Brian’s load leaked out of my pussy as I drifted to sleep.

Out of the blue, a notification sounded on Brian’s phone. It shocked me a little as it broke the near-silence of the room. I returned my head to the pillow and was about to pass out again before I heard another loud notification.

This one annoyed me a little, but again I ignored it. A third one sounded out. I looked to the bathroom, wanting to see if Brian had heard. The shower must have drowned the noise out.

Now, I’m not the possessive, controlling type of spouse who stalks their partner or spies on them. So I wanted to respect Brian’s privacy and not check his phone without his permission. But he would yell at me if the texts were urgent and I hadn’t looked.

I rolled onto Brian’s side of the bed, trying to keep the cum in my pussy. I grabbed his phone off the nightstand and unlocked it.

The first text was from a number that I couldn’t recognize and hadn’t been inputted as a contact. Seeing as I couldn’t see any capital letters or exclamation points, I decided it wasn’t urgent. I was about to disregard it before I caught a glimpse of the text preview. I saw the words, “pussy,” and “cock.”

My eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. I pulled up the text conversation as fast as I could. And there they were. The messages that changed my life.

On the screen was a text message and two photos. The text read, “I can’t wait to suck your cock tomorrow. My pussy’s wet for you,” before adding an eggplant emoji and a peach emoji at the end.

The first photo was a close-up of a woman’s pussy. The woman was spreading herself open with two fingers, exposing her inner pink. She was indeed very wet. Above her twat was a big blonde bush. Of course it had to be a blonde.

The second photo was a nude selfie of presumably the same woman. My eyes scanned the photo, taking in every detail of her body. To my dismay, she was drop-dead gorgeous. Her skin was clear and beautiful, and her face and eyes were near perfection. Her face was covered in extremely slutty makeup though.

The woman did indeed have blonde hair. It was very long and wavy, covering her shoulders and reaching to the middle of her back.

But the thing that caught my attention most were her breasts. They were extremely large and round and full. Objectively speaking, her boobs were amazing. She held an arm under them, propping them up and pushing them together slightly to make them look even bigger, not that it was necessary.

The woman had a string of ornate flowers and stars tattooed on her side sweeping down from her upper back to her ribcage. She also had a sentence in what looked like French or Italian on her collarbone, and a half-sleeve running from her elbow to her wrist on the arm supporting her breasts.

The woman looked like a total bimbo. Big boobs, tattoos, natural blonde, pretty-but-slutty face. It was reviling to me to even think that Brian could be with such a superficial slut.

In that moment, I felt angry. Angry at Brian for cheating on me. Angry at this whore for seducing him and sleeping with a married man. Angry at God or Mendel or whoever for making me not as naturally-gifted as her. And angry at myself for not foreseeing and stopping the problem before it began.

The anger rose through me, curdling my blood. I clenched my hand around Brian’s phone, almost breaking it. I cocked my hand back, ready to hurl the phone across the room and scream out.

But I stopped myself. That wouldn’t hurt Brian. That would validate him. He could get out from the bitchy and stuck-up wife. I would be playing right into his hands and giving him an easy “get out of jail free” card. No, I needed something more, something worse. Brian was going to pay for this.

I scrolled through the conversation on the phone. Brian and the whore had been sexting for a long time. They had exchanged dirty texts and set up meeting times and sent each other pictures. I forwarded myself a few of Brian’s more revealing photos in case I ever needed them for later.

I looked through the messages until I found what I was looking for. A name. Mia Hardinger. That’s all that I needed to make Brian pay for this. And he would, I reassured myself.

With Brian’s dick-pics downloaded onto my phone, I erased any tracks I had left behind, marking the messages from Mia as new again. Brian’s phone was back on the nightstand where he had left it. I rolled back to my side of the bed and pretended to fall asleep.

I couldn’t obviously. I was way too angry. But I took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down. Being angry wouldn’t help me. Being cunning and smart would. I had to play ignorant and get Brian at his weakest.

A few minutes later, Brian got out of the bathroom, showered and shaved. He picked up his phone without any hesitation. I smiled underneath the blanket. My plan had begun.


  • Carl

    Reply Reply March 1, 2019

    Revenge and new best friends. Obviously he had no idea how good he had it.

  • Maya

    Reply Reply March 9, 2019

    I prefered if after you finished go on and squirt on brian face and then both suck his cock till he cum and keep sucking it till he could not resist anymorw

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