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Section 1

My wife retired a couple of months ago and has a lot of free time. Because of my ED she has a permanent Hall Pass. She is working on a book project so she goes to the Library almost every day to get away from the demands of the house and allow her to concentrate on her project. She has met several men at the Library and enjoyed the fruits of her research.

Before that in her last months of working she developed a crush on a co-worker Larry, but it did not seem to work out. Recently she met Kent, a tall good looking black man in his mid-forties with a big cock and a bigger libido.

They had a wild session here which I was able to observe with our in house security camera system. They both seemed to have a lot of fun so I expected him back the same week and when it did not happen I questioned her about it. “Honey, what happened to Kent?” I asked her.

“He is married and had to go on vacation with his family.” She said. “His wife is very suspicious so I’m not sure that is going to work out again. But!” She looked down and I could tell she was blushing. “I heard from Larry.” “What did that asshole want,” I asked. “Well his wife went back to her family home to take care of her sick mother, she may be gone for the summer and he has asked me out for coffee.” Gee, I thought, maybe the poor asshole wants a hot piece of ass.

“So what do you think of that?” “Well you know I had a big crush on him and guess I did not get over it.” She admitted. “So when is this hot date?” I asked. “Tonight”, she said. What a day, first she was off to get her hair done, then to get her nails done, then a waxing and finally to buy something to wear since she “had nothing to wear.”

Am I worried about this dating thing? Not really, I think if I acted out, jumped up and down and refused to let her go out then I would face a bigger chance of losing her then allowing her the freedom to do whatever she wants.

She has been a great wife in a hard circumstance and I know she has always loved sex so it is the least I can do. On the way out the door she said, “I will send you a text if I am bringing Larry home so you can stay in your suite. I will just tell him you are not feeling well and went to bed or something.” “Why would you bring him here,” I asked. “He does not want his neighbors to see him bring a strange woman home with his wife out of town.” That made sense. Off she went.

A couple of hours later my phone buzzed and I got a text. “On way home with L” I made sure the cameras were all on and went to my suite. I call it that because it has a full bathroom in it and an outside door to the pool area. She has often said if I died she would rent it out to one of the students from the University nearby. Looking at my big screen monitor I saw two cars pull up a little while later.

After parking hers she got out and went to the passenger’s side of Larry’s car and got in. While the light was low I could see them starting to make out, necking as we used to call it. Actually it looked like maybe they had advanced to petting since I could just make out that her blouse was undone and Larry seemed to use his left arm a lot reaching over.

Probably liked those firm 36 D’s that she had. Then more fumbling around and her head disappeared. Well it was starting to look serious. Three or four minutes later she popped back up and I could tell they were getting their clothes put together.

They came in the house and very quietly walked to her bedroom. Closing the door they started doing a fast strip. My camera view was not that great but I could tell that Larry was hard but normal sized, not like Kent. Down on her knees she started sucking his cock with great gusto, he seemed to be holding out very well so I guess she might have gotten him off outside in the car. He sat down on the bed allowing him to get at her great breasts as she continued to suck on his cock.

After a few minutes he stopped her by pushing her head away, they hugged and then after removing the spread got on the bed but this time in the 69 position. She had recently traded her twin bed in for a double bed and now I thought I knew why. Larry was really going after her cunt because I could tell she stopped sucking him and then tightened up as she had her first climax. Larry turned around and entered her.

I was surprised that she did not ask him to use a rubber but I know if she trusts the man she will go bare to improve the feeling and enjoy his cum shooting into her. She wrapped her legs around him and they continued for what seemed like a long time until I heard Larry roar as he emptied into her vagina. He rolled off of her and they laid together, kissing softly. I kind of dozed off at that point, waking about a half hour later, my wife was on all fours and Larry was pounding her doggy style while holding onto her breasts.

They both seemed to come at the same time as I could hear them half a house away. Another few minutes of cuddling then Larry got dressed as my wife put on a short robe. They walked out to the front door, back in a clutch again, with Larry’s right hand on her breast and left on her ass.

This kept on for a few minutes then a final kiss and off he went. She came to my door, knocked and entered. “Did you have fun with Larry?” I asked. “Yes, Yes, YES is all I can say.” She responded “I brought you a present,” she said as she took off her robe and laid down on my bed.


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