Katie & Her Co-worker 3.6/5 (17)

I’ve done lots of wild things in my life. Especially when I lived in Sydney.

One time was the time I fucked my then girlfriend Katie after she’d come home from being fucked by the storeman at where she worked.

This true story starts with my girlfriend texting me while I was at work telling me that the storeman where she worked had been chatting her up and making lewd comments to her about wanting to fuck her but he was taking the sympathy path on her by telling he only had a small cock and that she wouldn’t even feel him.

Katie had texted me saying she felt sorry for poor the guy Robbie because he couldn’t satisfy a girl.

I’m not exactly the biggest cock on the block (actually on measure in at 6″) but at least I can make Katie cum.

Anyway, I told Katie should take poor Robbie out for a drink after work to cheer him up a bit. Katie agreed.

She was also relatively new at the office at the time and thought that this might be a good foot to start of with at the new job. Katie said she’d have a couple of drinks and would be home late.

Well, two hours passed and Katie sent me a text saying she’s had more than a few drinks and that Robbie was still playing the sob story of his little pecker and not being lucky at love. He was keeping her happy by buying her endless glasses of champagne (which gets her really drunk) and he was milking his sob story so Katie was loath to leave him in that state.

I wasn’t all that worried I had to admit. But then there was a boggling doubt in my mind that she might end up taking pitty on Robbie and end up with her ankles in the air (we had an open relationship where I encouraged Katie to fuck or suck whomever she wanted as long as she didn’t keep any secrets from me).

Anyway Katie kept me up to date with regular texts saying she was getting pretty drunk and Robbie was continuing his chatting up of her.

Anyway another hour later I get a text saying she was heading home but she was following Robbie to his place to make sure he got home okay.

Two hours passed and it was almost midnight and Katie should had been home an hour and a half before. I was sending her texts but she wasn’t replying. My mind was racing as to what ‘could’ be happening. Anyway I then got a text saying she was on her way and she’d fill me in when she got home.

Not long after a very drunk Katie comes in the front door with a big grin on her face. I was instructed to follow her to the bedroom where she quickly stripped of and told me to mount her missionary. I asked he’d what had happened (all concerned like) and she told me that she’d just let Robbie fuck the shit out of her.

I looked down at her pussy and saw a great gob of spoof leaking from between her well and truly fucked pussy. It turned out that once he got home he had asked her to have a look at his boyhood for an honest opinion of it’s size. Well it figures that this guy is hung like a horse. 12 inches and nearly as round as Katie’s forearm. “It was fucking huge!” Katie told me excitedly.

I had a raging hard on in five seconds flat. As I sunk my cock onto her all I felt was a loose warmness of an otherwise glove tight snatch. I sunk in to the hilt and Robbies spoof squelched out around my cock and onto my balls.

“You let him cum in you” I stated. Katie says back to me ‘That’s the way you like it isn’t it! I shot my wad into her in under a minute.

Katie then told me that that was a bit of an anti climax after Robbie had fucked her stupid for an hour. Katie then told me she hasn’t been stretched like that since she got fucked in Atlanta at a turf conference by a black guy (that’s another true story for another time).

Robbie had started poor Katie off by trying to shove his monster down her throat. Katie is a great cock sucker at the best of times. But 12 inches of cock is a test for the best at any time. Turns out Robbie likes to have his cock throat fucked (what does that feel like? – with only 6″ I have no idea) and now my gf Katie had one very sore jaw.

That was the true story of the first time Katie was fucked by this monster cock. Katie agreed to meet Robbie one more time. But that is a story for another time.

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