Kate Sees Her Old Friend From College

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This is how it started, It was all quite by accident. We had gone to get a few things for our home in a city not too far from where we live and while we were there my wife Kate ran into Mary one of her friends from college. She had not seen her in years so we invited her to eat lunch with us.

As Kate and Mary caught up each other on what they were doing in life. I had noticed Mary really checking out Kate in a way a man would be checking out a sexy woman. I had often wondered if Kate had fooled around while she was in college but had never really met any of the people she had known back then.

When Kate went to the restroom, Mary asked me if I knew how lucky I was to have Kate as my wife. I told her That I knew I was a lucky man. Mary Asked me if Kate had ever told me about her and I told her she had not mentioned any of her friends from college. Mary looked at me and said her and Kate were a bit more than friends for over 3 years and she had always wondered where Kate had gone after she graduated.

I asked Mary what she meant by a bit more than friends. she replied, You will have to ask Kate, I’m afraid I may have said too much…When Kate came back from the restroom, Mary told her it was great to see you again and wrote down her number and address and handed it to her telling her to give her a call, She turned and winked at me and left. Needless to say, Mary’s little conversation with me had struck a chord of curiosity making me want to find out what all my wife had done while she was in college.

A few weeks later, I asked Kate what Mary had meant when she told me that she was a bit more than friends with her. Kate responded by blushing a bright red and trying to change the subject. I told her that I needed to know if she had been involved with Mary in a sexual way and I had a right to know. Kate finally confessed that she and Mary had been lovers and were at the time in love with each other. I asked her why she had never mentioned being attracted to other women. I told her that it really was not a big deal to me and in fact turned me on to think about her and Mary making love to each other!

Kate told me that she was afraid it would make me think less of her if I knew about it. I reassured her that It was alright with me and told her that if she wanted to call her and invite her to come visit and stay at our house some weekend, it would be fine with me. I told Kate that if anything sexual happened between her and Mary, All I wanted to do was watch and see her in action!

Kate was shocked that I suggested it but I could tell that she was interested. Two weeks later, Kate called Mary and invited her over for a weekend. Mary accepted and showed up about 8:00 PM Friday. I came home from work and they were in the kitchen drinking wine. When Mary saw me she winked and leaned into my wife and deeply kissed her. I said, looks like you two are getting back to being a bit more than friends!

Mary said, Just wait until later you may not be able to handle everything you are going to see! I told her that I was counting on seeing Kate being pleased and pleasing as well… I got to watch my wife make love to Mary the entire weekend, It was passionate, sexy, and the most entertaining thing that I had ever witnessed in person in my entire life. Mary thanked me for sharing Kate with her and asked me if I think that I could handle taking this to the next level? I asked her what she meant and she said, I think you need to ask Kate.

Later that next week I asked Kate what Mary had meant about taking it to the next level and Kate explained to me that Mary was totally into having sex with black men, Really well endowed black men that had thick 10 inch cocks. Kate told me it was one of the reasons that she and Mary drifted apart at the end of college. I Asked Kate if the idea of having sex with a well endowed black man interested her?

She answered that she had already tried it with Mary back in the day and that Mary would lick her pussy and suck her tits while she was being fucked by black cock! I told her that it was turning me on to hear her talk about being fucked by a large black cock and if she wants to try it again that I would like to see her submit to one in our home!

Kate told me that if she ever let another big black cock fill her up, That she might not be able to stop…It might have to be an ongoing thing! I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply and told her that I wanted her to be filled by a large black cock and that I wanted to lick her clean after he fucked her. She told me to get down on my knees, she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side and told me to lick her cunt…She ground her pussy into my face and told me to make her cum. When she orgasmed,

She screamed lick his cum out of my pussy, suck it clean. I licked her until she pushed me away. Kate said, If you let this happen, You will be cleaning a real black mans cum out of me and licking my juices off of his cock too. Understand? I was shocked to hear this coming from my wife but at the same time it turned me on so much that my cock was about to explode in my pants.

A week later Kate called Mary and explained to her that I was ready to be taken to the next level she asked her to bring her black boyfriend to our house. His name is Charles…Mary had already told Charles about renewing her relationship with Kate and Charles already wanted to meet Kate and show me what a black man can do to make a white couples marriage better.

When Mary and Charles got to our house, Kate was already dripping wet and excited…She had told me that she ached for Mary’s touch and wanted to feel the fullness of a real mans cock stretching her farther than I ever could. Charles walked in the house and told Mary to get Kate ready. Mary undressed Kate and tenderly kissed her all over. She licked Kates pussy until she had a tremendous orgasm. Charles told me to come over to him and unzip his pants. I had never expected this but I did as he asked. He told me to pull down his pants and I watched the largest thickest black cock swing out and sway from side to side. It made me feel really small.

As Mary and Kate continued to pleasure each other, Charles told me to lick his big black dick until it gets hard! I reached out and touched his cock and watched it dangling in front of my face, He reached down and grabbed the back of my head and slid his cockhead into my mouth. I sucked his cock the best I could and he did get hard. I could not fit much more than a few inches in my mouth and as I was doing this I noticed that Kate and Mary had stopped to watch me suck Charles. Kate smiled at me and then asked Charles to please come and fill her up…

I watched Charles fucked my wife for the longest time as Mary licked Kates pussy and sucked her tits and they passionately kissed each other! He fucked my wife for at least half an hour before I saw him tense up and drive it into her as deep as it would go… Charles came in my wife and held his cock in her for a good 5 minutes before he told me to come clean your wife!…

I licked Kate’s pussy and sucked all of his cum out of her and as I finished, She came on my face and told me that this was what she needs in her life from now on! I told Kate that I love her and she will have what she wants whenever she wants it…

That was just the start, Mary has brought several other black men over to meet Kate since then and I have enjoyed seeing her pleased by all of them and I still get to clean my wife and feel her cum on my face after every time!


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