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I rode Jake hard and soon I sprayed my cum all over his cock. I fell onto Jake’s chest in exhaustion. I offered my ass to Paul. Paul squeezed my toy out of his ass and jumped onto the bed. He found his position and I felt his hard cock pressing into my rectum. It was a little awkward until we started moving in unison. It was the first time I had ever done a DP.

It really drove me crazy. There were a thousand sensations streaking across my body. Paul didn’t last long and I felt a warmth inside as his cum filled my ass. Paul withdrew his cock and left the room. I had Jake all to myself. We fucked and sucked and kissed and napped and started all over again. Paul would wander back in from time to time and watch us.

He would join us ever so often. Paul would cum and go several times through the evening, night, and into the early morning. It was late the next day when we awakened. The room smelled of sex. We were all splattered with dry crusty cum. I got up and took a long hot shower. This was the beginning of our open marriage. Jake moved into our bedroom and we played nightly until he returned to college. He still drops by on weekends.

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