Jill (A Woman’s Perspective) 4.5/5 (40)

I thought about what could have happened if I hadn’t stopped him. I could still feel the itching from the grass on my back. I was deep in the middle of an intense dream orgasm when a tap on the window shattered my happy place. Paul was in the window, motioning for me to come inside.

I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist. I entered the patio door. I cringed in shock as there stood Paul with Jake. I grabbed my towel to cover myself, but I actually exposed more of me in the process. I apologetically excused myself and ran back out to the patio and dressed. I was scared to death thinking that I had been caught in my adulterous incident.

I took a deep breath, thinking this is it. I am going to be a divorced middle aged woman. I turned the door knob and entered. Paul said, I want to introduce you to the woman of the house. This is Jill. Jill this is Jake. Jake is going to help me with the remodeling. He is going to stay in the garage apartment with us this summer. I blew out a loud deep sigh of relief and offered my hand of greeting to Jake.

Paul took Jake to the garage apartment and I gathered up towels and bed linens. Paul walked into the laundry room and told me that there were several blown light bulbs in the garage apartment. He said he was going to make a hardware store run. Paul asked if I would be alright being alone with Jake while he was gone. I said yes I was OK and Paul left.

I walked up the stairs to the garage apartment and entered. Jake stood there smiling at me. I looked at Jake sternly. This is not going to work Jake! I almost fucked you at the pond. I am a happily married woman. Jake stared at me with an innocent vulnerable expression. He held his arms open to me and I fell right into them.

He held me there and reassured me that it would be alright. He kissed me on the forehead. I remained in Jake’s hug as we swayed like we were dancing. I felt comforted. Jake was quite the charmer. He had all the right moves. Only a few moments had passed in his arms and we were passionately kissing again. He dropped me back on the bed and I was topless once again.

Jake’s lips felt hot on my nipples. I felt flushed all over. I had surrendered my cutoff jeans and Jake expertly wandered inside me with his fingers. I was just at the point of a flooding orgasm when I heard Paul’s truck pull up in the driveway. I threw my clothes on and started changing the linens on the bed. Paul walked in and tossed the bag of light bulbs to Jake.

Here’s your first job, Paul said. I thought to myself, you have no idea Paul, he has been working for me since this morning! Over the next few weeks, Jake and I had a few kiss and cuddle sessions, but never seemed to go the extra step. Paul was always there. I was happy with the situation. I had justified the heavy petting sessions in my mind, but going the next step just seemed like a gigantic marital taboo.

One night while I lay in bed with Paul, everything changed. Paul nervously stammered through the events of the day and then dropped a bomb on me. He began openly sharing his intimate secrets. Paul said that he and Jake talked about seeing me naked that first day. Paul told me that Jake got tremendously excited about that.

Then Paul said that Jake liked to play grab ass with him all the time. Paul said, Jake keeps dry humping and cock grabbing. Paul continued, so today, I told him if he didn’t stop, I was going to make him suck my cock. Paul had my attention to say the least. Well, Jake did it again and I, I, stammered Paul. I said, Go on. Paul said, I pulled out my cock and Jake jumped on it.

He sucked my cock and I came in his mouth. This revelation made me feel so strange. I felt jealousy, I felt horny, I felt justified in my own rendezvous with Jake. I was so hot, I r*ped my husband. I fucked him until my pussy was sore. From that day forward, Paul would share his daily experiences with me at bedtime. Things were escalating between Paul and Jake.

Each day they became more and more adventurous. It made me so horny just thinking about the two of them upstairs. I couldn’t get but a few minutes of Jake time and we always got interrupted before we could take our sex further. Paul was the great beneficiary. He was using his Jake stories to make me horny and using our nightly fuck fest stories to drive Jake crazy.

I became so curious about the relationship between Paul and Jake that I began sneaking up the stairs and peeking in from time to time. Sometimes they would be involved in the remodeling, but I discovered that they always managed to start their day off right within the first hour of work. I watched them make love with one another several times and at night I would get the playback from Paul.

As things escalated to the extreme between Paul and Jake, I turned up the heat myself. I sunned daily on the patio naked. I could see their eyes looking down at me. At lunch time one day, I was changing Jake’s bed linens when he walked in. Jake caught me bent over the bed and gave me a full body hug from behind.

I was wearing a two piece bikini and miraculously, Jake’s cock pushed through the side of my bikini and plunged into my vagina. Jake had taken our arrangement a step deeper. Jake thrust-ed his cock inside me as I was positioned on my hands and knees, at the corner of the bed. A noise outside startled us and we put ourselves back together quickly.

I continued my daily peaking and teasing. I had seen my husband go from masculine heterosexual male to an openly bisexual thoughtful passionate man. I had experienced a metamorphosis of my own. I felt desirable and pretty. I had discovered a fire inside that I didn’t know I possessed. I decided to turn up the heat even more.

On my daily exhibition session, I took my favorite eight inch red vibrator out to the patio with me. As soon as I saw my audience appear in the window, I reached for my toy and inserted it into my vagina. I was so excited being watched that I squirted down my legs. I upped the ante by inserting my toy inside my rectum. In and out slowly I played. My audience disappeared. The game was on. Now it was time to let them entertain me.

I tiptoed up the stairs and took my perch at the top. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Jake was on top of Paul in the missionary position, naked! Jake was pounding my husbands ass. I could see Jake’s cock from long length to fully buried in Paul’s ass. Paul suddenly looked back in my direction as Paul screamed I am going to cum.

Paul grabbed Jake’s cock and said NO! Jake saw me sitting there and withdrew his member from Paul’s interior. Paul and Jake were red faced. I motioned for them to follow me. I was excited beyond my capability to express. I was finally going to fuck Jake. The boys followed me into the bedroom. I put on a little anal show with my toy. I told Paul that I wanted some Jake time.

I handed him my toy and directed him to play for me. Paul immediately found his ass with my toy probe and inserted it inside himself. Jake climbed onto the bed and devoured my little hole. Jake playfully nibbled my clit and fire flew through my nipples. His finger danced on the roof of my vagina and I couldn’t stop the spray of liquid that squirted from my hole.

Jake made his move and I felt his large circumcised cock enter me. Paul stood at our side like a dejected puppy as Jake fucked me like an animal. This was the fucking I had daydreamed about for weeks! I couldn’t punish Paul any longer, so I flipped Jake over and climbed astride his cock. As a last degradation of Paul’s pride, I made him watch Jake’s cock disappear inside me.

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