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Section 1

Over the last few days I was talking to a married fellow not far from town and decided that he met our criteria for a “no strings attached” fuck session with my hotwife. So I called her up at work and told her that I have the perfect guy for her and that he will be here when she gets home from work and I asked her if she’s ok with it.

I could tell by the way she said “sure, I can do that” that there are others in the office too close to her and will overhear what she was saying. I ask again, “are you ok doing this without meeting him a few times first?” She said “I’m fine, I trust your judgement”

I remembered that she was wearing a dress and I asked if she was wearing some sexy panties underneath and she said “no that can be changed later on”, again I knew that it was a bit cryptic because of the listening ears in the office. I smiled as I said “ok, see you after work”.

I smiled because I visualized her sitting there in her office chair doing a bit of a squirm because she was thinking about what was going to happen when she got home and her panties were probably getting a bit wet!

When she arrived home and walked through the door I greeted her and give her a kiss then introduced her to the man sitting at the kitchen table. She looked a bit nervous but she smiled and gave him a hug. She excused herself and went into our bedroom. He said to me “is everything ok? Is she ok with me?” I told him that everything was great and to go ahead and have fun.

She came back out a few minutes later and smiled at me and I knew then that she changed her panties to something sexy. She got as far as the door of the pantry and he met her there, took her hand and told her how gorgeous and sexy she was and slowly moved up tight against her making her back into the pantry door.

He started to kiss her passionately which I could see took it’s effect on her since I knew that she loved to kiss deeply. I then saw that she was now kissing him back and he lightly caressed her breasts then slowly moved his hand down to the bottom of her dress and started to lift it up.

His hand found her mound through her panties and started to lightly rub her. I’m sure he detected the moistness in her panties and moved his hand up to the waist band of her panties and slid his hand down inside until he reached her now hot, engorged, very wet pussy!

By this time I am enjoying every moment and can tell it’s taking its toll on me because my little cocklet is rock hard and is leaking so much that my pants are showing wetness on the outside around the zipper! I continue to watch and I see that he had easily moved a few fingers past her hot pouting labia and began to move them in and out of her very slippery tight hole.

After a few minutes of this along with the continuing passionate kissing, he started to undo all of her buttons and dropped her dress to the floor, it was then that I noticed that she also removed her bra when she was in the bedroom.

The last thing that his hands grasped were her now extremely wet panties and slowly pulled them down to her ankles to leave her now totally naked. She lifted one leg up and over to get out of the leg hole of her panties then she did the same with the other leg which had now left her with her legs open wide enough for him to take advantage of it.

He began to gently kiss and lick her swollen labia and lightly whispered “wow this pussy is not just gorgeous but very tasty too and shaved nice and clean, I love that”. She giggled a bit and continued to concentrate on all the feelings and sensations flooding her whole body. She opened her eyes and looked at me and I smiled and winked at her.

This seemed to make her even more relaxed and she spread her legs a bit more and put her hands on his head as he was now nibbling on her clitoris and tongue fucking her vagina. He brought her to a nice quiet orgasm and I knew this because she was now breathing harder and pushing her pussy into his face just as she’s done with me over the many years of our marriage.

He understood this reaction and stopped his tongue attack on her pussy. I then said with a little laugh “well you’re nice and naked, I guess it’s your turn to remove his clothes”. He stood up and she giggled and started undoing his shirt and in a few moments she had removed all of his clothing except his underwear.

She got down onto her knees and slowly pulled down on his underwear and his now very hard cock caught on the waist band and then suddenly released and slapped her under her chin. They both started laughing and I did as well.

She looked at his cock and said “Wow, you have a very nice cock! It’s long and thick, just what I was hoping for, I piped up and said “me too” and laughed! He laughed at the comments and said to her, “I hope you enjoy it!” Then said to me, I hope you understand that I intend to make love to your beautiful wife, and do things to her amazing pussy that you’re tiny thing could never do”! All I could say was “you’re right, and I really hope you do”! All the while I was also loving the sight of his superior cock, all 9 inches of it, and I swear it was nearly as wide as a coke can!

She grasped his cock and put it to her lips and ran her tongue over his swollen purple glans and licked up the pre-cum oozing quite quickly out of his hole. She started to pump her mouth up and down over his cock and after about two minutes of this he pulled his cock out of her mouth and lightly lifted up on her shoulders to get her to stand up.

“I’m going to cum if you keep that up” he said, “I’m saving that for the end of our fun”! He picked her up into his arms and she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his shoulder. He looked at me and said “Show me to your bed, not a guest bed because I’m going to fuck her on your marital bed like she should have been many years ago”!

“Absolutely” I said, “I already have the video camera set up” and he smiled.

He laughed and said “Shall we”? As he carried her to the bedroom, I decided that since I have the camera set up I would let her have fun on her own and hoped that this decision helped to make her more comfortable and enjoy her tryst.

I closed the door behind them and I listened to the sounds of giggles and moans and groans. I picked up all the clothing and set them onto the chairs in the kitchen and then sat at the table and surfed hotwife and cuckold porn.

I didn’t hear much except an occasional groan from her for at least fifteen minutes. I then heard the sounds of his balls slapping on her ass as he is quickly pumping his cock into her pussy. She is making little squeals and I could hear her breathing was loud and very rapid.

Hearing this I knew that she was having an orgasm and thought to myself “wow I’ve never heard her sound like that, then chuckled as I also thought “that’s because you’re a useless little needle dick” I pictured her pushing her pussy up in the air so he could fuck her deeper. Then I could hear her lightly speak but I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying but again I know her and could hear her voice in my head saying “stop, stop please, I can’t take any more”.

The slapping sounds stopped and there was silence for about five to ten minutes, I’m not sure why thought. The sounds of him fucking her pussy hard and fast with his balls slapping her asshole began again and the whole sex act happened again and again and I lost track of them.

I finally hear what I’ve been waiting to hear, the sound of him slowing down and grunting. I know that he is finally cumming hard and deep into her sweet pussy! I then hear her say “Don’t pull out, my pussy is yours and yours only, cum deep in me, cum in me baby”! At this point I’m even prouder of her than I was earlier!

Section 2

When I’m sure it’s over I look at the clock and see that more than five hours have gone by. During this time I have been slowly stroking my little cock and edging the start of an orgasm many times, so when I think it’s over I put my very leaky cocklet back into my pants and wait for the two of them to come out.

After a few minutes of silence I figured she had climbed off of the bed and went into the bathroom for a warm wet cloth to clean the two of them up. The door opened and the two of them emerged from our bedroom. I immediately detect the odor of sex, the mix of the sweet smell of her pussy juices and the musky odor of the gift brought up from his balls and sprayed deep inside of her.

It’s then that I realized that the only way I could smell that is if it was leaking out of her pussy. I quickly asked her to go back into the bedroom and wait for me on the bed.

She gave him a hug and a kiss and he looked at me and said “I plan on coming back once or twice a month to fuck her” and quickly looked at her for approval” I said “yes sir, thank you sir” and she replied with “to hell with once or twice per month, can’t we do this at least once a week?” Again he looked at me smiled, and I laughed and said “that would be really good if you could”. I said, “you’ve shown her what a real cock is all about and I’m sure she’s hooked for good”

He told us that he will call during the week days to let us know when he’s able to come to the house because his wife sometimes works evenings and sometimes daytime and he’s never sure. He owns his own business and can come and go when he likes without her knowing about it.

We agreed to wait every week for his calls and he kissed her passionately again and put his hand on her pussy and said, keep it warm for me and laughed. We both laughed and she told him that it’ll always be there for him, hot and wet! He walked out the door and I closed it behind him.

I then walked into our bedroom where she was waiting for me on the bed smiling and I said “hang on, I’m going to put the video onto the TV so I can watch it and see how good your got it.” I set it up and I saw the two enter the room and close the door.

She giggled and jumped onto the bed and he slowly joined her. He softly said, “lie down and close your eyes and let me make you feel wonderful”. She did as he said and he slowly slid up between her legs and she parted them nice and wide. He started to kiss and lick her right leg then over to her left leg and made his way up to her hot, waiting pussy.

He puts both hands on her pussy and parted her labia and started to lightly lick the inner area of her engorged lips. She started to lightly moan and licked her lips. Then he began to nibble and lightly chew at her clitoris.

She had two more orgasms with his tongue pleasuring her pussy then he slowly climbed up high onto her and stopped for a few minutes to nibble, suck and lick her nipples. I then got to see what I’d been waiting to see, she pulled her legs up high over her head and he slowly rubbed his now even harder cock over her vagina.

It eventually found her hot, wet, tight hole and he slowly pushed into her. She winced a few times and told him to go slower. He remarked at how very tight her pussy was and asked if my cock was very big or too small to make her pussy hole bigger.

She laughed and told him that I have a needle dick. He then said “that would explain why your pussy was so tight then and she explained that it was the combination of kagel exercises and a needle dick husband. And again explained “That’s one of main reasons why cucky hubby wants me to fuck other men.”

“We’ve done this before with a guy with a 5 inch cock and he really enjoyed watching me get laid so he decided to really go all out and find me a fuck buddy with a nice manly cock”. I looked at her now and smiled and she smiled back. I also added “and it’s because I love you and love to see you happy, satisfied and fulfilled, no pun intended” and laughed as did she.

I watched as he now slowly pushed in more until he was all the way in and she appeared more comfortable with his cock now all the way in. He began to slowly slide in and out of her pussy and I could hear the sounds of her pussy making very wet sounds and I started to dribble pre-cum again. She noticed this and laughed at me, which made me even hotter.

He started to kiss her deeply again and she eagerly did the same back. As he slowly increased the speed of his plunges she pulled her legs up higher and spread them even wider. She then started to repeat the words in light whispers “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, my pussy is yours so please fuck me hard and deep”!

I’m getting even hornier and dripping profusely. It’s now that he started fucking her pussy harder and faster and I could see his large balls swinging and slapping over her asshole making the sounds I heard when I was in the kitchen earlier.

He continued to kiss her deeply! At this point I can’t take it any longer and I rolled over onto her. I know that this goes on for quite a while over and over again so I decide to end my curiosity and I dove down between her legs. She knew right away what I was about to do so she spread her legs and parted her now sticky/wet, well used labia for me and said “well it’s about time cucky” and smiled.

I got to taste the fantastic mix of her sweet juices and his musky, thick manly ejaculate now running out of her pussy. I slowly licked up what was on the outside of her lips then shoved my tongue in to dig for more. When I thought I had it all she told me to roll onto my back, so I did.

She moved up high and straddled over my face and began pushing down and I saw a huge amount of his spunk oozing from her pussy. I eagerly licked it up as it came out and was really amazed at how much cum he pumped into her pussy.

As I’m lapping at her sweet box I thought to myself “This is fantastic, I hope she never wants to stop fucking this stud! At this point she said “From now on you’re going to wear panties,not big boy underwear, and I’ve also made the decision to cut you off permanently except to lick me clean like you’re doing now. I’m giving my pussy to him and letting him know that while he’s my lover, he owns my pussy.” I smiled and thanked her, and she replied “thank you for what”? I said “for taking him as your lover and never allowing my little boy pee pee anywhere near your amazing pussy. She smiled and patted my head and said “finish up your desert little man”!

Once I finished cleaning her pussy of his juices we rolled back over and continued to watch the video.

As I watch her being fucked over and over again I kept rubbing my little nub. She told me that it was ok and she expected that would happen. She then said “hang on for a bit, keep watching the video and I’ll tell you what you’re going to do when it’s over.

Section 3

I continued to watch the video. We got to the part where he is about to cum and I have a huge smile as I see her grab behind his ass and pulled him hard into her pussy and said “Don’t pull out, my pussy is yours, cum deep in me, cum in me”! I then saw his big balls tighten up and watched the base of his cock throb.

It’s then that I knew that he was depositing his seed deep into her cervix! That was it, I was ready to explode. She then told me that I’m going to do the two finger jerk off over the toilet, where my useless sperm should always be. I agreed with her and ran in to relieve myself. She laughed at me as she stood in the doorway taking a video of me pathetically jerking my little three inch joke, and said she’s sending it to her lover, and I dribbled into the toilet very happily.

Over the months she is fucked by him over and over again and we even met with other men during our travels. The anklet that she now wears tells all the men around us that her pussy is shared!

It says “HOTWIFE”.

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