Jerome Loves Jen’s Thong, And Can’t Wait To Get Home.


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Section 1

After the night with Erika and Brad, Jen said they slept in late. She told me it was the first morning she did not wake up Jerome for sex!

They had a tour planned for walking up Dunn’s river waterfall and then going to see some Reggae music. Jen said, she was going to tease Jerome buy wearing a thong as he followed her up the falls with the rest of the group. For the bus ride she put in a tie skirt and a tank top.

Jen said they were with a group of about 12 from the resort, but there were more people for the tour when they got there. They then stores there things in a locker for the walk up the falls. Jerome was presently surprise when Jen took her tank top and skirt off, showing off her body in her string bikini top and thong bottom. Jerome noticed a lot of other guys checking Jen out as they headed for the falls. Jen mentioned they paired up with a couple Jerome’s age ( 10 years younger than Jen ). Their names were Chis and Jerry. When they found out Jen was 35, Chris and Jerry both said how hot she looked in her Thing and that Jerome was a lucky guy. When they said that, Jerome said “damn straight, my teach is hot”, as he grabbed my bare ass cheek, pulled me in, and gave me a big kiss! We had not told Brad and Erika of our relation, but it just slipped out with Chris and Jerry. I felt a little embarrassed and wondered what they thought of me.

Jerry and Jerome got out ahead as we got to the staging area for the climb.

As we walked further Chris asked me, you are his teacher? Jen said, that was 10 years ago, we just met up several weeks ago. Chris said I thought you said something about kids in the van ride over. She asked if I was divorced. I didn’t know what to say, but decided to just say “no, I just have a husband who lets me have some fun”. Then she said, damn - you look great for having two kids, you deserve to have some fun with a hunk like Jerome. You go girl!”

Jen said she laughed, as the caught up with the guys and prepared to climb.

As they started up, Jerome was behind Jen and a couple feet lower, so basically Jen’s ass was right in front of Jerome’s face, and Chris and Jerry were behind Jerome. Chris was dressed like most others there, in shorts and a t shirt. Jen definitely stood out. During the climb Jerome could not keep his hands off Jen’s ass. He played like he was helping her up. Or keeping her steady. Or sometimes playfully slapping her ass if Jen splashed a little water at him. But Chris and Jerry could definitely see the sexual tension. During a couple breaks, Jen would turn to give Jerome a kiss, and Jerome would have his hand on Jen’s bare ass cheeks. A couple times Jen pressed her hips into him and whispered something sexual and Jerome would get a hard on. Jeromes cock was so big that it was obvious when he got a hard in. Later Chris mentioned to Jen, I saw what effect you had in Jerome. How do you handle that? Jen giggled, “Oh, it took a while, but now it just feels damn good, and it fills me up”. Chris asked about you Jen told me. She asked what the differences were and Jen said “ everything is different, length, girth, force, color, taste, endurance, and just the thrill and excitement level”.

That kind of hurt me. Not only had they been fulfilling so many sexual fantasies, but now they are telling others about it.

Anyway, they had fun climbing up the falls, making out, meeting new people, and having fun. They decided to go with Chris and Jerry to the Reggae bar.

They changed into their other clothes and took a van to the bar. They had a nice dinner, some drinks, and got ready for the show. Jen had changed her shirt, and had a mini skirt on. As the music started there was a nice dance floor and like usual Jen and Jerome didn’t take long to start dirty dancing. As they danced face to face, Jerome would grab Jen’s ass making her hot. Then Jen would turn around, lean over, and grind her little ass into Jerome’s crotch, doing her best to give him an awkward hard on - and it worked. Later in the night Jerome could not take this sexual teasing anymore and grabbed Jen and lead her away. He said “I found a nice little secluded area in the bar where we can be alone”. As soon as he got Jen there, he basically lifted Jen’s skirt up, and pulled off her panties!

OMG I thought, they are going to duck in the Reggae bar!

Sure enough, Jerome unzipped his shorts, pulled his cock out, lifted Jen up, pressed her against the wall, and said “ Guide my dick into you while i hold you up”!

Jen said she was already wet from the dirty dancing, and once she pressed Jerome’s thick head, against her pussy, she was able to lower her weight down and his head pushes right in! She then took about four strokes to get his cock balls deep into her! Then Jerome started stoking as he pressed Jen against the wall. It did not take long before Jen and Jerome got in a rhythm that started Jen’s juices flowing!

Then Jen told me she looked up, and there were a few people watching then fuck! She said , “she got scared and her adrenaline flowed! She whispered in Jerome’s ear and asked if they should stop! But Jerome said “ let them enjoy the show, and he started getting rougher! Jen could feel her whole body bouncing up and down as Jerome’s cock pulled out several inches, and then rammed balls deep again! She told herself to just try to get Jerome to finish fast, so she started telling him how good the hard fucking felt, and how the people watching were talking a laughing”. Then she noticed more people coming to see what the commotion was, and she noticed Chris and Jerry! Jen said she was so embarrassed! She looked right as Chris, and it seems like Chris had her mouth open and could not believe the young black stud, who was Jerome’s old teacher, was ducking Jen, ina hidden corner, in a Reggae bar, with everyone watching. Then Jen noticed some of the black guys watching started high fiving, and one started chanting “ fuck the bitch, fuck the bitch….”. Another started saying “breed the bitch, breed the bitch, put a black baby in the bitch”.

Section 2

It seemed like most the people watching were black guys, and they were all hooting and hollering! Jen then saw Chris and Jerry shake their heads, and leave. Jen told me she felt like a slut then and just wanted to go back to the hotel room. But Jerome was in the zone and really rocking her. Jen started whispering in Jerome’s ear to “cum in me baby”. Jerome told Jen “God babe you are such a good fuck” and this made Jen turn warm inside! She said she started feeling the rhythm again. She looked at the group watching and saw Chris and Jerry were back again and they were holding something. Then Jen started to feel that deep inside warmth and tingle that preceded her orgasm just as Jerome made one last strong surge and just as Jerome started dumping his speed deep in Jen, Jen reached an earth shattering orgasm as her hole body shook and twitched for the crowd to see. Everyone in the crowd knew they had just seen the two reach orgasm together and they clapped for the show!

Jen could not believe what just happened. But she was totally spent! All she could do was burry her head in Jerome’s neck and not watch the crowd watch her any more. Jerome just held himself in her for a few more minutes as he started to shrink in her. When he went to let Jen down Jen looked up, and luckily all she saw was Chris and Jerry! As Jerome pulled out, Chris and Jerry saw Jen naked from the waste down and cum dripping from Jens pussy. Chris went over with a towel to help Jen clean up, and Jerry placed another longer towel around Jen. Jerome thanked them, and Jen said she cried a little, not because she was embarrassed or felt slutty,but because she just had one of the best fucks she ever had, an exposition for others to see, a real porn like adventure, but also because a couple they just met were so caring that they would come help her out!

Jen said “Chris asked if she was OK.”. Jen said “OMG I was so embarrass when I noticed people were watching us have sex - but Jerome was not going to stop living out another of his sexual fantasies, just because some locals were watching!”

Jen said “then I saw you two watching and all I thought was how much you would think I was a whore, and you would never associate yourself with us again”!

Then Jen thanked them so much for bringing over the towels to help after the locals started chanting and clapping”. Chris said she just did what she hoped others would do for her. Jen said she hugged Chris.

Chris asked if everything was OK. Jen said “better than OK, the sex was amazing, O just wished I was not put in display like that”.

Chris said “ we’ll if you enjoyed the sec, who cares, it actually looked hot, we just didn’t like what the others were saying”. Then Chris said “ We could tell you had a good time in the end and she winked at Jen”! Chris asked “Jerome sure is a big stud, is sec always like that with him”. Jen smiled and said “God you are right, he is amazing, definitely the best sex partner I ever had”!

Chris asked if Jen had regained her strength, and Jen said “you could tell I was quivering couldn’t you”. Chris said “yes, the orgasm each of you had looked pretty intense”. Chris then helped Jen put her panties back on. They then noticed Jerome and Jerry talking and laughing. The girls went over to the guys and Chris said “let’s get going. After watching these two, I want some of that with Jerry when we get back” and all four laughed!

I was shocked. Jen fulfilled two more of Jerome’s fantasies. Sex in a club, and Voyeurism with not only stray he’s watching, but a couple they just met as well! I could not believe how much sex they were having, how much fun, that four people they know had now seen them have sex, and that others they didn’t know as well. But mainly I was shocked that Jen was talking about her sexual relationship with Jerome with others, and describing Jerome as her best sexual partner to them, and to me!!!

But even with all that, i noticed my dick was hard again! How could my dick be hard, even though I was a little upset, and concerned with their sexual escapades!

I didn’t want to text anything to Jen that would make it feel like I was upset, so I just texted “ That’s sounds amazing, and exciting! My dick is hard just imagining you putting on that show”!

Jen must have still been up, because she texted back “Love you babe! Thanks for booking the trip for us! Wish I was there to give you a little help with your little hardon! If you do exactly as I say, I will talk you through a thumb job.”. I said “i thought you didn’t want me to masturbate?”. But she said “if I talk you through it, it is not really masturbating”. Do you mind if Jerome and I bet on how long it will take?”.

I was shocked! They were going to make me masturbating about heir sexual escapades a game! But I was so rock hard I couldn’t take it so I said “sure, as long as you tell me who wins”. Jen said “of course babe”.

She then said, “here are the rules”. You must keep your boxer briefs on, and you can’t changed them before you go to sleep! I just said “ughhh”. Going to sleep with that cold wet sticky feeling was not my favorite, especially after Jerome just got to fuck her hard, cum deep inside her, in front of a dozen other people!

But I agreed. Then she said, “you can only use your right thumb”. Now start by just flicking your thumb over the rim of your little cock head. Just back and forth, as you think about being there with the others that watched Jerome and I have sex in the bar! Watch him pound me as he held me up. Think about how much stronger he is than you to hold me up for 20 minutes while we fucked. Think about how deep he penetrated your wife, twice as deep. Think about his girth, twice yours. Think about the fact that twice as deep, and twice as thick, means eight times the volume filling me up”!

I said eight times, you mean two times? She said no, and that volume is radius squared by length - so it is 2 times 2 times 2 more volume!

I was like “OMG she is right, Jerome fills my wife up 8 times more than me! No wonder she wants to fuck him, and just talk me through masturbation - what girl wouldn’t?

Then Jen said “now think about friends and strangers watching your wife as she reaches the most intense orgasm on another guys cock”. Think about my legs twitching in front of other as they know I reached orgasm as Jerome cums deep inside your wife “!

As she said that, I came hard in my briefs. As I relaxed I could see the little wet spot on my briefs and thought “ I gotta sleep in my stained briefs, while Jen has Jerome’s cum deep in side her in paradise”!

Jen asked “I bet you cum since you just stopped texting”! I said “how did you know”. Jen said because it’s been about two minutes”! So I win!

She said Jerome thought you could hold out for five minutes because you were in your own and I was just texting you”. But then Jen said she told Jerome “I know my little guy, and I know how long he lasts”. She sent me a little winking emoji!

I felt bad, because she not only called me small, one eight Jerome’s size which is shocking, but true. But also she basically called me a premature ejaculating masturbator - which is unfortunately also true! But it felt great cumming as my wife walked me through my orgasm! So I was content!

She said, goodnight babe. Think about me as you go to sleep with your cum drying on you - and thinking about me falling asleep naked with Jerome. I am hoping I wake up in the middle of the night and he wants midnight sex :-) Jen said, since she won the bet, that is what he owes here!

OMG I said, I wish I was Jerome!!!

I fell asleep thinking about when I drove them to the airport and when I saw Jen watching me in the rear view mirror and Jerome fucked her reverse cowboy style in the back seat or my car! I was hoping I would get to watch them fuck again like all the people who they have given a show to over the last two days! I wondered what other sexual fantasies Jen would fulfill for Jerome over their last couple days in paradise! Then I slowly dozed off knowing in a few hours Jen would be having midnight sex with Jerome again!!!

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