Jen And Jerome Cum Back Home


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Section 1

After the quick three way sexual experience Jen, Jerome, and I had after dinner, I thought the night would basically be over. But I had not experienced Jerome’s sexual insatiable stamina for my wife’s body. I was going to change out of my little pink panties and ask for my chastity key, but Jen was in Jerome’s arms and just said “Dougie, the night isn’t over yet”. Jerome just needs a half hour. Can you turn the TV on and get us a few drinks? I said sure, what would you like? Jen asked for a glass of white wine, and Jerome asked for a rum and coke. So I went down stairs in my panties while they turned on a rap music video channel. When I came up, a video was in with lots of white women dancing around a rapper and his crew. Jen was asking Jerome which dancer had the best ass. Jerome was breaking down his thoughts on each girls ass, but in the end said “none can stand up to my old highschool teachers ass”. When he saw me come in with the drinks, he said “Doug, Jen sure has a nice ass doesn’t she and he was grabbing it in front of me, and then with Jen looking at me, he slapped it in a sexual way, but I could tell it stung a little because Jen yipped playfully, and then grabbed Jerome’s soft cock, which was still bigger than me when I am erect!

Jen laid on Jerome diagonally with her bare breasts resting on his chest, but allowing her to massage his cock and balls. She was french kissing him and I could see their tongues flickering off each other. I was still standing there with the drinks just staring at their glistening bodies, noticing the smell of sex in our bedroom, and observing how playful and sensual they were with each other. They eventually sat up, fully naked, and motioned to bring the drinks over. They took a sip and kissed some more. Jen motioned for me to sit next to her, and she gave me a peck on the cheek and said “Thanks babe, you didn’t get yourself one”. I said I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to. Jerome laughed and said to Jen “See, I told you it wouldn’t take long”. Jerome was right, at this time I would have done absolutely right of them said - just to be a part of their sexual relationship. Jen said “go make yourself a drink and come sit with us”.

So I made a run and coke too and came and sat next to Jen. Jerome had turned on football. After watching a few plays he joking said “Jen, which guys ass do you like best - after Jen had asked him about the dancers”. Jen said she liked guys with muscular legs and chest like Jerome. She started to kiss Jerome’s chest and feel his pecks. She slowly worked her way down his chest, to his six pack abs. She then said “and a man’s with six pack abs”. She looked over at me and ran her hands along Jerome’s chest, and let her fingers bounce over Jerome’s six pack, and then as her hand ran down to Jerome’s still soft cock, she looked over at me and said “and a man with a big, black cock”!

She winked at me, knowing she just described everything Jerome was, and everything I wasn’t. And just as I realized that, Jerome said “you mean not a guy in a tiny pink cage and panties” and they both broke out into laughter. I chugged my drink to make me feel better.

Jen motioned for me to come over and sit. She went down on Jerome for a bit and then sat up and reached over to kiss me. She stuck her tongue down my throat, and said “don’t worry babe, we are just having fun!”. When Jerome gets hard again, I want to make out with you while he fucks me in different positions. I want you running your hands through my hair, and pampering me while Jerome fucks me hard!”

I could feel my cocking pressing against my little pink chastity cage agin! Jen and Jerome had orgasmed a couple times already, but my dick could not even get hard without hiring in the cage. Jen said, if you make me feel like a lady, while Jerome makes me feel like a slut, I will take your chastity cage off for a few minutes and use my thumb on you. Is it a deal.

I said “absolutely”. All I wanted was Jen’s hand on me for a few minutes to cum a little before I went to bed.

Jerome turned the channel back to the Rap channel and there were some hot black chicks in bikinis dancing with the rappers ona boat, and Jen went back to Jerome and said “I bet you’d like that” as she slowly started to go down on him again. He rested his hand on her head as she started giving a completely different kind of blowjob than she had ever given me. She struggled to get more than half way down his shaft. His head was so large she had to open her mouth as wide as she could. She started salivating and gagging a little. His cock was glistening and he was clearly enjoying it as his cock started to straighten, thicken, and lengthen! His veins were bulging - it was quite a sight and I could see why Jen would enjoy such a beautiful manhood, compared to what she had been stuck with for the last 12 years with me.

Once he was fully erect, Jen got on her knees again, and motioned for me to come kiss her, as Jerome again circled around back. I was making out with Jen, as Jerome entered her for the third time tonight! As usual he slowly built up his pace. At a certain point Kens and my teeth kind of knocked each other with a hard thrust from Jerome. I stopped kissing her and we looked at each other and Jen laughed. He is forceful isn’t he she just said. Then she buried her head in my chest and Jerome’s pace and force of thrusting picked up even more. I just held her head, and stroked my fingers through her hair as she got a great doggie style fucking!

Section 2

Eventually Jerome pulled out and laid on the bed and asked Jen to ride him reverse cowboy style. I saw Jen slowly strattle Jerome, grab his cock, and slowly drop her body on him until his head popped in her. This position gave me a great at how he filled her up. As she pistoned on top of him, slowly working his tool deeper and deeper in her, I could actually see how deep his cock was going in her each thrust since her lower belly would bubble up with his girth. Once she had him going full in she asked me to feel her belly right below her belly button. I could see and feel his cock head as it reached just up to her belly button! I was amazed and understood completely how sex with Jerome was than with me. As I looked at Jen in the eyes I think she knew I now understood and was completely Ok with everything she wanted. She reached over to kiss me as she just ground in him fully buried in her for a few minutes. But Jerome wanted it more physical, so he start d picking her up several inches and then pulling her down. She just looked at me and shrugged her soldiers and I actually laughed a bit!

Jen then said, do you think if I just grind a bit more you could lick my clit again in this position. I said i’ll try, and I put my head near her pussy and tried my best to keep my tongue on her clit. She was grinding all around and started to moan a little. In a few minutes she had another strong orgasm with my tongue on her while Jerome was buried deep in her!

The Jen turned around in Jerome and rode him while she could make out with him. Jerome had his hands in her ass and they were in perfect rhythm! Jerome slapped her ass a few times and then held her down on him while he really fucked her hard. Jen was grunting with each full depth stroke!

Jen said come kiss me babe, and we french kissed a little as she rode him. Jerome grabbed her ass again, and started plowing her. Jen said , babe come lay next to Jerome. She knew he was getting ready. Just as I did, Jerome stated convulsing as he filled my wife with cum deeper than I had ever been! Jen collapsed on Jerome for a few minutes so they could each catch their breath. Jen looked at me and said, slide down a little on the bed babe. I want to sit on your face so you can clean me out again! I knew I was going to have to swallow another load again. She eventually pulled her self off of Jerome. A little cum leaked out but she held in as much as possible, as she moved over, grabbed the headboard and lowered herself onto my face. I could smell the sex. After a few licks she said “are you ready”. I said sure. She said open up and then i felt her losses her pussy lips and all of a sudden all the cum came dribbling out! I almost choked this time, and Jen giggled and said “I know he cums a lot”!

Jerome was watching and just shook his head again and said “i’m gonna go take a quick shower”!

After i licked Jen clean she said “you still want you little hand job?” I said yes and she got the key to remove my chastity device. It was funny. The space for my dick was only about 2 inches in the pink device. But as a jen pulled it off me my cock grew immediately as she pulled it off to the almost 5 inches I got! Jen just giggled and looked at it. She took it between her two fingers and played with it a bit. She gave me a kiss and told me to lay on my side. She got behind me and started using her thumb on me. I was hard immediately and started moving my hips. Jen whispered in my ear, “Did you enjoy watching me and Jerome fuck”. I said “yes” as i focused on the feeling between my legs. Jen said “did you enjoy swallowing Jerome’s two big loads”. I said “yes” as i felt myself getting closer. She whispered “ are you ok with all the conditions we discussed”? I said “yes”.

The she said, “will you let me teach you how to wear a butt plug and take that strap on we bought up your ass”?

I didn’t answer at first, I was a little afraid even though i wanted to do everything she asked. She said “i’ll still let you fuck me once a week, probably wednesdays, we can fuck each other “. and at that I cummed harder and more than i have before, just with Jen’s thumb on my cock.

I looked down and the little cum wet spot looked small compared to what I had swallowed from jerome twice tonight and I realized the difference between how amazing Jerome’s sexual expertise is and how much better it must feel to Jen than what she had to settle with me for the last 12 years!

Jen repeated “so are you ok with me pegging you on wednesday?” and I said “Jen I want you to peg me so bad I can’t wait. I will do whatever you want”!

As we finished Jerome came out from taking a quick shower. Jen said “Jerome you were right. Dougie is all in”. Jerome just said “Nice - we will have some fun”.

Then Jen kissed me and said good night, as Jerome got back into bed and Jen just rolled over so they could spoon naked and fall asleep together!

I left and went to sleep in the bedroom next to theirs. I woke up at 4AM as I could here the bed squeaking again and knocking into the wall, as they had their fourth inter course of the night! I had to get up at 5AM to drive Jerome home as Jen recover from the night before she had to take a shower to go back to work!

My next story will describe how Jen teaches me how to take her strap on.

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