Jen's Vacation Negotiation


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A few days after Jen’s second weekend with Jerome, she had recovered from her sex filled weekend escapades and wanted to negotiate more. After the kids were in bed she took me in her hand and led me to the bedroom. She said “you have been so great letting me fulfill my sexual fantasies with Jerome, that I want to show my appreciation”. She pulled my shorts down and said “does the little guy wanna come out to play”. I said absolutely and immediately got hard. She quickly took all of me in her mouth and sucked for a couple minutes. When she pulled me out, she said “see, easy peasy after Jerome” with a smile on her face. She then said “lay down on the bed”. She quickly stratled me and in one movement slide me all the way in. “Easy Peasy” she said again letting me know the difference between how easily should could take me vs Jerome.

As she started to move up and down I slipped out right away. She said “oh yea, I can’t move as much as with Jerome” letting me know the length difference between me and Jerome. She said, “I’ll go slow so you can last for a while.”. As she was fucking me, she was starting right at me smiling. She said “let me know if you get too excited and I will stop if you need”. She knew I was always a little premature.

Then Jen started to talk. She said “you know how you said it would be OK if Jerome and I took a vacation”. I immediately knew this was negotiation sex. But it was awesome and so wanted to hear what she had to say, so I said “yea, in fact I think I offered to pay for you two to have a great time”. She just smiled and leaned down to kiss me. She said “God I love you”. Then she said, “she had asked Jerome and he couldn’t believe you offered to pay for the two of us to go on vacation to enjoy each other’s bodies in paradise”! Jerome said “No way!”. Jen said “yes way babe, wanna fuck me on the beach”! I could not believe Jen was that forward and already had some of her vacation sex plans in her mind.

Jerome said “I always wanted to go to Jamaica but have not been able to afford it. Doug seems to be a great guy and really open to our relationship”. I was kind of stung by the relationship comment which made me think to myself “why am I OK with Jen having intense sec with Jerome, but hurt by the relationship comment”?

Anyway, Jen said Jerome was all in! I of course thought to myself “ ya, literally and figuratively”

Jen started picking up the pace on me, and it seemed like she was thinking of sec on the beach with Jerome. I finally had to tell her to hold up before I came immediately. Jen looked a little disappointed, but stopped and just kept me inside her. She then said, we would like to go in two weekends. She said, “i will stay with you next weekend since i’ll be in my period anyway!”. 8 was immediately stung again. I thought, “so Jen gets to screw Jerome three weekends a month, and I get her when she is in her period”! Jen never has sex during her period - so I knew this arrangement would severely cut down on our sex, so I decided i better enjoy what we were doing now, since it would be a while before we had sec again.

Jen said “ are you ok if I go slow again”. I said yes. She then said “I’ll book the vacation tonight - do you want to help?”. I was like “OMG, she wants me to know everything - so I decided to play along”. I said “yes, I would love to help you plan if you agree to a few things. Jen got all excited and said “absolutely babe you name it”.

I said OK. “While you are away having fun, you gotta send me some sexy pictures every day”. Some with just you and some with you and Jerome”. Jen said, “of course anything else”. I said “oh yea, lots more” with a smile. Jen giggled and said “bring it on babe “. I said “i also want to go with you to get you some sexy clothes and bikinis for your trip and Jen just said “OMG yea, let’s do it this weekend”. Then I said “I get to pick the place as long as it is in Jamaica”. Jen says “that seems right”. Then I said “you gotta wear your wedding ring all vacation”. Jen said “no problem”. Then I told her “I also got you a hot wife anklet and was waiting for a good time to tell you”. Jen said “no way, you did”. I said yes “whenever you are with Jerome you gotta wear it”. She smiled and leaned down to kiss me and said “I wanna wear it whenever I am with you too babe “ and I had to tell Jen to stop again as I almost shot my load in that of all things?

She just looked down on me and said “we’ll this is about the longest we have had sex in years so i’ll stop one more time”.

I then said the last thing is “i wanna drive you and Jerome to the airport”. Jen said “I would love you to meet Jerome, but I would have to ask him first”. I said “I see your phone over there why don’t you text him”. So she reached over and texted Jerome. He answers in seconds and said “If he wants to drive the guy fucking his wife to the airport for our vacation sure thing”. When Jen told me that, even though she was not moving I shot my load! Jen just looked down on me with a pitiful look and just said “that is OK babe”.

She quickly pulled off me, and proceeded to slide up on me and sit in my face, making me swallow my cum. I just opened my mouth, started licking and lapping up my cum, and forcing a few swallows. However, this time, with her phone in her hand, she just started sexting Jerome. I thing she just started planning the first of her vacation sexual escapades with Jerome.

My next story will be of Jen’s sex on the beach vacation with Jerome!

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