Jen's Party And Workout With Jerome


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On thursday night Jen showed me what she had bought for the party with Jerome’s young friends. Before she did she said “Now don’t worry, Jerome said the party would be outside at a friends house on friday down by him - and it was going to be hot out. He said he wanted me to dress as sexy and skimpy as possible to show me off in front of his friends”!

Jen then went and put in the outfit. She came out with these short shorts that showed off her ass! He top was a super thin, skimpy, spaghetti string, half top! She looked so hot. You could see her cleavage, her nipples stuck out, and her toned six pack abs showed”. She had never worn anything like that outside with me!

I said “ Oh my God girl, you look hot!!!”

I went over to her to hug her and grab her ass, but she knew what I wanted, and she just held her arm out and said “this is for you to look at, but for Jerome to take off” with a devilish smile!

I said “OK - but will you wear that for me when you come home sunday - and Jen said “of course babe - maybe you’ll even get sloppy seconds, thirds, or fourths if I am not so sore this time “ with a giggle as she turned around to go take her party outfit off and her sweatpants back on.

Anyway, Jen left friday night and left me with a long Honey Do list”. I was busy all night friday and all day saturday. I did get a text friday night that said “ Jerome was overwhelmed by my outfit too. I got a lot of great comments from his friends too. Jerome couldn’t wait until we got home but did not want to make a mess. So babe I hope you are proud of me, but I took Jerome into one of the bed rooms, got down on my knees, and gave Jerome the best blowjob he said he ever had! I let him cum in my mouth, and I swapped a huge load! I kind of had to swallow three times to make sure I got it all down - but I proved it to him by opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out to show him”. He just said “Oh - yeaaaaa”!

I said, let’s go get a drink and he took me back to the party! It was great. There were about 10 black guys there - all big athletic types! But the girls were a mix of a few black girls, a few latino girls, a couple asian girls, and a few well endowed blondes - all hot! I was the oldest there by ten years, but all the girls wanted to get to know me, and the girls and guys all commented on my shorts, my top, and my abs! Jerome told me later, that a couple of the guys told him I was hot and if he ever let her go, they would be first in line to take his place - LOL. I really enjoyed myself again - it was just like the frat parties in college - except 10 times hotter! She said “Thanks for letting me go Babe”

I did not get another text from Jen until she was in her way home. She lives up to her promise and actually got home by 10 AM sunday morning. The other thing she said was “Even though we had more sex than last time, I am not as sore, so if you want a quickie like earlier this week, you can have sloppy sixths!”. I just texted back “OMG yes girl!”

When Jen got home, I had already dropped the kids off at a friends house. Jen came in dressed in her party outfit as I had asked. She came over to me, grabbed my hand and said “let’s go fuck”!

My jaw dropped and I said “let’s go”. She said remember, you promised me a quickie and then I would still like “our thing” afterwards. I said “lead the way”

As we were removing each other’s clothes she said, “On friday Jerome couldn’t wait to get me home after the party. As Jen was climbing on top of me she said “let me moisten you up with a short taste of what Jerome got at the party while I moisten you up “. She again swallowed me whole but more just slobbered on me to help the entry”. She put me in my back, climbed on top, and lowered herself in my little dick. She said “OMG I am so glad you are smaller than Jerome right now as she started to move her hips up and down just a little - small enough movements so I would not pop out”. She then said, Babe, I could not believe it, as soon as Jerome got me into his apartment, he closed the door, turned me around, pulled my shorts and thong off with one movement, and lifted my one leg to get access. This time he took me hard - but luckily I was super wet. She said Doug - he pounded me in that position for 30 minutes not moving anywhere else! He talked dirty to me about the blowjob I gave him, about all the girls at the party being jealous of my body, and about all the guys admiring my ass, my nipples they could see though my spaghetti string top, and wanting my number if Jerome and i ever break up! I got so wet as he talked dirty to me, and fucked my with his thick dock! When he was ready to cum, he picked me up easily, one leg bent over his one elbow, the other leg just dangling above the floor, he pushed me hard into the door! Babe - I started orgasming just as he shot his load deep in me!

As Jen said this, I exploded in her. Jen then quickly moved up to sit on my face for “our thing”. I immediately swallowed my load but just sensed a lot of other tastes both in and around Jen’s pussy.

Then Jen proceeded to tell me about the rest of the weekend by saying “Then Jerome just took me to bed without my bottoms and we just fell asleep exhausted - and of course from the drinks” she said with a smile.

Jen said “When we woke up we had sex again, with me on top. While I rode him I just loved the way he handled my ass, and slapped it if I slowed down too much. This round was a bit of a quickie for Jerome. He only lasted about 20 minutes as I tried every hip movement, angle, and depth until I found the movement that he enjoyed the most”! Then she said, of course a Jerome quickie is not the same as other guys quickies” she said as she looked down on me while I cleaned her up.

She then described their work out and how he was impressed how she keeps he ass and abs so tight at 35. He said she had the tightest bodies of all the girls at the party. Then Jen told Jerome how she loved his strength. She loved his thick arms and legs. She loved his chest that was larger than each of Jen’s hands. Then she said her abs were nothing like his! But then she reached in and said “I loved kissing you chest and abs before going down on you at the party last night”. Jerome then said “And teach - another one of my freshman fantasies came true when you let me cum in your mouth and you swallowed every drop!

My next story will describe the second night of the weekend - and the growing Hotwife, cuckold, and bull relationship!

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