Jen's Outdoor Festival Show


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After Jen told me about her friday night party escapades we spent the rest of the day sunday with the kids. But she promised me some more adventurous stories. After the kids were in bed she went to change into some comfy clothes. She came down in a super long tshirt I don’t recall, no bra, and some soft shorts. She looked kind of sexy so after a few minutes I cuddle up next to her on the sofa and started to massage her back.

I said “I don’t remember this t-shirt”. She said, “oh it is one of Jerome’s really old t-shirt’s that does not fit him anymore. I wore it since I ran out of clothes this weekend - and Jerome asked me to wear it - with nothing else when I went to make him breakfast this morning - to regain his strength for our fifth round of sex after breakfast this morning - he said I wore him out” with a devilish grin”!

I said “Five”! and she said - “ya and the blow job at the party”!

I said “ Jen that is so hot, a 35 year old teacher and mother of two - wearing out her old freshman student and football stud”! Do tell!

She undid my zipper and reached in with her hand and said “oh - I feel a little sumptin goin on”! She said “ are you gonna last as I describe how I wore him out over this weekend”. I said “ maybe - just go slow - and Jen just laughed”

Then she said, “We actually didn’t have sex saturday morning! I had satisfied Jerome with the blow job at the party, and as I told you he was really physical when we got back to his place friday night, but saturday morning he want to go to the gym and work out. Jen told him “oh i’m not enough work out for you”” huh”. Jerome laughed and said “well I ain’t bench pressing you am I”. That of course gave Jen an idea for later.

Jen said they both went to the gym to work off last night drinks. Jen had some short black work out shorts, and a sports bra. Jerome said “how do you want me to work out with you dressed like that”. Jen just looked at Jerome in his tight shorts and tight t-shirt and said “I don’t know, how to you want me to work out with that bulge in your shorts “. Jerome just laughed and said let’s go.

At the gym Jen said “Doug, you wouldn’t believe how strong Jerome is. I saw him bench press like 300 lbs and squat over 250. He has such a hot body”. Jen again was just using her thumb on my little hard on, bumping her thumb up and down from the bottom of my head to my shaft”. Jen had started rubbing faster as she described Jerome’s body, and I had to say “slow down or I won’t make it through the whole story” and Jen just laughed and smiled at me.

Anyway she said “he was doing some workouts in the mat, and after I finished with my stair master I came by him and said, let’s see if you can bench press me. Jerome just laughed and said “You gonna be easy teach”! then he had me lay across his chest, he told me to hold my legs and body tight, he put one hand between my thighs and another under my arm. His fingers kind or pressed against my breast, and his other hand was so near my crotch that I started getting wet! He pressed me 10 times in a minute and I said OK -OK” - you win, “you can have me when we get back to your place”. Jerome said “You know it, your makin me hot teach - but I gotta work out a little more”. So we stayed another 20 minutes and went back to his place.

When we got in Jerome just said “ Go strip, get naked, hop in the shower, I’ll be there in a few minutes”

So Jen said she got in the shower and did her hair. “She wanted Jerome to do her body she said with a devilish grin”

Jerome got in next and he brought a little plastic step stool. He was naked and his erection slapped into Jen’s naked butt as he got in. She said what’s the step for, and Jerome said “Your gonna get another workout” as he grabbed her and started lathering Jen’s body up with suds”. Jen said how wet she was getting as Jerome lathered up her breast and got her nipples hard as rocks! She then said how he lathered up her ass and moved his fingers between her butt and her pussy lips”. Jen said “every inch of her was super clean before he had her step up on the plastic stool so he can get better access to Jen’s pussy with his huge hard cock!

Jen said “ au was so wet on the outside and inside! I was covered with suds and Jerome ground his body against my backside, and soon I felt his head part my lips, and I pushed my butt back on him and he slid in as he opened my pussy lips wide to accept him”!

Doug, as Jerome said “he gave me a workout in that shower. I would have been drenched with sweat after that, but the warm water and the suds kept me clean”. He kept pumping into me and pressing against the tile. The coldness of the tile kept my nipples hard and Jerome penetrated me deep and hard”! Jen said she cummed so hard he legs got weak! Eventually Jerome got close and Jen could feel him start pulsing as he groaned in her ear. Jen said the water, the deep pumping, and his low muffled groans just exhausted her, and she needed an hour to recover after they dried each others bodies off!

But they had plans to go to an outdoor festival that night with music and BBQ.

Jen said after an hour he could not believe what Jerome said. He wanted me to go in my little sundress, but with no bra and no pantries! Jen told me Jerome said “We gonna get another workout at the fest”! Jen told me that she was a little nervous, could she really keep up with this guy, and she was nervous that she would have no panties on and her nipples would poke right through her sundress and be in display for all to see, but it made her a little wet to think about, so she said “OK, but you better behave your man”. Jen said Jerome said “not a chance teach - with your dressed like that, i’m not gonna be able to keep my hands off you”

As Jen dressed she was checking herself out, and got nervous that if the wind was strong, or if she bent over, or got wet, etc, that there might really be a show for the crowd. But she knew she could not say no now!

As she stepped out of the bathroom Jerome saw Jen and said “Oh yea, that’s what i’m talking about” and Jen said her nipples got hard instantaneously, but they got in the car and left and drove to the festival.

When they got to the festival, Jen made sure she got out of the car while holding her sundress down. She was nervous and was gonna take special care, but after the first drink she started not worrying and she started to just enjoy showing off her body while escorted by her big black stud!

Jen said Jerome couldn’t keep his hands off her ass. He would grab it, slap it softly, but also sometimes if no one was staring, reach his hand up under her skirt and grab her bare ass. Once he even used his middle finger to rub her pussy for a few seconds. But nothing prepared Jen for when they got up to dance to some music. Jen said Jerome lifted the back side of her skirt and basically massaged her bare ass for almost a whole song. Jen said some people were looking and even though the drink she started to get nervous again”.

Jerome sensed this and said “let’s go find somewhere a little more secluded”. So they went down an alley and found a little partially secluded door way with a step. Jen said “Jerome just turned me around again l, put me up in the step, unzipped his pants, lifted Jen’s skirt and slid his hard duck between Jen’s thighs”. He said “you look so hot teach, I want you here, right this second”. Jen said she got wet, and she arched her back to give Jerome the best access for entry, and Jerome just moved back a foot, aligned his thick head with Jen’s wet pussy lips, and just pressed forward hard, and penetrated my wife, outdoors, at a festival, with her brakes and pantyless for easy access. Jen said it was so hot that she came twice before Jerome came deep in her slutty pussy”!

Jen said the main issue was, without parties, there was nothing to stop Jerome’s cum from dripping down her legs as they walked back to the fest. She had to run and get a bunch of napkins to use over the next ten minutes as it kept leaking out down her legs for everyone to see! Jen said “I wish my husband was there to “take care of me and do our thing to clean me up”. At that statement I exploded in my briefs, with Jen’s thumb on my little cock! Jerome got a blow job and had sex four times with my wife over the weekend, and I got to cum in my pants!

I just told Jen “oh my God that was hot!”. Now I see how you were both exhausted. Jen just said, ya, the sex after breakfast this morning was a lot more relaxed, but still hot, after he told me I wore him out “ she said with a giggle.

Now curl up to me. “You can feel the cum in your shorts like I felt Jerome’s running down my leg” for a while.

And we dozed off. I felt so lucky to be sharing Jen’s fantasy with her.

My next story will be about Jen and Jerome taking me up in my offer for them to spend time in the Jamaica together while I watched the kids. Also the first time I met a grateful Jerome.

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