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My wife Jen turned 35 this year, but if it is possible, she looks better than she did when I met her in college. She has has given me two children, but somehow looks like she did when she was 20 in college.

After our second child she asked me to get a vasectomy. I was not sure at first, but she told me if I did, she would keep her body in great shape, and keep our love life hot! I could not refuse so I went ahead with the vasectomy.

She lived up to her promise. She does aerobics 3 times a week, lifts weights three times a week, and plays tennis. Her body is tighter than when she was in college!

Jen is a freshman highschool teacher. Her first class was about 12 years ago. now she would never do anything with a young boy. But one friday night when she was out with her friends, she came home really late. I was already asleep, but she woke me up, as she had done before, and started to seduce me. But this time it was different. She started telling me about her night out with her friends. Most of it was routine, but then she told me about a guy who asked her to dance. She told me she said no at first, but he man said he would buy drinks for her and her friends afterwards, so all her friends told her to go dance, knowing she lives to dance. This still did not surprise me, but what she told me next did. I asked her about the man she danced with. First she said he was a young guy. This did not surprise me because as au said she looks like she is in her 20s. Then she has he was tall, dark, and handsome. I asked how so. She said he was 6’4 and 220 lbs of muscle!

Now I got a little worried. I asked what else. She said he was black and now I actually started to get turned on! I asked how was the dance. She said it was hot. It was regular dancing at first, but then he moved in close and pulled her in tight. She said she almost lost her breath, but then started to get wet! Now I was really interested ! She said after a while she turned her back to him, and started rubbing her butt up against him! She said she could feel his hardon and it felt huge! I could not believe what I was hearing but I wanted more! But then what she told me shocked me! She said as she was grinding her tight little bit against the big stud, he whispered something in her ear that made her gasp out loud! He said “You remember me right Jen”. She turned to look at him. Then he said, “You were my english teacher freshman year in highschool”!!!

Jen said she turned totally embarrassed and said she had to go back to the table. When she got back to the table, Jerome was still following. Before Jen could ask what Jerome was still doing there, her friends all said “Time for that drink”. Jerome laughed, called the waitress, and said “anything the ladies want”. Jen’s friends made room for Jerome to fit in next to Jen. Her friends told her and Jerome the two of them looked great dancing out on the floor. They asked if Jerome enjoyed it. He of course said it was great. Then they said, we don’t have to ask Jen, it was obvious she was into it - and they all giggled. Jen turned red with embarrassment! But everyone had their drinks andJen relaxed again. After the drink, Jerome went back to talk to his friends, but before he left, he gave Jen his number and said if she ever wanted to dance again to give him a call.

After Jerome left the table, Jen’s friends asked her what she thought of Jerome. Jen didn’t want to talk, but then they said it was obvious Jerome was very interested in Jen, more than just to dance with, and they all giggled again!

I asked “was that it”! Jen said yes. She then proceeded to pull my shorts off, and grab my cock! She said”well it looks like someone liked that story. I was rock hard! She then got on top of me and slide my cock into her. As we were making love, I was thinking about Jen dancing right with Jerome. I did not last long, and came deep in Jen. She then worked her way up to grab the bed headboard and sat on my face. Sometimes when I cum too fast, she makes me use my tongue on her to give her the orgasm she deserves. I have grown accustomed to the taste of my cum this way. But this time as i was pleasuring her, she said something I have been waiting a. long time to hear. She said “you know how sometimes we talk about me flirting with other men, and a 25 mile hall pass”? My tongue was in her som all I could do was moan “uh-huh” and nod my head a little. A 25 mile hall pass was some kinky talk I used to say to her during sec that meant if she ever wanted to have sex with another guy, there were just three things. She had to ask. She had to be safe. And the guy could not be someone who lived near us.

Then she said “I kept Jerome’s number”. I just moaned again and kept licking. She also started to moan. Then she asked “can I take you up on your hall pass offer with Jerome”. I grabbed her ass hard, pushed my tongue in her farther, and as I moaned louder “uh-huhhhhh”, she came hard on my face!

We then laid next to each other for a bit, then we started talking about the hall pass. She said she would like to see a Jerome tomorrow night. She said it probably wouldn’t be for sex, just dancing and drinks. I held her tight and said I was excited for her, and I love her and fully trust her, and said she could dance, kiss, or have sex, that it was totally up to her and Jerome, as long as she came back to me! Then I kissed her, fell asleep with her, and dreamed of her date with Jerome!

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